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  1. Essentials: Name: Heath Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'9", but has a constant slouch/hunch so he seems shorter. Appearance: General apperance: Heath is pale skinned, has dull blue eyes and his hair is messy, greasy, and in some places matted with blood from years of neglect and abuse. His once white ears have splotches of dried blood on them and definitely don't look white anymore. His "clothes" are nothing more than tattered rags that are barely being held together which luckily still cover what needs to be covered. Whatever color they might have once been, they are not, stained with all manner of dirt, grime, and filth. He is not very muscular or otherwise fit, and his body is covered in many scars accumulated over the years, even a few on his face. His rabbit form is not much better off, his white and black fur covered in filth and matted with dried blood. Class: Taguel Equipment: Armour: None Weapons: None Potions and staves: None Miscellaneous: Beaststone Nature: Personality: Heath is fearful, antisocial, and incredibly submissive. He will almost never try to stand up for himself unless pushed to the absolute limit. If given an order or told what to do, he will do his best to do it, as he was trained to believe that if he doesn't he will suffer punishment. He has an inferiority complex, seeing everyone as superior to him. If he feels he wasn't able to meet the standards for an order, even if he actually exceeds them, he will frequently punish himself, even refusing to eat food he doesn't believe he earned. Due to his terrible treatment, he is also quite oblivious when it comes to many things that people would normally know at his age. Backstory: Heath as a child was happy and carefree, living in the forest with his Taguel family, unaware of the rest of the world. Of course, that peace couldn't last forever, as it came to an end when hunters came looking for one thing in particular: fur. They found Heath's family and quickly surrounded them. Heath, who was only eight at the time, could only watch in terror as his family members were cut down one by one. He was the only one left, sobbing, surrounded by hunters. Seeing how young he was, one of the hunters smiled, and rather than kill him, grabbed him roughly and carried him back with him. Nearly as soon as they arrived at the city, he was thrown into and locked in a cage, sold off to a noble as a pet. He was treated cruelly, and as soon as the noble got bored with him he was sold off. This happened over and over to him, being traded from owner to owner. At age ten, he had a slight reprieve when one of the families had a daughter, Amelia, who was his age. She actually treated him kindly and they became friends. Sadly, as soon as her parents found out about him "corrupting" their daughter, they sold him off. His life continued like this for the next ten years. Being sold off like an old toy nearly every month, always afraid of what his next owner would do to him. The older he got, the worse his treatment seemed to get. Some made him clean, or cook, or sit there and look pretty, or even dance. Some beat him until he passed out, either from pain or blood loss, some starved him until he could barely move, and some made him do much, much worse to satisfy their twisted desires. His most recent owner didn't even deem him worth the effort to sell him for money, and simply tossed him out in the streets of Serall, still in a cage, with nothing but his Beaststone and clothes ((if you can even call them that)), likely to freeze if nothing is done soon. Allegiance: Serall out of fear, keeping himself alive Boon: Calm Bane: Unnaturally unlucky Sexuality: Homosexual, but hasn't figured it out yet Other Notes (all optional): Notes: Likes animals, and they tend to like him, but he doesn't think they like him. Theme/Battle theme: Essentials: Name: Amelia Age: 18 Gender: Female Height: 5'8" Appearance: General apperance: Amelia has fair skin, her eyes are deep blue and her black hair goes a little past her shoulders, kept out of her face with a black hairband. Her body is well built and quite muscular, leading her to have a masculine appearance, not helped by her flat chest. Her clothes are as plain as they come, and she wears light armor over it. She can be quite intimidating if she needs to be. Class: Myrmidon Equipment: Armour: light leather armor that should hopefully protect her vitals Weapons: Iron sword Potions and staves: 1 vulnerary Miscellaneous: none Nature: Personality: Amelia can be hotheaded and impulsive. She has a love for fighting against others, and has a slight cruel streak that is usually only seen in a serious battle. Other times she can be kind and caring, feeling terrible if she accidentally harms someone she doesn't mean to. She is incredibly protective of her country, willing to die to protect it. She can be a bit of a show off when it comes to her strength as well. Backstory: Amelia was born into a family of nobles, but never was able to enjoy any of the perks that might have come with it. Her parents were both born nobles, her mother Thyrian and her father Serallian. The only reason they had her in the first place was to put to rest rumors that they lived a loveless marriage, and other similar rumors. Made for no reason other than to make a point, she was only really regarded by them as a "thing," a trophy, a token of their accomplishments, and was never shown any affection by either of them. She wasn't allowed to eat meals with them, was forced to wear uncomfortable outfits and look "pretty," wasn't allowed to have toys to play with, wasn't allowed outside unless under tight supervision, and was never even given an opportunity to make friends with others. To make things worse, her main parental figures were the servants told to watch after her, who still didn't treat her well, but if she was ever caught breaking any of the rules her parents were told, and they would personally come in to punish her. Being punished by her parents were some of the only times she ever touched them. She was frequently beaten, first just with hands, and later with more cruel methods. At age ten her parents bought a "pet" in the form of the Taguel, Heath. When she found out about him she would sneak off to play and spend time with him, and he became her first friend. As soon as they found out, they sold him off. This was the final straw, and Amelia, who had grown to despise her family, ran away first chance she got. Alone, she kept running, trying to get as far away as she could. Eventually she was found and taken in by an old man, a former Thyrian soldier who, despite his age, seemed to be healthy and strong. After seeing him practicing with his sword, she begged him to teach her, where he eventually agreed, teaching her the basics. One day, he was called to return to the army to help deal with some trouble brewing, and she tagged along to the castle town. He made sure she would have some living arrangements, and when the time came for him to go she prayed for him. He never returned, and she learned that he was killed by a Serallian soldier, developing her bitter hatred of the country. Wanting to be able to avenge him, she joined the army, training hard everyday so she may become strong enough to get her revenge. Allegiance: Thyr forever Boon: Strong Bane: Excitable Sexuality: Bisexual, strong preference for males Other Notes (all optional): Notes: Has a soft spot for shapeshifters, can hold her alcohol very well Theme/Battle theme: Essentials: Name: Markus Age: 24 Gender: Male Height: 6'1" Appearance: General apperance: Markus is a tall, wide shouldered figure. He wears heavy steel armor most of the time, with a helmet that still leaves his face visible. His skin is pale, like most Serallians, and he has short brown hair. For a Serallian knight, his face is quite soft and kind, and his hazel eyes have a twinkle in them. Class: Knight Equipment: Armour: Heavy steel armor Weapons: Steel lance Potions and staves: 2 vulneraries Miscellaneous: A pendant from his parents. Nature: Personality: Markus is fiercely loyal to both Serall and its people, willing to risk his life for their well being. He has a kind heart, always looking out for his fellow Serallians. He is very protective of his country and its people, and while he may not agree with their usual cruelty, he would never dream of disobeying an order from a superior. If he notices someone down, he will do his best to raise their spirits. If he believes doing something will help his people, he usually won't hesitate to do it unless it would go against orders or end up harming innocent bystanders. He tends to be easily embarrassed by compliments. However, despite his usual calm and caring self, you would not want to anger him, as he can be quite destructive when angry. Backstory: Markus had a happy upbringing. He was born in Serall and raised by two caring parents, who took care of him and wanted him to live a happy life. His father is a blacksmith who is renowned for the high quality of his work even by other blacksmiths, and his mother is a high ranking member of the Serallian army. His father wished for him to follow in his footsteps, and his mother agreed, because they both wanted to keep their sweet son safe. However, he always felt drawn to the army so he could protect the country that he so loved. His parents both kept him from joining when he wanted, so that he'll be absolutely sure he wants to join, but after a while they let him join at the age of 18. Since then, he's trained hard every day so that he can be the strongest he can and show his devotion to his country, receiving special training from his mother. He's been gunning for the position of general since he joined, and he wants to make his parents proud. Allegiance: Serall, no matter what. Boon: Robust Bane: Clumsy Sexuality: Bisexual Other Notes (all optional): Notes: Theme/Battle theme:
  2. Hmm... For this I'm gonna have to say Azama from my Revelations Playthrough of Fates. He was nearly unstoppable, most attacks would deal one damage to him, and he had a skill where he recovered health each turn, easily undoing any damage he might take, and I gave him a strong weapon, so he could usually make quick work of most enemies that got in his way.
  3. Hey there! I just made an account here, but, uh, I'm here now! If you want, you can call me Eevee, I'm not picky. I'm a big fan of games, especially Nintendo, and FE is no exception. Sometimes I try to draw with varying amounts of success, and I might share some stuff I make. Overall, I try to be a nice guy, and I hope I can make plenty of new friends!
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