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  1. Osian & Tanya: Edgelord auto-battle solo. Really wasn't feeling arsed. Arete: Larum solo. Was feeling much more arsed. (Here's a video!) Celica: Ruler vs ruler. @BoaFerox @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster @Unknown Gamer11 @Maaka @GuiltyLove @Wanda @Diovani Bressan @daisy jane Add me to the group of people decided using Altina would be too easy (along with Satsuma deciding her descendant was superior). I also had Forma Naesala kicking around for a while, so I used this as an excuse to unzip my Grail storage and +10 him. Only hang-up I had was getting someone to survive a shot from Celica. Once Sanaki was free to counterattack and remove the Miracle, everything after Turn 2 was a meat grinder in the player's favor.
  2. Oof. I was hoping to skip this banner and let my orbs recover, but I cannot ignore Harmozura. I have yet to get a Cav Dancer, and she has a better kit than Duogurd.
  3. Fernand: A!Laegjarn and Merrybilis. A solo was attempted with both, but Fernand using an AOE Special made him too hard to tank. Lyon & Eirika: Midori, Lilith, Puddle, NY!Selkie. I forgot how mean this map was with its bottlenecking. Some lateral thinking was required with Smite to get Puddle in to knock out the Lance Cav, then she needed two Repositions to get to safety while NY!Selkie was left to tank Eirika, all in one turn.
  4. OP has been updated to include Ascended Joshua. We're now up to 4 available florets. I'm embarrassed to admit it took me a while to remember where I found the bigger versions of the sprites for the Ascended characters (it was just from the Fandom wiki), so Joshua in the post was half the size of the others for a little while.
  5. Well, Joshua as our first non-OC Ascended Hero sure is A Choice. ---------- Neimi has a cool gimmick. Atk/Spd Opening that she also benefits from is pretty powerful, but the rest of her kit feels really janky; while she's apparently supposed to be a Res tank, Bond skills on a Ranged unit are really awkward. Rennac and Colm are both fodder delivery services aside from being Green and Blue daggers respectively. I was interested in seeing the new daggers are first, only to realize they're reskins of seasonal weapons (Vicious Dagger = Courtly Fan / Quick Dagger = Ouch Pouch). They otherwise don't bring anything new; even Disarm Trap has been in the general pool for a while thanks to Larum. Joshua is... strange. If attacking cardinally, the enemy can't counterattack. If attacking diagonally, his damage is buffed by 15% of the enemy's Atk. And Green Feud exists because Caellach, I guess. He's still going to be something people will have to prepare for though, since some players will be sparking for him just to get his Ascendant Floret.
  6. Can we all just appreciate how Ótr got shafted? Kinda meh on this banner, though that may be because my Orbs are currently reserved for Mirachristmas merges. I do have a passing interest in Duogr, but otherwise I may just grab a Lyre for Catch fodder and stop there.
  7. Season's Beatings! @BoaFerox @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster @Unknown Gamer11 @Maaka @GuiltyLove @Wanda @Diovani Bressan @daisy jane A new "dancer" joins the squad! Not terribly sure about this Merrybilis build, but I can't imagine I'm going to finish merging Gatekeeper anytime soon, so I gave her some Christmas gifts and subbed her for Balldigan. I hummed and hawwed for a while about using three ranged units, but this map definitely called for hyper-offense, so Larum replaces Leanne instead of Puddle this time (mostly because Puddle was absolutely necessary for Byleth). Sticking with Balldigan just didn't work because Puddle really needed that Atk buff from Whimsical Dream, but once I integrated Merrybilis into the team, it didn't even take me a half-hour to find a strat where Puddle could charge Astra and secure a spot to engage Byleth from. This map was pain while Byleth was providing her buffs and warp-sniping my units, but once she sucked down that Astra counter, literally everything stopped being threatening.
  8. Had to delay doing this map because of Christmas things, so while I was visiting the family I plugged away at it during some downtime. Infernal is down, but Abyssal is pushing the limits of what my base Dancer Cancer team is capable of -- LF!Byleth's warpstrikes are very rude. This might require me pulling the trigger on some new projects early, which means waiting for fodder units to be relieved of their flowers/feathers.
  9. ...Whoops, so it is. I could've sworn there was a way to apply it as an active buff. I must be thinking of a Duo/Harmonic Skill...
  10. What appalls me most is that IntSys actually thinks a single spark on a L/M banner is worth paying money for. More seriously, while this does push Feh Pass further into adding enough features to be worth subscribing to, what I think is getting everyone's goats is that the Sparking feature in general was always free before now. I've been subscribed to Feh Pass since it launched, and even I understand the can of worms that's been opened; locking a Spark behind Feh Pass comes dangerously close to gating actual content behind money, which would be absolutely absurd in a game that already runs on a paid Gacha system. I'm not affected, but I can totally see why poor players and F2P purists will interpret this as a middle finger from the developers. As for LF!Byleth... I'm not impressed. She feels like LM!Byleth except worse -- note how her "stop screwing with my cooldown" effect is not an active buff and requires allies to remain close to her, while LM!Byleth's NFU only needs allies to start the turn near him but can then go on to rampage however they please. I feel like the static NFU buff is far more valuable.
  11. Got Altina down with Deathea, Rinea, Cuteria, and L!Alm. Had no time to record a video though (and I didn't find it interesting because Cuteria strats are what everyone else was doing).
  12. Sonia: H!L'Arachel solo. Catch + Menace + Trace is fucking powerful, though she needed Miracle to survive the precharged Glacies. H & B: F!Grima solo. Only source of difficulty was the Cavalry with Ruse, but they weren't enough to stop the Fell Dragon. Orson: B!Hector solo. Not as easy as it might sound! The Sword Fighter with Fatal Smoke was a huge pain in the neck, and killing him in one hit required some lateral thinking. L & R: Ares solo. Took advantage of enemy positioning to slip in into a spot where he could tank the Lance Dragon and nothing else (because Raigh stupidly rallies the Lance Dragon blocking his path), then destroyed everything with Vantage. Altina: ...A project for tomorrow. A surprise COVID booster shot yesterday leaves me in the wrong headspace for dealing with one of the game's hardest Abyssal maps.
  13. Sparkable seasonal dancer? Yes. Two more sparkable things on top of that while I can keep fishing for merges? Yes please. Though while I say that, I have to admit that Mirachristmas is a touch underwhelming. Her new PRF trades the multiple stat debuffs for solely Atk debuffs in a wider area, and Whimsical Dream drops Atk yet further, and she's debuting Spd Cantrip to seriously cripple enemy offenses. Ground Orders feels a little redundant on the unit usually moving second unless she's partnered with an Armorball though. I expect to be fully overhauling her kit with Close Reversal and Atk/Def Rein, though I'm not sure what B Skill she'd like (I do have an A/D Far Trace, but it's on my only A!Laegjarn who is also +Spd/-Def). Lutesythea sounds like an unholy terror to be on the wrong side of. Desperation effect if she doesn't have enough Spd, Brave effect if she does, and 60+ Atk with a Trace either way; this is not a unit you want to tank without Damage Reduction or a TAR build. I can easily see people stapling the Blade Session seal onto her to make it easy to change her weapon's function. On the other hand, true to Lysithea being Lysithea, her defenses are paper, so having an Atk Trace confuses me too; the only reason I can imagine her not having S/R Far Trace in her base kit is because Ninjorrin supplied it not that long ago. Not much to say about Santartur, Manoela and [insert witty Christmas portmanteau of Ignatz's name that I can't figure out here]. Aside from the former bringing D/R Far Save, they seem to all have generic kits and are just showing off their inheritable Unity weapons.
  14. I will hear absolutely zero arguments that Ash was not made for this mode even though she wasn't billed for it. Panic negation and Summer Tana's super-Guidance are king in this mode, and Ash comes with both; all she's really missing is a Trace skill. I have yet to get my feet wet in this mode, but I am constructing a team that works with the "Book III or earlier" rule. L!Eliwood will be feeding buffs and Bonus Doubler to F!Grima, Phina, Nowi (thank you, Resplendent!), and Walhart, all having 60 Atk. Nowi needs a couple skills from units I have yet to HM cap, and Walhart needs a Trace (why are all the Near Traces on seasonals!?), but it looks pretty promising. I have yet to decide who will be the Captain though. I'm not sure what I'd do for a competitive non-Book III team besides dropping Ash into it, but I do know my meme team would be the dancer squad of Silvia (Galeforce/Close Call/Odd Tempest annoyer), Phina (Enemy Phase trap), Balldigan (speedtank), Puddle (all-rounder), and Larum (Windsweeper/tank destroyer). Once again not sure who will be Captain, and I can't decide between Adroit Captain or Secret Maneuver (mostly because of charging Galeforce and Lethality).
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