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  1. Wait, you think a VHS Mini wouldn't work; why would a VHS Mini won't probably be buyable while the NES Classic Edition, SNES Classic Edition, and Sega Genesis Mini gotten popular and have been bought with over a million units? Is it suppose to be for anyone can revisit the classics or join in the classics similar to like the Classic Mini Consoles had recently?
  2. Umm... what about the VHS Tapes that didn't get a rereleased into DVD and Blu-Rays and as hard to find VHS Tapes as well? I did saw a few videos of YouTube mentioned that there are some VHS Tapes didn't get rereleased as well as wanted to see them as originals for everyone to know the differences from the later versions. And plus, I think there are some people that wanted to collect some VHS Tapes that they didn't get to experience to see some original uncut that gotten altered and/or changed in the later editions.
  3. I definitely think the Judgral games should be next for the line of the upcoming FE remakes. But, it's kinda strange to see there was a rumor that there is a canceled 3DS remake since we got Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and plus, that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia did sold well in the outer seas. I don't think it's possible for Intelligent Systems to make an another new remake for the Nintendo 3DS and canceled it because it's close to the end of the Nintendo 3DS line back then and due to Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr. as well set it to be releasing it after Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  4. I was thinking of this point since we have been getting those Video Game Mini Consoles such as NES and SNES Classic Edition, Sega Genesis Mini, TurboGrafx-16 Mini, Commondor64 Mini, etc. But, what do you think that if one of those Media Companies that did made those VHS Systems and did it similar to make a VHS Mini that you play movies that were used to be released on VHS Tapes since I don't see a lot of stores sell VHS Tapes and even Media Companies releasing on VHS Tapes anymore. The VHS Mini has to be the System itself while you can't put VHS Tapes in the VHS Mini. What movies or TV Shows that were released on VHS Tapes do you think they should include on the VHS Mini? I was thinking that they should put like around 30 or up to 50 sets preloaded in the VHS Mini. The list has to be that were released on VHS, any movies or TV Shows that never released or made to the VHS Tapes shouldn't count. This is one of my thoughts that should be included in the possible VHS Mini: One of the Star Wars Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy Movies (in original format and can be used as a Bonus similar to Mega Man: The Wily Wars on Sega Genesis Mini) Classic Indiana Jones Movies One of the Disney Classic Movies, I think like The Lion King, Aladdin, Hercules, etc. Maybe add an Anime Movies like those Dragon Ball movie tapes, Studio Ghibi movies, that FUNimation, VIZ Media, etc. can probably put it in One of the Classic Rambo Movies Wizard of Oz Harry Potter movies Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Classic Black and White Movies One of those hard to find official VHS Tapes Few R rated movies (Parental Guidance can blocked or not depends on when you have children living with you) Maybe an unreleased movie that never came out (be bit like a Star Fox 2, Sega Genesis Tetris and Darius, etc.) If the company that I think I have to choose to develop the VHS Mini, it has to be Samsung.
  5. I'm pretty sure Anna just sell items directly face to face with costumers than shipping them on a package. Commander Anna probably was too busy with the Order of Heroes than selling them since she had trouble selling her items lately on the Paralogue Chapters.
  6. I managed to upload a 45th course which it's a Halloween themed course. Luigi's Halloween Mansion Mobile App ID: LLW-R00-83G Edit from October 31st: I managed to upload a 46th course in SMM2. POW Blocks Survival Castle ID: BGT-6GC-GGF Edit from November 7th: I managed to upload a 47th course in SMM2. Survival Dash through Thwomps 4 ID: 7V0-0YG-TDG
  7. For new Mii Fighter Costumes that I think they should include in Ultimate, I think these would be the ones that I think they should be included are: Castlevania costumes: Alucard (Swordfighter) Trevor Belmont (I have no idea to put it, I think they're going to use his Curse of Darkness appearance since they're definitely not using the Netflix appearance because they have to use Konami's designs) Maria Renard (Brawler) Death (Swordfighter) Fire Emblem costumes when Byleth possibly gets added as DLC: Edelgard (Maybe Swordfighter with using her Axe) Dimitri (Maybe Swordfighter with using his Lance) Claude (Definitely Gunner since they can use his Bow as the Gun) Officers Academy Outfits (Variety) Metal Gear costumes: Gray Fox (Swordfighter) Big Boss (Probably Gunner) Raiden (Swordfighter) Liquid Snake (Brawler) StarTropics costumes when Mike Jones possibly gets added as DLC: Zoda (Brawler or Gunner) Mica (Brawler) Dr. Steven Jones (Swordfighter) Peter (Brawler) Street Fighter costumes: (I definitely think the majority of the Street Fighter costumes are Brawlers since Street Fighter characters are more using their own body to fight instead of using weapons) Chun-Li (Brawler) Guile (Brawler) Cammy (Brawler) Sakura (Brawler) Fatal Fury/King of Fighters costumes: (same goes for this one as well) Andy Bogard (Brawler) Ryo Sakazaki (Brawler) Yuri Sakazaki (Brawler) Kyo Kusanagi (Brawler) Banjo & Kazooie costumes: Gruntilda (Swordfighter) Bottles (Brawler) Mumbo Jumbo (Swordfighter) Humba Wumba (Brawler)
  8. I managed to upload a 42nd course in SMM2. This is the sixth course in the Find a way to beat Time! series, you have to reach one of the obstacles in the path so that you can make sure that you get to the goal in time. Find a way to beat Time! 6 ID: BSS-9PT-WSG Edit from October 15th: I managed to upload a 43rd course in SMM2. Cat Book Clawing ID: 07V-55J-LDF Edit from October 17th: I managed to upload a 44th course in SMM2. The Auto Castle 3 ID: 66L-Q7W-VPG
  9. Best: Three Houses and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia casts. Worst: (Japanese) Female Corrin, (Japanese) Male Kana, and (Japanese) Tatiana The problem with the Japanese version of Female Corrin kinda doesn't fit right for a now turned adult woman, she kinda sounded way too young like a kid. For Japanese version for Male Kana, he kinda sounded way too old for a child, his voice sounded like he should been used for around 16 years old, I mean that Kana did said he/she is the youngest of the army in one of Female Kana's support conversation and Kana's body looked like around preteen or less. And lastly, the Japanese version for Tatiana in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, her voice kinda felt not very adult like she's actually 21. No, Petra mentions in Three Houses that she had trouble speaking properly in conversations. Faye Mata was probably doing her best speaking her lines as Petra in a troubled speaking conversation.
  10. I got a few things to say about it. 8. I think the reason why Delthea and Sonya were changed Witches to Mages in the main chapters that they fight as enemies because Duma turns the women into full Witches and Delthea was a temporary witch. Sonya did escaped from Jedah and Rigel because of what she had saw her two sisters what had become of themselves. 9. I think Sonya should have more support conversations than just sticking with Genny as well as giving Deen another support conversation. We definitely know Jedah is a bad father to all his three daughters. 15. Why would Gotoh send Camus to Valentia since Gotoh has no connection towards Camus? I don't think Gotoh would help an enemy General that opposed Marth's army. That would make absolutely no sense if they had added the context about Gotoh's and Camus's relation from the two DS remakes or Mystery of the Emblem? 16. I don't know if it's a good idea to put Xane as a body double for Desaix? I think Xane would get himself killed in Zofia Castle battle since he does appear in Mystery of the Emblem and I don't think he would travel to Valentia in that 3 year gap. 19. They call Mycen Grandpapa since he liked to be called that way. 20. I think they should stick it to Valentia, Valencia sounded more like a real world city. Nintendo never used the name Valencia as an official name in any materials.
  11. I'll try to take a look at the cutscene if male version of Byleth and see about the change in the cutscene. Edit: I just looked at the cutscene and they did put that surprised voice audio of Zach Augular for male Byleth for that cutscene. Which it's the right one.
  12. Was that the same cutscene where Byleth was reading the book about the Church of Serios when that bell rang before making her perpetration to teach one of the Three Houses or was this a different Academy cutscene? (I didn't check that cutscene when the patch was available, but I think Byleth was silent in that cutscene when I mentioned about it?)
  13. The manga page is kinda very confusing since we know that a lot of Three Houses players knows the default name for both of the Genders are Byleth. I do like the reaction shock from both Robins and both Corrins in the manga page. There's also Kris from New Mystery of the Emblem who's the technically the first Avatar before Robin and Corrin isn't in Heroes yet as well. I don't think Mark was technically an Avatar (he was only referred as Tactician in The Blazing Blade) since the Avatar mechanics were first introduced in New Mystery of the Emblem.
  14. I think Leone and Alois are possibly going to be part of Jeralt's support conversation as well. The total reason that I think Jeralt should have a support conversation with Leone since he is Leone's mentor after all and we know that Jeralt kinda doesn't seem like he want to be with Alois, I kinda wondered what relationship does Jeralt with Alois.
  15. Anna was part of the paid DLC back at Fates. I think Intelligent Systems and Nintendo probably wanted to have Anna fans to still keep play her in Three Houses.
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