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  1. Thats an amazing story :D thank you for sharing!! i enjoyed reading it a lot :thumbs_up:
  2. late to the party but i used Groom Marth to bait Leo and the lance cavalier, whilst F!Grima killed the rest
  3. Hello, you can call me prince, if you want, i joined like 2-3 days ago, the forums seems to be a chill and neat place ive played FE7 (still not finished) FE8 (not finished too) Sacred Stones (yep still didnt finish this too) and i couldnt play Fates so i just watched a Lets Play on Youtube ;)))
  4. late but welcome RexBolt! hope you have a good time here :D
  5. Its my first intagram username from my childhood. i was an edgy 9 years old boi LOL @Karimlan thank you, i will :D @Slumber heh, good one :P @Dragoncat thanks ;) im using my old instagram username because im bad at coming up with good usernames lmao @Ycine thank you very much :D
  6. I've been lurking for a while, and i must say this place seems like a nice and welcoming environment. It wasn't too easy so sign up since i'm usually shy, but @Michelaar told me that i won't regret it so i said why not give it a try. I hope i can be friends with a lot of people and talk with them about Fire Emblem
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