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  1. Was not being sarcastic, just didn't have any further comment on it. Native Americans never say that, they are too nice. Though they are the only people where saying such a statement makes sense, and it would be damn justified too if they said it to whites considering how they've been exterminated and had pretty much everything taken away from them.
  2. I think he's sold quite a few stupid people that he is the ultimate businessman, the ultimate dealmaker (the guy who has filed for bankruptcy three times). Also that he is self made (Yeah 100 million from his daddy as well as his real estate contacts, totally all Donald). That he is tough (Mr. Draft dodger, whose feelings are always so hurt whenever anyone says anything negative about him and who is Putin's bitch). The other point he is represents the ultimate in white male entitlement, so the white power idiots love him. Cop a feel whenever you want from whatever chick you want. Tell non whites to go back to their country or claim they weren't born here. Call them stupid and criminals, encourage violence on them. So one group is so braindead that they been successfully sold on the story of Trump as the ultimate success story. A rags to riches miracle, who makes amazing deals and is tough as nails. That he sounds like an uneducated fool works to his advantage with these folk, they think it makes him seem more 'real' and confirms to them that he comes from poverty or whatever. The other group is the sludge of society.
  3. Yes, you can say Trump is perfect in his imperfections. Even the worst of people seem to have some good to them, but Trump is like a super villain in a childrens cartoon. Except usually those are actually smart, Trump is a damn moron. The country falling to an evil genius, okay...I can respect that even if it is regrettable. Falling to a no brain evil idiot? Yeah that just makes all of us look pathetic. Trump also is a great example of better to be Rich and guilty than poor and innocent. The justice system is a joke, he will be able to delay many lawsuits for years, decades. Maybe next time Trump is golfing and putting our tax dollars right into his pocket, a big bird will drop a doo doo mid flight, it will go into his eye cause he happens to look up at the same time, it will cause a severe infection and he will die. I agree the Patriot Act was a good thing.
  4. Agreed. Bush did what he thought would be good for the country, and seems like he is a really decent human being. Rumsfeld and Cheney seem to have manipulated him into doing a lot of stuff as well. Trump on the otherhand is the first president in my lifetime that is essentially doing everything he can to profit himself and doesn't care at all about the country or its people. It isn't about the classic conservative vs progressive idealogies as to what would be good for the country, it is all about what is good for him and feeding his massive ego. The 2020 election is the most important in many decades, the orange turd has corroded America to the breaking point already another 4 years and it will be beyond repair.
  5. Oh my and what did are darling illegitimate president Mr. George W Bush do? Worse recession since the Great depression, and plunged us into a meaningless war that took thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. Allowed Bin Laden and his cronies to stick around and wreck havoc much much longer than otherwise. Fuck the Electoral college.
  6. This right here is my point of view. Federal government isn't the only government, we pay local and state taxes so those we elect into power on that level can handle the issues and best serve our needs. I'd even be fine with them keeping Congress representation as is, for those multi state federal propositions and all that but for presidential elections it is stupid. It makes individual votes worthless in many states, and only super valuable in swing states who decide the election. We are a country of people, not city blocks. All New Yorkers or Alabamians or whatever don't agree with each other/want the same things. Each person is an individual with their own opinion and it should count same as any other. Besides not having that fat sack of crap where cardiac arrest couldn't happen fast enough in the white house, it would mean the president elected would truly represent the people. He was voted in by the majority of people. On people voting Republicans I understand Monty Burns voting that way, it serves his needs, lines the pockets of the wealthy, tax cuts for big businesses, trying to do away with the minimum wage or at least keep it from rising and all that. Yeah it is selfish and all that but fine. However there are many that are Cletus the slack jawed yokel, too dumb and inbred to know they are just suckers that the wealthy and RNC ladders probably are laughing about behind their backs.
  7. Republicans don't want to do away with the electoral college cause it always favors them, and without it they would be extinct. Good for the country, but they don't care about the country just their party. 4 presidential elections where the elected president won the electoral college but lost the popular vote, and all 4 were Republican. Republicans are just fear tactics, and insults, and their dumb as a doorknob base eats it up. Anyone researching most of their BS claims would quickly see what hypocrites or plain wrong they are. On the presidential election, I want Andrew Yang but he hasn't a chance. Biden is boring and old, but he really is the best shot. Warren has the Pocohantes nickname and more importantly is a woman. The Republicans and Trump will love ripping into that and a lot of people will never vote for a woman regardless. Bernie is great and has a passionate following, but he is Jewish which is a knock (anti semites won't vote for him) and it is easy for Republicans to label him a socialist and ooh aah how terrifying that would be!
  8. I think the problem with gacha is it is akin to gambling. Spend money to roll the dice and maybe get what you want or not. It is like pulling a slot machine, except instead of putting in money to win more money you are putting it in to get something from a game. The comparison to food, vacations, cars whatever else. Those you spend money for a known product, this is again like a slot machine or lotto ticket. Well is gambling bad? Not necessarily, but here in the US have to be over 21 to do so. Gacha games have no age restriction so it preys on children, which renders the personal responsibility argument mute.
  9. Films definitely. Toy story 4, all the disney remakes (lion king, aladdin, etc.). Really any good animated film even if for kids. As far as TV, Duck tales the new one. Really really good stuff.
  10. Oh Trump, as military officials reported, actually delayed and made the operation much harder thanks to his Syria pull out. The operation succeed in spite of him, though the chump would never tell the public that. What was he doing during the operation? Golfing at one of his resorts like always like more than any president in history, paid for by our tax dollars lining his and his families pockets. The picture of him in the war room was taken after the operation, lol, complete staged. That's all the far right can do. They don't have logic or reason or morality on their side. So they will just shoot down those that disagree with them and say it was in the name of justice and preserving the glory of America or white supremacy or whatever other nonsense these clowns like to say.
  11. Master Knight Leif, what a wonderful surprise! The art is also excellent and galeforce every turn should be pretty fun. No Tibarn yet, I guess red is too packed that we're never getting regular heroes only legendary/mythic and seasonals in that color. Red is otherwise pretty good. Blue is ruined by Marisa, Green is alright. Colorless is definitely my first choice, another Alm can't hurt and I don't have Tiki or Leif and want them both a lot.
  12. So most Americans are aware of the big news congrats to our military intelligence/planners and troops. Of course that orange sack of crap tries to take credit for it (of which he criticized Obama of doing with Bin Laden, like he did with golf, and a million other things) when him pulling out of Syria actually made it much tougher for them to carry out the operation as well as delayed it. His braindead MAGA fools think he is some strategic genius, and of course he also says he didn't inform Dem leaders cause of leaks which is base gobble up. Deep state conspiracies, Dems are traitors, FAKE NEWS, and all that other crap. Bravo to the right wing political machine they've brainwashed their followers so much they can do anything, say anything, and they won't believe anything outside Fox, Rush Limbaugh, and Trump or GOP leaders.
  13. Trump breaks his promises all the time. What happened to the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for? Guess he'll steal 3+ billion from military to build it instead. He also made the bold statement "I will end all crime" well that is an impossible promise but anyways don't believe anything this piece of trash says or promises. The party loyalists and single issue voters come in all types, the pro Trump Maga crowd are morons, racist, or both. I guess this pull out of Kurds which looks stupid on all levels he can sell to that hardcore crowd cause they are gullible enough to believe anything he says, but the other Republicans, and of course independents/democrats aren't going to buy his BS so it is a move that hurts him I think.
  14. Add it to the articles of impeachment. Trump is an idiot that doesn't think things through or much at all. Glad he is our commander in chief, and this will likely hurt us and not too long from now.
  15. A mobile bolt tower that can be used twice and possibly more in the future, unless the opponent has a tower AND a duo hero themselves. Oh and that can be used any turn at player's control. I think it was a big mistake to make duo heroes usable in AR. Yeah healing tower if upgraded enough but at the same time lots of teams don't want to run that there are much more important structures.
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