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  1. Technically, not all royal characters can be in the royal classes. Like Rudolf, Lewyn, Joshua, Nohr siblings, Hoshido siblings, Berkut, Conrad, and Petra did use the regular classes and they are royals as well. Yen'fay is a king of Chon'sin and he does use the Swordmaster class. Generals and Barons did coexist in the Judgral games. Barons are completely separate since Barons are more Third Tiers in Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia while Generals are more used for Second Tiers.
  2. I was thinking of this for a while. Since Ylisse and Valm are the future continent of Archanea and Valentia, I do noticed while playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia had some classes were completely absent in Awakening. I do know that Awakening doesn't use Third Tier class promotions since Valentia had them and this game does travel to Valm. I think the Third Tier class promotions were absent because Awakening uses the Class Branch Promotion. To my knowledge that I do know that Dread Fighter and Bow Knight were the only recurring classes in Awakening that were formerly Third Tiers to become as DLC for Dread Fighter and 2nd Promotion for Archer and Mercenary class. Does anyone know kinda wondered why some of these classes from Archanea and Valm where completely absent in Awakening? I do know that some games like Judgral, Elibe, and Tellius usually keep the classes that appeared in the first part later returned in the second part. I did seen some classes from Archanea were absent in Awakening were: Hunter -> Horseman (I definitely do know that Horseman class were definitely replaced by Bow Knight class since you need an archer riding a horse) Bishop (I definitely know that they were replaced by War Monks and War Clerics) Pirates Ballitician (But, we do know they did comeback in Fates) Freelancer (I definitely do know Freelancer is Xane's Exclusive Class since Xane is no where to be seen in Awakening) Rest of the Manakete classes except Divine Dragon and what Nowi's and Nah's Manakete as far as we know of (I think they might have been killed off sometime between Marth's/Alm's and Chrom's timeline) Emperor I did seen some classes from Valentia were absent in Awakening nor in seen in Valm as well: Fighter (not the Axe version of Fighter) Priestess Princess Rest of the Third Tier class except Dread Fighter and Bow Knight Brigand Arcanist (We don't know if they have relationships with Sorcerer class) -> Cantor Witch (We definitely know Duma was the one used Women in Valentia to become Witches, but they did made comeback in Fates) Rest of the Monster classes except Revenants and Emtombeds
  3. If the remakes are still making new prologues for the past Fire Emblem games, here are my thoughts about them: Genealogy of the Holy War, that has a prologue already, but what about include an premonition similar to Awakening? (not talking about where Sigurd gets killed and reuses Chapter 5) Maybe a premonition where Sigurd is in the middle of training with his father Byron similar to the prologue in Path of Radiance. Thracia 776, Finn did mentioned to Evyel that Leif did fought some pirates before Chapter 1 started, I could see a prologue would have Leif and the some of the rest could fight off some pirates that were attacking the town. Sometime after the Prologue ends, Leif hears that Rayrik invades Fiana that Leif wants to go back to Fiana to save Nanna and Maretta before Rayrik captures the both of them. The Binding Blade, I think they could use Roy, Lilina, and Wolt finished their training from Cecilia from the tutorial and they could have encountered some bandits that were coming to crash the party and trying to ruin Roy's training celebration at Ostia and Lilian and Cecelia helps Roy to stop the party crashes. Sometime after the Prologue ends Lilina and Cecilia takes off while Roy stays at Ostia to studies till Roy got a letter from his father Eliwood to comeback to Pherae.
  4. I do hope that we get at least 1st Party Fighter for the next Fighter Pass as well for the 5th Slot in the current Fighter Pass. The current Fighter Pass that we got has too much 3rd Party Fighters filling up the room and we do need at least some more Nintendo characters for the DLC since Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U had 4 Nintendo characters while Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only has one Nintendo DLC fighter (Piranha Plant).
  5. I totally think the Japanese version of Three Houses probably did have some minor script changes before it was transferred to 8-4 to localize the script since the game did get released at the same time as Japan did. I mean, there are a few English lines from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia were went unused like recruitable Berkut and Fernand were planned as well as Alm and Mycen were moaning to Celica's unused perma-death or beaten Casual Mode defeat since the game did have 3 month time jump. I don't think someone from Nintendo of Japan had reviewed the entire script to check it and finalize it in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  6. Wait a minute, so that original pre-patched translation line kinda made her father more of a cruel parent while mentioning about her father in the original script was just bit of a jerk? Is that correct?
  7. Wouldn't it kinda makes more sense like Bernadetta's father tying her up to the chair and leaving her for days that kinda getting caused Bernadetta to starve to death? I don't know how many days that her father left her get tied up in that chair that she mentioned unless if she managed to find a way to open the door without using her hands and use her feet to reach to the kitchen to fetch something or ask one of the servants that she get along to feed her something?
  8. Actually, I just managed to refound the source of this conversation about the siblings' birth line was in Book II, Chapter 9, Part 5. I did seen this is where Fjorm mentions it when Loki disguises as Ylgr to meet up with the order of Heroes where she said Gunnthra as the first and Hrid as the second. (Time stamp beings around 17:25)
  9. I did saw the Bonus Page that Chrom asks Hrid about his younger sisters. Isn't Gunnthra suppose to be the eldest child of the Nifl Family and older than Hrid as well? I do recall remembering the Book II chapters where Hrid and Ylgr were introduced had Fjorm explained where the order of their siblings' birth she mentioned was Gunnthra, Hrid, Fjorm, and Ylgr. It's nice to see Eir gotten to appear in the Fire Emblem Heroes Manga.
  10. Since the Nintendo Direct revealed that Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will be coming to the Switch as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore and this is technically the first Fire Emblem port to an another console. What 5 things do you want to see in the upcoming Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore? I do wanted to see some stuff in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore and I do hopefully don't want to see any stuff to be cut out like what happened to Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers. I wanted to see some stuff to be added in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore such as: Give it an English voice over Add some Mirage characters other than Shadow Dragon and Awakening characters like Roy, Ike, and Lyn as well put a few Fates, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and Three Houses character in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore like Warriors have Add some Paralogue chapters Maybe more new playable characters that weren't appeared in the Wii U version similar to like Tales of Vesperia (PS3 version) and Persona 5 Royal had that didn't appear in the original game Third Tier Classes
  11. I think Bayonetta got in because she doesn't have that revealing skin on her outfit and plus, GameXplain in the past did covered that they did altered the stockings along with female Corrin and Palutena gets a minor edit. I think Mai would might get a heavily edit than the three that I mentioned since I don't recall Mai has been appearing in a game that was less than Teen rated. I think the SNK rep that I really think that would get in is either Terry, Athena, Marco, or one of the Samurai Showdown characters.
  12. For the another Three Houses Banner that I wanted to see that is coming for the future. I think we should have specific three Houses Banner for all the Three Houses and one of them can be a Tempest Trial Heroes are: Black Eagles: Dorothea Bernadetta Fernand Linhardt Caspar (maybe a Tempest Trial Hero) Blue Lions: Annette Ingrid Felix Sylvain (I could also see him be part for the Valentine's Day Banner since he might get some chocolate for the girls) Dedue (maybe a Tempest Trial Hero if Dimitri is a boss) Golden Deer: Marianne Leone Lorenz Raphel Ignatz (maybe a Tempest Trial Hero) For the Church of Serios characters: Flayn (maybe be part of the Halloween or Christmas Banner) Rhea (probably a Grand Hero Battle Hero) Catherine Shamir
  13. I managed to upload three more courses in SMM2. I have about a total of 34 Courses as of right now. Shoot the POW Blocks 2 ID: 6RJ-MGR-J7G World 1-1 Twist Remix (SMB3) ID: 65K-6TM-LHG Banzai Bills Survival Jump ID: NXT-6WY-MMG Edit from August 30th: I managed to upload two more courses. Total of 36 Courses as of right now. Claw Castle Sky 2 ID: L5D-T1V-2MG Stop the Labor Day Robbers ID: S25-H38-KSG Edit from September 8th: I managed to upload a 37th course in SMM2. Bob-ombs and On/Off Switches ID: HPP-FR0-GVG Edit from September 9th: I managed to upload a 38th course in SMM2. Two Screens Pink Coins Finding 6 ID: 711-TQ3-SLF
  14. How do I get trigger Edelgard to get the C support for Byleth? I'm at Chapter 3 right now and I did let Byleth stayed close enough to Edelgard during at battle (I think it's about 2 battles) and it doesn't seem to show up somehow?
  15. Was she a Wyvern Rider when she was fought as an enemy in the Blue Lions and Golden Deer route? I did saw her timeskip design was used in Assassin.
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