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  1. And before I forget, here's mine: ---------- @BoaFerox @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster @Unknown Gamer11 @Maaka @GuiltyLove @Wanda @daisy jane @Diovani Bressan Beullr? Beullr? Beullr? I expected the obligatory Near Save armor to make meleeing Ullr not worth the trouble. I didn't expect the sheer bullshit those Bow Cavaliers would be putting out; that Spendthrift Cav turning my Midori strats back on me was not a pleasant experience. Getting rid of him was 50% of my difficulty with the map, especially since I couldn't rip into him immediately thanks to the Red Mage's Guard denying Silvia's Galeforce. The other 50% of my difficulty was overcoming three separate instances of "you miss this kill by 1 point of Atk" -- the Red Mage, the Spendthrift Cav, and the Axe Dragon were giving me a lot of grief, and it wasn't helped by the Cleric's Sabotage Atk and Panic Ploy hitting all the right spots at the worst possible times. The solution, somewhat to my sadness, was to sacrifice a Lilith to give Balldigan Joint Drive Atk (I actually thought he had it already, but it was Joint Hone Atk instead). Thankfully, that was the end of my frustrations. Once the Bow Cavs were gone and Ullr sucked down a Blazing Wind, the rest of the map just folded. I did try to do some Silvia memes on the boss and wanted to use Frenzy, but both were a no go: she needed the Ninja Katana to get rid of that awful Spendthrift Cav (she could be made to double Ullr with the Cake Cutter though), and movement strats demanded that Close Call be used today. Anyway, now I'm off to enjoy Blaster Master Zero III.
  2. Lunatic Map: Infernal/Abyssal Map: @Wanda's clear is in the banner thread.
  3. This is my main concern with Ullr's basekit, to be honest: how high her Atk actually goes. Quick-proc Deadeyes seem threatening on paper, but at the end of the day it's still only x2 damage dealt, and we've seen Edgelord's Def get stacked stupidly high. People might be disappointed to learn that zero times two is still zero. Though to be fair, we make these assumptions without seeing what Ullr's Atk and Spd stats are first. Depending on how hard she goes on the Glass Cannon meme, a Brave Bow might be more viable than we think, especially if Flashing Blade 4 is in play for a free 20 damage.
  4. ...Ullr, I was going to be nice to you, but your MHB is crashing BMZ3's release date and now it's personal.
  5. That feel when I get quoted in the middle of editing my post because I could've worded it better I meant to say "we're not going to be mad if a Mythic is male for a change".
  6. It does feel like IntSys is missing the mark on why people are complaining who should be a Mythic or not. No offense to Ullr because she's an acceptable choice, but it feels like they got scared of adding Freyr because he's an OC and male, and I don't know what they were thinking when making Nifl a non-Mythic. We're not mad about OCs being Mythics, or and certainly not about some Mythics being male. We're mad about Mythics not being mythical figures. Ullr, Freyr and Nifl absolutely qualify as mythical figures. The Niðavellir and Jötunheimr siblings do not qualify. Freyr's and Freyja's fairy minions do not qualify. Hel's minions who were merely stealing the names of mythical figures do not qualify.
  7. That is an absurdly min-maxed kit. In fact I think this is the most min-maxed unit in the game to this point. It really says something when you're a unit on the tail-end of Gen 5 and dealing 214 with eff damage with no strings attached, but you're getting oneshot by a generic story mode mage (yes he has color advantage but come on).
  8. Against my better judgment and because I have poor self-control when saving orbs, I dove back into the banner trying to get another Nifl -- either a +Spd one, or a merge to justify fruiting my current one. No blues appeared, but in only 26 orbs I instead got resolution to my earlier bellyaching about having to fodder an optimal IV Charlotte: I'll probably try for Nifl again on the last day of the banner. Don't wanna push my luck too hard in a single day.
  9. It's far past time I +10'd the unit I picked up the game for. I failed to finish her during the previous Remix banner and she agonizingly sat at +9 for months, but then I snagged her last merge today with only 14 orbs. I can now go back to saving for CYL5 with a clear conscience.
  10. So my plan for this banner was to spark Charlotte so I wouldn't feel bad about foddering a unit with a potentially good boon/bane, trying to grab Nifl along the way. No Nifl in 40 pulls, and I accidentally grabbed a Green orb right at the end -- and it was Charlotte with +Spd/-Res. Let it be known that this gacha wishes for my suffering. (I still stuck with the plan and sparked Nifl instead of an extra Charlotte, but this still hurts. Only knowing I'm going to +10 Ninja Hana in the future dulls the pain.)
  11. You may jest, but that would actually be sick on a Galeforcer and now I kinda want it.
  12. Silvia needs that Frenzy skill and she needs it yesterday, but that color-share is going to fuck me up. Also, Nifl already? And she's pulling a Surtr??? My Gatekeeper orb stash looks like it's going to take another hit. Seriously, a four girls banner on the New Heroes banner just before CYL5? This is purposeful and you can't convince me otherwise. If people weren't using the Ethlyn manual for easy Courtly Fan+ then they have no taste and deserve to get owned like this.
  13. Stick to your generic dragon final boss, boy. Yes, I remember this map being a nightmare. Also yes, F!Grima destroys it with her remix so hard that it can be Auto-Battled with a highly-invested one. Dragonskin II's Dull All effect completely neutralizes Bonus Doubler, and the in-combat stats make F!Grima so tanky that the only real threat is Eliwood's pre-charged Blazing Flame. Once I slotted in Dragon Wall and picked the right starting position, this map became a joke.
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