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  1. I'm pretty sure Kiran might have mentioned the name to some of the heroes including Alm since Kiran is from a modern world that he did mentioned his world had Skyscrapers and Cars. I'm pretty sure it's Alfonse asked Kiran where he came from somewhere around at Book 1 Chapter 3. Speaking of which, isn't this comic chapter kinda feels like an early April Fools joke since Kiran managed to summoned an 8-Bit Feh?
  2. Technically that and plus they didn't showed Kris (the first Avatar before Robin, Corrin, and Byleth) from New Mystery of the Emblem in the 8-Bit trailer as well since he's/she's a main character (I know he's/she's technically not in Heroes yet) and even Radiant Dawn Ike wasn't shown as well since both Robin, Corrin, and Byleth got two 8-Bit portraits and class map animations each. Speaking of which, what is your thoughts of an official 8-Bit portrait and class map animations of Ike, Emphraim, and Sharena since those were your three favorite main characters in the franchise that were shown in this 8-Bit trailer? I do like all the official 8-Bit class animations and portraits of all the main characters since this feels like they're going back to the past on the NES era.
  3. It's nice to see we finally got a colorless time user in Heroes. I didn't expect Bramimond gotten all the four heroes' voices. Also, I'm kinda wondered why Bramimond saying in Lyn's voice shouting "The World would burn for all I care!", did Bramimond copied Lyn's dark side personality? I don't recall remembering Lyn would have say negative things about Elibe nor the other continents she had visited such as Askr nor the Fire Emblem Warriors' unnamed continent? Why did do you think they choose Tatsuhisa Suzuki instead of Jun Fukuyama since Alfonse isn't from Elibe? Bramimond only joined in Heroes not that long, he definitely don't know who Alfonse is since both of them are in different continents and he will possibly clash with Alfonse in one of Book 4 Chapters unless if he only mirroring Alfonso's voice after he gets summoned and meets up with Alfonse in the castle. Edit: Nevermind, I just found an answer from an another thread that was just posted why Bramimond had so many voices and why Bramimond used Lyn's voice saying about Burn the World.
  4. My guess for the ARMS character for the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 has to be Ribbon Girl, here's my thoughts: Spring Man is already an Assist Trophy Ribbon Girl is very popular in ARMS I totally think they have to add a default female Fighter for the Fighter Pass content Spirits from the launch of the game doesn't deconfirmed since Lucas and Mewtwo had ingame trophies before they were revealed as DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U Speaking of which, I definitely think this is going to be the first time that an Assist Trophy that never has an icon, Fighter reps joined in, nor any stage representation gets his connected series fighter joining in the fight from the Fighter Pass content for Ultimate. I'm kinda wondered if they can add the ARMS icon for Spring Man and the existing ingame sprites that didn't have an icon before?
  5. I noticed when I was rewatching the trailer that Fae looked like she's had grown a little bit taller than her previous two alts had, was she bit taller than her previous alts or is just me? I definitely knew Est and almost close about Bartre (still the older version instead of the younger version) were going to be here, I did heard some were expecting Fir to show up. I didn't expect Narcian, Idunn, and Fae were going to be here as well. By the way, doesn't Idunn and Fae's Duo Skill looked like it's taking away all weakness affects more than just Dragon and Armor type for a bit or is it just possibly just taking away the weakness affect for Dragon and Armor type only?
  6. I definitely think the right one has to be Est since that girl's hair in the silhouette looked a lot like Est's and plus, Est definitely make sense to join in this year's Easter Banner since her sisters already had joined in the previous Easter Events. The left one has to be young Bartre, Boyd, or an axe user from the other Fire Emblem games. If young Bartre did joins in, I'm kinda wondered how Young Bartre's voice sounds from Kyle Herbert since he might have to change his voice tone for Young Bartre to something younger like maybe using his voice tone from Ryu (Street Fighter) or maybe gruffness voice that be mostly similar from his voice tone from Frederick, Noriak Kakyoin (Jojo's Bizarre Adventures), Sosuke Aizen (Bleach), Gohan (Dragon Ball), and Kamina (Gurren Lagann)?
  7. Oh so that's what Azura looks like when she has a Bed Hair. That kinda looks pretty bizzare to picture what a bed hair on Azura looks like since I think the Japanese version of Fates mentioned that Azura getting those bad bed hair when she sleeps in beds. Also, I noticed in the last panel of this manga of Azura's Bed Hair had the rubber duck on the left side (I believe that's the Legendary Azura) looked a lot like Aqua from Konosuba since she almost have that top pony tail upwards.
  8. I think I managed to get some ideas for some characters might fit in as spirits added for the series that I wanted a fighter for Ultimate. Mike Jones (StarTropics Spirit Board) C-Serpent (Artwork) - Mewtwo (Color 5/Red Color) 1 Star Level Yum-Yum (Artwork) - King K. Rool (Color 7/Brownish Red Color) 1 Star Level Scorpion (Artwork) - Ridley (Color 3/Red Color) 1 Star Level Peter the Parrot (Artwork) - Falco (Color 4/Red Color) 1 Star Level Chief Coralcola (NES Sprite) - King Dedede (Color 5/Blue Color) 1 Star Level Dr. Steven Jones (Artwork) - Dr. Mario (Color 6/Yellow Color) 2 Star Level Nav-Com (Artwork) - R.O.B. (Color 5/Purple Color) 2 Star Level Mica (NES Sprite) - Zelda (Color 2/Red Color) 3 Star Level/Ace with Mike Jones fighting with her King Hirocon (NES Spirite) - 3 Star Level/Ace Zoda (Artwork) - Giant Mii Gunner (with/Astronaut Outfit and Black Knight Helmet) or Ganandorf (Color 6) with Ridley (Color 6/Bright Purple Color), Falco (Color 5/Green Color), and Donkey Kong (Color 4/Purple Color) 4 Star Level/Legend Llyod Irving (Tales Spirit Board) Colette Brunel - Peach (Color 7/White Color) 1 Star Level Sheena Fujibayashi - Sheik (Color 3/Purple Color) 1 Star Level Zelos Wilder - Roy (Color 7/Pink Color) 2 Star Level Kratos Aurion - Ike (Color 3/Purple Color) 3 Star Level/Ace Emil Castagnier - Link (Color 5) 3 Star Level/Ace Marta Lualdi - Lucina (Color 4/Cordelia's Color) 3 Star Level/Ace Mithos Yggdrasill - Pit (Color 7/Blonde Hair Color) and Dark Pit (Color 7/White Color) 4 Star Level/Legend Luke fon Fabre - Marth (Color 5/White Color) 2 Star Level Yuri Lowell - Cloud Strife (Color 8/Purple Color) 3 Star Level/Ace Sorey - Chrom (Color 7) 2 Star Level/Ace
  9. I would say no because like in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, there was a ingame trophy of Mewtwo and Lucas before they were announced and they were back as DLC. I don't think the ingame spirits would deconfirmed any newcomers won't make it as DLC Fighters, it be more of the DLC event spirits (the ones that are released after the launch) definitely deconfirmed them making it to Ultimate.
  10. I said Second Franchise as in from another franchise not two fighters. Sakurai did said new Echo Fighters can't be in the Fighter Pass. Joker is already in Ultimate as a Persona character. I did said Second Franchise Rep which means it's from the same company but a different franchise.
  11. Since there's like four 3rd Party companies that gotten a single character in the Super Smash Bros. series and since Konami, Sega, Capcom, and Square Enix gotten a second series reps in Ultimate. I definitely know alot of people wanted a second Bandai Namco character as a second Namco franchise rep fighter in Ultimate, I also think Atlus, SNK, and Microsoft should get a second franchise rep fighter in Ultimate as well. This topic has to be focus on only character picks from Bandai Namco, Atlus, SNK, and Microsoft franchises and it has to be video game originated characters only. My guess from the the four of them has to be: Llyod Irving (Bandai Namco) from Tales of Series One of the Etrian Odyssey main characters (Atlus) from Etrian Odyssey series or Alto from Stella Glow (Atlus) Simea (SNK) from Crystalis - I think Simea would work since I don't think Ryo, Athena, nor Ralf Jones would get in since they're already in the King of Fighters Stadium and Haohmaru was already added as a Spirit for Terry Bogard's Spirit Board along with the Samurai Showdown music track were added as well and I don't think Marco would get in since the Metal Slug music tracks were already used in the music collection for Fatal Fury series. Rash (Microsoft) from Battle Toads series - Maybe have Zitz and Pimple as alts similar to like how Eleven from Dragon Quest series has with Arusu, Solo, and Eight as an alt. What are your four picks do you think they should get in as a Fighter for Ultimate.
  12. I have a question about registering the Feh Pass. I was thinking of buying the $10 Google Play Store Card and use it to register around 2/23 to get all the Feh Pass Quest items that I managed to earned and Feh Pass Lyn summoned. If I use the Google PlayStore Card, will that money in the Google Play Store get transfered to the Feh Pass in Fire Emblem Heroes, correct?
  13. I managed to upload a 65th course in SMM2. It's a remix of World 1-1 Course from Super Mario Bros., but it has Earthquakes. World 1-1 Earthquake Remix (Super Mario Bros.) ID: 39F-GCT-BXG By the way, I'm making a course called Yoshi's HomeIsland Buffet that have Yoshi eat a lot of food. I still need sometime finishing it up making the course. Edit from Feb. 27th: I managed to upload a 66th course in SMM2. It's a fourth course in The Two Screens Challenge series. The Two Screens Challenge 4 ID: 0RY-B9J-JMF Edit from Feb. 28th: I managed to upload a 67th course in SMM2. It's a fourth course in The Auto Castle series. The Auto Castle 4 ID: 0RC-F3D-7WG Edit from Mar. 3rd: I managed to upload a 68th course in SMM2. It's a second course in Cat Book Crawling series. Cat Book Crawling 2 ID: N7N-DCR-WSG Edit from Mar. 8th: I managed to finished up making the Yoshi's Homeisland Buffet course and it's now uploaded as a 69th course. Yoshi's Homeisland Buffet ID: JPD-V2Y-8GF Edit from March 14th: I managed to upload a 70th course. This course is related to Dr. Mario and needs to sanitize all the Coronavirus that infected the Mushroom Kingdom. Dr. Mario wipes out Coronavirus ID: 2D5-YCK-WCG Edit from March 17th: I managed to upload two more courses counted as 72. The 71st is an one screen room that you have to use the Thwomps to smash all the Galoombas. And the 72nd is an another Coronavirus related course that Bowser had stolen 240 toilet papers from Toadco and you have to retrieve them back to the store. Thwomps Smash Galoombas Castle ID: JFX-QWT-XRF Bowser Stolen 240 Toilet Papers ID: QS6-WNJ-0RG Edit from March 28th: I managed to upload a 73rd and 74th course in SMM2, you have to use the On/Off Switch to blow up all the Bob-ombs before one of the reaches the block that a Muncher on top of the P-Switch and the other one is a sequel course to the first P-Switches dash course. Bob-omb Switch Killer ID: H4S-4VN-6JG P-Switches Dash 2 ID: FCS-J59-SBG
  14. I was thinking of this for a while since we know the Tockles from Dragon Quest XI weren't originally came with all the Dragon Quest spirits in Hero's Spirit Board when the Hero from the Dragon Quest series was added in Ultimate while the Tockles's Spirit came after Banjo and Kazooie's Spirits were released. I know there's plenty of characters from Persona series, Dragon Quest, maybe Banjo and Kazooie, SNK, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses should get in as Spirits for the Spirit Board. But, what are your thoughts who should get in? Here's my ideas for new DLC Spirit Board for the five series that I think they should get in: Persona series: Yu Narukami - Color 1 Robin (Original Male) Makoto Yuki - Color 2 Marth (Red) Kazumi (the new girl debut from Persona 5 Royal) - Color 3 Lucina (Cherche's color) Dragon Quest series: First DQ Hero - Color 7 Hero (DQ1's Hero Color) Solo's Companions - Color 7 Roy (Pink), Color 7 Sheik (Yellow), Color 3 Robin (Green), Color 2 Link (Original Costume), Color 8 King K. Rool (White), Color 2 Peach (Yellow), and Color 7 Wii Fit Trainer (Female Yellow) Eight's Companions - Color 3 Simon (Yellowish), Color 2 Zelda (Red), Color 5 Hero (Red), Color 5 Ken (Green), and Color 3 Peach (Red) Terry - Color 8 Hero (Terry's color) Banjo and Kazooie: I don't know which one I pick that haven't been added since I haven't played a Banjo game? SNK: Yuri Sakazaki - Color 7 Daisy (White) Rock Howard - Color 1 Ken (Original) Blue Mary - Color 5 Wii FIt Trainer (Red Female) Ryuji Yamazaki - Color 2 Captain Falcon (Black) Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Ashe (he did have his artwork debut when Hilda's artwork came at the same time in the Ashen Wolves reveal) - Color 3 Young Link (Dark Blue) Linhardt (he did have his artwork debut when Hilda's artwork came at the same time in the Ashen Wolves reveal) - Color 3 Robin (Green) Ashen Wolves - Color 6 Pit (Dark Color), Color 6 Peach (White), Richter (White), and Color 3 Lucina (Cherche's color) Petra - Color 4 Lucina (Cordelia's Color) (Since Petra is seen in the Garreg Mach Monstery stage, I think she should have a spirit when her artwork comes) Dedue - Color 8 Bowser (Blue) (Since Dedue is seen in the Garreg Mach Monstery stage, I think he should have a spirit when his artwork comes) Lorenz - Color 6 Luigi (Waluigi's color) (Since Lorenz is seen in the Garreg Mach Monstery stage, I think he should have a spirit when his artwork comes)
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