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  1. Fates-Blade


    Welcome to the forest!
  2. The AI could be: don't move and attack if in range. So wherever the magic user is they will only attack from there with their tomes. Even if the red squares show they can attack farther.
  3. Welcome to the forest Orphellus!
  4. EDIT: Well that is one reason. Another reason is I believe we have already posted plenty of reasons to promote or not promote early, and I could go on and on and on with my argument and you might be able to with yours but it is not relevant to this thread and I think what you and I have said on promoting in this thread makes either belief convincing for the OP. So on this thread I'm not going to discuss promoting further. You can respond if you want to, I just won't respond back.
  5. I do agree characters like Rutger with the +30 crit bonus promoting early could be useful if needed and I agree the +5 HP is worth 5 levels. However, HP is the worst stat to obtain, hence the Angelic Robe +7 HP, Rutger has a good chance of getting HP at level up when he's a Myrmidon and a player usually doesn't need a lot of levels for Rutger to get Str despite his 30% chance. It works more often than that for players because of random growths. If the growths were fixed it would make sense to worry about him getting Str but not if they are random, they can easily be manipulated. But basicaly, I still don't think promoting early is worth it. Why can't Zelot or Marcus weaken enemies for Tier 1 units instead of Rutger that can grow when at tier 1? I say that because: A prepromote usually has no room for growth, a tier 1 unit can have room for growth if they don't promote too early. It's even better when you realize you can give tier 1 units stat boost items or supports to boost their stats just like or better than a promotion. Because then they can level up, and weaken enemies for weaker tier 1s. if the promotion bonuses were 3 minumum and 5 maximum I could see a reason to promote early, but 1-3 is just too low for me. I would much rather level up most of my tier 1s to level 20 than promote most of them because I don't think the promotion bonuses are worth it most of the time, especially since they can function basically just as well at Tier 1 and there are prepromotes that fundamentally already promoted below level 20 like Marcus, Zelot, Cecilia, Echidna, Dayan, Garret etc. In the end I do see your point, and I agree promotions do offer a boost for units. However I also say the boosts aren't worth the promotion most of the time. I don't think a discussion could convince me that 1-3+ stats are worth losing 3-6 level ups basically, especially since there are prepromotes that basically already promoted below level 20.
  6. Marcus is already promoted though, so weakening an enemy fits for him, but Shanna has room for growth. And I understand certain characters could cap early, so then I could see promoting early as an option.
  7. "exp distribution doesn't matter so much." Unless you wantmany strong units in your team which I do. "a unit who is already promoted, like Rutger, for example, I don't have to give them as much exp-they have what they need already." A promotion only gives about two levels worth of stats on average. A unit could gain 4-5 levels past 10 or 15 unpromoted which is double the promotion stats. And I understand certain characters cap early, so then I could see promoting early as an option.
  8. However, if a promoted unit is killing unpromoted enemies you are losing EXP that can easily go to unpromoted ally units. For example unpromoted Rutger, Lugh, Lilina, Fir, Alen, or Lance getting the EXP instead of promoted Shanna or Rutger.
  9. EDITED No I didn't I actually babied her, I was really hoping I could make Shanna and Thea powerful then give Juno stat boosting items so they could use their triangle attack and supports to be even better but they, unfortunately, just aren't worth it. Also I am considering promoting Shanna at ch 15 particularly because more promoted enemys are appearing but again with Melady having joined I don't think it's worth it. As for how promoted units can be better than unpromoted from early to mid game, I don't think that's possible: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/83719-what-is-generally-the-best-time-to-promote/&do=findComment&comment=5263059 A unit can barely level up if they're promoted early on. Shanna is a good unit in my save but she just isn't worth making any better IMO, especially since I have Melady and Zeiss is joining soon who I don't plan to use since Perceval can do his job and more so to speak but they are the best fliers IMO. Well we've arrived again at one of my biggest issues with FE: why promote early? You can gain a lot more EXP with a unit if not promoted then if promoted. Basically, you have a LOT less level ups if you promote your unit early because every unpromoted enemy will give 1-5 exp per kil, and at that rate you could basically never gain a level up, unless the unit killed promoted units which are very rare early on. So how could you make Shanna or Thea good when promoted if the unpromoted enemies give very little EXP? Like 6 EXP per kill? https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/83719-what-is-generally-the-best-time-to-promote/&do=findComment&comment=5263059 ALSO you essentially steal EXP an unpromoted unit could use or really need if you promote too early and kill enemies with that promoted unit. As for Thea's level, CH 12x has brigands with axes and hand axes, and a boss with a Silver Axe so it is disadvantageous to use lance units. Also it seemed better to give some sword users like Rutger, Fir, Oujay, Lugh, Raigh, Alen, and Lance EXP unless I wanted to risk a restart, as for CH13 the Wyvern Riders, Cavaliers, and Paladins were too much for my Shanna and Thea they could barely damage them. We remember, Shanna and Thea have low HP, str, def and con, and those enemy classes have high HP, str, def and con, then we have the desert chapter where enemy Wyvern lords, Wyvern Riders, Hero's, very powerful Mercenaries Brigands and Berserkers are Thea can barely damage any of them and may be doubled by them. However, even if I leveled up Thea in those chapters we have to remember she has an okay chance for def and str, and low con. After the desert chapter I considered her generally not worth putting effort into.
  10. If 1-2 range isn't important in FE6 than I can agree Rutger and Fir are better than Oujay, even more so since Echidna can join and use hand axes and Rutger and Fir get hard mode bonuses. By chapter 15-16 my not promoted Shanna at level 17 (even with +5 to all her growth rates through a hack) is a terrible fighter and my Thea hasn't been able to level up since she joined and started falling behind at the desert chapter and at that point I decided to not use her. Especially since her HP, str, def, and con are lower than Zeiss. I assume Thea and Shanna could be very good if you gave them plenty of EXP, but the reason they didn't level up with me is because what little chances they had to level up I gave mostly to Lugh, Raigh, Lance, Alen, Fir, Rutger, and Dieck over them who I definitely consider superior units who deserve the EXP far more than them. So basically, by the time Zeiss joins Thea would be around his level considering the EXP you could give her would be given to the units I've mentioned, but even if she had some level ups, maybe 4, she couldn't beat Zeiss's base HP, Str, Def, and Con. Shanna and Thea's low def HP con and particularly Str so they can barely kill any enemy is what holds them back IMO, to make matters worse Shanna has a low growth rate chance of getting Str, to make matters even more worse Shanna has no hard mode bonuses.
  11. It allows a unit to level up 5 more times past their max level (which is the level cap).
  12. EDITED: I already mentioned Dieck is one of the best units, but I think Oujay is too. Again, can you explain how Rutger and Fir outclass Oujay. He can use Hand Axes, so 1-2 range, Rutger and Fir have no 1-2 options, Bows and magic will be a problem for them but not for Oujay, he also has good con, str, lck, def, HP, and supports. Also Karel is a Swordmaster that joins late, and can serve as a good replacement for Fir and Rutger, if needed. Can you give an example of a better axe user than Gonzales? Gonzales has solid growths, base stats, amazing con, good supports and becomes a Berserker which gives +30 Crit, and can go into mountains that gives +30 avoid. Zeiss may be underleveled but Shanna or Thea can't compete with the def, str, hp, or Con that Zeiss has, and since the Killer Lance and Javelin are some of the best weapons in FE6 and Shanna (-5/-7 spd) and Thea (-4/-6 spd) can't wield them without significant speed lose, he is better. Especially because of his Str, Def and decent spd. Stats you need to beat the game, he may even have, if they all wielded Killer Lances or Javelins, equal Spd to Shanna and Thea or better if given Speedwings. I'm saying all this for a no arena playthough of normal mode, hard mode might be different.
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