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  1. Actually, Falcon Knights didn't appear in Mystery of the Emblem. They did get added in both of the DS Remakes via Elysian Whip. Pegasus Knight's only promoted to Dracoknights in Mystery of the Emblem (as well as Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light) back then before the Pegasus Knight's Promotion Changed to Falcon Knight since Gaiden and skip towards Genealogy of the Holy War as their mainline promoted class change in the entire series.
  2. Misty did returned in Sun and Moon anime. Misty also appeared in Black and White for the flashback and had appeared in the CGI Movie Remake for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. She's definitely not written off from the Pokemon anime universe.
  3. 🀣 47,050 🀣
  4. I was thinking of Shonen Jump vs. Capcom where a lot of characters from Shonen Jump battles the characters from Capcom. And, I was also thinking of Konami vs. Capcom since Capcom did went a crossover with Bandai Namco and SNK.
  5. Since I did seen the trailer, I was expecting something more of a Dancer Banner, I didn't expect that we get an another Judgral exclusive Seasonal Banner again. I'm kind of wondered where does those Hats and Crowns suppose to be used for the Festival since I didn't see any of the 12 Crusaders from any of the Artworks from used those types of outfits.
  6. Ok, so what Brave outfits do you think Felix and Azura should have incase if they do win in the future CYL polls?
  7. I had some thoughts of for Challenger Pack 11 are: Kaeda from The Last Blade, Simea from Crystalis, or a 2nd SNK Franchise Rep (It be the most likely for Challenger Pack 11 since we did have Kazuya as the 2nd Bandai Namco Franchise Rep recently and Steve was the 2nd Microsoft Franchise Rep to fill in after Banjo & Kazooie, SNK didn't have a 2nd Franchise Rep from their own in Ultimate's Roster yet) Mike Jones from StarTropics series Impa from The Legend of Zelda series Ayumi from Famicom Detective Club Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue seres
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