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  1. Banned for looking like they have answers when they actually have none.
  2. Tactics Ogre Reborn (Switch). Nearly finished with one storyline, will deliberate on whether or not I'll go through the other two storylines and the endgame content.
  3. Banned because of Reflect shenanigans.
  4. I doubt Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell would engage in political intrigue between the Bakram and the Walister. He'd probably just drink with the leaders of both factions and listen to Black Sabbath.
  5. The words "Nintendo Switch" and "graphical capabilities" are mutually exclusive, that much I agree with. However, it is a caveat that most people (I'd like to think) are very well in observance of. I, for one, pretty much made the decision to just buy titles on the Switch that I can't get elsewhere (granted, I made two exceptions because of nostalgia and portability-- Tactics Ogre Reborn and Crisis Core Reunion, because my PSP was stolen before I could get far in either game). Barring those two titles, I purchase for the PC any game that I can play on Steam/Epic.
  6. Thanks for reading my mind, I was about to ask lol
  7. Having unlocked the Golden Route on my third (and final) playthrough, it felt satisfying, if not too idealistic.
  8. On that, they did a good job. It was one pivotal moment in what felt like (almost) half-season of book-ending work written into the overarching plot. The endings of Carmilla's sisters felt a touch melodramatic (not just Lenore). Maybe that was written on purpose to say that "hey, not everyone had a happy ending," I don't know.
  9. Your team will go through the battle as you normally would, only they'd be AI-controlled (they won't have an "immediate finish" like in other gacha games). If your team lost, you'd be able to field a new set of characters in modes like Tempest Trials+, otherwise it'll just go to Game Over where you can replay the last turn or give up.
  10. I normally ask the streamer if he'd want some assistance, and try to keep the tips spoiler-free, but depending on the game, that may be easier said than done.
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