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  1. "When they are literally not" you're saying what's right or wrong for a video game when it's relative? People experience things differently, you can't say what's good and what's not for the world only for you and people you know. And how can you say that when even the creators have changed or fixed some of the things I've mentioned in later FE games? (like removing the text speed options altogether, item uses being removed, base class max stats varying, 30 as the Def and Res cap being changed, terrain bonuses being nerfed etc.), which means even the creators think they're flaws, even if they didn't do a good job fixing them the point is they do think they're flaws. "these games shouldn't be designed with me in mind" I don't see why not, also there are a lot of people that wish the games were more difficult. And I know there are a lot of people that want to play casually, me included sometimes, playing the game on easy or playing on hard should be up to the player, with at least those two difficulty selections there's something for everyone, I say this because if FE is always easy, how will players ever grow and become better players? I became much better at playing FE because of FE Fates Conquest, I wouldn't make the GBA games that difficult though that's just an example.
  2. I don't see how I could understand, sure I could put myself in slow readers shoes but Wiki says that's for complex text, IS hasn't said a reason for how slow the (slow) text option is, or given an examplewhy they added it (as we know they in fact remove them all together in Awakening, Fates and onwards I think), and I do intend to keep the slow option and easy mode for all beginners, just increase the speed slightly so experts and beginners can find effective use for it. EDIT: What's your advice for the text speed options?
  3. Welcome to the Forest!☺️
  4. I wouldn't want to speed up the slow option too much if people needed it, but how can they need it when there's the A button prompt to continue the text? That button prompt can stop the text for anyone to read, and thankfully IS has supplied FE with lots of them in the text.
  5. The Max text speed is as fast as the text can get, and is great for what it is, it's the Slow and Normal options I think aren't useful. I'll update the topic.
  6. On issue #13, I was talking about Slow and Normal, the choices are nice but I think they just aren't useful, I would use Fast instead, The Sacred War hack team uses Fast too probably because they thought normal and slow is too slow and I think so too, also the Fast option can automatically be activated at the start thanks to the FE8 Essential Fixes, I'm saying I think they should be more useful.
  7. I don't believe high base stat units are necessary when you have stat boosters. (Sour.) No, but I haven't finished the ROM, this is a thread for discussing my opinions on the mechanics of GBA games. If you don't like it you don't have to participate.
  8. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones the Definitive Edition? FE Echoes: Sacred Stones/Shadows of Magvel? or just a new title like Fire Emblem: Twin Dragons? What would you want it to be called?
  9. The reason for the boss weapons having infinite uses is because of issue #1. I should have said I wasn't talking about characters with low stats already like Nino, Amelia, and Ewan, but most of the characters instead. I said in the post the game should give more stat boosting items to make up for their low increase, having more stat boosters allows you to give them to more units, and fix any of the RNG level up problems with your characters, but allows the creator to allow the fixes when they want them to happen. I should have said that enemies should drop more weapons and gems, and their should be more weapons in chests and more chests because of the durability and cost. While a videogame should be fun it should also be fair to the player and the CPU for a challenge, if it favors the player too much it might as well not be a strategy game, because it's like taking half the opposing player's chess pieces, and then it's not chess anymore, and the thing is, their is always an easy mode, if people want easy then pick easy.
  10. Ephesians 2:8-9 (EXB) "I mean that you have been saved by grace through believing . You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God. 9 It was not the result of your own efforts , so you cannot brag about it." (There's nothing you can do to earn it, no way you can deserve it all you have to do is believe and ask.) It says it and I believe it, but not just that I see it too, they say seeing is believing, and I can clearly see this is true.
  11. Welcome to the Forest!
  12. Are you really asking question or making a statement? The poll says What is the superior length of a woman's hair? not what do you think is. the survey says 10 for short 26 for long (as of the moment.) People say it's long so it's long, even females are saying it's long, so there's your answer. (This has got to be for fun.)
  13. When I asked God (Yahweh through Jesus) to forgive me for my sins, He did and I started to follow Him, even though I really don't deserve it. The reason is because everything in my life is better because of Him, my family, myself, and my life.
  14. I think long hair looks better. But women with short hair can still look better overall then women with long hair, and long hair doesn't make a woman better then any other woman.
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