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  1. Yeah centaur wasn't a good example sorry about that. Black/white hybrids are considered mulattos. They are both black and white, half and half. The point with Micaiah is unlike other lords, she is absolutely despised and faces heavy prejudice merely cause of the blood in her veins, for being a branded. We see through the majestic Tellius saga the differences and conflicts between beorc and laguz various stereotypes and prejudices and atrocities committed. We then see the branded are worse off than either being rejected by these two main groups. We get to experience this as the main character rather than some side character as is often the case in other FE games. This makes her one of the most memorable and distinct of lords.
  2. Elincia is an important character but never "the main character". There are non MCs that are popular true, but being an MC is a huge advantage. It is really hard to be unpopular. Micaiah is half laguz, half beorc. So yeah she's not human. Would you consider a half vampire, half human...human? Would you consider a centaur human? Anyways as Icedragon alluded to it is a great way to show without offending any real life group the difficulties of being biracial. Not fitting in with either group and sometimes shunned by both. An outsider.
  3. @Anacybele You'd be a lot happier just letting people vote for who they want and not worrying so much. I often want older characters and particularly FE4 if possible to win, but if they aren't the most popular (and even here cause of multipliers most popular loses a lot) then that's fine. What are you going to do? There is nothing you can do, and bashing a character is hardly going to make its supporters leave it is going to have the opposite effect.
  4. While Seliph needs an alt the most (yes I know that a +10 fully invested one is really annoying in AR that is a super hefty investment/cost), it is nice FE4 finally gets an alt, and finally a legendary unit. Her art and animation is stunningly gorgeous, and hey she doesn't look like she had a few too many drinks like her regular version. I'm going all blue here.
  5. Micaiah is an MC, non MC characters much harder to be popular. Just look at most of the winners of CYL 1, 2, and 3. As far as Mary/Gary Stu most lords seem to be like that. She is unique in being a magic user and being non human. Also unlike other female lords she isn't a pin up model, she is petiite cute and pretty but not drop dead gorgeous.
  6. Maybe you've explained before but why do you hate Micaiah so much? Pretty much everything you've said ever about her has been very negative.
  7. Brave Eliwood is great when their beasts and dragons, a superb galeforce user n general and wants to be best friends with Legendary Eliwood. I am very impressed with his performance and dominance. Still as others have said, including myself before the units even released, though is that Micaiah is the winner hands down. It should surprise no one she is the most picked by far. She is the most unique, the most useful, the most powerful, the most immune to aging. Then specifically about PM, effective damage ranged mage against armors and cavalry is much much more useful than Eliwood in the Abyssal maps. There is almost always horses cause of their high range, and armors cause of their high def/and or res. Can't say the same for dragons or beasts. Picking someone for guides to use in these maps, Micaiah again is the obvious choice. Most people picked Veronica and PM uses her for guides already so that rules out the similar Camilla. Besides which Veronica is likely much more useful for those maps anyways as the buff/debuff of her staff makes a world of difference in such maps.
  8. Really good stuff, hope this is the start of something they will continue with characters added to the game. Also would be nice for important story chapters as well.
  9. I think once Bruno finds the cure for his and Veronica's condition both of them will be on a banner. It would be nice to see him in the story at least, been awhile.
  10. Really. I'm sure you can find online videos of high level aether defense before the changes and that explain why the maps worked so well with certain set ups.
  11. Trust me the changes were pretty huge. There was some crazy broken abusive set ups before, now it takes quite a bit more creativity to come up with something oppressively strong.
  12. Tier 20 to 21 is the longest and hardest climb, all you need is one good week to break into 21 and you are set for life. Duma is coming up on this month's legendary banner BTW if you want to try for him.
  13. There is plenty of evidence of power creep from skills to BST to other factors. That there has been power creep isn't even an argument it is a fact. Weather one finds it acceptable or not is a different question. Gee I spent a thousand dollars to +10 Takumi back in the day, nice to see my investment was worthless.
  14. It does make units relatively worse. Units that were great at launch, well some of them are no longer great. Units considered top of the heap end of year one, some are no longer there. I'm not familiar with gacha but considering it is the greediest most profitable model it is loathsome that it is also the model that has the most power creep. So even if Heroes is tame compared to others I still think it isn't a good thing. On Camilla I don't think it is a Japanese fetish thing or whatever. Camilla is a just a super stacked hot girl with very pandering outfits and actions. That is popular....well everywhere. The whole sister fetish thing might be more Japanese (wow wouldn't it be cool if you had this super hot sister who wanted to sleep with you!? No in actuality it would be super disgusting and probably mess you up for life). I had like no orbs so this was going to be a free summon, finish circle and then choose my CYL3 hero. Free summon got me +spd Brave Micaiah, finished the circle which got me another Brave Micaiah. So I merged fixing the bane and have just a +Spd. Allowed me to pick Eliwood which was my 2nd favorite and the only other hero I really wanted. Really thrilled! Now just save for Julia.
  15. Micaiah, what a B skill, what art! Of course Yune will smile, and the people of Daein will be happy, don't you worry! I already explained in the other thread why Micaiah is the best and Eliwood is 2nd (Camilla and Alm are good but far below). The value of a unit isn't just now, but how well it will perform in the future. This is why the little M is the best choice. Who will be most popular? Well PM had that poll and looking at gamefaqs poll and other places, Micaiah by a landslide. So why? Well it also has to do with peoples barracks. While flying healers are still rare, most people picked Veronica who is a monster of a healer last year on horse. Infantry sword pool is extremely bloated with many powerful units almost every player likely has one or more excellent ones (Anyone with three houses already has M Byleth). Lance Cavalry is also a bloated pool, and there are many FTP options that are good. However Eliwood having dual effectiveness beast/dragon is unique and he has good spread and skills. Flying mages though, those don't grow on trees. Sure we've had some seasonal ones, but many people don't have a flying mage in the barracks not even a single one. Double effectiveness, she will be viable forever. Like the other Micaiahs. Is she the premium standard? Many would argue Veronica is still better cause of that insane staff, and some would argue Fjorm who very valuably makes dancers useless. If we are not even sure if Camilla is the new standard, and many have Veronica already why is she such a must have? Besides which it is her stats purely that makes her good, and we all know how IS powercreeps stats like nobodies' business. Which is why unique great weapons and skills/specials are much more important long term.
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