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  1. OMG!!!!! Secret of Mana was my most played game that isn't competitive, played it dozens of times with different people. However SD3 IMO is even better with its branching class system, multiple endings, 6 select characters, faster battle system. Yes it is my favorite RPG of all time, I might even go as far to say my favorite single player/co op game of all time. I really love how this remake looks, and the wonderfully composed soundtrack can't wait to here it orchestrated hopefully they do a great job. I hope the gameplay is expanded on and flows well, and they expand what the different classes get even more. I've been waiting since the 90s when we got Secret of Evermore instead, for this game. The fan translation was excellent and allowed many of us to enjoy it, but now getting an ambitious remake and localization I can't wait!
  2. Tactics Ogre: Let us cling Together (PSP) Dragon Force (Saturn) Knights in the Nightmare (DS or PSP) Total War Shogun 2 (PC) Starcraft 2 (PC) Ogre Battle 64 (N64) Devil Survivor 1 and 2 (DS, 3DS, PSP) Valkyria Chronicles 1 (PS3)
  3. Scoring from BST also shouldn't matter, merges shouldn't effect scoring even if they are allowed. The banish rule is interesting as many may not have the right units/skills to deal with certain enemy types would be really helpful. If one doesn't have anyone with null disrupt they can banish staves for example. The lack of same skill means one can't stack ward/goad fliers or other skills (double savage blows, etc) Anyways there is a ton of things wrong currently with this being a 'competitive game' so it is hard to take any pride in rankings/performance. Just higher tier, rank, more rewards and well that's it.
  4. Radiant dawn is the more ambitious game, but I feel it was rushed and the pacing is off. Its potential is much greater but despite that IMO Path of Radiance ends up being the more enjoyable and consistent experience.
  5. 1. Free units only, no merges allowed, stuck with base kit no SI allowed. This removes any competitive advantage one can have from pulling, luck of IVs, expensive skill inheritance, etc etc. There would be no other factor than the work people put.experience and in and their ability. 2. New mode, where every unit is accessible by every player and they can freely put whatever skills that exist on any unit that meets the basic requirements (example: armor only). This is another way to do it, but I doubt it would ever happen. Any type of 'freemium' game where one pays in money and/or in game currency for resources that influence the game in more than an aesthetic way will never have an 'even' playing field other than extreme measures as I mentioned above.
  6. I think it would be more similar to "The Wire" except a different setting. We would get a lot of development of the various antagonists as well, and 'our hero' would be far from a 'pure good' guy either.
  7. The main thing is my protagonist would not be a famed warrior, son of a famed warrior, or royalty. Nor would he even be human. He would be a slave in a brutal labor camp (manakete or beast or maybe something new). Haven't thought about it too much but would address many of the issues of power, corruption, prejudice, influence of public perception, genocide.
  8. If there are no demotes with this banner that will be 3 out of 6 this year which is awful. Awakening was the game that needed another banner the least besides Fates so very disappointing. Scraping the bottom of the barrel with the throwaway child characters when many important characters remain from older games. As far as character writing give me a Shakespeare sonnet over a cliche incoherent novel any day.
  9. Thanks so much for this wonderful patch that will let many really experience Thracia for the first time including myself. I played through the game with the old patch but now will get the story, character and all that. Fan translations are the most generous and greatest contributions one can make and a simple thank you isn't enough. Just know that it will bring joy to countless people, hours of fun that would otherwise never be experienced.
  10. Oh that's good, so he is set to go. I guess I can try him out when I have some padding in score.
  11. When you remake a game the fans of the original are the buyers in your pocket. People who loved the original usually buy the remake if it is true to the original (with improvements of course). Getting the original fans is the #1 priority cause it is something you can count on. People who are unfamiliar or not fans of the original are not ones you can count on as buyers regardless of what changes are made. Firstly most people who hated a game aren't going to buy a remake regardless of changes. People who are unfamiliar aren't going to bother with an old game that plays like the new games, why bother. They'll just play the new games. IS can win by remaking FE4 to appeal to the old fans, updating graphics, mechanic/gameplay adjustments while staying true to the game. The only way to guarantee failure is to disregard the guaranteed buyers (fans of the original). This is just common sense, and how most remakes work. https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/71ajx0/a_japanese_poll_asked_which_fire_emblem_game_was/ This was also on serene forest https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/75681-japanese-fans-voted-for-their-favorite-fe/ I was looking for Japanese polls on favorite Fire Emblem, this was all I could find. Genealogy of Holy War ranked #1, apparently the poll was about 4,000 participants Japanese. This was a 2017 poll. Complete results That would further support the smart bet would be to remake the game in a way that appeals to fans of the original.
  12. He's making a guarantee about the entire casual fanbase of the series globally based on what is said about FE4 on Serene forest, a single English speaking forum. I guess we can find every truth of what the entire global fanbase thinks about anything concerning the series just by this forum alone. Referring to people outside of SF? You say 'most casuals'. You make a guarantee about 'most casuals'. Fire Emblem is a global brand. Well of course the graphics have aged but of course any game remade would upgrade the visuals, have higher sound quality, etc. What would be the point of Echoes Valentia if they just used let's say the Fates gameplay/mechanics? They used the differences to advertise it. That was one of the major selling points. Like this is an old game remade but it is offering a play experience that is new and different from what you are familiar with.
  13. Making such a guarantee on what people who don't like FE4 on SF? Most casuals? You are just as clueless as he is. Then can we also say Fates aged like shit or let's just say it was shit to begin with and many fans dislike it cause it gets so much hate here? That is a pretty dumb assumption but if you admire Shadow Mir's opinion that is not surprising. Shadow Mir doesn't know how the basics work, he has been proven wrong countless times.
  14. I'm not using insults just speaking the truth. Uninformed opinions are trash it doesn't matter what it is about. I've never played Paper Mario Sticker Star. So can I call it absolute garbage even though I have no clue how the basics work and just based on some stuff I looked up or what a few people on a forum said? If you think that is a good argument, I don't know what to say. Shadow Mir used this site to make the claim about how polarizing FE4 is and thus using that for his remake ideas. Like wow 2 people on this site don't like FE4, so if there aren't major changes (on this game he has no clue about and has never played) the world will burn. Calling that stupid is not an insult it is a fact.
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