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  1. The action economy is good but you're sandbagging one unit hard for a single opportunity to get four units back. If equipping the battalion basically nerfs your unit to the point that you can no longer fight with them, then you're losing action economy each turn you have it equipped. Though this is a somewhat flawed connection to draw, if you have BL dancers or Opera Co. volunteers equipped on a unit for more than 4 turns in one map, you've net lost action economy. Of course the large burst in actions is really strong, but it's strongest if you can plan ahead where you're going to use it for the most benefit. There's an argument to be made that you should put the gambit on your dancer themselves, and while this move doesn't hurt your position, it also removes one of the strongest features of the gambit: dancing for your dancer. In general I think the battalion is really strong, one of the strongest in the game for sure, but I only equip it if I know exactly when, where, why, and for whom I am going to use the gambit.
  2. FE is a strategy game. Planning around the problems you must solve is not some chore you do to unlock the rest of the game, it is the game. Chapter 20 Sacae? I love that map! Also you identified several solutions to the long-range sages in your post. Even if you don't have the tools you described or you don't want to spend warp staff, you can just not deploy units with low RES or who will get 2shot by the boltings. If two hits from bolting "always" oneshot a unit then I could understand but the way you explained the situation makes it seem like at least some units don't die, so deploy those ones instead. 25 turns, to be exact. And Roy starts 40 tiles away from the throne by ground. You could sit still for 15 turns straight and Roy would still be able to make it in time by walking. Here's a question: would you criticize the map for having a turncount if I removed the bolting sages and asked you to instead complete the map in 20 turns? Because if that map sounds reasonable, then why not sit in spawn and exhaust the bolting and then move forward. There are solutions to the frustrations you are encountering and the fun of the game is coming up with those solutions. You have so many tools to make him serviceably good and even if you don't use them (or you did use them and it didn't work) the strongest units in the game all have rescue and canto and good bulk, so it's not unreasonable to get him from point A to point B quickly. I understand not liking the fact that the Lord isn't very strong but to call BB a poorly designed game on account of it is like calling Chess a poorly designed game because the king can only move one square at a time. I actually really like the fact that every map is seize and I think it's one of the game's strengths. If you don't like the game, that's fine, I'm not here to tell you your tastes are incorrect or that your experience was not genuine. It sounds like you played the real Binding Blade and didn't like it. But don't confuse "not to my tastes" with "bad game design". The game is pretty clear from the start that the maps are going to be seize and loads of people love that stuff and eat it up.
  3. I totally agree it's the best gambit in the game. It's the best gambit in the game because it gives you loads of power to 1turn maps.
  4. All of these are things you can solve with strategy and planning tbh. And they're the reasons I like the game.
  5. Should have gone the easy way and let your patch change "Destroy" into "Destlyn". Just like the BersLute staff :)
  6. I think you're right that Lyn copy/pasted into fe6 would be really strong. A few questions Does Lyn get the ability to build supports with people like Roy does? Do I replace all instances of Rapier with Mani Katti? Do I replace the binding blade with Sol Katti? Do I make her promotion gains the same as in fe7 or does she get Roy's fe6 promo gains I also completely admit I have no idea how to get her to use a bow.
  7. (This video will expire in like a week from posting but I'll do another one. Skip to 11:30 vod time) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1144110097 Here's DonDon151 getting a time of 2:20:22 using only Roy (who is free), Marcus (who is free), Shanna, Fa (who is free), Merlinus (who is free), Perceval, and some other units. It assumed that he was in first position and that the first round of the draft went something like the picture above. The rules state that we draft a full team of ten so if you are in position to pick Shanna, the tools he used in the run are not unreasonable to expect yourself to have, and he has plans in case the draft goes differently anyway. He grinds Roy/Shanna B in chapter 2 (takes 4 minutes 30 seconds) and Roy/Shanna A in chapter 4 (took him 4 minutes). Here's a video of me reading your post and then opening up my emulator to get Roy/Alan A by the end of chapter 2. Forgive slow inputs, I was kind of rusty for playing earlygame. We build supports because it's fast and because we're not manipulating the RNG. You see the green "Active" in the top left? That's an RNG scrambler, and it's been standard practice to use on in all races for months now. Because you can't rig crits against bosses or rig str levelups on your carry, you need to get your boosts some other way, and supports give you enough boosts that you can reliably cleave through the game, particularly when that support comes from Roy. We spend 9 minutes at worst (Roy/Shanna) to skip probably hours of bad combats. The strat you saw above (that gets Alan to A) probably won't actually be used on the race day. Can you figure out why? It's because it doesn't build ENOOUGH support. It's better to spend chapter 1 building up Roy/Marcus B and Roy/Alan C. In chapter 2, you use the Roy/Marcus B to get out of there faster and then build a Roy/Alan B in chapter 2 (A is still unreachable at this point) but since Roy/Alan is double fire the support boosts are enough to let base level Alan oneround soldiers in chapter 3. Chapters 3 and 6 are, by the way, where you get the majority of the exp on your carry earlygame in this run, and the grinding process is immensely aided by the support boosts. And they should be okay with it. If you're LTCing then that's different but if not there's no reason to bang them out fast.
  8. Those exceptions are Roy building support with the cavs lol. I usually have their A support done by the end of chapter 2 and I've only spent like 4ish minutes. Pick up Roy, move closer to enemy, drop Roy. The maps are large but that means they often have dead space where you can afford to pick up Roy and move him via rescue. Looking at the maps in binding blade it's pretty easy to see where the combat is taking place and you can use rescue to cart him there safely. You get two killing edges, you can buy silver swords, and the effective weapons I'll grant are strong on Rutger and Fir but you can always use trade command to pass them around, especially since Wyverns tend to attack in packs.
  9. I'll grant you this, Garrett is insanely powerful. On my other playthroughs I was turned off by the C rank axes until I realized that everything you want to use is C or below anyway. Killer, hand axe, and iron is going to be enough, and you still have halberd if it hasn't broken yet. Besides, the only axes above that rank are the brave axe (which I think is super underrated) the silver axe (just give it to Bartre) and Armads. Also fun to consider is the fact that axes are cheaper :)
  10. I see her get hit by elsilence in chapter 4-3 and hit by Lekain's silence in 4-e-1 pretty frequently. Even then, it's one fewer restore staff you have to buy. I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I don't think Ike is weak at all. But the cost to train him is nonzero, whereas the cost to train Micaiah is zero. Furthermore, even though he can fight at 1-2 range in part 4 or fight at 1 range in part 3, so can many other people, and he's probably not even in the top 10 units who can do those things. Even on the most demanding maps, you still only need like 4ish units spreading out across the map to fight bad guys on enemy phase. If you're spreading out your combat units and an enemy attacks Ike, that's a combat that could have involved a more capable player unit. You claim it takes only 15-20 enemies to get him to 20, but that's a LOT of units. I'm pretty sure the entire front half of 3-8 has that many units in it. The seven levels on Ike could have been seven levels of exp going to Haar, Titania, Janaff/Ulki's strike rank, Mia, Shinon, even Gatrie. Furthermore, if you're leveling up by killing enemies then who knows where your stat points are going to end up, and if you're leveling up by using BEXP that's another resource that could have gone towards anyone. I'm pretty sure the number of enemies you have to kill is even greater on Hard Mode, but regardless of how nitpicky we want to get, 15-20 is still greater than zero (the number that Micaiah needs). And once you do give him that exp, what are you left with? Another fighting unit to fight enemies, not like you don't have dozens of those anyway. If I were in the endgame maps and had to choose between undeploying a 20/20 Ike and undeploying a base level Micaiah, I'd probably keep the Micaiah. I'll grant that you're correct that he's force deployed and passably good so you might as well use him, but this ignores the fact that Ike forces you to train him. You can't elect to keep him behind if you want, you have to find time to put exp into him, unlike Micaiah, who can do literally whatever you like and it'll be fine. I like your comparison of Ike to Roy, won't lie. Ike still gets effective weaponry in Wyrmslayer and Hammer, both of which are strong in his maps and so you have a strong point there. Regarding the earth supports, it's certainly meaningful but it's not the end-all-be-all that people make it out to be. At the end of the day you still have to hit your targets (Ike struggles with this in endgame) and I've yet to see double earth bring enemies down to 0 hit on hard mode. If I'm honest, I think the benefits Roy gives with his fire affinity (and make no mistake, the benefit of Roy support is mostly that it goes to a stronger unit), which is 2.5 hit, 2.5 avo, 2.5 crit, and 0.5 attack, are more powerful than just 7.5 avoid, and Roy can give that away five times versus Ike's 3 times. By the way, supports are not that difficult to train. Draft speedrun gets B Roy/Marcus and A Roy/Thany by the end of chapter 4, that's 5 support ranks in 4 chapters, you can't do that in RD. RD supports are certainly less tedious to build, but you get them later and they can only be shared between two units. I also want to go ahead and say that I don't think the DB maps are particularly hard, even in part 3. Nothing the DB has to go through is as hard as 3-5 (if you want the energy drop) or 3-10, two chapters which are made immensely easier by having strong mounted units and 1-2 range combat, two things Ike would have stolen from you had you been training him. DB maps can throw you off if you don't have beast killers or beast foe or you don't have supports in 3-12 or you don't have a tier 3 unit in 3-13 (you always have Tauroneo) but those things are not particularly difficult to acquire. Even on 0% growths the DB maps were significantly easier than the GM maps. Also, spreading out your exp is a costly action, as it's better to put units above the exp curve than to keep them up to par, so feeding Ike exp is a (unfortunately necessary) action you have to take at some point that will always harm the progress of other units in your army. In RD? Yeah.
  11. Roy's strength comes from a combination of Supports are excellent. They're fast to build and give huge bonuses to relevant units like Marcus, Alan, and Lance. Roy's support with them keeps them relevant, and in NM makes them superior to units like Zealot and even Perceval. Current draft race strats (NM) use a LOT of Roy, and he basically never falls off. Even in maps like chapter 18 and 20 he's still scrappin. Swords are strong. They're accurate, killing edges are plentiful in the early game, and silver swords come in pretty early too. Roy with an iron sword or rapier of course looks doodoo but the moment you put a stronger sword on him he does much better. Also don't forget the light brand. With his high skill, luck, and aforementioned supports it's really easy for him to put the 10 damage on targets when you need to. Effective weaponry is strong. Roy with an armorslayer, wyrmslayer, or lancereaver can demolish whatever it is he's attacking. Turns out you don't need much stats when your weapon's base damage and accuracy is already through the roof. What does Roy have to do anyway? Most of the time he's being escorted and so as long as he can deliver high amounts of damage to a threatening target on player phase he can usually defend himself adequately. Also his bulk at level 20 (which he usually reaches somewhere around chapter 11-13 for me) is not something to sneeze at. All he realistically needs to do on each map is keep enemies away, and he does that just fine. Wrath setups are a bit harder because it's actually a little more work than you think to get someone injured, sacrifice them, and then attack with Micaiah. You can probably expect wrath Micaiah to be attacking by turn 3 at the absolute earliest, and turn 4 on average. In addition, don't forget that every part 3 map has a friendly physic staff user on the yellow team who likes to keep Micaiah topped off, but our good friend Fiona can usually sweep him off the battlefield. I've run 0% hm a couple times and honestly even at base Micaiah is still doing relevant chip damage with a regular old Thani hit in maps like 4-p and sometimes 4-e-1 even. It helps that most enemies in RD only have 1 range so she's practically always safe. Similar to Roy, she's going to have backup, and chip damage is never harmful, especially if some of your units like Naesala are still having an awkward time onerounding some targets. Staff access augments sacrifice. Sacrifice is a restore staff that you can use even while silenced, and that ends up being relevant on both 4-3 and 4-e-1. She does also have access to staves like physic, Recover, Restore, and Matrona, the latter three of which are equally powerful regardless of your stats. Micaiah at base stats can still use the Matrona and it will still have infinite range, deliver a full heal, and restore to top biorhythm. I will not lie, I evaluate units on a very different criteria than some others, but I think it's fair to judge units based off of two things: Benefit minus investment How expensive are they to replace? Micaiah promotes freely through both tiers, meaning she requires zero investment to reach her promotions. Once she has them, she can ALWAYS sacrifice to heal statuses, she can ALWAYS hit with Thani (even at base stats) for meaningful damage, she can ALWAYS cast physic in part 3 and 4, she can ALWAYS use recover in the tower, and with a couple arms' scrolls (an investment to be sure, but you likely have some) she can ALWAYS cast Matrona for its full benefit. Literally the only thing I described that required investment is the arms scrolls for part 4 Matrona. One could reasonably argue that you have to go out of your way to get Thani in 1-2, but I consider that cost to be very small. How expensive is she to replace? Well, nobody can use sacrifice. Nobody can use Thani. Laura can use physic in part 3 but needs a little staff rank (not hard to get tbh). Some other units can use recover in the tower, and well at that (Bastian and Elincia are the primary examples, since they do other good things too). Bringing a different Matrona user to the tower requires you to spend one of your precious 10 deployment slots for a unit that...... does the exact same thing Micaiah would do if you just used some arms scrolls? That's very costly in my opinion. I understand that people look unfavorably upon her because she can't go 8 move enemy phase combat with 1-2 range cleaning up the entire map, but that's missing the point - because Micaiah is so low-investment, all of the resources you would have poured into her can instead go into another unit who can fight at 1-2 range and go brrrr. If Micaiah required investment to reach the abilities I described, then she would make her entire army weaker. But because she can do all these things without you needing to put a drop of exp into her, the entire Dawn Brigade can gobble up the exp all the while having a strong support unit to keep them healed and awake. Contrast to Ike, who while being a strong unit in his own right is both easily replaceable (LOTS of units can get strong 1-2 range in part 4, and many of them have mounts and Canto, which Ike does not have) and requires some training to succeed (base stat Ike gets thrashed by the BK, even if you use a hammer). Because of this, you need to take some time out of the Greil mercs to train Ike. If you could go through all of part 3 and part 4 GM maps putting the exp that would have gone onto Ike onto Haar or Titania instead, you would, but unfortunately you have to slow down your whole army to train him and when you do, you get something that is weaker than your other units at what he does.
  12. I was thinking of Cord, who does have 10 points of magic growth.
  13. Doesn't he have some magic growth? I remember using him as a dark mage in my first playthrough as kind of a joke but the extra little bit is kind of funny. That axes themselves are better or that axe units are better? On hard mode I can really only see Gonzales, Echidna, and Perceval as being better "axe units" but that's also three strong characters. Then again, those three have to contend against Miledy, Pegasi, and Perceval. Is it fair to lump paladins in one category over the other? In addition, I know weapon triangle is only +10 hit/avo but I think the impact can't be understated when so many enemies in the game use swords.
  14. Aight here's a couple topics I believe quite strongly. Pick which one you want. 1) Jill (RD) is overrated 2) Roy and Micaiah are two of the strongest lords pre-awakening. 3) Oliver is actually doodoo tier and terrible in the tower. 4) Sanaki is underrated, better than you think. Who cares if she can't double she does more damage in one attack than most others do in 2. Fair warning: I'm about to go to sleep so I might not respond for many hours.
  15. I realize now my previous post was probably getting things derailed, which was the original fear of the thread, but I might as well weigh into the paladin vs Wyvern Lord debate. Both are good and you shouldn't feel like you're missing out when you pick one. It's like asking whether oneshotting an enemy with a silver lance or oneshotting an enemy with a silver sword is better. I think the big question I need to ask, however, is why aren't we considering both? All of you correctly pointed out that it's not that hard to cert into paladin and it's not that hard to cert into wyvern so why not just cert into each and use whichever one is more appropriate? At this point we're all splitting hairs over one giving +2 damage or another giving more move in certain maps like we're not playing a game that lets you switch your class from the preps menu. That said, I think the blanket argument is a less interesting topic than how you get everything onto your character. What should I go into first? Wyvern Rider or Paladin? On maddening, you're likely to cert into your advanced class somewhere around chapter 8-12. Obviously CF can't do certification exams in chapter 12. Therefore you should have a plan to cert into either Wyvern first or Paladin first, and to do so as quick as you can. Since there will be a period of time where you have one class and not the other, ask yourself: Do I have a solution to save the villagers on the east side of the map in chapter 8? If not, can wyvern be that solution? Am I doing any paralogues that benefit greatly from a Flyer? Lorenz, Raphael/Ignatz, and Dedue all have paralogues which are much easier to complete with a flier. Balthus/Hapi is a good bit easier with a flyer. Generally any rout map may be better suited to a Paladin and the Alois/Shamir paralogue in particular is no less difficult to 1turn with a paladin than with a flier (in fact the fastest path to the boss is by ground) Will lancefaire help me kill the Death Knight? In case horseslayer, LoR, or Luin is your weapon of choice Will lancefaire and swordbreaker help me kill Kronya? By chapter 10 you're likely to have both classes unlocked. I unlocked one class, what's the best way to unlock the next one? Paladin to wyvern is easiest. You'll probably have wanted axe rank anyway for Brigand death blow or Armor Knight base defense earlier. Just set goals to axe and flying and you should have it pretty fast. Don't forget you can stop the flying training at D+ and you'll still have a good chance to cert into wyvern rider. For females, you probably have pegasus knight cert on the way, and can adjutant knowledge gem to get to C flying for 100% pass rate in no time. Wyvern to paladin is a bit more difficult, especially if you haven't been training your riding rank. You will have to spend some awkward time in cavalier for this to work. Thankfully, if you are the strongest unit on the team, you'll probably still be fine in cavalier, and if you're not the strongest unit on the team, you can just adjutant to them to get the riding rank you need. How difficult it is to unlock paladin will mostly depend on how much you're willing to use (and potentially abuse) bonus battles. I really want move+1 or alert stance + and I want it now. Is it okay to abandon the "cert into both" plan to get one of these? I anticipate this is a reasonable counterargument to my point that you should cert both classes. In this case, yes you should abandon the plan of certing into both and instead dedicate yourself to the path that gets you this skill. That said, if this is the primary issue you're hung up on, then we're hardly discussing the merits of "wyvern vs paladin" but rather discussing the merits of move+1 vs alert stance + vs training neither of these skills. I really want swift strikes and I want it now. Is it okay to abandon the "cert into both" plan to get one of these? Yes. Just cert into either wyvern rider or Paladin. They both give similar skill modifiers to lance exp and you'll get swift strikes on time. Paladin is a bit better for this since you'll be training lance to get there anyway but honestly either path is fine. I have both classes now. Which one should I use? Good news: you're playing a game where you can change class in the battle prep screen and check the enemy stats. So you don't have to go off of philosophical principles but can instead use planning. Which enemies do you intend to fight with your unit? If you deploy a unit in the west side of the map, check the enemies on the west side of the map for all the future bullet points. Are there breaker skills in play? Breaker+ skills are commonplace on all part 2 maps especially, and running into 30 points of hit and avoid is probably not a good strategy. The existence of breakers is, in my experience, the primary factor in weapon choice Can you reach your destination with your movement type? You may need to be in wyvern to get where you need to go, but this is sometimes not needed (example: Shamir/Alois paralogue) Are there archers? Probably best to use paladin if the answer is "yes" Do you require the stats of one class in order to fight/oneround your enemies? This is where the discussion of "2 extra damage" comes into play. Sometimes 2 extra damage makes absolutely no difference, sometimes it makes all the difference in the world. Good news is: you're playing a game where you can check the enemy stats and see if the extra damage from lancefaire is needed or not. If it's needed, go into paladin. If it's not needed, consider wyvern. I'm really fed up with seeing some people hold up extra damage as the holy grail of arguments and some others decry it as not at all important when both sides are wrong. Literally just check the enemy stats and see if you need extra damage. Conclusion: Both are good and if you really want to find out if one class is going to do the trick you should log in to your game and check what it is that you need to do and which class will let you do it. If paladin lets you kill the Death Knight in chapter 8, then cert into paladin. If you need wyvern to reach the location you want to reach in the Enbarr map, cert into wyvern. If my paladin Dimitri oneshots everything with vantage/wrath due to his lancefaire, no amount of people crying on SF or twitter or yt about how wyvern is better for him will change that fact.
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