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  1. It was very good I think, but many fan wishs weren't fulfilled I think.
  2. Brave Lance can only be used by Finn though, and it gives him luck (+10) so there's that.
  3. Well, yes, and I don't have a problem with that, and let me ask you this, do you know any scriptures that talks about gays?
  4. Well... let me say this, I follow Christ, and being Gay (I.e. being sexually attracted to ones own sex) is NOT a sin... but, sex between man and man or woman and woman IS, that's off limits according to the Bible. But... HATING ANYONE in the LGBT is NOT, in accordance with the scriptures, anyone who does that wasn't taught right, (I guess some people just do what they want, and couldn't. care less about what man thinks much less God Where do people get all these varying opinions when it's all in the good book? These differing opinions are what's making the churches weaker, not stronger through confusion or selfishness, not strange at all the latter happens more times then the former.)
  5. I don't really know, but pretty sure you can, I think you just have to add the hacks files to the decrypted romfs then rebuild the romfs, (exefs, and banner etc.) to a .3DS or CIA file and then launch it with Citra. (Oh wait I already posted about this 😐 )
  6. I think everyone will understand, family's important. You can get an account on FEUniverse.us and post a thread there, GBATemp.net is a good place to post as well, that'll help get the news out. I'll help to share that link as well. Best of luck!
  7. Sacred Stones. It's got great characters, gameplay, music, and a better plot then FE7-6, but unlike FE6, I don't recall it being difficult.
  8. I don't like mounted units being able to use it after attacking, because then they outshine non-mounted units, but using it after trading, talking or supports that's fine with me.
  9. The children are normally better then the parents in Fates, but concerning Elise and Camilla, the problem with Elise is she's really weak to start, and her growth rates are aimed at attacking magical units, while Camilla is a jack of all trades master of none, what I like about Elise is she has something she's really good at, what I don't like about Camilla is what I mentioned before, so yeah Elise might be better, but Camilla has good uses too.
  10. Lewyn died by Manfroy and was resurrected by Forseti.
  11. Let me say my opinion on this ASQ(uickly)AP, first the theme of the game seems to be destiny as Lost in Thoughts All Alone seems to suggest, and the destiny is to follow two paths and they will bloom to a third path, ["A dragon neither white nor black sang three songs of prophecy so someday his soul might be released" Ancient Text #000 Poem, I think all three paths HAVE to happen because his soul isn't released in two of them, and the lyrics in the main song, "Life is not just filled with happiness, or sorrow, even the thorn in your heart, in time it may become a rose" I think this thorn in the heart is killing Ryoma and Xander (Thorn In You plays in these chapters as more support for this), and the rose is them being alive in Revelations], something that's not touched a lot on in the story, and I also think Birthright Corrin might be the most close minded individual of all the paths, and that closed mindedness is what got 3 of Corrin's Nohrian siblings on Corrin's side, but I haven't read your analysis yet just saying my opinion for now based on my observation from two play through of Birthright, two play throughs of Revelation, and one for Conquest.
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