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  1. I choose StarTropics as my highest choice in the list. That NES franchise deserved to be renewed to the modern Nintendo console like Kid Icarus had gotten. I also choose EarthBound and F-Zero franchise since they definitely deserved it as well.
  2. I recommend getting those Fire Emblem games on the Nintendo 3DS especially Echoes: Shadows of Valentia as well. And other first party Nintendo 3DS games you should get is Super Mario 3D Land, Star Fox 64 3D, and Kid Icarus Uprising as well. Also for Virtual Console games, I recommend The Mysterious Murasame Castle since the only Western release that The Mysterious Murasame Castle is in the Nintendo 3DS as of right now. And it is a sister game to The Legend of Zelda since it was released at the same year as Zelda 1 was.
  3. I forgot to update here that I managed to the reschedule to 8 PM PT today. I am now live streaming Part 3 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light right now.
  4. Speaking of Glen, I do wonder if Eirika encounters Glen would try to make Eirika fight Glen instead of confronting him the truth about what really happened. That would possibly damage Glen more and Valter definitely would kill Glen more brutal after Eirika left and it might possibly make Cormag be iffy with being recruited into Eirika's party since Cormag finds out Valter was one killed his big brother.
  5. Technically, if they did that. I would think Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade would have been Japan only like The Binding Blade since Melee was the actual reason why Fire Emblem games are getting localized after The Binding Blade released and how Western Players got attached to Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones would have been the first Fire Emblem title to be released in the west instead of the Blazing Blade. I still liked Roy as a better fighter than Eliwood since Eliwood wasn't playable in The Binding Blade and plus, I think Roy's popularity would have been completely different than we have right now. Also, I would still have the 26 Fighters in the roster as the same as it is, but maybe add a few fighters that I totally think it should not be existing fighters from later games. I definitely totally realistically think Ayumi from Famicom Detective Club would fit in and maybe add some Fighters debut from the GameCube console since I know that Roy was the only fighter from the GBA title in Melee (but he's technically counted as a GameCube debut Fighter since The Binding Blade was released after Super Smash Bros. Melee). But, I definitely do think Solid Snake would might make it in the development since he was the reason why he's in Brawl because of Kojima was late to request to add him in back then in Melee. But I would not add an another Pokémon in the Melee Roster after Metwo and Pichu.
  6. Did you already traded one of the original Nintendo 3DS systems before bought the New Nintendo 3DS systems? I only have the original Nintendo 3DS system as of right now as the main Nintendo 3DS Console.
  7. I don't see anyone posted the release date revealed from two days ago. So Xenoblade Chronicles 3 managed to pushed the release down from September to July 29th. I'm kind of surprised to see Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was going to be releasing on July instead of launching on September. It makes me wondered if the development team managed to fix the stuff in XC3 that was originally planned to be released on September?
  8. What size GB are you using for the Nintendo 3DS console? Was it like more than 32 GB, correct?
  9. Is that the code where you get Minerva for Fates since she wsn't brought here in the Western versions? I think that might work on Japanese version of the Japanese Nintendo 3DS systems.
  10. By the way, did you managed to change some of the Book 2 character's names to their localized names that appeared in Heroes and the Choose Your Legends Poll such as "Sheena", "Roderick", "Feena", etc.? Also, I think Fire Emblem: Three Houses was the only Fire Emblem localized game that had Dismount Mechanic returned, I don't remember what class was called when dismounting Cavaliers, Paladins, Pegasus Knights, & Wyvern Knights in Three Houses. I know that there was "Knight" name has already been used for those Heavy Armored Knights class that might be little bit confused to new players who hadn't played Mystery of the Emblem yet who played a lot of Fire Emblem games in the series.
  11. Oh dang, just only up to 32 GB huh. I was buying stuff from the Nintendo 3DS eShop such as Nintendo published DSiWare titles (I managed to move the DSiWare games that I already played to SD Card), downloadable exclusives, and some games that are on sale.
  12. I have a specific question about SD Cards and the Nintendo 3DS Console since I have a 32 GB SD Card getting filled up room and my substitute 8 GB can't handle more large data after getting the stuff from the Nintendo eShop before it closes on March 2023 when I buying two Nintendo 3DS games were on sale were Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 and Persona Q2. I did manage to buy a 64 GB MicroSD Card with a SD Card Reader at Fred Meyer at a Sale that is a PNY Brand, a message pops up that the 64 GB MicroSD Card with the SD Card Adaptor couldn't read the memory. Does all original Nintendo 3DS consoles actually hold up to 32 GB or is the Specific Brand of SD Card (something like a SanDisk or Kingston for example) that is above 32 GB allows to read for the original Nintendo 3DS Console? I wanted to get a lot of Digital Downloads added into my Nintendo 3DS Console before March 2023.
  13. I'm now live streaming Part 2 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. I'm going to be streaming Part 3 sometime on May 3rd at 11 AM PT.
  14. I did saw Nintendo just dropped a new trailer that is a mainline game. The trailer shows that it takes place before all the previous FE entries that it's a prequel to the the entire franchise. It's features a protagonist named Shirin that created the world of Fire Emblem and Naga appears as a teenager helps him in his quest to bring peace in the corrupted world and ended the first war called "War of Destruction". There are ancestors of the legacy FE characters appeared in this game similar to like how Pokemon Legends Arceus was handled and the world is called Inertia. Here's the link of the trailer that I found.
  15. I didn't see anyone posted this about E3 2022 in Serenes Forest. I did managed to taken a look at GameXplain's Channel have posted a video that showed information that E3 2022 in now officially cancelled. I was sadly to see this was been cancelled since I was looking to forward to watch E3 this year since the whole Pandemic thing now got slightly handled better right now than it happened in 2020.
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