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  1. I forgot to mention that those are for example only, they aren't locked to a class or classes in the games. I wanted to mention those examples because I thought some of those weapons were pretty OP (Omega Yato, Sublime Creator Sword) and making them class locked would nerf them some, but they really aren't when I look closer so I'll change the examples.
  2. Welcome to the forest!
  3. Welcome again to the forest! 🙂
  4. Welcome to the forest!
  5. Welcome to the forest!
  6. Hello! 1. The difficulty is hard to very hard IMO especially the army you face in chapter 9, and the last army you have to face in chapter 10, I had pretty much OP units and still had a hard time beating those armies. 2. I think you could understand the story well enough without understanding the text but there are characters and secrets you might miss. 3. The length I think is about 50 hours to 100+, if you don't have to restart I think it will be 50 to 100 (which probably won't happen). 4. As for tips, here are mine: * Make sure you're working on the pairings you want before you get far into the game for the 1st and 2nd gens, because unplanned pairing can occur and can't be undone, I think the love system is one of the most infamous mechanics of FE4 so be careful. * Have a guide to get the secrets in the game, the secrets are pretty useful like Finn's Brave Lance, Ayra's Brave Sword, and Lachesis's Knight Ring, and some are very hard, if not impossible, to find especially in a first playthrough, unless you want to waste 100-300+ hours moving all your chracters to unsually spots on the games humongous maps, I would highly recommend a guide but it isn't necessary. * 50 kills+ allows critical for a weapon, so you may want to use certain weapons more then others. I hope this helps.
  7. As long as they aren't played to excess, their isn't anything wrong with playing games in the end it's just a story, gameplay, and a screen so I really do think gamers should get invested in other hobbies outside of video games (like playing an instrument, swimming, and visiting different places), you can either pursue another hobby or skill, or if you've been playing games for a long time go to the next level and become a developer! Not only is there money (as we know) to be had if you're good but you can also impact lives by encouraging and giving hope to people.
  8. Welcome to the forest!
  9. No. There isn't an algorithm because like Tylwyth Teg said people can be unpredictable; but I think one key to a person understanding someone else is to see things from their perspective, but if no understanding is there it could take time, or there could be no understanding the person because what they're doing doesn't make sense. Also not everybody will understand why sensible people think how they do all the way to death; I believe that's because of selfishness (possibly with pride), they don't want to see things from the other person's perspective (maybe because they think they have all the answers and don't even try to understand the other person). Basically, a person should want to understand how someone thinks, if it makes sense (since people can do illogical things sometimes), for that someone to be understood, and not everyone will do that. Would you explain for us here?
  10. Which do you think is better and why? Personal weapons are prf weapons like: Marreeta's Sword (Thracia 776) Earth Sword Lughnasadh Caladbolg or (Thracia 776) Brave Lance. And class only weapons are weapons like: Tower Bow - Archers and Snipers only. Wo Dao - Myrmidons, Swordmasters and Lyn only. Amatsu - Myrmidons and Swordmasters only. Nosferatu - Dark Mages and Sorcerers only.
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