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  1. Moscow Mitch is a piece of garbage, but a smart piece of garbage. I would like a scientific study on the "Trump Effect". Would be done by Sociology or Psychology, and study how Trump's speeches and tweets backed by right wing media outlets led to complete subservience and loyalty of about a 1/3 of the US population. That trust what Trump says in any field on any topic over experts, evidence, etc. It is a damn scary thing, these people can't be reasoned with they believe whatever alternative lies/theories are spun from Trump even if he changes these regularly. They will fight for these warped beliefs, and parrot Trump and Fox talking points. Is it hypnotism, is it some form of brain washing? Repetition of certain phrases coupled with facial expressions, the emotion of outrage continuously expressed tapping into deep seated anger?
  2. So what happens when Trump wins this election and the Senate is still in Republican control? What happens when they have 6 out of 9 Supreme court Justices? What happens to noble ideals then? Take control of the Senate, boot Trump from office throw him in jail for all his crimes, and now the Democrats and their supporters can be idealistic. The drone misinformation crap of the Republican party has gotten us Trump. So obviously it is super effective, and despite all of Trump's crap which puts him amongst the worst presidents ever if not the worst he still is the Vegas favorite to win. Even if the economy sucks in November and even though we will be in six figures of Coronavirus deaths. Democrats need to focus on winning by any means possible. Once this disgusting morally bankrupt Republican party is destroyed and transformed then they can take the high road.
  3. That's true and is a huge weakness. Democrats have to change and also fall in line. They should dismiss and not pay attention to the Tara Reade thing at all. Ignore it completely, never bring it up. Call it out for the false crap it is. She is lying and likely paid off by RNC or Trump campaign. Why does she wait after all these decades to finally come out now after the Democratic nominee is chosen? If she had come out January or something, yeah Democrats who didn't like it could just vote for something else. This seems just a way to lead an easy win for Trump. She's a silly fangirl of Putin, Trump isn't so different just much much less intelligent. So what is it now, anyone can come out and say Biden harassed me or some other Democrat and suddenly oh yeah he is a serial rapist, can't vote for him. While Trump, who rapes and assaults whoever he wants without consequence and the RNC are laughing their asses off at how easy it is to play the public?
  4. How come is it whenever a Democrat has some sort of allegation of sexual misconduct it is a massive deal, and many democrat voters are like well I'm not voting for a person cause of the accusation. Al Franken and Katie Hill just humbly gave up their seats. Republicans just deny the charges and fellow republican voters and legislators don't attack the person at all. Trump can say oh yeah me rape her? She is a dog, maybe a 4/10. Gets no blowback from Republicans. Meanwhile Democrats rip apart fellow Democrats like what is happening to Biden now. It is like two sports teams, some members commit fouls constantly and dirty plays but his teammates don't say anything. While the other team anytime any member commits a foul or dirty play he is torn apart by his own teammates. It is complete BS. Speaking of samples, one of the rape lawsuits, the woman found the dress she was wearing that night. She requested a sample from Trump to compare, the DOJ shut that down. So screw Biden providing a sample. Stop shooting yourself in the foot. Being the nice guy, the party of good means crap if you always lose. Can't do anything if you lose.
  5. That won't happen if the Republicans remain a major party. They have no interest in doing something that hurts their chances of winning regardless of whatever unsavory method/tactic. Well he is comedy gold for other comedians. If he wasn't so cartoonish and childish we wouldn't even get the joy of laughing at him. I think history will not only frown on Trump but show him as a representative of a large ugly underbelly of America rooted in bigotry, greed, selfishness, and ignorance of science.
  6. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/weve-got-some-early-trump-vs-biden-swing-state-polling/ Really the only thing that matters is these purple states. It doesn't matter if blue states win by a larger majority, or red states are closer than previously. Anyways this polls show how fragile Biden's lead is and how easily it can swing back to electoral advantage for Trump. Then you got what RNC/Trump are trying to do in the pandemic making it much harder to vote. More people voting favors Democrats of course. Voter fraud? Most that has been found has been done by Republicans. This election is going to be close and ugly. The backlash will be very ugly and likely violent. This is what happens with a person like Trump in power. Oh and Trump and White house has blocked CDC instructions for reopening that was planned to be released to states. Ahmaud Arbery lynching. Citizens shouldn't be allowed to make arrests at all, anywhere. No wonder groups like Antifa arise. If the police aren't going to do anything then someone has to take out these scumbags. Why is George Zimmerman still alive even?
  7. The results and Deaths and economy crash, apocalypse or whatever will be blamed on Obama and China and a large portion of the country will eat it up. The Republican propoganda machine is unbreakable, Trump followers will believe Obama is an alien from Mars who was sent to end the human race if he said it. They believe what he says over Dr. Fauci. They believe him over any expert in any field regardless of what the topic there is. Talk about furious, I feel you. However I'm more furious at how brainwashed and immovable many people are who support him. Trump is an evil idiot, but if so many support him even after all the crap he has done and said and will continue to do and say then he is the president we deserve. Best thing is for those of which it is a real possibility and are intelligent to move to a country that doesn't have a sociopath toddler as their leader. He won't get shot. Likely his followers will start a civil war, bring their dumb guns and scream about freedom and whatever. Like the person that murdered a security man for a store cause the store required a mask which he refused. This happened in Michigan. Someone should ask Trump about this, he'd probably say the security man was also wrong or something, something. Free Michigan from that dumb airhead woman! Trump definitely won't get blown out. Remember that Fox and the rest of the massive right wing machine won't ever ever turn on him. Of course Barr is Trump's stooge always has been, Barr should be thrown in jail himself and be banned from practicing law or having any position to do with it or justice. Trump can pardon whoever he wants as well. Again the presidency not being abused to hell depends on having people with at least a tiny bit of decency, but there is no safeguard when you have 100% scumbag in office.
  8. 1. I listen to right wing media radio hosts like Shapiro and Rush and watch Fox occasionally to see their perspective and stories and issues. The world they are painting is mostly devoid from reality and that is what they are selling to millions of Americans. They have also mastered digital advertisement/misinformation to a far far greater degree than Democrats making it easy to push their false narratives and brainwash countless people. Lincoln project is great and Republicans are so so much better at dirt campaign ads and maybe it can help recruit other classic conservatives who will trust such ads more than ones put forth by Democrats. Trump never does become more unpopular though, despite his apalling treatment of hurricane with Puerto Rico, his withholding of military aid to Ukraine to force them to investigate Biden and the resulting impeachment (in which his numbers somehow went up), his Iran attack, withdrawals from multi nation agreements, tariff wars, the Kurds, etc etc. His numbers always remain steady. Yes he really could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and his numbers wouldn't be touched. He would claim it is a hoax, or that person was a secret Chinese or Russian spy, or whatever and millions would buy the shooting as justified. 2. Biden I'm sure will out debate Pence, which is well not exactly a challenge. However every verbal gaff will be blown up a trillion percent to hammer home....oh Joe Biden has severe dementia, isn't all there, whatever. Joe Rogan has the most listened to podcast, and was supporting Bernie. However now he is supporting Trump, and ripping on Biden as senile and inept. He doesn't like Trump and makes fun of him, but says Trump can handle the pressure and responsibilities, but Biden can't. That somehow makes his words more convincing than if it were by a hardcore Trump supporter. 3. The 2018 midterms and various elections have been convincing. However Trump isn't just a Republican, he is also a figure that commands legions of loyal followers who once voted for Obama...who aren't conservatives. Being charming with colleagues and friends is much different than being charismatic as a public speaker. Most people will never meet or talk with Biden in person or Trump. Trump has crazy charisma cause he sounds like a hilarious cartoon character. Bernie could more than match that charisma, and on top of that actually sounds like he truly cares about people. Biden is going to sound professional but stiff. Look he has an advantage over Hillary but think back to the 2016 election and the debates. Hillary ran circles around Trump. It didn't matter, Trump just repeated a handful of phrases had no detailed plans and still that was enough. Trump now wants to just reopen things, and likely that will lead to more spikes and many more deaths. He still doesn't have a plan, doesn't have enough testing, Fox news and Trump laugh at contact tracing. Really before a vaccine (if that ever comes) we need tons of efficient testing and contact tracing to be able to open up. Countries that had that prepared some didn't have to lock down at all, and their economies and people are safe. The worst this gets the more it hurts Trump. However Trump says he built the greatest economy ever and he is the man to rebuild it again. I thought Trump was a stupid piece of garbage when he strongly promoted the Birther controversy, I was like fuck this racist scumbag. When he announced his candidacy I honestly thought he didn't have much chance to win the Republican primary, thought it was a publicity stunt. Trump loves selling himself, and being the center of attention. However when he won in a very strong field, I was worried back then. When he had the power to get Fox to fire Megan kelly just cause she asked a perfectly valid question that he didn't like, it was clear how much power he had. When I saw Hillary speak and despite her great ideas and intelligence sounded like an annoying nag that I didn't want to listen to, that she had zero charisma, my worry increased much more. Everyone thought she had it in the bag, but never in my lifetime have a person win the presidency with zero charisma and she had the massive drawback of being a woman as well, so I thought Trump had a great chance. It took a perfect storm for us with a hated Republican president who got us into a war that should never have happened, financial crisis, and an incredibly charismatic all time great speaker candidate for us to elect the first non white man to the presidency. After he won the presidency, I did think with all his blunders and showing himself inept many times it would effect his approval numbers and those that voted for him would have realized their mistake. Obama had to be like a perfect Gary Stu and even then he would get attacked at all sides I'd never seen a president so constrained anything other than that and it woul dbe a massive deal. It was like hey African Americans you aren't slaves anymore but you aren't going to be treated like whites either. Or like the first black athletes who has to be picture perfect mild members of society to be accepted at all. Trump on the other hand is the opposite never have I seen a president so unrestrained, so able to do and say whatever he wants without any consequence. His followers are devoted more than the most religious are devoted to their god. Many who aren't Trump fans or anti Trump don't trust any of the media anyways cause the divide has become so large. The right wing media are not the Republican media anymore but the Trump media. It is like Russian state TV for Putin. A great way to control the country and brainwash anyone who gets their news mostly from such sources. Considering all this I can't be optimistic, not to mention by hook or crook the GOP will do anything to win. Bill Maher has been saying for years as well, if Trump does lose will he actually leave? Those few months after the election and before the next president takes office, what will a crazy loon like Trump do? Trump can simply say the results are fake or it was a conspiracy and wants long investigations that take years and before that he won't leave office. Then what happens? Do the secret service/military remove him? I haven't heard any official answer. Oh and will the GOP actually stand up to him at that time? A few like Romney might, but the majority will likely stick in his corner.
  9. 1. That's the thing the republican propaganda will milk anything and do so extremely effectively and extremely ruthlessly. Most of right wing media has no shame so much of it will get tons of coverage as long as it can't be blown back. On the Reade accusation Republicans are often united in outright denial of accusations of sexual misconduct on fellow Republicans, and will cover it up as much as they can. Democrats who have much more publicly supported the Me too movement, and support of victims are stuck having to take these allegations seriously regardless of credibility. Giving it a thorough investigation. Latest gallup poll has approval of Trump at 49%, tying an all time high. Among independents he has an approval of 47% which is the highest he's ever scored. Is it the twilight zone? I wish, but Trump seems immune and somehow growing stronger. I think Biden is as sharp as ever cognitively, just that his speech stuttering has come out more recently. Stuttering or other speech impediments often persuade (wrongfully in many cases) that the person is unintelligent or has something seriously wrong. 2. Biden did great in the Democratic primaries but how much does that mean in the general election? Trump didn't exactly slaughter his way to the top in the Republican primaries, but somehow he is our president. 3. Yes there is 6 months left for Trump to screw things over worse and I'm sure he'll make plenty of mistakes and do plenty of evil things, but how much is enough that it actually impacts his popularity? Also even if Covid will be with us for awhile, if the economy does start recovering before election he is going to take credit and most people will believe him. His handling of the virus, many defend and compare to European countries who have had similar results or done worse while ignoring the countries that have done better and ignoring any wrongdoing he did. He has successfully sold his China ban, while Biden called him racist and Pelosi encouraged people to go dancing in Chinatown to many people. Biden is a man which is a massive advantage of Hillary Clinton. However he has the same problem of being uncharismatic, somewhat boring speaker, seen as an "establishment" Democrat. Look in any rational world someone like Trump would never be elected to President, but here we are. Also incumbents have a huge advantage. I think we would have to go into a Great Depression, Covid to still be hitting hard (thousands dying everyday) to give me any confidence that he will lose. I think we should all believe that Biden is a super underdog and go out and vote and encourage others if you don't want another 4 years of chaos under Trump.
  10. I don't care how many skeletons Biden has in his closet, I'm voting for him over Trump. The Michigan protesters are so dumb, storming government buildings armed with guns. They should be forcibly driven out. Considering the importance of controlling spread of disease such crowds should be broken up by the police. If they want to spread the disease amongst themselves and live or die with the consequences that is fine but they are going to spread it to others as well. It is same argument against public smoking, I'd rather a person do heroine than light up in public spaces, cause they are harming others with their actions. Trump is not fucked for 2020. Biden is boring and they are going to milk the Tara Read violation for all its worth, and exaggerate Joe's cognitive decline/speech whatever. Trump campaign has much much more money. The electoral system heavily favors Republicans, and Republicans still love Trump...or at least prefer him over a Democrat. An enormous right wing media machine is spinning Trump as the ultimate hero. A flawless man who is fighting for freedom and everything that is good and just. With this Covid 19 it is going to be even harder to try to relocate to another country if Trump does win.
  11. Most people here probably don't take what Trump says seriously, but just in case ignore is repeated babbling about hydroxychloroquine. There is no substantial evidence supporting its claims and it has bad side effects and can make things worse. Most medical professionals are against it at this time. Another thing, one of the many reasons religions are bad are what some pastors are doing now. Holding large congregations in church. These god fearing/loving people are infecting and killing and repercussions need to be much more severe.
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/07/us/politics/trump-coronavirus-watchdog-glenn-fine.html One of Trump's lapdogs will now oversee how these trillions are spent. Got to keep all the corruption and stealing hidden after all.
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/03/politics/trump-fires-inspector-general-michael-atkinson/index.html So everyone's favorite orange piece of shit acted like the scumbag in chief yet again. Man do the laws really suck in terms of checking the president. All of them assume the president has at least a hint of a moral compass. However now with Trump we see how little there is to restrain the president from doing whatever the fuck he wants. Even Republican Senators are asking for real reasons, but does it really matter? He could say I didn't like that he wore black socks one day and what the fuck is Congress or anyone going to do? Nothing. After this douchebag is out of office either in 2020 or 2024 the next president should exile him and his hellspawn, he doesn't deserve to be a part of this country.
  14. That sounds like a great read! I think I'll check it out when my library re opens.
  15. It is less learning the nature of the people in charge, and more about the details which gets more and more disturbing the more I look into it. Down the rabbit hole with no way out. Trump has certainly done more than his part to further power them, on his repeal of many of Obama's protections and even going further than that in taking away protections that date from far before. Save us Bernie.
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