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  1. What about a Duo Hero Unit of Ishtor and Liza? I don't think we had a Duo Unit of two villains together since I think there's only one antagonist in entire Hero roster had as a Duo Hero Unit was Idunn and it did have Idunn and Fae was added as a Duo Hero Unit. What about make Ishtor as the attacker while Liza be the support unit for the Duo Hero combination?
  2. Since Geese is coming in Fire Emblem Heroes for the new Pirates Banner. I'll might take a look and see if he got any new localized name info that wasn't been covered yet. Also, speaking of which, where does Gwendolyn gets a nickname in her conversation dialogue with, was it with support conversation with Bors, Lilina, or other characters she had supports with? I was thinking for a nickname that fit with Gwendolyn maybe just Gwen, White, or Gwenni.
  3. I don't think anyone posted a new update from Heroes that have new New Mystery of the Emblem content added recently to point out the stuff for the updated New Mystery of the Emblem patch. I did saw some changes were shown in Forging Bonds conversation in Fire Emblem Heroes that definitely deserves an update: Stays: Sera and 7th Platoon (I don't know if we already knew that since Luke, Roderick, and Katarina were added while ago?) Needs change: Kris's grandfather name is MacLear Also, I noticed Kris had used that quote from his grandfather's wish has spoke: Also, I managed to find a video to point out some sources were used, it only looks like just the Main Story C Support shown some FE12 and FE3 name implies as far as I know:
  4. I was thinking of this for a while, since Super Smash Bros. series has Konami, Sega, Capcom, Namco, Square Enix, Atlus (some people claimed it as Sega for Joker, Atlus had their name on the credits), Microsoft, and lastly SNK had their own characters from their franchises joins in the roster. What about Atari character qualifies as a fighter to join in the fight? I do recall Atari was kinda a big company for the video game department back at the late 1970s before Nintendo comes through before they started a console war with Sega back then since their biggest console success was the Atari arcades and Atari 2600 consoles. I was thinking Bentley Bear from Crystal Castles might be qualify as a fighter, but I did saw some of their best sellers were listed for Atari that I recall remembering such as Asteroids, Missle Command, and Adventure are definitely Atari property. I did played most of Atari arcade games from the compilation on the PC years ago, but I don't recall there's alot of characters showing up on screen? They were merely just showed up as vehicles and ships for their games, but then again that I do recall Captain Falcon himself hasn't shown his face in-game in the first F-Zero game and I don't exactly know if Asteroids, Missle Command, and Adventure had any characters showed up? But, which Atari video game originated characters (please don't use E.T. since he's counted as a Movie Character not a Video Game Originated Character) do you guy think it qualifies as a fighter if one of the Atari characters joins up for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Fighter Pass or for the later games?
  5. I think the figurines should be selling on eBay, Amazon, or other seller websites. But, what which figurines from Genealogy of the Holy War are you planning on getting and what figurines do you have as of right now? I'll might try to look for one that are selling for helping out tomorrow. Edit: Ok, I managed to take a look at eBay unfortunately, the only figurine that was available on eBay is Sigurd and second bad news, the seller priced the figurine for about around $75 with around $20 shipping. Here's the Sigurd figurine that I found in eBay.
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