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  1. I like it too, and I would say who doesn't, but I met this person that said he/she didn't like it, but anyway have a good day and welcome to the Forest! ☺️
  2. guedesbrawl said: https://gbatemp.net/goto/post?id=8714770#post-8714770 "You said balance it better but then you go an let Javelin-types double attack again? What? That’s disgusting! There’s a reason Siegfired and raijinto are the game’s best weapons…" That’s why to double with them you have to have 9+ speed over your opponent, still easily making the Siegfried and Raijinto one of the best weapons in the game.
  3. Okay this revision should fix the problem. Changes in revision 5: Fixed an oversight in the "Gamedata.bin.lz" file that caused the debug chapter to appear in all save files. In this Revision I added one new file, GameDataAllHeroBattlesUnlocked in GameData, while the AllStoryChaptersUnlocked file unlocks only all story chapters this file unlocks only all of the Hero Battle chapters, and all Amiibo weapons can be gotten at the visit bonuses section of the My Castle Crystal Orb, to use it just rename the current "GameData.bin.lz" in the folder GameData something else or delete it, and rename this file "GameData.bin.lz", and you're done. If anyone has a question feel free to ask, and I'll answer it as soon as I can.
  4. Kamui said: https://gbatemp.net/goto/post?id=8713073#post-8713073 Apparently with AllUnlocked GameData file, the debug chapter (Confirmation) still appears on the map. Is it because I used Branch of Fate option? The description looks like Prologue before Chapter 1 but when I enter it’s something else. He/She’s right! And this will be fixed shortly.
  5. Well the newest revision has launched! Time for me to talk about the 3 main changes: 1. You can no longer select every story chapter from the world map this can be reverted with the AllStoryChaptersUnlockedGameData file, and you can no longer select every Hero Battle chapter after chapter 7, this can also be reverted with the AllUnlocked GameData file. 2. Lots of chapter names have been changed by me because I didn't like the old ones, I tried to go for as much translation and localization accuracy as possible. 3. Marth is weaker on earlier chapters, this is Marth on Lunatic mode at chapter 7, he's weaker on lower difficulties.
  6. Welcome to the Forest, I'm a fan of the Tales series and Pokemon as well, and have a great day yourself. ☺️
  7. Fire Emblem Thracia 776, going to play through it once without Elite mode and the second with Elite mode on and beat it as fast as possible.
  8. I could post MANY here, because FE has great songs but currently I think my favorite is Final Chapter (The Final Holy War), here's an arranged version:
  9. I don't think I mentioned this in the about this hack section but, Hayato, Saizo, and Orochi and others have been buffed slightly in the Revelation path, I also plan to add buffs for characters that don't normally have buffs in the Revelation path like Reina, here is a image of the buffed Saizo who will join with the extra skill Duelist Blow.
  10. As mentioned in the about this hack section, Ryoma has a new description take a look!
  11. Version .4848 has been revised again to fix an error in Kaze’s Needle description. This'll probably be the last one.
  12. Alm's really good and obviously one of my favorites, and the possible change in Echoes from enjoying fighting to fighting to protect is awesome, his belief in mankind and friendship in the games is really great, and he's one of the most powerful characters in the game with an awesome overclass, his journey becoming a Hero to Zofia by defeating Rudolf but possibly feeling like a failure is great too (with the lack of a relationship with Rudolf and Berkut), and his relationship with Celica is great too, only thing I didn't like is he believed that humanity by themselves would set righteous rules by themselves, when humans are much more likely to fail at setting righteous rules then a perfect god (like Yahweh), but that would add to his imperfections as a character. He's 8.5/10 IMO, really good.
  13. As mentioned in the about this hack section Xander has a new description!
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