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  1. But, couldn't you technically save another big batch of orbs for next year's CYL like Round 5 (incase if Ingrid won Round 5) since Ingrid didn't won this year's Round 4? I definitely think the right silhouettes artwork is definitely Ingrid due to the hair style matched and her pose is matched from Three Houses.
  2. My guess in the right one is definitely Ingrid and she's probably still a Lance unit for this banner. The left one is most likely Sylvain, I think he could be a mage unit for this banner because I did seen juice glasses in the Silhouette, the drinks are usually used for Anima magic attacks in some of the Special Banners such as Camilla, Ishtar, Reinhardt, Rinea, Selena (TSS), etc. except Gunnthra.
  3. I think for the Potential Binding Blade remake should have: Add some The Blazing Blade characters that aren't killed off in The Blazing Blade should return as playable characters and some as NPCs (I think some of the ones that we already know that can't be alive in The Binding Blade are Ninian, Karla, Canas, Roy's mother, Lilina's mother, and Athos) I think some conversations in Fire Emblem Heroes implied Hawkeye was disappeared and Igrene hasn't seen him since she was little during at the Tempest Trials event and I did saw some info from Wolt in Fire Emblem Heroes implied he's adopted brother of Roy, I'm starting to think what on earth happened to Rebecca before The Binding Blade? Add maybe two or few new playable characters so that we have enough for The Blazing Blade characters (We need a female Cavalier and a female Mercenary in the Potential The Binding Blade remake) Add Arts Combat Skills and Mechanism like in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and Three Houses Post Game Content that takes place after Idunn's defeat Add a Prologue chapter Add Full voice acting Add more classes and including bring Assassin class and Monk class into potential The Binding Blade remake
  4. I don't rely on critics that much, I just buy the games that I want to. I do usually watch GameXplain just for the announcements, fun, livestreams, and analysis and I do watch some of Cinemassacre videos sometimes to see what was those games about when they play it. I did see some things that James or Mike point some flaws on some games that they play.
  5. So what are your thoughts that might help explain better why Ike leaves Tellius forever and it prevented him to return for a post game content in a potential Radiant Dawn remake? I could assume one thing that the people that were worship Ashera could hate Ike and some tragedy happened in Tellius like they could have a grudge against Ike for some reasons since he did defeated their goddess and maybe asked to be leave Tellius forever when that happened similar (not trying to make Ike sounded like a cowardly leaving request for Ike but maybe Exiling Ike by Force to leave Tellius forever, I was kinda picture something like Trevor Belmont from the Castlevania video games and Netflix series was exiled by the church in a similar sense that Ike had been through after dealing with Ashera) similar to like how Elincia had to deal with the Rebels rebelling her in Part 2 of Radiant Dawn.
  6. The DLC chapters are canon because there were some mentions about some DLC chapters in Awakening were mentioned in Fates like in Selena and Odin's conversation about the Hot-Spring Scramble in their Support B conversation in Fates. By the way, I was wondering about your ideal of an Post Game Content for a Radiant Dawn remake since I think the plot of Ike leaving Tellius should be showed off in the post game content to show why Ike decided to leave Tellius after Ashera fell or how Ike was left Tellius (like something happened) and it will might have add some more lore and bigger connections to Awakening and Priam's lineage. And what are your ideal things do you think about a new female character that's going to be Ike's first wife or girlfriend and female ancestor of Priam (maybe not part of one of Ike's army since we only know Soren or Ranulf are the only two playable characters that goes with Ike) should contribute to the Post Game content's plot potential Radiant Dawn remake? I think I do recall remember you did said years ago that it felt dumb for Ike leaving Tellius without an explanation on the game's ending in Radiant Dawn. What about if one of the reasons for a new Post Game Content made a better explanation in the Potential Radiant Dawn remake explains why Ike might have left Tellius so that he helps out a girl in Tellius to travel to another continent that later becomes his wife or giving his offspring (unmarried) similar to how in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia that has Alm helps a Foreign Trader to guard him travel to Archanea or he might have gotten hated by the people who worship Ashera after Ike defeated Ashera and something bad happened to Tellius might happened that caused him to leave Tellius and then he meets his first wife on a different continent maybe like Valentia/Valm that might help out expanding more lore for Ike.
  7. Dang, now that's kinda more creepy with Gharnef and Surtr showed up like that. I usually think The Black Knight should have armor and a cape in the Nifl attire since he's an armored unit.
  8. That's kinda makes alot of more sense since Anna was the one behind the Feh Pass because of she wanted money for profit for the Order of Heroes and tried to find a way to sell something since poor Fehnix getting the blame from the fan base for the Feh Pass. I know Fehnix is just a messenger owl having as a guest host while Feh is in vacation not the creator of the Feh Pass. (I am not against the Feh Pass and I do like Fehnix as well)
  9. I definitely think IS wouldn't bother to add romantic supports for Ike with Elincia since we know Ike has a descendant in Awakening named Priam (I think that would be a problem if one of the Crimea Royal Bloodline be away from the continent) and plus, it would take away being the first main character not being royal. I definitely think IS would might add an Endgame in Radiant Dawn remake would show who was the girl from another continent (or if the girl that fallen love with Ike came from Tellius might travel with Ike and Soren or Ranulf as a Short Independent Traveling Mercenaries might have doing a request for the girl to travel) that Ike meet that started their relationship and managed to start off his bloodline. Also, I'm totally sorry that I put my ideas down about for the potential Path of Radiance remake and Radiant Dawn remake, I thought this was an idea thread for us to think about for an ideal potential Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn remake that might improve something. Speaking of which, what type of new playable characters and new antagonists did you have in your mind for a potential Path of Radiance remake and Radiant Dawn remake?
  10. My idea for a Path of Radiance remake and a Radiant Dawn remake should have some stuff that might for: Full voice acting New playable characters and new antagonists Gaiden or Paralogue Chapters (similar to like how Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem had it) Few new classes and returning classes from other games added into both remakes New skills and adding recurring skills from other games added into both remakes An post-endgame content similar to one like Echoes: Shadows of Valentia had but make it bit bigger, for Path of Radiance remake, make it have a connection to Radiant Dawn's story before the three year time skip and for the Radiant Dawn remake, maybe have somewhere after Ashera is gone and show Ike leaves Tellius with taking the Ragnell with him (which we know Priam has the Ragnell after Ike died in the Awakening timeline) and might have some connections with Ike's lineage such as Priam in Awakening. My idea for new characters should have maybe around 5 new playable characters in Path of Radiance remake and 3 new playable characters in Radiant Dawn remake: Maybe a Crimea Villager that has his/her home village destroyed by Daein or Bandits (similar to like Donnel and Mozu) A Brigand Member (with him/her as part of the Brigand class as well) in one of the Bandits that Ike encounters since Path of Radiance lacks a playable character with a Brigand class Maybe a Daein Soldier or a Daein Commander who hates Petrine treats her own soldiers from Daein cruely (similar to like how Olwen and Ilios dislikes Kemph in Thracia 776, Zeiss dislikes Narcian in The Binding Blade, and Cormag dislikes Valter in The Sacred Stones) Maybe have a member of one of the Begnion's Occupational Army or Central Army (and maybe later in Radiant Dawn remake, he/she was forced to fight Ike's and Gallian's army by one of Senates to become one of the Disciples of Order without a choice. (like the Senate holding his/her family as hostages to make sure he/she doesn't betray Ashera and forced to fight against his/her trusted friends)) I was thinking of something like this: Maybe one new member in Crimean Royal Knights, I think he/she could be a replacement of Titania when she left in the Royal Knights and he/she could have a support conversation with Titania on why she left the Royal Knights. For Radiant Dawn remake: One new member in Dawn Brigade Two new members introduced in the Greil Mercenaries and both were recruited after The Mad King's War (maybe one female and one male)
  11. Well, my point that I was going to say two 3rd party franchises made by the same 3rd party company in the roster is definitely enough for Ultimate and plus, we do know that Dante from Devil May Cry is definitely most likely deconfirmed in Ultimate by Ken's VA and the Director of Devil May Cry series. I definitely think adding an another Capcom character will might definitely hog the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 (incase if there's too many 3rd Party Fighters hogging up the Fighter Pass roster again) because some of us wanted some Nintendo characters, another Bandai Namco character, and maybe one more another 3rd Party Fighter for Fighter Pass Vol. 2 since Fighter Pass Vol. 1 was hogged by too much 3rd Party characters (4 out of 5 in the roster). Tekken rep is most unlikely due to Heihachi Mii Fighter costume was added in the Round #6 Mii Fighter Wave. I definitely think a third 3rd Party Franchise rep (I'm not saying all 3 or 4 3rd Party Fighters made by the same 3rd Party company, I'm talking about three 3rd Party franchises from the same 3rd Party company) should be saved for later and be introduced in the next game incase if Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got a sequel or the future Fighter Pass like Vol. 3 or 4 or so on incase if Sakurai decided to change his mind and make it happen if he's getting alot better in the future during at Quaratine.
  12. The creator from ARMS was the one chose Min Min to let Sakruai included her in the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 roster that I recall hearing it about. I think the creator had to wait to think of choosing which ARMS character back then before the Party Crash Bash started at that time.
  13. I think I see some ideas down that I can't see them why people wanted them as Fighters but I don't think they're likely to fit in the roster in Ultimate. Here's my list so far: Waluigi Sora Arle Nadja
  14. I think we have enough Capcom characters along with Sega characters, Konami characters, and Square Enix characters in Ultimate. We definitely just need another Bandai Namco character, an another 3rd Party character, and some more Nintendo characters for Fighter Pass Vol. 2. I really think Fighter Pass Vol. 2 definitely doesn't need to fill too much 3rd Party characters since Fighter Pass Vol. 1 roster has too much 3rd Party characters.
  15. I'm kinda wondered if Sakurai managed to tweeked Min Min's ingame spirit battles since he did managed to show off the updated version of Cuphead's Spirit Battle since he did said that prior to the update's release have the Cuphead Mii Fighter Costume can be fought in Cuphead Spirit Battle if the player purchased and downloaded it? I definitely do think Min Min will might fight and replace the fighter that suppose to based off from Min Min in her updated ingame's Spirit Battle if the player purchased Min Min and download her to the game just like the Cuphead Mii Fighter Costume.
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