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  1. Wait, is that GBA port is the name called Tekken Advance, correct? Or is it a different one? Edit: I managed to just found the WikiPedia page that did listed it as it's Tekken Advance. I might need to check that out.
  2. I would say Lima due to what Alm had said and how we have seen in the cutscenes. Some aspects that Rudolf technically isn't in some ways is: He did allowed Mycen to look after his child to keep away from the Duma Faithful due to Duma becoming corrupted. He let Alm to take over Rigel after he defeats Duma. He did let the survived Rigel Soldiers in Rudolf's final battle to retreat when Rudolf falls. It's most likely he did prevented Berkut to take over as the next Emperor due to the Heritage. We pretty much know Rudolf isn't a cruel ruler to his citizens at Rigel unlike Garon did in Fates. Some aspects that Rudolf had: He pretty much don't have control with the Duma Faithful due to they're loyal to Duma instead of Rigel itself. Some Generals that he didn't looked over that had become cruel to the Rigellian Citizens such as: Jerome (unless if he did planned to have Zeke observe Jerome's actions and have Zeke betray Rigel after Jerome's defeat)
  3. Since Kazuya Mishima is getting added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the 2nd Bandai Namco rep. I managed to purchased Tekken 1 & 2 on the PlayStation Vita Store in my PlayStation TV yesterday to trying out Kazuya and the franchise, I couldn't see Tekken 3 nor Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (which it's a PSP game like 6) appeared in the Search on the PlayStation Vita Store, I only saw it has Tekken 1, 2, 6, and Street Fighter X Tekken (which I did saw it's listed as incompatible to PSTV for SFxT). I have a few questions about the Tekken series: Does anyone have a Vita know where to get Tekken 3 and 5: Dark Resurrection at? I noticed Galaga was in the loading screen while loading up Tekken 1, does the other loading screen have other Namco arcade games in the other Tekken games? What is the best attacks for Kazuya to knock out Jack in Medium mode and Easy mode? (I couldn't knock him out) How many Tekken games are technically on Nintendo consoles besides Tag Tournament on the Wii U? (I saw the main stream Tekken games in WikiPedia merely shown playable in nearly every PlayStation consoles) Why is Kazuya's habit to throw some Fighters off the cliffs more than just throwing his father off the cliff? (I did saw this in Screwattack's Death Battle with Ryu vs. Jin, Geese Howard vs. Heihachi, and Top 10 Worst Fathers showing Heihachi's Bad Parenting)
  4. There's also Ken Masters did became a Father in Street Fighter IV as well. And plus, Donkey Kong did had a son when DK Junior existed in 1982. (I don't know if the modern DK was Donkey Kong Junior due to I watched the Missing in Action of Donkey Kong Jr. that Derrick did researched about the Kong Family Confusion in the Donkey Kong Continuity)
  5. I did checked in the Spirit Events that we're getting today was something related to Father Figures which it totally makes sense since Father's Day is coming up. I think I might have collected all those Spirits already. By the way, since we pretty much getting something else besides info of Kazuya, his Spirit Board, that Tekken Stage, and Mii Fighter Costume Round 10 in Kazuya's Presentation. Do you guys think we might get to see some previews of what Sakurai did with Kazuya's Classic Mode that might be in a Tekken-style layout and be similar to like he did with Terry's Classic Route in Terry's Presentation? I'm kind of wondered if Kazuya's Final Boss could might be Dracula due to Dracula is a father like Heihachi is, can transform into a demon bat like Kazuya has a Devil Form, and it's very dark as well or do you guys think Kazuya might have to fight Ryu, Ken, Terry, and/or himself as the Final Boss similar to like Terry has to fight Ryu, Ken, and himself in the Classic Mode?
  6. I think the right might be Caspar. The left definitely is a female and she might have either long hair or short hair. I might need to look that up to see who was the girl matches from the silhouette. I think one of my guesses that she could be Fir since that has some hair sticking out like that or could be Fjorm (I did saw some artworks that her hair looked straight down, I'm not entirely sure if her hair got up due to the water?).
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