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  1. My luck was pretty bad for the Legendary banner too, which I probably should've expected after my crazy looting of Double Special. I went for an Asc!Ishtar spark, and all I got on the way was a spare Nott (+Spd/-Atk). But, I have to look at the bright side. Dancer Neph now has Atk/Spd Menace, and I'm no longer missing any Ascendant Florets.
  2. The solution to Damage Reduction based on your own HP? Let yourself get beat within an inch of your life! I thought this was going to be a complicated affair where I had to somehow overcome that gigantic Spd stat while also getting Silvia's HP low enough to ignore his DR... until I remembered what Xander's classing was. It took me longer than it should've to realize that I was already deploying Phina who could just erase him in one hit, though I'm not especially pleased that she had to inherit Distant Dart for this -- that Bow Fighter is a pain. Aside from Xander and the Bow Fighter though, this map wasn't bad at all. I just needed to position everyone in the correct hallways; Silvia on the left, Phina on the right, and F!Ninian and newcomer D!Neph down the middle.
  3. So here's something about Chaos Season that was stated exactly nowhere. Since Chaos has a scoring system separate from Light and Astra, you'd expect it to not meddle with Light and Astra at all. It would just be inserted between a Light and Astra season at random, right? Wrong. It replaces a season at random. We had Astra before this Chaos Season hit -- and now we have Astra again. Light was skipped entirely. ...Y'all know how some people like to "swing" in and out of the Vault of Heaven, using a particular season to climb back in since they can't stay there reliably? Yeah, that's fucked now. In my own case, I climb back in during Astra -- but I'm already there and can't stay, and there's no way in hell I can make the climb during Light. So, I guess I'm done taking AR seriously now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. My DSH loot: Merrybilis (+Res/-HP) Merrybilis (+Def/-Atk) Pega!Nino (+Res/-Atk) Ninjinon (+Atk/-HP) Chrobin (Neutral) Valucina (+Res/-HP) Beirika (Neutral -- Not from DSH! I accidentally used the CYL5 spark first, fuck! And I knew I'd do it eventually too!) Merrybilis (Neutral -- Spark) This went far better than my DSH pulls usually do. Merrybilis is now +6.
  5. Gonzales: Edgelord solo. Nothing here threatens the god-tier 3H units. Mercedes & Annette (Video!) : Ashnard solo. This had me pulling my hair out for a while because Ashnard kept getting exact damage memed... until I saw that I somehow never gave him any Dragonflowers. That fixed things real quick. Hel: Phina, L!Marth, L!Tiki, Y!Minerva. Same as it ever was, but this map felt uninteresting to me since L!Marth did most of the work with his cracked-ass remix. Phina wasn't much good here since there are hardly any Armors/Cavs. Palla & Catria: H!L'Arachel solo. Another stat check that ended up corrected by Dragonflowers, mostly because she needed Atk/Def Solo instead of Atk/Spd Solo to tank some hits from Catria. Corrin (Video!) :
  6. Fuck me sideways. I had the proper thread open in a separate tab and somehow posted in here anyway. Cleaning it up now, sorry for the trouble!
  7. Mistakes were made. Please ignore this post.
  8. That's a lackluster set of seals. That inheritable bow, on the other hand, is quite powerful for not being a PRF.
  9. Wow, they actually broke pattern and did a Harmonic twice in a row! ...Wow, it could not be any more opposite to what I asked for. (Well that's a lie, the backpack could've been Ashera instead, then the irony would be perfect.) I guess this confirms that IntSys is committed to Sothis having zero meaningful interaction with anyone other than Byleth, not even with fellow like-minded goddess Yune. Wasted potential aside, the 4★ Claude (with his PRF Skill!) and Harmogard's inheritable C Skill are points of interest.
  10. Rhea tried so hard to save us from omnipresent Yuri, but the metagame bandwagon will not be denied.
  11. I was initially hyped as shit to see a Tellius/3H banner because I started hoping against hope that we could see a Yune/Sothis Harmonic. ...Then I remembered the Harmonic happened last month, so this month is probably a Duo. IntSys couldn't have waited one more month?
  12. Hey, I'd rather have this than suddenly every player in the game having Yuri. If they want to waste their chance, let them do it.
  13. So when is Yune retroactively being changed to a Chaos Mythic instead of that blasphemous Dark Mythic? Regarding the midpoint trailer... yeah fucking right. There's no way Veronica is actually going to die. Not only does IntSys not have the backbone, but with all the lead-up to this arc, not even IntSys could mess up so hard as have Embla solely be a plot device saying "Veronica will not be saved, fuck you."
  14. Myrrhbin' Time is over. I wanted to take Myrrh down with F!Ninian, but the Brave Bow Flier needed to die first and Myrrh was already on top of me by that point, so Larum it is. She continues to remind me that I built her precisely for situations like this.
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