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  1. For the life of me, I couldn't secure a score above 10,660. And given that scores higher than that were pushed out of T8, it's probably a good thing I stopped and settled for T7. There needs to be some serious rebalancing done. You'd think that IntSys would realize how merciless their playerbase is at this point, but right now it's far too easy to lose a high score run from flubbing one match because you encounter that one jackass who has a +28 bonus with L!Chrom on Turn 4.
  2. I should probably use spoiler tags for these fuckhuge images. I remembered not liking Eirika Abyssal, so I didn't put much effort into this one. I just had NY!Alfonse choke the point while Thrasir torched the Cav trio to the south.
  3. Hardest one so far for me. Duma needed to abuse Fell Breath/Upheaval to tank Ishtar and get the enemies moving, after which Deathea did most of the work. LAWLm and Faye were mostly Draw Back bots, though LAWLm did kill the Green Manakete.
  4. I don't think these "only one Dancer allowed" rules were designed with someone like me in mind. https://streamable.com/fj6090 (Is there a way to embed streamables like YouTubes?)
  5. Ninian and her husband and her husband and her husband.
  6. Not much to say about a map I can clear with one unit and Auto-Battle.
  7. @LordFrigid @Maaka @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @GuiltyLove @daisy jane @Wanda @Diovani Bressan @Unknown Gamer11 dance 'till you're dead Sorry this one is so late. I was waiting to see if Balldigan would go up in the grail shop, which ended up paying off. I may not have been able to ascend Team DDR to its final form without Atk/Res Gap, but it looks like it's still capable of handling Abyssal maps. Funnily enough, the first step to making this work was not using Gronnblade, but instead Puddle's original Book of Shadows to double the Lance Fighter at the start. Step two was swapping Balldigan's Quick Riposte for Chill Def so that Silvia could bring down the Axe Knight (and only because he lived with 3 HP otherwise). Step three was making sure Puddle's Astra was charged to oneshot Dimitri, which only worked because Balldigan knocked out the Axe Dragon's Guard Bearing, which in turn only worked because he was healed just enough by Leanne. It was a funny project that I'm pleased actually works.
  8. @LordFrigid @Maaka @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @GuiltyLove @daisy jane @Wanda @Diovani Bressan @Unknown Gamer11 Well, the proof of concept works at least. So this is what I've been working on - a team of four "dancers" and "singers" that do no dancing or singing. Sadly this is only Infernal, as this team is missing some critical optimizations before they can rampage through Abyssal maps. - Y!Azura needs a merge - Leanne needs a merge and a flower - Balldigan needs lots of merges and an Atk/Res Gap fodder - Silvia needs to (shock and horror) drop her Summoner Support when all of the above are fulfilled, and cannot use it with this team until Leanne and Y!Azura are +10 The Monstrous Harvest rerun has not been cooperative in regards to that third one. It's somehow managed to spit out a Sirius, a Lethe and a Fiora in less than 200 orbs, but no H!Ilyana.
  9. DISRESPECT EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM Seriously, what an uninspired map. They just dropped a bunch of oppressive enemies right in front of spawn while also making the spawn obnoxious. There's not much to say about this one. The immediate Panic from three different sources eventually pissed me off enough to bust out the ICBN (Intercontinental Ballistic Nino) non-ironically for once, just so I'd have something to get rid of the damn things when I needed to. Once that was done, it was just a matter of picking which of Dimitri, the Red Mage and the Bow Fighter that Nino could take a hit from while L!Marth cleaned up stragglers.
  10. Tried to be funny and throw Balldigan into the armor tiles, but that Green Bow seems tailor-made to fuck with him, and F!Grima couldn't do it because Bernadetta's kit is stupid. Had to bait out the enemies on the left instead until Bernie was in range.
  11. This ended about as well for Nemesis as you'd expect. Chill Atk did not save him.
  12. Got Abyssal Tiki down, but since it was my first legit clear of the map, I put it in the proper LHB thread.
  13. @LordFrigid @Maaka @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @GuiltyLove @daisy jane @Wanda @Diovani Bressan @Unknown Gamer11 Eirika seems confused about the season. When this Abyssal map first came out, it was the only one I needed a guide for, and I could never arse myself to try again. Now that Limited Hero Battles are a thing though, I had an excuse to go back and get a legit clear. This map was as miserable as I remembered: ranged cavalry everywhere taking potshots from behind the walls, Tiki camping the defense tile to stop me from leaving my corner, that fucking Green Mage, the rude-ass Bantu analogue (the Red Manakete) reinforcement in the player spawn, and so on. This time though, I had an answer to all the ranged crap in the form of Winter Eirika, taking advantage of all the new healer tools and her Armor classing to turn her into a powerful ranged tank. Even with the upgrades though, Abyssal Tiki was still a whole other beast compared to the other early Abyssal maps, requiring some very weird and stupid skills to eke out a clear (does anyone use Svalinn Shield or Breath of Life seriously anymore?). W!Eirika swagging on the Red Manakete at the end was very deserved.
  14. Naesala: Zephiel, Brunnya, Cecilia and Klein M & H: Sothis and L!Edelgard Panne: All the Micaiahs L & E: MinervaJill
  15. I distinctly recall there being an obscure meme that F!Grima had a fondness of pudding, which some artists ran away with in addition to general sweets. Now here we are with H!Grima, who tries (and miserably and hilariously fails) to deny liking sweets. IntSys made the meme canon, the madmen. I'm as dead as my wallet.
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