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  1. This made me smile because Sanaki and Lilith are absurdly good partners for each other, but I see them used so rarely. I'm hoping to build them myself once I can get fodder for Sanaki to eat (which includes a second Lilith for some sick double Joint Drive Atk memes).
  2. @mampfoid @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @LordFrigid @Wanda @GuiltyLove @Maaka @daisy jane Can we all agree that that Bow Flier is the spawn of Satan himself? This map was mean. If none of your units can reliably break 50 Spd, Mila's free +2's to everyone means you're going to be eating a lot of doubles, and Mila's allies have a lot of bullshit in their kits to make those doubles lethal. The unit that gave me the most grief with those doubles? The Cleric. I shit you not, I had to adjust my strat something like five times because events would conspire that allowed the Cleric to exact damage meme Midori or Nils with a maddening amount of frequency, and many of those cases would've been wins if she did just one less damage. The lightbulb went off when I realized I could use L!Eliwood to bait her, because he wasn't doing anything else except being a buffbot. The Red Thief and (as mentioned above) the Bow Flier were the other major headaches, but once those three were gone is was just a matter of keeping Mila away from the squishies.
  3. I was expecting some interesting dialogue from Grima and Corrin, since this is the first BHB where the bosses aren't affiliated in any way. The only other BHB to not have the bosses interact was Dimitri and Edelgard, which I assume was a reference to the first Gronder battle in Three Houses and thus allowed to slide. Grima and Corrin do not interact. They just say their canned intro lines. My disappointment is immeasurable. I was going to use non-cheesy units, but decided that this massive cop-out was undeserving of my mercy. Enter the Silvia Semi-Solo. Fun fact: Corrin was in full rage mode and still would've been doubled even without Titania's Chill Spd (53 vs Silvia's 59). The only reason Chill Spd was needed was because Silvia was one point off of doubling the Thief.
  4. No one expects the Silvia bulldozer.
  5. Zephiel went back in time to undo his eventual defeat... without knowing what the fuck he's doing.
  6. BREAKING: Peerless Tactician Loses Entire Squadron to Young Apothecary Weaponizing Coins from Her Sales
  7. Fallen Takumi was clowned by Deathea doing everything on the left side and Duma doing nearly everything on the right. D!Rinea and L!Alm helped. E & S was harder because of that jackass Thief with Panic Ploy. I did eventually figure it out with Duo!Alfonse, Thrasir, NY!Laegjarn and NY!Eir though. Tomorrow is Saias... I'm wondering if I can pull off a solo of that map.
  8. So since I apparently didn't bully Celica enough with Silvia, I was asked to do some science and see if my crazy Midori from the Edelgard thread could oneshot her. I knew the answer would be yes, but not quite this much yes. She didn't even need L!Eliwood, and if she'd been megamerged she wouldn't even have needed an Atk buff. And then I cleared the map just because.
  9. @daisy jane @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster @LordFrigid @mampfoid I didn't like my other clear too much, so let's sell Edelgard some nukes instead. This clear was much more fun because I got to play with some of the newest toys in the game, as well as seeing that my crazy Midori build would work. Turns out I vastly underestimated her magical bulk; I was fully expecting her to be oneshot by the Blue Cavalier even with L!Eliwood's buffs, but Spendthrift + Lull Atk is incredible. Also, Nils' support pool is crazy if you get him right - turns out he's an amazing partner for Midori. She and Mininerva become monsters with this team comp.
  10. Kiss my Bonus Doubling derrière. This map was a stern reminder of why I made multiple hyper-invested teams. That Blue Manakete is a goddamn brickhouse that completely walled my Silvia team, and all the walls prevented me from keeping B!Ninian safe of my F!Grima team. So, it was time to bust out the The Nino & L!Marth Power Hour that hasn't seen action since Abyssal Naga. I immediately had Nino run around with L!Azura to handle all the major problem units, and L!Marth destroyed the Manaketes/Fáfnirs that tried to close in for cheap shots. Once Edelgard got stuck behind the Troubadour, the map became significantly easier and it was just a matter of throwing Nino at her after there were no dragons to mob anyone. Fun fact: Silvia was able to one-round Edelgard on Infernal without needing an Armorsmasher, though Abyssal was too much. She does have an Armorsmasher for these situations, but the aforementioned B!Ninian problem meant I never got to try it.
  11. The update has hit and the stats are out:
  12. Am I the only one who noticed the irony of a Pair Up legendary having four different Solo skills? Probably skipping this banner, outside of the freeroll and picking up any greens on it. Legelgard is interesting, but not "must have" interesting even if I do like Armors. Legelgard has a glaring flaw that I noticed right away: she has no Special acceleration. Not only that, her unique skill is hogging the slot that an Armor's Special acceleration would normally go. A selfish kit with no Special acceleration is very odd for an Armor, and I'm not sure it's going to work very well when she's not fighting Dragons or Beasts.
  13. So apparently there's an in-universe reason given for why the kids are so sparkly and strong compared to their regular versions.
  14. All the maps are definitely a difficulty below what they say. "Abyssal" is literally Infernal's map, point-for-point. I'm honestly a bit disappointed that it wasn't the actual Abyssal F!Grima. I wanted some salt from people not being able to do triple-dancer or B!Ike/B!Lucina cheese. Anyway, the free Altina everyone got from A Hero Rises 2020 just slaughters this map. I used her, Titania, B!Micaiah and Caineghis.
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