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  1. Hi. I used a Flying team. Caeda, Duo Palla, Young Minerva and Summer Tiki. The last three with Wings of mercy. All of them with I used Palla Duo Skill to give Caeda three movement in the first turn. Caeda with Life and death,Lunge,Galeforce and her Flashing Blade Refine, swift sparrow seal.. She can kill the green armor, switch and be in Wings of mercy range. I had Duo Palla kill Hrid. Summer Tiki repositioned Caeda.Then she killed the green mage. Minerva transport too. After that it was manageable to deal with the enemies. If you need more details tell me. Tiki can be replaced since I only used her because I had no other flying unit available. Hopefully this helped.
  2. I wasn't asking you to fodder them. Just used them in conjuction with Hinoka and Ryoma (Any unit with those skills work), may be I didn't make myself clear. Congratulations!
  3. I wasn't asking you to fodder them. Just used them in conjuction with Hinoka and Ryoma (Any unit with those skills work), may be I didn't make myself clear. Congratulations!
  4. Hi. I thought your Gerome had Fortify Fliers and that you had Summer Corrin that has it by default.
  5. Hi I have another solution. I hope it may help you. Using a Ryoma with Distant defense and Kinshi Hinoka. Initial positioning is Goad user in the top, Fortify user in the center, Hinoka in the rigth and Ryoma in the bottom. Give Ryoma Fortify Fliers buff. Move him to the range of Ursula and the Green Mage (Two square to the right). Move Goad user to the bottom. Ursula attacks Ryoma. Cavalier draws her back. Green mage attacks, Ryoma kills him. Armor unit transport. THe next turn Ryoma has Glimmer charged and can kill the top Ninja. Hinoka use flier formation and kills Ursula. The next turn Hinoka gets attacked by the thief. In the followng turns it is easy to kill the rest of the units. Let me know if this works for you (Again our Ryomas are different)
  6. I have another way. With Myrrh having distant defense and having fortify buff putting her in the square in front of the lance user she will survive the enemy phase. Then with Hinoka FLying guidance she can comeback to safety (putting Hinoka behind the wall) I then attack the top axe user with Summer Corrin(Ryoma reposition her to the top with the help of flying formation seal). The Hinoka attacks the axe user. In enemy phase the blue mage attacks HInoka. The next turn Hinoka kills the blue mage. Got reposition to safety by Summer Corrin to the top. Ryoma goes down and kills the axe user. In enemy phase Ryoma with fortify buff from Summer Corrin survive and kills the axe user, the red mage and Robin. Myrrh can kill the lance user. Myrrh has goad fliers and quick riposte 2. I don't know think goad makes the difference here.
  7. Hi. I'm new in this forum. And English is not my first language so bear with me. But if it helps you; I used Summer Corrin with Fortify fliers to reposition Legendary Ryoma with Distant defense. Then Ryoma attack the top Axe user killing him. In the enemy phase Ryoma kils Robin and the Red mage. Surviving the Blue mage attack. Then I move back Ryoma next to Summer COrrin. It got reposition back. Kinshi HInoka attacks the axe user from the other side of the wall. In enemy phase Summer COrrin tanks the Axe user. Next turn Hinoka kills the axe user. And then Myrrh can kill the blue mage and lance user. It is the first time I try to give advice, so it probably doesn't make sense. Also my Ryoma is +Res/-Atk. So maybe it is not possible with yours. SUmmer COrrin could be replace with any unit with Fortify and survive the axe user I suppose. Kinshi HInoka could be replace with other range flier. Hopefully this could help.
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