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  1. Oh yeah, speaking of which, I do remembered that Aimee was accidently renamed Larabel in the North American version of Shadow Dragon and I know that Aimee's first appearance was in Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light before she was came back in the Tellius series. I'm kind of wondered if Nintendo managed looked over at the localize mistake of Aimee's part from Shadow Dragon during at making of translation of the scripts for Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light?
  2. It was unintentionally had the steak aimed placed at Steve's private part area by accident mentioned by GameXplain. Nintendo had to be altered to fix the issue that was going on in the internet when there were other people turned this turned into a meme.
  3. The trailer did showed a lot more stuff that wasn't on the NES Online like changing the speed in this game and changing the display for example, it still has save states available and rewind turn. I'm still kind of wondered if Nintendo might have plans for localizing the other past Fire Emblem titles that were Japan only and do the other games like Lucas's game, EarthBound 3 that the EarthBound fans that begged for the years as well?
  4. I do think they should do an official translation for Gaiden next (but I think the problem with that we kind of already had with Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for the Nintendo 3DS while ago and it did sold well outside of Japan as well) or maybe The Binding Blade (if they want to impress for the Roy fans) or The Mystery of the Emblem.
  5. I did managed did see some changes that were shown from Version 9.0.1. They did fixed some of the glitches from Steve had such as Blocks knocked Samus and Dark Samus off the stage. Also, they did patched one of Steve's Victory Pose that did with the Victory Meat that had sparked the internet and Nintendo did noticed the Meat in the Victory Pose that was mentioned by GameXplain. October 22nd Edit: Fixing the Patch Version number.
  6. I hope so. The previous Game Awards from 2019 did get a lot of hate from a lot of Nintendo fans from a lack of DLC Fighter Pass Reveal (this was before Byleth was been announced) including more 1st Party title announcements as well. I do think the community from The Game Awards might have talked to Nintendo to maybe do some forgiving to their fanbase by show off Challenger Pack 8 Fighter (or 9 incase if the 8th one was been announced in the future before The Game Awards 2020 started) including 1st Party Titles as well to please the Nintendo fans this time.
  7. I don't recall to remember Peri killed a lot of cooks nor she had hatred against cooks. She only has a troubled hatred against Butlers and Maids since one of them killed her mother (technically the true killer never been revealed and I think her mother's killer might have gotten killed by Peri) and it did snapped her into a homicide maniac. I don't know if one of the cooks or her mother might have taught Peri how to cook and she might have gotten it better before her introduction to Fates' Storyline.
  8. It's good to see we finally gotten two Laguz Dragons appear in Heroes and Xane as well. I was kind of first thought the right silhouette was suppose to be a female due to the hair before the trailer showed to be Xane.
  9. I think the left one had long hair like Azura, I don't think Caeda had her hair that long from the silhouette. I think I recall to remember that Caeda doesn't like to eat sweets in Fire Emblem Warriors despite she did taught Kris how to cook in New Mystery of the Emblem especially she did taught him/her how to make sweets as well. I definitely think Jakob did went to the Halloween Festival for getting candy for his master Corrin.
  10. I think the right one could possibly be Delthea from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The left one is a tough one to tell it's possibly be a girl due to the long hair appearance, I definitely think she appears to be a dancer and it could be a sword user since I see a tilt with her hand on it. Edit: I managed to did a quick sketch drawing from Paint.NET to look at Delthea's artwork from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia to see if this fits on her in the Silhouette Image, I totally think this girl in the right it might be her.
  11. How many music tracks does the entire Minecraft series have including Minecraft: Storymode, Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft Dungeons? I don't think I recall since Minecraft has alot of music track collection since it was an indie game and I only have the PS Vita version for Minecraft as well. No, my point was Nintendo does care of their employees' safety due to COVID-19 going around in the entire world like Sakurai said in Min Min's and Steve's Presentation and a lot of video game companies have to require their employees to work remotely at their homes as well. I'm presumably pretty sure the designers who worked on the amiibos possibly have to take care of their kids and other family members due to the Pandemic going on in the world and might have to risk the scheduling time on the amiibo creation for the designing point for the default designs only for the time being.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's probably got to do with scheduling issues going with COVID-19 in Japan since we didn't have any alts for amiibo series for School Joker, Arusu, Solo, and Eight as well. I think Sakurai did said they're not planning to do amiibo of alts (that includes Female Byleth) during at Min Min's Smash Bros. Direct.
  13. I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo managed to look over the Fighter Ballot that was used for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U back at 2015 to pick which character that they decide to let Sakurai to add it for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? I did heard a lot of people wanted Steve in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U when the ballot was open back then even Sakurai did said that Eight from Dragon Quest VIII was the most voted Dragon Quest hero in the western side during at the Ballot voting as well. Since 2 slots are taken so far. I think I pick these 4 for the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 right now: Mike Jones (StarTropics) Impa [Young Form] (The Legend of Zelda) Cross (Avatar) or Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X) Shantae, Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue series, Quote from Cave Story, or Second Bandai Namco Character - Probably Llyod Irving (Tales series)
  14. I just managed to set my alarm to see the Challenger 7 Pack Direct for tomorrow. I hope it's an another 1st Party Fighter from a Nintendo game since we definitely need more 1st Party characters since the first Fighter Pass Vol. 1 except for Byleth has too many 3rd Party Fighters and we definitely have Piranha Plant, Byleth, and Min Min are currently the only entire 1st Party characters in the entire DLC roster as of right now.
  15. Since I already mentioned StarTropics and Tales DLC Spirit Board ideal list that I came up with in the previous thread. I got an idea for the Shantae DLC Spirit Board that I think it should work and also since there's a Risky Boots Spirit existed in the game, her spirit can be added in the Board since Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Twintelle, and Ninjara were added when Min Min was added in the game as a fighter: Shantae (Shantae Spirit Board) Risky Boots (Already Exists) - Daisy 2 Star Level/Advance Rottytops - Bayonetta (Color 4/Green) 1 Star Level Sky - Sheik (Color 4/Purple) w/ Tiny Falco (Color 7/White) 1 Star Level Bolo - Richter (Color 8/White) 1 Star Level Mimic - Dr. Mario (Color 3/Blue) 2 Star Level/Advance Mayor Scuttlebutt - Donkey Kong (Color 4/Blue) 2 Star Level/Advance Other Genies from Seven Sirens - 4 Shantaes (w/Multiple Colors) 3 Star Level/Ace Ammo Baron - King Dedede (Color 7/Blue) 4 Star Level/Legend Nega-Shantae - Shantae (w/Nega-Shantae color) 4 Star Level/Legend Warp Squids - Multiple Inklings (Color 5/Pink) 1 Star Level -> Squid Baron (Evolution) Tinkerbats - Multiple Greninjas (Color 4/Black) - 2 Star Level/Advance Seven Sirens - 7 Opponents 4 Star Level/Legend Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue Spirit Board) Jin Kisaragi - Meta Knight (Color 1/Blue/Default) 2 Star Level/Advance -> Hakumen (Evolution) Noel Vermillion - Zero Suit Samus (Color 2/Blue) 2 Star Level Tsubaki Yayoi - Lucina (Color 4/White) 2 Star Level/Advance -> Izayoi (Evolution) Makoto (I think using her Military Academy outfit instead of using her fighting outfits for going with the "For Good Boys and Good Girls for All Ages" treatment) - Little Mac (Color 2/Yellow) 2 Star Level/Advance Carl Clover - Ness (Color 6/Black) w/R.O.B. (Color 5/Blue) 1 Star Level Bang Shishigami - Greninja (Color 6/Green) 1 Star Level Taokaka - Incineroar (Color 8/White) 1 Star Level TR-0009 Tager - Donkey Kong (Color 3/Red) 2 Star Level/Advance Platinum the Trinity - Isabelle (Color 8/Blue) 2 Star Level/Advance Celica Ayatsuki Mercury - Daisy (Color 7/White) w/R.O.B. (Color 1/Default) [Outside of JPN]/(Color 2/Grey (NES Color)) [JPN] 3 Star Level/Ace Hazama - Robin (Color 1/Default) or Joker (Color 1/Default) (if it's possible) 3 Star Level/Ace -> Yūki Terumi (Evolution) Nu-13 - Mega Man (Color 5/Cyan) 4 Star Level/Legend
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