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About Me

I am a Nintendo fan and I'm also in the Fire Emblem Wiki with the same name for my username. (See Here)

I'm also on many other wikis, Super Mario Wiki and Wikipedia, my previous username on the Wikia was DigiPen92, but I changed it to King Marth 64 since June 2011.

I managed to registered DigiPen Institute of Technology in Fall 2017 and currently studying there as an Video Game Artist and maybe work on other Video Game Development as well.

I am a Special Ed student and sometimes not good at English. I also helping this website.

  • I am also '''Autisim''', in '''College Reading Level''' right now (previously was 8.3), and the others...
  • I managed to get up to English 250¬†and I don't have to pass the English exit exam at high school in 2010, because Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger changed the law to make Special Ed students don't need the pass the CAHSEE to graduate in High School. And I am very lucky to graduate at my high school.
  • I am a college student, I finished Read 95, Read 97, English 95, Read 99, English 97, English 99, English 116, and English 250.
  • I am good at Math and I did pass the math exit exam at my sophomore year at my high school, since 2008.
  • I took Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Trigonometry/Pr-Calculus and I am the only Special Ed Student in my class in Geometry ''(not the whole school I meant)'', only Sp ED in Algebra 2, and only Sp ED in Trigonometry/Pr-Calculus ''(Because there is only 1 class room in my high school)''.
  • I am improving my skills.
  • I am a very good artist.
  • I am currently in training to improve myself.
  • I am currently taking Japanese right now, started around from December 2015.
  • I have good judgement, disciplined, strong speech, and courage as of right now.
  • I totally think anyone who uses hate speeches on other innocent people and other things is totally corrupted.
  • I personally think Aveyn Knight (a.k.a. VincentASM) is better than Jyosua as a Monarch-like Admin.
  • I personally know that anyone who hates official English dubs in Anime and Video Games or other official English translations/localization in general (in general, in general) is really corrupted. They are not using the real freedom of speech.
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