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  1. They are told to you, but do they have to limit you so much that you can't use your favorite units? I think it's fine to have some Lunge skills but when you have EVERY unit have it for example that's bad design IMO.
  2. Yeah I should probably explain the unfairness of Conquest: 1. Lunge, Seal skills, and Poison Strike skills: these are without a doubt the most annoying part of Conquest and IMO prevents you from using certain units like Arthur because of their lack of defense which is completely unfair IMO and since you would need to one round a lot of enemies it's very luck based. After lunge is used many enemies can surround a unit and kill them only characters with high defense and in defense stance can survive which is completely unfair. 2. Enemy Reinforcements: This has been an extremely annoying thing for me, they litterally arrive RIGHT near your units if you don't know EXACTLY where placing a unit triggers their spawn, which can easily kill any of your units espeically when they have good skills. 3. The most unfair chapters in the game IMO: CH10: Because of Lunge. CH19: Because of it's gimmick. https://youtu.be/_X3jmCAPkQ0?t=671 CH20: Because you have to be good enough to mow down enemy after enemy. 4. The bosses: This is a minor issue but the skills and equipment they have equipped make completely no sense. CH 11 Hinoka: Winged Shield seriously? When can we get a Winged Shield? CH 13: Scarlet: Death Blow seriously? CH 17 Kotaro: We have the caltrops we have to keep Saizo alive, and we have to deal with Grisly Wound (which normally only the Wolfssenger can learn but he oddly has it) and Trample and he's on a throne WITH high speed AND Duelist Blow??? CH 19 Kaden: Armored Blow and Pass how?? CH20 Fuga: Seal Str, Spd and Def, and Sol that he can't even learn normally AND he's on a Throne AND has 1-2 range weapons ONLY enemies can have? CH 25: Ryoma: Lunatic and Hard have a VERY different Ryoma but look at his OP stats AND HE MOVES, not much else to say. CH26 Iago: his infinite staff usage and you don't AT LEAST get a siege tome OR a Silence staff, oh and also a million Generals with OP wary fighter ready to kill you and if that wasn't enought Stoneborn that can immobolize you anywhere and kill you anywhere.😡 Conquest EG: We all know the issues with this. Let me be clear that this only applies if a player doesn't use online features.
  3. Also if anyone is pressed for time and just wants to skip ahead to play certain chapters on Difficult mode they can use the saves I already made that are in the download.
  4. Conquest is IMO 100% against the player shutting down nearly all options they could have on nearly every map and the hardest FE game ever, it isn't meant to be fair and is more luck based than the lottery so I wouldn't worry about getting better at that game. Despite the website saying it's the "traditional" FE game it isn't in any respect considering it loses the spirit of practically any FE game. Birthright is FAR more like any FE game playable yet IS calls it a departion from the FE series: you can farm (like the Arena in FE 4-8 and 11-12), you can farm supports Like FE 6-8, and enemies don't have unfair skills (Like FE9-10 and maybe 12), heck it even has a Dragon as the final boss (like most FE endings). TL;DR Don't worry about getting good at Conquest it's (supposedly) intentionally completely unfair.
  5. Revision 8 has been released, here are the changes: Changed the max skill of the Cleric to 7. Removed the copyright on the title screen.
  6. The Tales of series basically is a fighting game like RPG.
  7. Notable mentions that didn't make it: FE6: For the commanders (second main map theme?): https://youtu.be/updpt5mvMIw FE7: Powerful Foe: https://youtu.be/vyISKrSc1bY FE8: Rise Above: https://youtu.be/1bRPXxLRLgs Determination: https://youtu.be/XpvYq9_OhUU
  8. FE6: The Path to Greatness: https://youtu.be/WQeUQr8OGFQ Shaman in The Dark: https://youtu.be/TSip02IT2w4 FE7: Dragon's Gate II: https://youtu.be/uo2thAb73fo Campaign of Fire: https://youtu.be/JUWdL_l-KxU FE8: Truth, Despair and Hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpYJlyRteFY Land of Promise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-kA4itU0Q4 The Final Battle: https://youtu.be/zv0LbtvcQ1o The Prince's Despair: https://youtu.be/TGPNfcVUKro. The reason for all of them is because they're really dramatic. These are my absolute favorites from the GBA games.
  9. I updated the Second Star: Second Star
  10. I called it, so Sora being added I understand but....... not AT LEAST A COSTUME for Ryu Hayabusa, a Tales series character OR a Falcom character...... That's a deadly sin. (Sigh) hackers time to get to work.
  11. I updated these weapon icons: Second Star White Knight Sword
  12. Hello! Welcome to the Forest FireEmblemFanPhil21! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  13. A few other goals I had for this hack are: 1. Make sure farming is either much faster or not needed. 2. Make crappy units a LOT better like Marisa and Amelia. 3. Make the difficulty selections have a big difference between them. I would say the last option is the one that may have some issues because FE8 doesn't allow bosses's stats to decrease with the Normal and Novice mode penalties oddly, FEFates doesn't have that issue.
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