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  1. Man, that was kinda sad to see him pass away from suicide. He really shouldn't kill himself over his problems, suicide is never the answer and I did heard that someone kills themselves on purpose that never go to heaven and they can actually get send straight to hell which it's a terrible thing to do. Rest In Peace to Etika. By the way, why did Etika kill himself for? Was it his obsession with losing and accidentally deleted his entire content in YouTube, his arrest with the police that happened weeks ago, family problems, or was it something bad happened to Etika like someoneone sended him a death threat towards Etika?
  2. I think Kiran didn't expect to get Ryoma's and Noire's other accessories by mistake and he might have got them embarrassed himself. I think Kiran might expect those accessories where he thought of instead of he ones he has received.
  3. I think I got one for Byleth if he gets in as one of the last two Fighter Pass DLC fighters. I definitely think Byleth would have to fight against either Dracula or Marx. Since Luminary and Banjo got in. I definitely think the Luminary would definitely have to fight Rathalos since he was shown in the trailer and Dragon Quest does involve Dragons. And for Banjo, I definitely think Banjo has to fight Dracula since Gruntilda is part of the horror villains as well or Galleom since Banjo did have a game involves Nuts and Bolts.
  4. I kinda did kinda wanted the Eighth Hero from Dragon Quest VIII would make it as a second Square Enix fighter. I didn't expected he would make it as an alternate costume for the Luminary along with Erdrick from the third game and Solo from the fourth game since we didn't seen any 3rd Party fighters getting an alternate costumes of different characters before. Also since the Erdrick leak was 50% correct and 50% false since Erdrick is in the game as an Alternate Costume since the Luminary is the main Dragon Quest hero focused in the roster & the Fighter Pass and plus, the leak didn't mentined Erdrick was an alt & didn't mentioned the other 3 Dragon Quest heroes are playable as well. I still have hope of that leak of all DLC Fighters for the Fighter Pass are all 3rd Party needs to be false and we definitely need to have a newcomer from a Nintendo franchise since Super Smash Bros. is a Nintendo fighting game. I think we do have an enough 3rd Party Fighters for the Fighter Pass roster.
  5. I did looked at YouTube, the TurboGrafx-16 Mini was definitely revealed at E3. Also, for the games that I do wanted to see it get added in the TurboGrafx-16 Mini are: Exile and Exile: Wicked Phenomenon Valis games Fighting Street (It's actually the first Street Fighter) Bomberman games Keith Courage Splatterhouse Gradius I & II Ys Book III Last Alert Also, I did checked in the game list that was covered. That game involves with Kung Fu that was shown in the Japanese trailer was actually called China Warrior and that Bonk game was Bonk's Adventure.
  6. This was just announced today in Konami's official YouTube channel (I don't know if this was shown at E3 or not?) that they are showing an official TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine Mini) will be coming. This was very unexpected from Konami themselves to reveal to see the TurboGrafx-16 is finally getting to the Mini Retro Video Game territory like the NES & SNES Classic Edition and the Sega Genesis Mini. List of games showed off from the trailers as of right now and more TurboGrafx-16 games will be announced soon: R-Type New Adventure Island Ninja Spirit Ys Book I & II Dungeon Explorer Alien Crush Super Star Soldier Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Showing in Japanese trailer only as of right now) Some Japanese title that I don't know about (The one with Kung-Fu had "The" on the title and showing in Japanese trailer only as of right now) Bonk game (I don't know which one it was and showing in Japanese trailer only as of right now) It was nice to see Castlevania: Rondo of Blood was shown in the Japanese version, I don't know if it's going to be included in the Western versions list? I do want to see Castlevania: Rondo of Blood on the TurboGrafx-16 Mini with the English audio from The Dracula X Chronicles and Requiem port. TurboGrafx-16 Mini Trailer (North American version) PC Engine Mini (Japanese version) Trailer: PC Engine CoreGrafx Trailer (I think this could be the European Trailer):
  7. I think Bandai Namco probably didn't bring Tales of Berseria in the PS3 in the west because PS3 is kinda out of date right now and PS4 is Sony's focus before they announced the PS5 is going to be happening and Tales of Berseria is on Steam as well (you can play it on Windows and Mac). I do wish this game would come the Switch. I definitively have to say that the graphics looked pretty realistic than the the other Tales games have.
  8. Whoops, you're right, my bad. I definitely meant Elincia's Queen attire design from Radiant Dawn should be used as a Legendary Hero for Elincia.
  9. I definitely think we need some Judgral Legendaries for the Banner. Also, my idea for Legendary Chrom that he should use a Lance and use his Great Lord attire since his daughter wore her own attire in her Legendary Banner. If Sigurd, Seliph, or Leif was chosen for the Judgral Legendary Banner, I think one of the weapons that Sigurd should use a Lance and still a Horse unit, Seliph should use his Knight Lord class and I think he might use a Lance, and Leif should use his Master Knight class and I don't know which weapons will Leif use since Master Knights can use so many weapons in Genealogy of the Holy War. For Legendary Elincia, I think she should use her staff and still fly with her Pegasi, I think she might need a new outfit since Crimea Queen can't promote in Radiant Dawn since we did got Elincia from the Radiant Dawn Banner already.
  10. I totally think the left one looked a lot like Fmjor and I noticed the right looked like a guy with somewhat closely short hair. I think the right one could possibly be Camus.
  11. Dang, the graphics on the newer version looks pretty impressive. I guess this was the reason why Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was postponed for so long. Also, I never expected that they show the YouTube comment section and other websites so serious in the release date trailer.
  12. What if that guy turned out to be Morgana's brother than Morgana himself? I think Cassandra Morris Lee herself was wondering who was that guy was in the trailer and she wasn't too sure if she would might voice him as a handsome teenager if this guy turns out to be Morgana. Also, I hope Persona 5 Royal comes to the Nintendo Switch since I don't have a PS4.
  13. Since Version 3.0.0 patch came out last night for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and they do give out IDs when you upload your Stages from Stage Builder, Mii Fighters, Replay, Spectate, and Edited Videos in the Sharing Content. I was thinking of we should do a sharing our stuff from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate similar to like the Super Mario Maker Course Sharing Thread. I did upload a couple in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that to give out what I have created in the game: Mii Fighters: Mike Jones (Mii Brawler) ID: S8BVCHJX Mike Jones (Mii Swordfighter) ID: B454JDJJ Mike Jones (Mii Gunner) ID: 3YDC3RV1 I am planning on finish making the Alm Mii Swordfighter based off from Alm from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Stages: Mike Pixel Art from StarTropics (I didn't completed the entire pixel art due to the stage element limit was pretty much full and I did made it replicated from the trailer where they did showed 8-bit artworks) ID: 9BLH51GJ Smash Church (This is the second stage that I created) ID: 7D5VS7SP Videos: Joker vs. the 3 Mii Fighters based off from Mike Jones from StarTropics in my first Custom Stage. ID: B450MW8X Mii Swordfighter based off from Mike Jones from StarTropics vs. 2 Jokers in my first Custom Stage. ID: CPC2QPQ8 Also, give it out a try to share what you have created in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  14. There is a frying pan item existed in New Mystery of the Emblem as an Axe weapon. It was used as a joke weapon and only uses 1 hit damage on a lot of enemies. I don't think a Frying Pan can be used as a Sword. I definitely think it's Camping Banner with Marshmallow Sticks be used as a Lance and maybe the other skewer items can be used as an Lance or Axe (incase if there is a big meat in it.)
  15. I'm pretty sure that could be a Camping Banner since Marshmallows are usually common part of camping and the possible Genny is definitely holding a Stick with a Marshmallow. I definitely think this could possibly be a first Camping Banner that is going to be in FEH. I definitely think that on the right could possibly be Azura.
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