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  1. I managed to upload two courses in Super Mario Maker 2. I have about a total of 13 uploaded courses as of right now. Survive the Thwomps & On/Off Switches ID: 5QH-F0V-1GF The Two Screens Challenges 2 ID: YG9-PFP-6PG
  2. The Pre-Order for the three versions of the TurboGrafx-16 Mini is now live and the price is revealed to be $99.99 in the US. They are definitely show up on Amazon only. But, I managed to pre-ordered the TurboGrafx-16 Mini. Can't wait to play Castlevania: Rondo of Blood along with the other TurboGrafx-16 games. I managed to get it from the US Amazon website.
  3. I just checked the game list for English and Japanese version that will be included in all versions of the TurboGrafx-16 Mini. There are 3 games that were already localized but they're using the Japanese version only in all versions are: Bonk's Adventure China Warrior Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (definitely looks like we are stuck with the Japanese text and Japanese voice acting only for the TurboGrafx-16 Mini and plus, there is no English subtitles available as well) Few games that were already in both game lists that is going to be available as overlapping games that were already on it. I don't know why Konami is included few games that were already included that were overlapping in all versions instead of replacing them in the list in specific region. But, the list of games that are included in both English and Japanese list that are overlapping each other are: Dungeon Explorer Military Madness Neutopia I Neutopia II Ys Book I & II And there is one game that is western exclusive for the western game list category and the other one is in the game list is exclusive for the Japanese version: Salamander (which it was known as Life Force) for West and Tokemeki Memorial for Japanese version. I am not entirely too sure about that.
  4. Ok, Konami just announced that the TurboGrafx-16 Mini will be including a total of 50 games All in One, 24 games were shown in TurboGrafx-16 version + 26 games were shown in PC-Engine Mini. It did mentioned that in both English trailers and Japanese trailer mentioned about 24 TurboGrafx-16 games and 26 PC-Engine games will be together as 50 Games All in One. They managed to include Neutopia I and II, Bomberman games, rest of the Bonk games including Air Zonk, Gradius games, and some of the others. The release date was announced that the system will be on March 19th, 2020. And Konami managed to update their website to include TurboGrafx-16 Mini and the game list.
  5. I totally think Byleth is definitely looked like in his/her early 20s. But, I just wondered why the timeskip cutscene changed Byleth's hair to white from the trailers since I think I heard it skips 5 years after something has happened between the three nations? That's not how that works. Besides that, we haven't seen Byleth gets customized like Kris, Robin, and Corrin and plus, they did showed Byleth is in the cutscenes without hiding his/her face on screen. (I totally think the customization is gone for Byleth and just leave the change for male or female only)
  6. I think you should look at it the Pegasusknight.com (which it's a Japanese website and a Fire Emblem fan website as well). I think they might possibly have the entire Genealogy of the Holy War scripts in Japanese and untranslated as well.
  7. My possible guess on the left is definitely Alm and the right is very hard to tell, but it could possibly be a female and she definitely does have long hair. My bet in the right possibly be Caeda or Clair.
  8. I managed to make three more courses. The two are originals and the third one is a recreation of Crypt 1 from Neutopia from the Turbografx-16. Claw Castle Sky ID: F3R-5KB-GKG GameXplain’s Warehouse Mobile App ID: Q7C-9QX-YWF Crypt 1 (Neutopia) ID: BFW-85T-4SF Edit in July 8th: I managed to upload a tenth course which it's a sequel course of "Survival Dash through Thwomps" in Super Mario Maker. Survival Dash through Thwomps 2 ID: XV1-2W3-D9G Edit in July 10th: I managed to create a eleventh course based off from the recent announced Nintendo Switch Lite consoles. Nintendo Switch Lite ID: G7W-4JL-Q5G
  9. I managed to upload three new courses, the first two are sequel courses from the first Super Mario Maker server that I created years ago. The third one is a recreation course based off from Stage 1 Dinner of Flames from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. (the one that Richter Belmont is in) Find a way to beat Time! 4 ID: TT9-SVH-CNF Two Screens Pink Coins Finding 3 ID: 191-YGC-5PG Dinner of Flames (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood) ID: 113-VTV-PJF
  10. I got three courses that I created that I wanted to share it out. I got the game from GameStop at 9 PM at the 27th. World 1-1 4th of July Remix (Super Mario Bros.) ID: L27-0QM-GXG Goomba Run Over Car ID: 20D-KBP-M9G StarTropics Mobile App ID: FMR-KMW-NTF
  11. Man, that was kinda sad to see him pass away from suicide. He really shouldn't kill himself over his problems, suicide is never the answer and I did heard that someone kills themselves on purpose that never go to heaven and they can actually get send straight to hell which it's a terrible thing to do. Rest In Peace to Etika. By the way, why did Etika kill himself for? Was it his obsession with losing and accidentally deleted his entire content in YouTube, his arrest with the police that happened weeks ago, family problems, or was it something bad happened to Etika like someoneone sended him a death threat towards Etika?
  12. I think Kiran didn't expect to get Ryoma's and Noire's other accessories by mistake and he might have got them embarrassed himself. I think Kiran might expect those accessories where he thought of instead of he ones he has received.
  13. I think I got one for Byleth if he gets in as one of the last two Fighter Pass DLC fighters. I definitely think Byleth would have to fight against either Dracula or Marx. Since Luminary and Banjo got in. I definitely think the Luminary would definitely have to fight Rathalos since he was shown in the trailer and Dragon Quest does involve Dragons. And for Banjo, I definitely think Banjo has to fight Dracula since Gruntilda is part of the horror villains as well or Galleom since Banjo did have a game involves Nuts and Bolts.
  14. I kinda did kinda wanted the Eighth Hero from Dragon Quest VIII would make it as a second Square Enix fighter. I didn't expected he would make it as an alternate costume for the Luminary along with Erdrick from the third game and Solo from the fourth game since we didn't seen any 3rd Party fighters getting an alternate costumes of different characters before. Also since the Erdrick leak was 50% correct and 50% false since Erdrick is in the game as an Alternate Costume since the Luminary is the main Dragon Quest hero focused in the roster & the Fighter Pass and plus, the leak didn't mentined Erdrick was an alt & didn't mentioned the other 3 Dragon Quest heroes are playable as well. I still have hope of that leak of all DLC Fighters for the Fighter Pass are all 3rd Party needs to be false and we definitely need to have a newcomer from a Nintendo franchise since Super Smash Bros. is a Nintendo fighting game. I think we do have an enough 3rd Party Fighters for the Fighter Pass roster.
  15. I did looked at YouTube, the TurboGrafx-16 Mini was definitely revealed at E3. Also, for the games that I do wanted to see it get added in the TurboGrafx-16 Mini are: Exile and Exile: Wicked Phenomenon Valis games Fighting Street (It's actually the first Street Fighter) Bomberman games Keith Courage Splatterhouse Gradius I & II Ys Book III Last Alert Also, I did checked in the game list that was covered. That game involves with Kung Fu that was shown in the Japanese trailer was actually called China Warrior and that Bonk game was Bonk's Adventure.
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