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  1. What can I/you expect from this world, when it says life is meaningless. Can you tell me how her life was before this?
  2. You did a very good job on the analysis, thanks for releasing the next part! But: I don't see how players could not have had faith in their judgment, what the players likely gathered was "Mikoto has told me the truth up till this point, so she seems trust worthy." their was no, hint, that she was lying to you, Azura who is the guide/assitant of the paths oddly didn't say anything, or didn't have a feeling you shouldn't trust Mikoto and, choose the red door, also the Blue door didn't glow or anything as a hint, there wasn't two sensible options, unlike CH6.
  3. Never forget that you could have played on a lower difficulty. Unfortunately they give you the option, but don't show you how powerful the enemies will be.
  4. I think Nintendo might be saying: Three Houses IS your Genealogy of the holy war remake.
  5. I was interested in it's release when it was called Mother 4, I still am now, thanks for the heads up.☺️
  6. Do you think it should be a remake or a brand new game and why? I want to find out who the First Exalt is, what happened to the Valentian Falchion, and what happened to Grima during and details about the Schism, so I say a game on that next, or an Elibe saga remake.
  7. Did Corrin choose the path because Corrin thought they saw a glimmer of truth/Valla? Or was Corrin just blindly thinking Garon was the one behind it all until his/it's final words? I think Corrin chose the Birthright path because Corrin thought Garon was the true enemy of the world, and didn't have a clue about the true enemy, nothing and nobody gave them a hint, even Azura [with her curse didn't cause Corrin to question where it came from because they're resolute in their thinking], until Garon's last words brought Valla too light, it wasn't because Corrin saw a glimmer of truth/Valla down the path. As I said before I think Corrin in Birthright is very resolute/single-minded, which is why they may have not even considered that there was another enemy at work, like how Corrin does in Conquest, where Corrin is more willing to care for another explanation of what happened to Garon instead of "he's just evil all of a sudden" the path begins giving hints earlier in the story, (and then Azura doesn't mention Anankos for unconfirmed reasons that seems like a plot convenience, but IS didn't flesh the story out so no way to know now, but the fact that she didn't when she could have tells me IS may have had an explanation, they just decided not to tell the players).
  8. ...The scene doesn't hint at or extend to Garon being a husk, even the Nohrian children and Corrin believe Garon is still alive just not well, even if he treated his children like pawns, the only chance you get to have a hint at the true path is Garon's last words.
  9. The point of that part of the scene is to remind Corrin who Garon is to them, Corrin being deceived by Garon doesn't connect with/extend to the idea of him being an empty husk, Xander also deceived Corrin all their lives and there was no idea he could be an empty husk.
  10. Defeat him with Sublime Heaven after chipping away at his health with Archers, Mages and others I guess.
  11. When it comes to a remake or de-make graphics is what has stopped me most of the time, that and music because I could want a custom battle theme for Camus for instance but I'm not a musician.
  12. You said: "This isn’t to say that the path of Birthright was entirely meaningless nor was the reason as to why Corrin chose that path. In the end Corrin may not have discovered the full truth but they were at least able to feel it, to get a glimpse of it. This is shown in the endgame chapter where Corrin is pulled into a limbo-like dream after taking an almost killing blow from Garon’s “true form”. In the dream Corrin is back in the nohrian fortress with Lilith and Flora with Elise and Xander joining shortly after." I don't see how that scene speaks of a possessed Garon at all (which is evidence of the true path, getting a glimpse of it, since the one behind it all possessed him), strangely FE:Fates' plot believes that Garon is human until his final moments. (Thanks for the analysis by the way, it's very nice.)
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