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  1. She has not been in the game for a year and already has a Legendary alt. This is all but confirmation that we're never getting a Gauntlet weapon. Dragon Blast doesn't even do any blasting. ...Well, if I had any doubts that Freyr last month was a sign that they're running out of ideas, I wouldn't anymore. Yeah, this one doesn't impress me. The only new thing is that she's a dragon with a brave weapon; something we've never had before, but also something we've been able to spoof ever since Bridal Catria. I honestly find her Atk/Spd Pledge more interesting.
  2. ...Okay, I need to say it. I'm starting to consider quitting this game. I've been less active lately more due to laziness than anything, but the addition of terrain effects on command may have pushed me over the line from "laziness" to "actively winding down". The powercreep in this game is goddamn insane, and it's reached the point where I can load up my favorite units with all the state-of-the-art skills only to have them still swatted like flies by whatever comes from the very next banner. Lately it feels like powercreep in this game is less about numbers we can comprehend and more about loading units with so many skills that people don't or can't read them all, and it just feels bad. I'm a meticulous and stubborn motherfucker when it comes to math and strategy, but I've found my will tested trying to keep track of all the stuff that can be on just one unit these days, nevermind any nearby supports and now the terrain too. It eventually just boils down to "just throw something that looks good at the enemy and hope it works", and that just isn't fun nor is it what I signed up for. For a sense of scale, I very rarely quit a game I haven't finished, not even a gacha (because, again, stubborn motherfucker), so the fact that I'm considering it now means there's a serious problem. As for what "winding down" entails, I'm probably not going to bother maintaining my Arena tier (Aether Raids is fine because staying in T21 there is no effort whatsoever) and likely won't be doing the Legendary/Mythic or Limited Hero Battles anymore. I'm mostly just hanging on for the sake of gathering Orbs for favorites and seeing how the story ends. It's been a long and interesting journey, but I think I've had my fill. e: ...Wow, it's some delicious irony for this to be the post that raises my rank to "Contributor".
  3. Hi, hello, I still exist. Things got interesting with my phone when I finally found time to do this, so sorry for the scuffed recording. This strat almost didn't work. The Green Mage kept going right instead of left pursuing Neph instead of Larum... until I changed the team slot order. Why this is a deciding factor in AI movement, I will never understand.
  4. Fans of the series will understand why the music fits. I'm in the middle of playing other games right now and wanted this done quickly, so here's something a little different. I noticed a video of someone doing an OTK with Lene, and realized I could probably do the same with Silvia. She delivered after I learned that the ancient Hone Def seal would give Silvia enough Def to survive while also tricking the Green Bow into not rallying. Alas, it's not quite an all-Dancer clear. Maybe there will be a Bonus Doubler-granting Dancer in the future...
  5. I have taken up FGO, and I think FEH has responded by getting desperate to hold my interest - by giving me three free 5* summons in a row (Kiria, Ascended Tiki, Summer Ashe). ...It's going to have to try harder than that, as I was already only signing in for dailies and major updates as it is.
  6. Double Special Heroes (June): #2: Duo!Elise #4: Duo!Elise #22: Duo!Elise #28: Duo!Elise #31: S!Triandra Spark: S!Triandra #66: Duo!Elise #78: Duo!Elise In case the Spark didn't make it obvious, Duo!Elise is not who I want copies of. (For the curious, Duo!Elise could be merged to +6 in around 500 orbs since I sparked her original banner.)
  7. Woof, this one sure fell flat for me. Lull 4 seemed interesting at first, until I re-read it and realized it wasn't a buff flipper, so it ends up being more of a sidegrade to the DR and Trace B slots. Brash Assault 4 on the other hand is powerful, if a bit lacking in PP-only units that can really put it to use-- ...Oh. Anyway, not pulling. Which means my Orb stash is now devoted to snagging some Spring Triandra copies since I missed out before.
  8. New Heroes & Mythic Heiðr: #5: Rennac (+Atk/-Res) (1 Summon Charge) #6: Brave Ike (4★ Special) (+HP/-Def) #7: Dorothy (4★) (+HP/-Res) #20: Brave Marth (+Def/-HP) (2 Summon Charges) Spark: Ascended Fir (Neutral) #41: Letizia (+Def/-HP) (3 Summon Charges!) #50: Heiðr (+Def/-Atk) Pity Rate: 3.00% (52 Pulls) Orbs spent: 191 I said I wasn't gonna go hard on this banner, but Heiðr twisted my arm because I was a hairsbreadth away from a full Summon Charge, had a pity rate, and Green is the easiest to get 5★'s from.
  9. Keep in mind that the next round of stat inflation also coincides with an increase in Dragonflower caps, so Dorothy will have her cap increased from 5 to 10 almost immediately. In retrospect, had she been only one month before CYL7, it might've been the best time possible for her to be added.
  10. Good lord, I typed up a crack theory just yesterday about Heiðr being our soul-child, despite Kvasir, Seiðr and Gullveig being more likely candidates even with the confirmation that they're all the same person. Though it wasn't a flawless theory, as it involved Gullveig wanting Heiðr dead due to our soul-child being a spanner in the works, rather than the situation we have now where 90% of Gullveig's plan hinges on Heiðr's existence.
  11. ...Yep, I had a derp moment. I was thinking of Kvasir. My mistake!
  12. Man, I was more excited for Murderdock than anyone on the banner, and my enthusiasm is still soured by him being one point short of the 200 BST bin. Which really sucks, because he's got a sick PRF. On that note, I'm just grabbing Fir's floret and getting out. I almost jumped on Heiðr, but that was because I misread her PRF Assist as granting the ally an extra action along with herself. Not that Gold Serpent isn't still cracked as hell, but my tastes are discriminating. It really doesn't help that she's actively competing with Seiðr due to having the exact same class and Mythic blessing.
  13. Let's give Snap a try, shall we? Hinoka is pretty scary if she's allowed to start warping, so you really have to make sure you oneround everything... or you can just barge through all the enemies to kill Hinoka on Player Phase. Naturally I chose the latter. Silvia and Blarum with Arcane weapons and Snap movement is easily the most cracked combo I've made in the game so far.
  14. Lumera: Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Tears of the Kingdom came out just a couple days prior, so I didn't want to waste time with this one. K & S: Sanaki and B!Micaiah. Was overcomplicating it with four units until I realized the sisters could just explode everything. Myrrh: L!Marth, Phina, Y!Minerva, Gotoh. The worst of the set. There were a lot of exact damage memes flying around, and L!Myrrh is a goddamn wall. Zephiel: Y!Lyon solo. He didn't even take one point of damage. Xander (VIDEO!): Olivia solo. So the Ótr solo wasn't a fluke. I'm going back to TotK now.
  15. The thing I'm wondering is whether or not it does apply the effect to teammates that have Dance on or not. The distinction isn't noted in Snap's description, so on one hand I'm hopeful, but on the other hand IntSys hasn't been as good with distinctions in skill descriptions as they used to be. I'll patiently wait for science to be done before I pull, because nothing else on the banner interests me unless I want to spark the Harmonic. At any rate, I still reserve the right to feel attacked. Is this the first time a skill has actively excluded Dancers? You have no idea how much I'm dreading the Arcane dagger.
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