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  1. The children are normally better then the parents in Fates, but concerning Elise and Camilla, the problem with Elise is she's really weak to start, and her growth rates are aimed at attacking magical units, while Camilla is a jack of all trades master of none, what I like about Elise is she has something she's really good at, what I don't like about Camilla is what I mentioned before, so yeah Elise might be better, but Camilla has good uses too.
  2. Lewyn died by Manfroy and was resurrected by Forseti.
  3. Let me say my opinion on this ASQ(uickly)AP, first the theme of the game seems to be destiny as Lost in Thoughts All Alone seems to suggest, and the destiny is to follow two paths and they will bloom to a third path, ["A dragon neither white nor black sang three songs of prophecy so someday his soul might be released" Ancient Text #000 Poem, I think all three paths HAVE to happen because his soul isn't released in two of them, and the lyrics in the main song, "Life is not just filled with happiness, or sorrow, even the thorn in your heart, in time it may become a rose" I think this thorn in the heart is killing Ryoma and Xander (Thorn In You plays in these chapters as more support for this), and the rose is them being alive in Revelations], something that's not touched a lot on in the story, and I also think Birthright Corrin might be the most close minded individual of all the paths, and that closed mindedness is what got 3 of Corrin's Nohrian siblings on Corrin's side, but I haven't read your analysis yet just saying my opinion for now based on my observation from two play through of Birthright, two play throughs of Revelation, and one for Conquest.
  4. You should upload the patch NOT the ROM, and Screenshots to a online file hosting site (like Mediafire, Mega, BoxDrop etc.) then place the download link here and embed the screenshots here.
  5. @Shadow [email protected] what I said, upon further thought, the game is well balanced only because of the difficulty modifiers, if someone is say horrible at FE they can play on Phoenix mode which is not necessary but you know to each his/her own, while in FE4 you nearly have to farm EXP to be ready for the ending, and I feel like that's really unacceptable and doesn't appeal to a lot of players me included, I don't mind farming but I don't want to feel like I have to to make chapters significantly easier, and that's FE4.
  6. @Shadow [email protected] I never said Fates in general was unbalanced Birthright and Revelations seem fine to me, it's Conquest that bothers me, and the final chapter in GOTHW units can beat even Shannan with those Sleep staffs and the Falcon knights, and even better if your units die they can be resurrected in GOTHW, something that's nearly completely useless in Conquest because by the time you get the Bifrost your units are dead like Odin for example and you can barely use it, because every turn counts in that game, and you can barely use all your units w/o marrying because there isn't enough EXP that's really bad IMO, at least in GOTHW you could give the Paragon ring to different characters so they could grow stronger, don't mean to say it's well balanced it's really not IMO (it has one of the worst balances IMO) but it's better then Conquest because: there are a lot more options for different play styles.
  7. @[email protected] MirI mean it's meant to be difficult, but the way it's difficult is unbalanced, you have to have good stats which can be very hard to get, sometimes you have to use items like tonics to get stronger for chapters, reinforcements come from places players couldn't have expected, you HAVE to marry to get any extra EXP, and some enemies have skills that actually make things EASIER on you, so all in all it's badly balanced IMO (and Hans is pathetically and lazily balanced), even GOTHW didn't have all that, at least you could farm and reset for good LV up stat increases, that's more balanced then Fates: Conquest is.
  8. Welcome back to the Forest!
  9. I like the idea but I want to know what new features would be added, I hope multiplayer is one of them and gameplay balance for that new feature.
  10. I say the most balanced is Echoes, because even if you farm EXP the game is difficult, and if you don't it's still beatable, I say the least balanced is Fates: Conquest, because I think you have to know things you couldn't have known, and have to have good stats to win.
  11. Battling without player advantage features in modern FE games is unheard of, but sounds interesting to me, for the most part if it wasn't balanced properly, it would just make it more annoying.
  12. My only issue personally with Knights is they never have enough Defense for me. If they had really high defense and HP but really low Spd and Res I wouldn't have a problem, but they seem to always have not quite enough Defense, or there are mages mixed with physical fighters in a chapter.
  13. I don't remember, my playthrough of Birthright was like 5 or more months ago, I don't think she did, but to be on the safe side I'll say she may have. I still I don't recall pitting her against magic users, because fundamentally her Res and equipment isn't fit for that. Also, I think her Scroll usability is low, because of the Dual Club, and Bolt Axe which is dropped by a Berserker at Chapter 14 of BR, since they both get the WPN Rank Bonuses.
  14. Let me show everyone my Rinkah , she's a very strong unit IMO, my only advice is to make sure she's level 20 before making her a chieftain, if you choose to, her growths basically get worse for the magic stat, her growths look better to me as a blacksmith. (This was on Lunatic mode by the way.)
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