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  1. I managed to got Terry Bogard from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when he was launched at November 6th, 2020 and I also got Fatal Fury 3 from the Nintendo Switch eShop when it was on sale around December. I did looked at some videos on YouTube that mentioned about their disappointments that Mai Shiranui didn't made a single cameo in the King of Fighter Stadium and Sakurai wanted to keep the series as "Super Smash Bros. is for Good Boys and Good Girls of All Ages" and I did looked at some Fatal Fury and King of Fighters videos to observe them before I entered the Fatal Fury series. I have a question for anyone who was in Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series. Since I did heard some fans were wanting Mai Shiranui to be cameod or appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I did looked at the reason why Mai wasn't included because of her atire that she uses while fighting in combat and Sakurai didn't want to bring the Age Rating in the Japanese versions bumped from CERO A to higher. If her fans wanted her to be in the next Super Smash Bros. title, wouldn't it be obvious for SNK managed to give Mai a new alternate costume or an appropriate Ninja outfit (that be useful to the "Good Boys and Good Girls of All Ages" rules) that it be more appropriate similar to like Blue Mary was in similar to like Terry did had an alternate outfit in the Garou: Mark of the Wolves and King of Fighters series so that it might satisfy of her being cameod either as a new background character for the King of Fighters Stadium, as an Assist Trophy for the Fatal Fury series, or join in as a playable fighter similar to like Sephiroth had? Or does Mai not want to fight without her iconic outfit that distracts men and showing much skin as she wanted since I did heard that in Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui's Death Battle Match mentioned by Wiz. P.S.: I wasn't targeting this thread towards Super Smash Bros. series, I was putting this thread more relevant towards Mai Shiranui, Fatal Fury series, King of Fighters series, and SNK.
  2. I'm going to say maybe to lay off with the too many third party characters for Ultimate and future Super Smash Bros. title (that be after Ultimate). I would usually pick two 3rd Party franchises per 3rd Party Company. We really shouldn't be overboard with third different franchise rep from the same 3rd Party company. I think I will only choose the necessary 3rd Party characters for the next installment such as: Another Bandai Namco character, I would pick Llyod from Tales of Symphonia and maybe Ms. Pac-Man as an Echo Fighter or another Tales rep (it be a non-Echo Fighter similar to Sephiroth), Bandai Namco deserves another rep in Ultimate by the way. Another SNK character and maybe a third one be someone from Fatal Fury series, it be similar to Sephiroth had got in since Sephiroth is the first secondary 3rd Party rep from already represent franchise that isn't an echo fighter Shantae and maybe an another Wayfoward character Maybe another indie video game character since Steve was technically an indie character before he was purchased by Microsoft
  3. I have a few questions for Choose Your Legends Round 5: I did tried to click on the link, it took me to the log-in section. Is the log-in is same as My Nintendo and NNID Account? (That never happened in the previous 4 Rounds for CYL) I tried to look at the Fire Emblem Heroes Homepage, I haven't seen a link towards CYL Round 5? Is the only way to get to the CYL Round 5 Page is in this thread?
  4. I think the pegasus knights were merely exclusive to females in the entire series until Fates. I did heard the Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light comic mentioned by Catria (which it was by the time she meet Julian and Rickard while riding Caeda's Pegasi for spying the enmy camp and had trouble controlling it) and Selena's Support Conversation with Subaki from Fates metioned that Pegasi can only be riden by Females in Ylisse that Selena had no idea that she ever saw a Male Rider before. The Fates continent is the only continent that allows Pegasi can be riden by males. I do think the Mystery of the Emblem had Generic Soldiers were shown to be males. I do think that would be an error in the Spriting Department in Mystery of the Emblem since they did used buff arms. There were some Dracoknights (in which it was promoted from Pegasus Knights in Archanea only) that did used to ride a Pegasi was Minerva, she did explained in her support conversation with Palla in New Mysery of the Emblem that she did used to have a Pegasi and released it in the wild. I'm kinda wondered if the male Dracoknights such as Michalis started riding Wyverns without trained to become a Pegasus Knight due to strange promotion issues going on in Archanea? I also do know that Emma did asked Randal in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in their support conversation that Emma did asked if he might try out flying a Pegasi, Randal did refused to ride a Pegasi because he was raised at Elibe and he never heard a man riding a Pegasi while Emma was raised at Hoshido (which Hoshido has gender-free ridable pegasi). Randal is definitely doesn't feel like riding a Pegasi by himself that who be difficult for him since he did used to lived a continent that only has Female Riding only Pegasis.
  5. I only did was asked Patrick Seitz back at 2016 about if he ever did voiced Laurent because of the guys at Behind The Voice Actors were making some theories from 2016 about the credits in Awakening that Nintendo put Laurent as his Va as George C. Cole as a mistake and think Patrick Seitz was the one voiced him and they were carelessly put in their page without sources. I only did was tried to show the confirmation to the guys at Behind The Voice Actors about Patrick Seitz's response that he didn't voice Laurent back at 2016 (this was before Patrick Seitz replied back saying he made a mistake that he did voiced Laurent) and their admin NCZ was kinda angry at me with a snarky comment when I showed them Patrick's tweet about his response as a source that they never bothered to fix it afterwards in the Awakening VA cast page in the website. I'm kinda wondered if Patrick managed to listen his recordings of Laurent in Awakening since he hasn't voiced him since 2012-2013?
  6. I just got a Twitter notification that Patrick Seitz (the voice director in Awakening, Warriors, Three Houses, and Heroes along with VA for Basilio, Hector, Camus, Jeritza, etc.) just tweeted minutes ago when I asked Patrick Seitz about the confusion that Behind The Voice Actors website (which it was skeptical for them to make jump the gun to put it in a snap and claming it that they were right without checking their sources) about if he did voiced Laurent that made confusion around in 2016. Patrick Seitz just reconfirmed it in his tweet reply that he indeed voiced Laurent in Awakening (he did made a mistake in 2016 that he didn't exclusively voiced Basilio in Awakening). The credits in Fire Emblem Awakening for Laurent's part labeled voiced by George C. Cole was a mistake.
  7. I got some ideas down what Assist Trophies for the 3rd Party characters's series and Fire Emblem: Three Houses gets in and maybe appear in the next installment since we aren't getting Assist Trophies as DLC: Persona: Goro Akechi/Crow or Jack Frost Dragon Quest: Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII Banjo-Kazooie: Klungo Fatal Fury: I think it probably has to be a new one that wasn't appear in King of Fighters Stadium unless they go with the Knuckles route. I'll go with Bob Wilson from Fatal Fury 3, I do wondered if SNK will might get Mai a different aternate oufit that isn't riske similar to like Terry Bogard has. I did heard alot of Mai fans wanted Mai to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a cameo. Fire Emblem Three Houses: Death Knight Arms: For the next installment, I would like to think they could replace Spring Man to Max Brass MineCraft: Wither Final Fantasy: Tifa Lockheart
  8. I feel like this list I made that should be used for the next installment after Ultimate instead put them in Ultimate. Here's mine that I picked out: Assist Trophies Takamaru Krystal Shovel Knight Magnus (I know he's not in Ultimate) Spring Man Pokeball Pokemon Keldeo Suicune Tapu Koko Victini Marshadow
  9. Mike Jones Pros: He count as a Retro Character. He is part of Nintendo franchise. He would probably work better than Link since he has multiple items to use than the usual three items that Link used such as the Bomb, Boomerang, and Bow & Arrow. He would most likely be the first Super Smash Bros. fighter that never had his games released in the Japanese Market if he gets in Ultimate. It be similar to like how Marth and Roy were handled in the West when they did get recognized to the Super Smash Bros. series since 2001 and got the later Fire Emblem titles came to the West. His two games did get rereleased in the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console while StarTropics 1 was been rereleased in NES Classic edition and NES Online while Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II isn't in NES Online yet. Iffy: He didn't make any cameos in other Nintendo games. (I do want him in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) His two games did get mentioned in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the Chronicle List. Con: Since his two video games weren't released in Japanese Market for the Famicom system nor gotten rereleased in Virtual Console in the Japanese side. But, I did saw there's some Japanese players got to play StarTropics in the NES Online since it's region-lock free. (I'm pretty sure Sakuria probably did saw some votes for Mike Jones from StarTropics in the Fighter Ballot for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U back at 2015 and Nintendo might have taken a look at the Ballot requests to pick out which characters to use and say it to Sakurai to make them happen.)
  10. I am pretty skepthical to think that we could not see an Avatar added for Genenealogy of the Holy War Remake like in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Plus, it has a midequel "Thracia 776" that would be difficult to have the Avatar in around with all three protagonists since Seliph doesn't meet Leif till Chapter 7. I do like to see some more new characters that have some Major or Minor (presumbably for Gen 1) Holy Blood that didn't get from Sigurd's army nor Seliph's army since Leif had Saias who has Major Fjalar.
  11. Since Sephorth been added that kinda matches the entire row in the Fighters Select Screen in the same lenght and same width. I'm kinda wondered if Challenger Pack 9 Fighter gets announced somewhere at 2021 and be added in the game that would get the Fighters Select Screen will might push Jigglypuff and Ken back to the Original 12 Fighters and Ryu since those two were been stuck seperated in different rows for a while when the first four DLCs Fighters got added in? I would think more than Jiggypuff and Ken after gets moved to Row 1 (that has the all the fighters from the first Super Smash Bros. game + Dark Samus since Dark Samus didn't exactly exist during at in 1999) and Row 5, I do think Young Link, Ike, and Mega Man would be moved to Row 2, Row 3, and Row 4, but the rest of the characters had to be arranged as well.
  12. 3 remaining that I would pick: Mike Jones from StarTropics series (We do need more Nintendo reps since Fighter Pass Vol. 1 had way too much 3rd Parties and plus, we didn't have a newcomer retro Nintendo rep added to Ultimate) 2nd Namco franchise rep (I would pick Llyod Irving from the Tales of Series, Namco deserves a 2nd franchise rep since Capcom, Sega, Konami, Square Enix, and Microsoft had two franchises added in Ultimate, I wasn't saying they have 2 fighters in total, I was refering to franchises since I know that Capcom and Konami has Ken and Richter as Echo Fighters and Square Enix had Sephiroth is a brand new fighter recently released) Tricky part that I would pick out: Impa (younger version), Cross or Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X, Black Shadow from F-Zero series (F-Zero needs more reps and Black Shadow would be a good candidate to qualitify in the villain category fighters as well), or 2nd SNK franchise rep I just hope that Fighter Pass Vol. 2 doesn't go over board with the 3rd Party characters again since more Nintendo reps deserves a chance for DLC roster. And plus, I would maybe stick with no more fighters from different 3rd Party franchises from Capcom, Sega, Konami, Square Enix, and Microsoft for right now. (like Devil May Cry, Halo, Puyo Puyo, etc., I would think that would go for the next installment instead.)
  13. Is that a leak screenshot of what the actual Sephiroth's Spirit Board looks like or did you photoshop it to make it what your vision of what Sephiroth's Spirit Board might look before we see in Patch 10.0.1 update comes on December 22nd? I do think the Avalanche Trio (Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie) might show up in the Spirit Board since the Remake managed to flesh out more likeable than the original handled along with Rufus and the Turks in there as well.
  14. I have an opinion on it since this is going to be way different from the rest: Movies: The Phantom Menace - 9/10 (It was my first time seeing in the Theaters, I do like the Lightsaber Battles with more than 2 People were handled) (This movie does not deserve the hate) Attack of the Clones - 6/10 Revenge of the Sith - 7/10 (Palpatine vs Yoda and Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan were excellent) A New Hope - 7/10 (I don't know about what to think about it) The Empire Strikes Back - 2/10 (It felt very boring without any majority of action besides the Hoth Battle. I didn't like the fight with Luke and Darth Vader, Darth Vader's and Han Solo's line felt really off, they should have Boba Fett kill someone or have a decent fight, I don't think the Wampa scene was good, and also, the Asteroid Scene has pacing issues) Return of the Jedi - 8/10 (It was my favorite of the Original Trilogy, the only thing that I didn't like was Palpatine gets picked up without a fight, I really do think they should do a Luke vs. Palpatine fight before Palpatine strikes Luke with Lightning) The Force Awakens - 8/10 The Last Jedi - 8/10 (This is what The Empire Strike Back should have been, action, better CGI and Visuals, ) (Does not deserve such hate as well) The Rise of Skywalker -10/10 (Rey managed to get into trouble situations that added more struggles for her, Chewbacca gets what he deserved, Palpatine gets his ass kicked that should have been in Return of the Jedi) (Does not deserve such hate as well) The Clone Wars Movie - 3/10 (I don't think they should have cramped the Season 1 Episodes into a Standalone Movie) Rogue One - 9/10 Solo - 8/10 The Holiday Special (not the Lego version, the 1978 version) - 0/10 Shows: 2003 Clone Wars - 6/10 (I really think they should have expanded it more than keep it at least 5 Minutes since they don't show up on the Guide when they first aired) The Clone Wars - ?/10 (I haven't seen the entire seasons yet, but I'll might get a chance with a year subscription on Disney+.) Rebels - 9/10 Resistance - 9/10 The Freemaker Adventures - 8/10 Lego All-Stars - 9/10 The Mandalorian - 5/10 (I felt like some of the Season 1 Episodes were very felt off, but my favorites were Episode 4, 7, & 8.) Legends: Legends Books - Nope/10 (except the Star Wars Manga Adaptions 6/10) Rebel Assault II - 6/10 Starfighter - 7/10 Jedi Starfighter - 8/10 The Clone Wars (video game, it was before 2008 TV Show existed) - 7/10 Lego Star Wars - 8/10 Lego Star Wars II - 8/10
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