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  1. Clarine just about sums up how we all feel about Healers getting shafted on personal weapons.
  2. Two can play at this game. Better late than never, I suppose. I wasn't able to clear this map on its introduction because there was just too much superbuff bullshit, but having pulled a L!Eliwood of my own, I decided to give the boss a taste of his own medicine so I could even the odds. Despite this it still took me the better part of an hour to figure everything out, mostly due to having to dodge Eliwood's Blazing Flame.
  3. A Green Mage with gigantic Spd bloat is still a Green Mage. Also there wasn't enough Spd bloat anyway. The reinforcement spawns were odd for a L/MHB, but otherwise there's not a whole lot to say about this one. I was honestly expecting Thrasir to have some Anti-Cavalry measures all over the map - trenches, trees, etc. Instead Eliwood was able to march right up to her with his busted-ass refine. The only real threat on the map was the Axe Cavalier with the Poleaxe since Titania was Gravity'd, but he was as Green as Thrasir, so... lol. @LordFrigid Glacies and Ignis are so underused on these units. Also I appreciate the exact Speed play. Also also I want to build that sort of dancer with Silvia. @Xenomata Hello fellow Bonus Doubler Nino friend.
  4. Since the Blazing Durandal refine carried over to Eliwood, I'd like to give this thread a shot in the arm with my own work: I was originally going to save that Lull Atk/Def for an Edelgard meme, but looking at how much bulk Eliwood stood to gain from it, I couldn't not do this. He has little issue activating Galeforce thanks to Blazing Durandal's new effects, which is good because he has 65 Atk (functionally 68 if you count Lull) and 51 Spd on initiation. He's also got 42 Def and 37 Res (45/40 with Lull) on initiation, and Atk Smoke will debuff his unlucky target post-Galeforce (52/47) so they can barely hurt him. Atk/Spd Solo gives him some Enemy Phase power as well, and his high Res makes him good at tanking magic. This is all before any buffs, and as a Cavalry they are very easy to apply to him.
  5. Oh lord that's right, she can still use a Bladetome on top of that massive Atk stat. I hadn't considered that. I have issues with giving her a Lull skill though, because Light and Dark is Lull except on steroids. Close Counter sounds interesting to really make Dragons suffer, but unfortunately I have no fodder for it. (And if I did, Tharja has dibs on it for secret supertank memes with her PRF weapon.)
  6. My last wheel of the banner got me a L!Julia at +Atk/-Spd. This banner was really good to me. +Atk Julia can get up to 77 Atk on Player Phase purely by her own merits, which is... kinda really disgusting? To say nothing of a Glacies coming off of 57 Player Phase Res (extra 45 damage). I'm considering pairing her with Velouria and applying some other cooldown-reduction shenanigans for a Turn 1 delete button on AR Offense.
  7. For science I tried tanking Julia with my Titania, who is +10 and has Triangle Adept on her weapon, which puts her on an even higher magetank tier than base Brave Micaiah. She was still oneshot by that pre-charged Dragon Fang. The only way you're tanking Abyssal Julia is with a unit custom-built for the purpose, meaning Sacred Cowl and everything, which is rarely practical. Rushing her down with melee is just less headache-inducing.
  8. @mampfoid @LordFrigid @Landmaster @daisy jane Good job team, you get three gold stars. This one required some big-brain stat manipulation. Everyone had to put in a large effort to clear out the gauntlet of enemies before Julia started moving, which was easier said than done when some enemies couldn't be doubled due to their high Spd. The Blue Thief and Green Mage were the worst offenders, as Titania needed to kill the later but needed Spd buffs or Chill Spd on him to do it (he lives with 1 HP and a charged Special otherwise), which was problematic when the Thief spawned and ate the debuff in his stead; F!Grima needed a straight stat-up seal to get her Spd high enough to one-round the Thief before this happened. Once that puzzle was solved, Julia ended up being much easier to kill due to now being the new victim of Chill Spd. The "gotcha" for me was the Blue Cavalier, who as it turned out could survive and counter-kill all of my melee due to all of them being weakened by the end; not even Titania could tank his Bonfire with only 26 HP (he did 33 with it). Thankfully after cleaning up positioning, B!Ninian had her Blárblade charged to nuke him from orbit. All that remained by then was the Cleric, who just fell over.
  9. "Gee Dad, why does Mom let you have TWO refined Durandals?" Seriously, I'm more hyped about what Eliwood stands to gain from Brave Roy's new refine, since he also has Blazing Durandal. This totally has nothing to do with me having a +10 Eliwood. Conversely, Brave Lyn getting a refine scares me.
  10. I can stack Speed too, bitch! Along with everything else. I'm a little late due to a Final Fantasy XIV update hitting the same day Sothis came out, but thankfully this wasn't hard at all. Grima gets yet stronger thanks to L!Eliwood's Bonus Doubler buff, letting her just rush into Sothis' formation and wreck everything with insta-Bonfires. Sothis barely does half of Grima's HP with her Turn 1 Sirius and is only a threat after she gets Wrath up, which she doesn't even get to use because of B!Ninian's Blárblade. Once Sothis is gone, the rest of the map is just finding ways to swag on the cannon fodder.
  11. Infernal was a bit of a puzzle, but I got it down. Unfortunately I won't be able to attempt Abyssal for a while because some absolute twat of a cosmic force decided that FFXIV: Shadowbringers, Super Mario Maker 2, and LELiwood in FEH among other things were all launching this day, and I don't have the time to waste hacking out a clear. My advice for tackling this map without a gimmick: bring a Panic staff. Four of the starting enemies in the map are tied for the highest Atk, which means LELiwood buffs all of them. Even worse, one of the enemies has a Feint skill and LELiwood himself is the only one who has a Rally, which means he moves on the first turn and also has an instacharged Blazing Flame, so you need to get those first enemies down ASAP before LELiwood closes in on you.
  12. Having constructed a full flierball team to test this theory, I can confirm that Naga becomes very ridiculous if a situation arises where she's got three sources of buffs to her PRF. I slapped Warding Stance 4 on mine, and even with an Atk flaw (go to hell, gacha), a Goad and two Wards on top of her PRF puts her at 60-ish Atk and 50-ish Spd/Def/Res. This is before the Sacred Seal slot, which I'm slipping Atk/Spd Bond into. The catch with Naga is that getting that "three sources of buffs to her PRF" situation can be difficult. The positioning is a huge chore without an all-flier team, and excluding SY!Tiki there are no Anti-Dragon fliers, so Divine Fang sticking to the fliers like glue becomes a necessity for Naga to remain at full power. I want to recommend putting together a full team of flying manaketes to reduce positioning problems as much as possible, but this is not easy to achieve: F!Grima is legendary, SY!Tiki is seasonal, and Myrrh got axed from 75% of the banners in the game, so getting all three can be a massive pain in the neck.
  13. What are god's scriptures to an illiterate? Good news: now that I have an actual phone, I can record videos that aren't laggy! So, this map. Grima decided to provide the fighting arena instead of participating today (which is my crappy way of saying "I'm not going to waste my time and brain cells with this anti-dragon gimmick when the only tank on my A-Team is a dragon"), which gave me an excuse to finally put my B-Team to proof. Half of the map is Nino finding ways to sidestep all of Naga's deadlier mechanics: she stacks so much Spd that the sonic-speed Bow Fighter still gets doubled, the Troubador and Naga herself get instagibbed before they can cause any grief, and the Blue Flier with Dull Ranged can't escape Nino's Glimmer when she's not the one initiating. The rest of the map is L!Marth, L!Azura and Seth selectively picking out which units they can tank in between Nino blowing the enemies off of Grima's back. For the record: I could've done this strat with B!Ninian and not had to use the most busted dancer in the game, but I had no Aerobatics fodder other than L!Azura herself, and like hell am I foddering her.
  14. Mareeta: "I MUST STAIN MY SWORD WITH THE BLOOD OF A THOUSAND INNOCENTS." Corrin: "OH GOD WHO ARE ALL YOU PEOPLE GET AWAY" Tiki: "BURN IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" Berkut: "What's that, Rinea? Murder Alm and dance in his entrails? Good idea!" Kiran: (:
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