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  1. I wanna play this on a PSP (with a GBA emulator). All the roms and hacks for games run OK with no glitches, but Void's Adventure runs laggy, with tons of frameskips and slow animations. It's unplayable. Is there anything I have missed when patching the rom? I have never had a problem of this kind with other hacks as I said and the unhacked rom runs perfectly with the GBA emulator on the PSP.
  2. I don't know if someone will read this. I missed Libra and now I'm desperate, hope somebody can actually help me. I'm playing on a r4 over the 3ds. I never used cheats so it became difficult for me to even access to the cheats code for the game. There's an option which gives me all items x99 (including starspheres) but I just want Libra. I don't want to have the inventory filled with items I didn't get through the game. Can anyone help me with a usrcheat.dat that includes Libra or the starspheres only? I can't really find anything on the internet.
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