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  1. Rush Limbaugh passed away today, from lung cancer. He did for right wing media what Newt Gringrich did for Republicans in office, create a massive fear mongering/hate machine built on scaring people about Democrats and worshipping anything Republicans did. It changed the discussion about policy/solving problems and turned it into stop anything the Democrats do, they are evil. He predates Fox News, actually the big reason Fox News took off is likely cause of how popular he became. He transformed the Republican Party completely (along with Newt). There would be no Tea Party or Trump without him. He destroyed civil discourse between the two parties perhaps forever. Other lowlights include joking about saying the White House has a new dog, Chelsea Clinton, during Bill's presidency. Saying black people don't have the intelligence to play quarterback. Laughing at people from AIDs dying. Saying for the longest time smoking isn't harmful and perfectly safe. Saying 'consent' is just a Democrat word to bring the rape police. Mocking Pete last year and his husband, saying how 'unmanly' he would look standing next to Trump on the debate stage. So yeah, a horrible individual that has damaged this country irreversibly and is likely responsible for countless deaths (due to his smoking comments) has passed away.
  2. I know there is midterms in 2022, another presidential election in 2024 which Trump may return, but for now we should celebrate and enjoy. If not for Covid restrictions I'd be partying in the city. Biden and Harris made it to inauguration day, and have been sworn in. I'm more happy this inauguration day than any other, even Obama which gave hope to minorities that they could be President too and how strong a candidate he was, that is cause now Trump is no longer in charge. He is a civilian, yes a former president with money, but he isn't much different from any other super rich guy. No need to worry about what crazy thing he will do next, he isn't President anymore. Tweets, accusations, insults? Same as Rush Limbaugh or any other big media voice. No executive orders to worry about, and those he passed most will be rescinded by Biden. Clean air and water again, protection for our lands and animals/plants. Healthcare won't be taken away, food stamps won't be taken away. The ridiculous wall, or economically destructive tax cuts, and a madman who has an iron grip on one of the two major parties that is gone. Celebrate how you can, this is a great day of joy. Yes the GOP is still there, and there are problematic leaders within it, however the Democrats control the House, the Senate and the Presidency....Trump is out of office and will face countless lawsuits without the immunity he had as President. I'm envious of those in warmer states, I'm sure grand outdoor celebrations, here in Chicago with snow and 20 degree Farenheit weather there won't be as much of that.
  3. People not taking him seriously or downplaying what he was saying or doing for so long plays a big part. He isn't a child, he is the sitting president of the US. Yet his crazy tweets and retweets, ad blitzes of nazi symbols, all his hateful rhetoric about Democrats destroying America and painting himself as the greatest and a hero. It was mostly laughed off, particularly by GOP. "There will be a peaceful transfer of power like there always has been" Seems like that has been broken for the first time ever, Mr. Mcconnell. Mitch is like Hannibal Lector you have to admire his incredible intellect and ability at political strategy, but he is evil.
  4. Such a forced concession by Trump, if you can even call it that. Biden and Democrats will have to ruthlessly and thoroughly investigate Trump and his enablers in this incident as well as all past federal incidents in which he might have broken the law. I think the Trump wing of the GOP needs to be gone completely, or weakened so much it can never realistically challenge for president and have an incredibly challenging time even getting much of a voice in the House or Senate.
  5. All this is very politically beneficial to the Democrats. They won both Senate seats in the runoffs, and this is much scarier and more offensive than all of Trump's complaining the past few months. This is going to turn off most all independents and many Republicans from Trump and Trumpists. I don't know why even after all this some of these Republicans think it is politically beneficial to keep peddling Trump's false claims. 2 weeks is much too long, Trump needs to be removed tomorrow. 25th amendment is the only fast way to do it I think. Facebook and Twitter banning him is a good start, hopefully all TV stations refuse to give him airtime. He is obviously going to continue his claims and incite violence.
  6. Warnock is leading true, but Purdue is leading in the other race.
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/05/us/politics/pennsylvania-gop-refuses-to-seat-democratic-lawmaker-in-state-legislature.html Fucking Trump is to blame for this shit. This is why I said this wing of the GOP has to be vaporized out of existence. Also this is why I said Dems have no backbone. Those asshats who signed on to the Texas attempt to overthrow election, Pelosi should refuse to seat them.
  8. So Trump called out Pence in his speech today. Saying Pence is a great guy and I like him a lot, if he doesn't come through I won't like him quite as much. So essentially pressuring Pence and whatever future political aspirations he has. 2 weeks til Trump is gone but that isn't true. It is 2 weeks til he is out of office, but he'll still be the biggest voice in the GOP and be able to hold much of it under his thumb. You see if he really was insignificant in 2 weeks, other Republicans and even Pence could tell him to go fuck himself. They wouldn't have to bow down and support his crazy conspiracy theories. Get a load of Marjorie Green, that is the crappy mentally deranged loons that we'll get more of with Trump's control of the party. Sorry but as much as I have qualms with Mitt Romney and the 'establishment' Republicans, they are nowhere near as dangerous and undemocratic as Trump and the Tea Party. It isn't even close.
  9. Exactly humiliation and letting the American Hitler know there is push back. That is enough. Of course the GOP would never remove them, that doesn't mean you let Trump do whatever the fuck he wants. Seems some House Dems have called on the FBI to investigate the phone call and others for election crimes. That is at least something. Trumpism is a cancer on America and must be completely rooted out through legal consequences or at least severe political consequences. Rolling over and saying it is okay, or just silly just empowers these bastards. Biden isn't inaugurated yet, but why isn't he speaking up against this shit? He is downplaying it and saying inauguration will happen like always. No big deal, let's move on. He has claimed previously he doesn't want the DOJ to focus on Trump, he wants to move on. He thinks Trump and his dumbass cult is going to go away if we just pretend it never happened and just move forward. What an idiot.
  10. I love the green party. Wish we weren't stuck in a two party system. Both sides aren't the same. The Republicans are destroying Democracy, norms, and trying to institute one party rule. The Democrats aren't trying to do that. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Perhaps there are many Republicans who are so scared of losing power that they bow to Trump, however the Democrats...the opposition party why do they do so as well? They say it is silly or ridiculous, and then Biden and others are like 'let's just move on, and unite the country'. They are just inviting Trump and his followers to continue to push the envelope farther. There has to be consequences. I am embarrassed with how soft many Democrats are. We elect them for their policy and to defend the country from threats outside and within. Trump and the fascist wing of the GOP that applaud him, or even the ones so loyal and afraid they allow him to do whatever he wants are the biggest threat within. Why should I support a party that just cowers and waits for the danger to go away. HInt, it isn't going away once Trump leaves office, he commands the biggest proportion of the GOP voters still and future candidates and Congresspeople will be beholden to his way of doing things and try to use the same rhetoric. The only way to make it go away is to punish Trump as much as possible and those elected officials that follow him. Yup that is what I listened to today, and why I posted. Disgusting, but Trump's dumb cult probably doesn't give a shit.
  11. The Democrats are such fucking pussies. If Biden says 'let's move on', I'm moving on from him. I'm not voting in 2024 if the Democrats don't punish these fuckers as much as possible. Have they never dealt with a bully? Did they all go to private schools where everyone is superbly behaved? Are they masochists that get off on being stepped on? I'm starting to hate Democrats as much as Republicans. These are the soft cowards that are going to run are country? When those dumb traitorous bastards during the EC count refuse to accept them, every Democrat should shout their heads off at these bitches. There is no conversation to be had. Also start another impeachment on Trump for his phone call today.
  12. Trumpism is a cult. He has created the largest cult in the country, and he has the power of president. Cults are as dangerous as it gets, they follow whatever their 'leader' says. They will support Trump regardless of what he does. They will be violent and murderous if need be. Trump isn't going away after the presidency, we all know of his ego and he will still have the biggest voice of the Republican Party. He will sow division and destruction away from the oval office. His cult will murder, riot and assault at his whim.
  13. Every president seems to have some iffy pardons, but it seems most of Trump's are iffy. Most seem to be buddies or serve personal interest, seems to be little of pardoning cause the case might have been fishy and the person is innocent or was oversentenced. Also Trump looks like he will veto Covid bill and veto Defense bill. Oh watching Trump unhinged is a riot...or it would be if Americans didn't stupidly elect him as the most powerful person and leader of their country. I'm hoping his actions are so outlandish it forces a sharp split in the Republican Party. Trump forms his own party with his loyalists and splits conservatives.
  14. People are willing to bear witness to a wolf tearing apart a sheep on a regular basis. So I'm sure they would be equally willing to witness the sheep trying to defend himself and fighting back. Even if it results in continuous fighting. In boxing people feel horrible if one guy is just getting the crap beaten out of them and not able to defend themselves. They much prefer that both people are fighting, cause at least it seems fair. The GOP writhe under scrutiny? Lol, give me a break. They are still carrying on this Trump won the election and there was major fraud. There have been more that have stood up but many refuse to acknowledge it and Trump still hasn't conceded. He has filed like 60 lawsuits, Texas had that Confederacy lawsuit of throwing out 4 swing states votes and have them send Trump electors essentially disenfranchising those states to give him the election. 100+ House reps signed on as well as AGs from 18 states. Are these people suffering any consequences? Nope. Were their consequences when they blocked Obama's SC pick, or when they were hypocrites and allowed Trump to replace RBG? There was tons of public scrutiny, did that change anything? Nope. GOP did what they wanted. Yes I've really taken pages from the despot rulebook, by ranting on a forum. Lol, give me a break.
  15. That's a bit extreme. I'm simply saying Democrats have to fight back. Republicans can beat the shit out of Democrats and they know it. What the GOP is doing is Machiavellian, what Democrats need to do is defend themselves. Democrats have the power to defend themselves, they simply choose not to. I'm sick of it. When the US was a colony of Britain, modern Democrats would protest "Good sir king, this is improper, and these are the reasons so. It is an outrage, perhaps you should give us our independence. It is the right thing to do!" King George would laugh and ignore it, and modern Democrats would be like "Hmm...let's brainstorm and come up with better arguments I'm sure we'll convince him!" as they get trampled to death.
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