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  1. If you feel like making Boey a dedicated Edgelord counter, I've seen a Boey with TA3 and Quick Riposte blow her up in one round before the heals were allowed to proc.
  2. Step 1: deploy two bows in case of fliers Step 2: have reduced cooldowns to really scare the fliers off Step 3: the flier negates bow weakness ... *looks back at list* Step 3: the flier negates bow weakness Yep, this was an auto-battle.
  3. I told myself that if I ended up giving Atk/Def Menace to a flier, they would be getting Wyvern Flight to abuse with it. Before this, I told myself that if I did end up building another Wyvern Flight project, it would end up being a speedtank with Life and Death 4. The inheritor in this case also had a Candy Cane, which I gave to them ages ago and promptly forgot about because Courtly Candle's DR effect is better on a slow lance tank than the Guard effect, but now that they're a speedtank it's suddenly usable. ...It has snowballed into something I'm not quite sure I comprehend.
  4. What's better than one solo? Two solos! Mininerva's kit needed no changes, but Caeda needed the QP seal to Galeforce off of M!Morgan so she could escape F!Morgan's Special (she'd survive it, but would get chipped out by the adds).
  5. It's that time of the month. Despite F!Ike being one of the more busted units in the game, this solo took longer to figure out than it should've because of the HP bane. The solution ended up being mixing Atk Smoke with Mystic Boost -- that seal continues to be gloriously broken on heal-tanks.
  6. https://streamable.com/ikavka (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8hHfyzYAN0 )
  7. The good news is that I got two Hulkgards, one +Atk and one +Res. That was all I wanted. The bad news is that Hulkgard was my spark target, and now I have dire decision paralysis now that I need to pick someone else.
  8. Ragnell: HP+3, Slaying. If unit's HP≥25%, grants +4 to all stats during combat. Boring, but if we're being honest, L!Ike probably didn't need anything more than Slaying and extra stats. Vanilla Ike is left in the dust since Legendary Ike got Remixed, but really, he's just been Heavy Blade food ever since L!Ike existed. Alondite: HP+3, Slaying. If unit's HP≥25%, grants +4 to all stats during combat. Also boring, but BK and Zelgius also didn't need more than Slaying and extra stats. Black Lunas every battle with Alondite intact and the A slot free is as scary of a prospect as it ever was. Raijinto: HP+3. If enemy is at full HP or unit is near an ally, grants Null Follow-Up and +4 to all stats during combat. NFU is a very good thing to have in the weapon slot. If gives Ryoma a niche over Ike as well as freeing his B Slot, and L!Ryoma with his Remix upgrade is now much scarier to trade blows with. Gradivus: HP+3. If foe initiates or is at full HP, grants +4 to all stats and heals 7 HP after every attack the unit makes. This definitely feels like it was tailored to Hardin more than Camus. Healing after every attack is a very underrated skill, and Hardin with his sheer bulk will make it go far. Camus, on the other hand, is not known for his bulk and seems to be better off speedtanking. Siegfried: HP+3. If enemy's HP≥75%, inflicts Atk/Def-5 during combat and denies them a follow-up attack. Underestimated! It's probably worth pointing out that the follow-up denial is both phases, not just PP like Sturdy Impact, and while low he still has enough Spd to make Bold Fighter armors fuck off. Pretty good for a physical tank, as Xander can stack his Def pretty damn high with the free A slot and perhaps also tank some magic with the right setup.
  9. Expectation of Twin-Crest Power: godlike cosmic power The reality: Jokes aside, I do appreciate how accurate Final Bossgard's kit is to her kit in Three Houses. She had map-wide attacks (Distant Counter in the weapon), could make two attacks (Galeforce in the weapon), and had multiple health bars (Armored Wall). All she's missing is Vantage and Wrath, and I can honestly see why those were left out as this is broken enough as it is -- but what final boss worth their salt isn't?
  10. ...I hecked up and thought I posted that in the general discussion thread. Whoops. Oh well, I guess it's relevant here too since their refines are potentially going to heavily change their inheritance options.
  11. If they repeat this with Grima when their Legendary version gets Remixed, my cry of ecstasy will shake the entire eastern seaboard.
  12. Arvis to an armored mage. 😐 Because that's what his Emperor class was.
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