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  1. Hot take: Pokemon Masters is looking better than SwSh imo. Masters is looking really good, gameplay-wise [well from the little that we were shown] and graphically, especially for a mobile game so there's some genuine excitement there for me. They're definitely gonna be implementing some form of in-app purchases though so we're just gonna have to wait and see the full extent of that. Otherwise I'm hype for Red, Blue, Cynthia and the rest of the trainers throughout all the generations
  2. I don't know WHY younger me did this, but I finished Sonic 06 and hated every minute of it. Everyone knows about how absolutely broken the game is but I powered through all of that; what really made younger me hate the game wasn't the bugs but the extreme loading times. "Oh hey! This guy has something for me to do, I should talk to him" Then you talk to him, he says one line of dialogue then BAM loading screen. After 1 minute you finally load in but you're not playing yet, there's another one line of dialogue to read. Okay so gameplay must finally be coming right? NOPE, another 1 minute loading screen. Now the gameplay has begun but oops my hand slipped and I failed; so now I have to load again just to be told I messed up and then another loading screen to return to the main world. TL;DR: Never play Sonic 06 for the sake of your sanity
  3. Taguel because I'd been missing the Laguz from the Tellius games and I really enjoy what Panne offers in terms design in both forms and as a unit... plus Yarne [Yes I like Yarne]. And it's just a bonus that Morgan can be a Taguel and kick people to death with her bunny legs
  4. So much distaste for the mounted units I see... Personally I find it hard to use Fighters or other ground-based Axe classes
  5. Sobble squad with a side of Wooloo
  6. Yet another long-time lurker, and I finally decided it was time to change that and say "Hello"! So hi there! I've been playing Fire Emblem since Radiant Dawn which remains my favorite entry to date
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