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  1. 9 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    How does myrimidon screw his early game? It doesn't. all it does is take 5% from lorenz's already decent res. It does nothing to screw him over. It helps him not get doubled. You can just keep his goal as reason and lance, or riding or whatever build you want him to have.

    Because then he isn't using magic, which means it's going to take even longer for him to get into an advance class. Of course if you're going for a riding Lorenz, I will grant that this isn't really going to screw too much with Lorenz, but it will hard gimp a mage Lorenz's earlygame, and will bleed heavily into the midgame. It's just largely ineffective for the goals that Lorenz aims to achieve.

    9 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    That doesn't change the fact that lorenz would be a good dancer. It would also help his speed a TON if you don't want to keep him in it.

    Depending on his build, Lorenz can be a godlike great knight.

    Dark bishop suffers from the same problems as gremory

    Paladin is an amazing class to remain in

    Bow knight is pretty good as well

    And of course dark knight and holy knight are good as well.

    Of course Lorenz is still a great dancer, but again it generally doesn't help much with the general paths you push him down, due to the focus on faith and swords, instead of lances and reason.

    Sure Lorenz can be a good Great Knight, but that doesn't mean Great Knight is a good class for him, and sending him down the classline to get Great Knight will largely screw with his Frozen Lance utility, at least in my experience.

    Dude you're the one who brought up Dark Bishop, I was the one telling you that it suffers from the exact same problems as Gremory in your eyes.

    Paladin and Bow Knight speak for themselves.

    And only Dark Knight is good. Holy Knight is significantly worse for a variety of reasons that people have written up elsewhere.

    9 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    I agree that lorenz is a jack of all traits and a master of none, but this is why he has a ton of viable class paths: because you specialize him in this class. Lysithea can only go through mage and gremory is her only good master class. Lorenz requires you to customize and master him in a certain way, making him FAR more versatile than any other unit. This is why I think lorenz is easily one of the best units in the game: Specialize him in a certain class and he'll become the best at it. Hilda is only good as fontline and marianne is only good as support. Lorenz is good in nearly everything

    This is incorrect thinking, mainly because you're not giving the units who are more focused enough credit. Sure, Hilda doesn't make a very good mage, but she is an amazing frontline. Meanwhile Lorenz is only a good frontline. Sure, Marianne wouldn't really make the best armored unit, but she's an amazing support. Lorenz is only a good support. That's only a few examples of class specialization versus class generalization. Yes, he is good in everything, but he's great in very little, and amazing in nothing. The way that 3H was designed makes it so that units with more focus in their paths are for the most part better than units who can do almost anything. That or if you have a busted personal weapon. The point is that sure, Lorenz can fill many roles, but the roles that he will fill, unless he heads down his specific niche, will always be worse than others.

    8 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    I compare lorenz with lysithea because whenever I mention lorenz on other forums, they always say that lorenz is irrelevant because lysithea exists. When I use lysithea in my comparisons, its to prove that lorenz can hold his own against these units which are completely inflexible. If you read another post in this topic I've made, the reason I think lorenz is good because of the amount of different class paths he can take and be rlly good

    Other people making pitfalls of unit comparison doesn't mean that you should make those same pitfalls.

  2. Is Lorenz a good unit? Sure, everyone in Three Houses for the most part is a good unit, but he really isn't the godsend that you're portraying him as.

    2 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    Lysithea is an amazing unit who is literally a walking nuke, but dies when any enemy so much as breathes in her general direction. Even her res is pretty bad. Lorenz, on the other hand, depending on his class path, can have a def growth of 40% (lysithea has 10%), making him the only bulky mage. He is the only mage who can hold his own on the frontline, making him far more versatile than lysithea.

    Just comparing Lysithea and Lorenz to one another is kinda a pitfall. You gotta look at Lorenz compared to the rest of the cast. And he doesn't fair particularly well. You say he can hold the frontline, but he's never gonna make it there as a mage. 4 move is super slow, meanwhile you have fliers and even just other regular infantry classes with better move. By the time Lorenz gets there, your Wyverns will have easily taken out everyone there. He doesn't even have the major advantage of super good range from a siege spell or using a bow. He might be able to tank a bit on the frontline, if he somehow gets there, but he sure as hell won't last long.

    2 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    There are some pretty good high magic power users in this game who have a pretty bad spell list (Hanneman, Sylvain, to name a few), who can't properly utilize their magic completely (Hanneman is good with magic bow though). Lorenz, on the other hand, has fire,sagiatte, ragnarock and AGNEAS ARROW. Despite having less powerful magic than say marianne or lysithea, he makes up for it with ridiculously powerful spells.

    You complain about Hanneman's spell list, but it's literally the same as Lorenz's, minus the Agneas Arrow and plus Thoron and Meteor. Agnea's arrow is a nice spell, a bit overrated imo but still nice, but it doesn't make up for his range issues, and all of those spells still hurt his speed, which will substantially hurt his frontline potential. In Maddening, his bulk won't be enough to survive, and he will get eaten alive by everything that moves.

    2 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    Lorenz has access to recover (most units have this but its still useful and WARD. Lorenz is the only unit (which is viable) that has access to ward. This helps lorenz in the long run become even more useful at support roles. Lysithea only has access to heal, making her even less flexible.

    As a healer, yes Lysithea is less flexible than Lorenz. This does not make Lorenz an amazing healer. Even compared to people in his own house he is still worse than Marianne, and I'd probably debate Ignatz since both of them have Physic. Yes, he is hypothetically on the front lines so physic isn't a necessity. But until he gets his mount, he will be scrambling to try and make it to the front lines, so having physic in order to help with that is a necessity for any support unit. As for Ward, yes it's nice but Lorenz is hardly the only viable unit with it. Both Manuela and Hanneman learn it, and Manuela is a far better support unit than Lorenz. Constance learns it, and she basically serves as a flying magical nuke on top of great support skills. This is why you shouldn't just compare Lorenz and Lysithea, since when compared against others both are kinda meh in the support department. Lysithea gets warp, and that's why she still does place higher, this on top of her generally good magic meaning that she can generally make heal work.

    2 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    Unlike every other mage, lorenz actually has decent str and decent combat arts (lysithea does have soulblade), allowing him to remain on the frontlines slightly longer, whilst once again increasing his versatility. If lorenz runs out of usages on his spells, his decent speed allows for doubling occasionally (consistently in my case), meaning having a silver lance or brave lance is also viable.

    Decent strength does nothing if his speed is average at best. It might be enough on hard, but on Maddening it does nothing for him. He might be able to wield one or two of his spells without a weight penalty, but as I said, this doesn't really matter much. Sure he can decently utilize other weapons if he has to, but at that point he's more of a Jack of all trades, master of none.

    2 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    Thrysus, an accessory relic, gives +2 magic range (4 range ragnarock!), which is busted, but if a unit has a crest of gloucester, they get pavise/aegis a lot of the time. Lorenz and lysithea have access to this effect.

    Thrysus itself is very busted, but since anyone with a crest can use it and get the range benefit, I'd hardly call that in favor of Lorenz. The Pavise/Aegis is something that really only he can utilize, I will agree to that, however that isn't very reliable, and it's absolutely something you shouldn't rely on. 

    2 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    Gremory is literally just handicapped dark knight but also is exclusive to female units. Its extremely overrated; its only advantage is slightly higher charm and dexterity growth. Dark knight has higher mobility, versatility, strength and equal magical capabilities. If anything, lysithea is misssing out on access to poison strike and lifetaker (both help lorenz become more bulky).

    It's not just Gremory though, now it's also Dark Flier and Valkyrie, on top of Gremory. Yes Gremory itself is a tad overrated, however the additional spell slots are extremely useful, which is something Lorenz will likely struggle with if frontlining so much. Dark Knight itself is a very mediocre class. Its best point is the mobility of it, which is very nice, but Gremory as a whole has more versatility due to the increase of magic slots. Two warps is two warps man. This is on top of other female magic users having access to Valkyrie, which is just a better version of Dark Knight, and Dark Flier, which while gimmicky, is still a flying mage of destruction. So while Gremory is overrated, this does not mean that Dark Knight is particularly good. And on the topic of Dark Mage, yes their skills are pretty good, but as a class they don't fix many of Lorenz's shortcomings.

    2 hours ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    Overall, I think lorenz is completely written off by lorenz' at first having a bad personality and also the worst hair to ever be designed. I've noticed that people constantly will tell that characters they don't like are also bad (this happens to hanneman as well). Lorenz is easily one of the best units in the game without having to put much work in. 

    Don't get me wrong man, I love Lorenz. Dude has one of the best redemption arcs. However he is far from one of the best units in this game. B tier at best. We still have the lord who are amazing, other units like Hilda who can become flying invincible tanks, and just more specialized units who can better fit into their roles. Lorenz needs a specific seal to get into Dark Mage where he can get the skills needed to shine in the role you want him to be in, and also needs a lot more babying to become a good unit, something that the best units in 3H don't need.

    I will now address a few of your other claims

    1 hour ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    Make him myrimidon at the beginning for 45% speed growth and +2 speed, both of which help with doubling

    Ok, so you make him a myrmidon. What does that do for his later class paths? You want him to become a mage or a cavalier. Myrmidon helps with neither of these. Yes it does fix his speed ailments somewhat, but then it screws so hard with his earlygame that it's gonna be significantly harder to get him back on track.

    1 hour ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    the pavise aegis effect does help a lot and lorenz being naturally bulky for a mage does not necessarily rely on it anyways. Also, lorenz can become an extremely viable dancer, great knight, dark bishop, dark knight and could even stay as paladin.

    I personally think you're overestimating the usefulness of Pavise/Aegis. Yes it is nice, but it isn't guaranteed. As for the other viable classes.

    Nearly anyone can be a viable dancer, it's dancer, the class as a whole is great.

    Great Knight is a horrendous class, however that would mean making an armored Lorenz who would at least fulfill that tanking roll you give him.

    Dark Bishop is a decent enough class, but really if you're sticking him there it's just a worse Gremory, or even just worse regular Bishop.

    Paladin is a fine enough class, but if you're making a physical Lorenz, just make him a Bow Knight. Bows are just that good in 3H, and since you're focusing on physical you might as well dip into bows to fulfill it. 

    1 hour ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    What gender class access does lyithea have apart from gremory?! It's literally just handicapped dark knight with better speed and charm. Its lorenz who has gender class access (dark mage, dark bishop). Also Lysithea has roughly the same amount of spells as lorenz, meaning that point is false. Lysithea has worse defence, resistance, luck and charm than lorenz. Lysithea may kill better than lorenz, but she suffers from severe losses over lorenz: worse survivability, awful hit and might with gambits, no access to a useful relic, no support abilities (apart from warp, which requires ridiculous amounts of faith training), less movement, gender locked from dark mage line, and less versatility in combat. Lorenz has a solid 50% strength growth in dark knight as well, meaning that even if he runs out of spells, he can still fight with high str.

    I've already stated about the new DLC classes Lysithea has avaliable to her, so I won't harp on that point. Lysithea has two more spells than Lorenz, one reason and one faith. Both are more attack spells, but that gives her more versatility in the kind of spells she can use. Also, Lysithea getting to A rank for warp is actually pretty easy, due to her personal skill. Gambit hit can be fixed with supports for the most part, and the rest is largely irrelevant.

    1 hour ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    Just adding, his speed is average, his strength is above average, his magic is above average, and his faith list is above average. Recover is a useful heal spell paired with canto, and ward is op; don't downgrade ward, it'll be saving you left and right if you use it. The only point I give you Dayni is that you should never put him through cavalier and should only put him through paladin if you want him to be more bulky than fast (both ways work out).

    His speed is below average, 40% can be considered middle of the road at best, and many of his classes won't help emphasize it to make it grow. His str and mag are above average, but only barely. They aren't gonna be amazing, glass shattering stats, but they will be decent. This is why Lorenz is a good unit, but not a great one unless you push him down a specific niche. And Ward is not op. I'm sorry but it's just not. It's a very nice utility spell, it can get you out of a sticky situation or two, it is not OP. It isn't Physic that can give you cross-map healing in a pinch, it isn't Warp that can allow you to just easily skip maps. It's just a really nice spell.

    1 hour ago, FireEmblemFan3475 said:

    His 50% strength and 55% magic in dark knight is amazing, and like you said, lysithea will struggle with doubling in maddening as well. Also I cant keep stressing this: lorenz is the ONLY BULKY MAGE WHO CAN BE A FRONTLINE AND SUPPORT UNIT

    Those are both decent growths. Other frontline units will easily surpass one of those growths. As stated, Lorenz is a Jack of all trades, Master of none, and while yes he can become a "bulky" mage on the frontlines who can also be support, those are two contrasting roles. More focused units will do that job significantly better, like Hilda who is just focused on frontlining, or Marianne who is just focused on supporting. Splitting him up between the two roles just results in him being overall worse at both jobs.

    Now I will mostly agree with Myssdii's arguments, since they display Lorenz more accurately imo. I will sustain that Lorenz is a decent unit, who can generally fill a decent frontline defense unit, and a decent support unit, but never a great anything.


  3. 1 hour ago, Armchair General said:

    Kind of off-topic, but is anyone else having trouble how getting an roll quarters in the States? Because nobody is giving them out, nowadays and I don't feel like" stealing" some from an laundromat.


     My extended family thinks it's covid related and it's the start of something worse.

    I personally haven't had that issue, but that might just be due to where I live. I can frankly see currency issues continuing and being exacerbated as this virus continues. Probably measures to restrict currency being produced in order to try and drive the value of U.S. money up again, which will bring up the economy by relation. At least that's the theory if what I've read is correct.

  4. Glad that Trump's priorities are trying to hunt down people who damage confederate statues, meanwhile he knew for months that Russia has been paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers and he has done nothing about it. Frankly I was surprised there was a new low that Trump could sink to. I thought after his continued bungling of this pandemic there wasn't anything else, this was Rock bottom, but then this whole shebang comes out. 

    To elaborate for anyone not in the know about what was just revealed, a report by the New York Times released yesterday stated that U.S. intelligence had deduced months ago that a Russian assassination unit had been setting up bounties on U.S. soldiers and paying the Taliban to take them out. This article states that Trump was briefed on this and proceeded to do, nothing. In fact he has still invited Russia to the G7, and has only tried to further display his trust in Russia, and his insistence on being equal with them. 
    Now, the White House put out a claim today stating that the President had not been briefed on this. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/06/27/afghanistan-white-house-denies-trump-briefed-russia-bounty-report/3272352001/. Let's just say this is true, since frankly it's a little unbelievable but it being true makes this so much worse. This means that for months, the government has known this horrid shit that Russia is doing, and either failed or decided not to tell Trump about it. This either displays incompetence in the management of intelligent agencies, or that they don't trust Trump with this kind of information, meanwhile he is making it so much worse. And you know how you can tell that you really fucked up? Fox News is covering it, and is generally putting Trump on the bad side this time. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/lawmakers-want-answers-on-russia-paying-taliban-to-attack-us-troops

    Meanwhile, the dude decides that vandalism is the most important crime in the world, and signs an executive order stating that anyone who does so to monuments, memorials, or statues will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I think that characterizes Trump the most out of everything else. Statues are more important than lives to him. It's absolutely disgusting.

  5. It's kinda hard for me to actively dislike characters. They have to really piss me off for me to go beyond a neutral stance. There are plenty of characters I'd rather not pay much attention to, like basically the entire cast of the Archanea games, but I don't hate them. Even controversial characters like Edelgard, Camilla, or Tharja I generally keep neutral on, although I like Tharja the least of the three. There are a few characters I massively dislike, but they generally don't seem to be that popular. Faye is an obvious shoe-in since one of my favorite lords is Alm. Some people will defend her by saying that I just strawman her by saying she only has her obsession with Alm, and while I will say she does have a little more under the hood, that fucking ending just broke any sense of neutrality I could have on her. Irritated me to hell and back. Leonie is another one. Again, while she is obviously more than Jeralt worship, the fact that it's her main character trait and it frankly doesn't work put her on the side I liked less. She just always turned out bad for me. Gameplay can heavily effect my opinion on a character. It's why I love Ganondorf so much, and also why Ganon is one of my least favorite characters. He's just so fucking boring. He has none of the charm, moxy, and outward strength of Ganondorf. Ganon is just a pathetic blue pig whose corpse gets dragged around whenever Ganondorf is taking his beauty nap. Another character on the less popular side, but since she's one of the few females in KH she still has a bit of popularity, Larxene. Good fucking god Larxene. Sure she's written for you to hate her guts, but every word she utters makes me want to drive a knife down her throat. Her boss fight drove that home for me. I don't care if it's technically well designed, I still despise fighting her and hate doing it every time I get the the data org room for a playthrough.

    Onto characters that appear in video games but aren't really "video game characters", but I'm still talking about them since where else would I mention it. The entire cast of Dragon Ball has just never appealed to me, unless we're in Abridged. They're just so bland and forgettable. I dislike most of them based on appearance more than anything else. Toriyama is a good artist, but I just don't really like the way his style gets animated a lot. Super's animation just looks bad imo. Other than that, I really can't think of much else off the top of my head

  6. 5 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    What is a mini Jeigan?

    It's a stronger than average early-game unit with the purpose of weakening enemies for other units, while still being having decent-good growths and being a sustainable units. They also normally are at a higher level than other units in the early-game, but generally are not promoted. This is different from an Oifey, who just kills everything, and a regular Jagen, who falls off around midgame. Mini-Jagens are normally good enough to be continually used without much hindrance. Good examples of Mini-Jagens are Oswin, Gray, Dieke, and as is prudent for this case, Felicia

  7. Well not to seem biased or anything but I'm gonna throw my lot in with Felicia.

    She serves as more of a mini-Jagen, admittedly, but early game she still serves as a way to weaken other units to kill, just that she weakens them via indirect means. Having her use daggers is pretty smart design on IS's part, since while they do minimal damage, they actively debuff enemies, making it easier for other units to survive combat with them. It isn't even that hard to find her kills, in my experience. She sorta becomes less relevant in the mid-game, although extra healer utility is always good, which somewhat follows the Jagen trend. Despite the fact that her attacking utility picks up hard when she gets the Flame Shiruken, I feel that needing an item to stay consistently good is consistent with the Jagen archetypes of old interpreted in a modern idea. Obviously if a player invests in a unit, most of them are going to want to keep using them even if they've fallen off, which is why the Flame Shiruken is a smart item placed at the right time.

  8. Depends on the game. FE1 doesn't have mode changes to my knowledge, FE2's "easy" mode is frankly the only way to play unless you like hours of tedium, FE3 and 4 still don't have difficulty modes. FE5's Elite mode is something I think is genius. Don't change the enemies persay, change what the player units can do. Giving everyone double exp does make the game easier, without significantly altering anything. This makes the jump off of Elite mode way easier, since it's still the same game, but now you'll have a bit harder time reaching that point of domination.

    FE6's hard mode is the first time where enemies are buffed, but they still have the bonuses of hard mode enemies that can become player allies, so that does soften the blow of changing difficulties. FE7 is similar, although its hard mode isn't particularly hard barring a few choice maps. This does mean that a player can easily move from normal to hard, and still not be in too difficult a case. FE8 is similar to FE7, which was similar to FE6. FE8's hard mode is the only way you play the game. Even if you're new, doing Easy mode will bore you to tears, and normal isn't much better. Hard mode offers a bit of a challenge in the early game, and on a few maps. The GBA games as a whole generally allow a player to steadily and comfortably make their way up the difficulty levels.

    FE9 is an easy game regardless, and its difficulty modes don't really help much. Easy is as easy as FE8's easy mode, Normal is on par with FE8's Hard, Hard is like, a little bit harder then that, meanwhile Maniac is either bullshit enemy spam, or a boring slog. FE10 is similar, except that it's actually a decent challenge. Easy(Normal) is generally a sufficient challenge that if you keep on your toes, you'll make it out fine. Normal(Hard) is something you do if you really want a challenge, this'll test your skills. Hard(Maniac) is what I consider to be the worst designed difficulty in all of FE history. This is because the game explicitly takes away mechanics in an attempt to be difficult. I'm mainly referring to the removal of the weapon triangle. Now when Echoes or Three Houses take away the weapon triangle, they design the game around this. Radiant Dawn is not designed around the lack of weapon triangle, and this plus stat inflation makes the game mode unable to be enjoyed in my eyes. This on top of the other way that Tellius tries to pile on it's difficulty, experience of the regular and bonus kind. On harder difficulties, you get less experience, but you also get less bonus experience. I get the thought process behind this, and in FE9 in sorta works fine because of how easy at base that game is. In FE10 it all falls apart though, since that game is harder by nature. You get so much less to work with that it's a tad absurd. The way these games do difficulty is the antithesis for how I think difficulty should be handled in FE.

    In contrast, the DSFE games are a super good, mostly. While difficulty is primarily based around stat inflation, which is kinda meh, the sheer variety of difficulties available makes up for it in spades. Having 6 total difficulties really allows for a level of fine tuning and working your way up that fewer difficulties don't allow. My biggest gripe is hiding content behind the mode, where Normal has extra chapter that Hard doesn't. Although maybe the devs realized that everyone would just kill off Gordin and having 4 cavs at the start was too much for them. Regardless, it's generally a good system.

    The 3Ds games are all drastically different from one another. Awakening has normal and hard, which feel pretty easy for the most part, but generally still function. Then there's Lunatic, which is kinda stupid but eventually evens out to a decent challenge. Then there's Lunatic +. This almost could've been good, but they just went way too far. Absurd skills that are random just isn't fun. Fates thankfully fixed this issue, except that no matter the difficulty Birthright is a cakewalk and Revelations is a mistake. Conquest is actually really good about difficulty scaling, I enjoyed experiencing the differences between the harder difficulties. Echoes I hardly noticed a difference between Normal and Hard, just some small stat inflation.

    Three Houses, much like Awakening, almost had it. Normal and Hard are both way too easy, but Maddening mode could've changed that. Frankly, I personally think they did a great job. While the stat inflations are frankly done to an excessive degree, but that encourages the specific systems of 3H to a great degree. It's specifically a game about specialization, so having enemies designed for a specific unit type is brilliant. The earlygame is an absolute nightmare, which I feel leads people to give up on the mode. This is a failing of the difficulty, but it doesn't completely eliminate its successes. 

    Really, I think Thracia did difficulty the best. If modern FE had an easy mode with double exp, a normal mode which was the same without the double exp, and then a hard mode that properly scales enemies with other things like extra skills to make sure your paying attention, that'd probably be perfect.

    8 hours ago, eclipse said:

    I may bump the difficulty down on a future run if I want to experiment with unconventional builds.  That will give me an idea of what works and what doesn't, and if things go south, I can just steamroll the game normally.

    I get this in theory, but in practice by bumping it down, the unconventional build's usefulness could be overblown. Unless it's an extreme case, I don't see that practice being particularly useful for an understanding of what properly works, unless the builds you wanna test are so out there that their absurdity is off the charts.

  9. 3 hours ago, Dr. Tarrasque said:

    The MAGA rallies are back and registration requires that attendees do not sue:



    Surprised they didn't already have a clause stating that you couldn't sue the campaign if something went wrong at a rally. Sounds like the kind of scummy thing Trump would do.

    3 hours ago, Dr. Tarrasque said:

    And the following are now being sold by the Trump campaign:


    And that is as horrifically culturally ignorant and unaware as I'd expect the campaign to be. I hope to god I never see one of those in person.

    1 hour ago, Perfect Infinitive Exitus said:

    These incidents and causes have to be determined on a case by case basis and then a projection has to be made what circumstances would've prevented this outcome; projections which don't take away preexisting civil liberties of the american people. My projection was, that, if some criminal or a group of them is acting unjustly according to law, you might as well have an opportunity to defend yourself instead of being a scared sitting duck, unable to do anything, after all, criminals don't really care about the law, why should they care about gun control? Guns will just make their victims stronger and by the time police arrives, they're gone as fast as they came; therefore equipping every citizen with the ability to defend themselves -and the ones they care about- from bad actors, is the best thing that can be done without taking away any rights.

    In my opinion background checks, education and sufficient training help prevent deaths caused by irresponsible behavior too, along with equipping those individuals with basic fundamental knowledge. This would be a type of public spending i am for and i think this falls under "national security".

    Here's the thing though, criminals need to be able to break the law first in order the break it. This is why stricter gun control will still effect criminals. Closing the loopholes that make it easy for people who shouldn't have weapons to get them will immediately lower the amount of potential criminals with guns. Stricter laws are generally harder to break in big ways.

    Wait, so you want to give every able bodied citizen a gun, the proper education about guns, and enough training to efficiently wield them, and you're calling it national security? This also dives into the whole "Good guy with a gun" thing which is something I don't even want to dive into tonight. At what point is the line between national and personal safety drawn for you? Why does individual gun ownership factor into national security?

    1 hour ago, Perfect Infinitive Exitus said:

    Also eclipse, as the judge of the community, why aren't you banning me, if i do indeed not provide any value?
    If there is no value in me existing (according to you), then permanently getting rid of me is a net neutral, if not a benefit, because my valuelessness takes away attention from the 'real value', which would've been able to flourish if it wasn't for me existing, that is of course all assuming, that "everyone" "telling me im wrong" and every instance of your and any other individuals interaction with me has produced no value (to you specifically).
    I don't really mind getting banned, if it means everyone else has a better time being alive; whether or not that is true for everyone is up to you, you are the mod, it would certainly be true for me.

    Dude, you missed the entire point of what she said. That was a critique of your logic that just went right over your head.

    1 hour ago, Perfect Infinitive Exitus said:

    I think the concept of "free healthcare" for example only works decently, if the government makes regulation that prevents or disincentivizes the individual from living unhealthily, that way a lot taxpayer money can be saved on things resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle; Many european countries as well as japan, who is probably the one most successful in doing this, try and succeed with great results. I like, that there are countries that do this and do it successfully, but i think the USA is founded on principles of freedom and self discipline, which allows you to live as unhealthily as you want or not, according to your own value structure/beliefs, at the cost of nobody else but you and the things that care for you.

    Alright, this is a great start, mostly. But let's think about this more then. So free healthcare works wonders in many other countries, in these countries there is a culture of understand your affect on others as well as generally trying to stay healthy. Meanwhile the U.S. gets caught up in it's own freedom that we ignore this. This much I can agree with you with. Now, to say this is why free healthcare wouldn't work in America is a bit much. I'd say that free healthcare is totally unfeasible in our current American political system, and we'd need to make some massive steps to even potentially have it be feasible, but our culture isn't really something that's too in the way. In fact the implementation of a free healthcare would likely fix this cultural issue in decent time. This is because now there is an economic reason to stay healthy, less taxes, and an economic reason to, for lack of a better term, bully everyone else into being healthy. Essentially, it's "Well my taxes are up because of you, so you better fix that". Is that nice? No, but it is what would likely happen.

    1 hour ago, Perfect Infinitive Exitus said:

    I agree with standards for education but thats all i agree on, even then, imo there needs to be distinctions made, im less for a SAT, which is all encompassing and more for an SAT for every field, like one for each STEM field, one for each language, one for history, writing, programming, etc, so that you can value an individual based on their ability to do specific things and less with a number assigned to you based on arbitrary things, which many students often don't care for and "will not need in their life", which i personally disagree with but thats their own decision, if they want to specialize in spanish or maths but completely disregard P.E or History, which would otherwise hold them back.

    What you exactly just described is basically what the IB (International Baccalaureate) program is. To make a long explanation on what that is short, it's basically an educational program which is designed so people everywhere in schools across the world that have the program ensure the kids that are in the program have the same standardized education. Essentially, it's a very high quality program so gifted minds across the world get similar educations. There are two kinds of programs within IB, a diploma and career path. Diploma is just an enhanced High School experience, except that then you'd take an SAT like test for every class you take. They're not really SATs, but it's close enough. Meanwhile the career program then allows students who know what they want to do to specialize into the specific programs they want to. I went through the Diploma program, I had a lot of friends who went through it with me, and many who did the career path. Frankly it's a system that I think the rest of America should loosely implement, as then it there would be proper standards of education across America that aren't "Here's a dumb test run by a company who has a monopoly on these kinds of test that specifically try to screw you over, and also this basically determines if you get into college or not". If you can't tell, I hate the SAT (And AP testing but that's another issue entirely).

    1 hour ago, Perfect Infinitive Exitus said:

    Agriculture is fine for the most part, there is just some problems with artificial monopolies and crony capitalism; for example sugar has a huge lobby, one of the things this blobby was responsible for was funding studies that claim sugar to not be bad at all, which over the years trickled down into our education, largely responsible for misinformation, causing the epidemic of bad health; there being some good documentaries exposing the sugar lobby and the things behind it. And of course you can say, that regulations should be set in place to prevent such acts, but the regulations are often funded by the big companies and if they aren't, big companies can usually set lawyers or subsystems in place, which circumvent that regulation via a loophole, while the regular small businesses trying to work under the same thing suffer.

    An example is minimum wage work, big companies like amazon loved the proposal, it gave them a reason to replace their workers with machines, while small businesses struggled to get employees for their work and young people miss out on another opportunity to get some real life work experience(which is often more valuable than education), which means that they are incentivized to get into college first, to get a degree or an arbitrary qualification to warrant working for that minimum wage, which actually just gets them into debt and makes them often useless and dependant on government help, when they couldve just worked a job that didnt pay that good but they couldve lived with friends or family for a while longer, till they had enough money to finance their education or work their way up high enough to get into a position that lets them be self sustaining.

    Alright there is a stupid amount to unpack here. Artificial monopolies are exactly why we need regulations. The story of the sugar industry is an example of why we generally need to keep money out of politics, however that's more a story of corruption and manipulation, not of regulations failing. And then we come to the minimum wage. First of all, automation is a thing that's gonna happen, but it sure as hell ain't happening right now to the extent that you're saying. Amazon still employs nearly a million people in the United States, and they still treat their employees like shit. Why would they need to automate when they already treat their employees like robots? https://time.com/5629233/amazon-warehouse-employee-treatment-robots/

    And I don't even know where to start on the rest of your statements against minimum wage. I presume the statement on business struggling with employees is referring to times before the pandemic, since blaming that on minimum wage now is absurd. Now, the jobs pre-pandemic these kids would get are like, bottom of the barrel shit. Fast food, big brand clothing stores, other small jobs. Maybe in a few cases this is useful to a kid, like if they wanna be cook or some other service job, but to most kids, this "real life work experience" might as well be equally as arbitrary as you consider a degree to be. Also your phrasing is horrible, saying that people who go to college but then get stuck at a low paying job just results in them being saddled with debt and "useless" is incredibly ignorant. If you can see the issues of system, why not try to work for improvement? You can see that college is stupid expensive, and that degrees are necessary for jobs where they aren't necessarily relevant for them. This is not the fault of the individual, this is the fault of the system itself, and how it is self serving. Also, the alternative solution you provided is equally as ignorant. Some people don't have the opportunity to just wait and get a bum job while living with their families. Plus, it isn't even feasible for the average American to just work their way up to a higher position that's self sustaining. You said yourself that it's a job that doesn't pay good. Wow, the guy who was a cashier at Mcdonalds making minimum wage is now a manager at Mcdonalds, making like a dollar more than minimum wage. That's an idea that needs to die, the American spirit of "I'll work my way up" simply is something that modern society doesn't allow. It's a dream we all have, but it ain't gonna happen.

    Listen to what Raven says, you bring up problems, but then don't think on them. You don't research solutions beyond a minimum level that slightly supports your views. And like, reread what you write sometimes, see if you've gotten the point across succinctly. If you've written a paragraph long sentence that just rambles, maybe add some punctuation and fix it up instead of just sending it. Sure, this is an opinion forum, but if you're debating, then you put your opinions up to the scrutiny of others. But if you can't properly state and explain your opinions then it's like debating with a random word generator that occasionally puts out a coherent sentence.

  10. Is this a cute idea? Yes. Is it practical? Hell no, that screen is the size of a stamp. The fact they're making a specific attachment to allow you to actually see the screen is extremely telling.

    It's also incredibly scummy to just include 4 games on each system. Why not just include all 16 on one console? What if I want the yellow one, but the only one in stock is the blue one? This product is absurd. Frankly they should've just updated the GameGear look to be a more modern handheld design, with something that I can actually hold with both of my hands and not something I could easily lose in the bottom of a backpack. 

    If this comes over to America, I hope they revamp this and at the very least have it so every game is included on the same console. If they included the Big Window attachment (Or just had it so we don't need a big window attachment and the screen is that size already), that'd be even better. If any of that happens, presuming we even get it in the first place, honestly I'd be down to grab one.

  11. Phantom Menace: 2/10. It has some fun moments, and a good lightsaber fight, but that's about it

    Attack of the Clones: 0/10. Literally nothing besides sand memes, which isn't intentionally funny so it doesn't get any points.

    Revenge of the Sith: 6/10. Hard carried by the lightsaber duels, but at least is an interesting watch.

    A New Hope: 5/10. I get it's the original, and the camp has its charm but good lord it is such a slog to sit through, at least unless you find an original unedited version.

    The Empire Strikes Back: 9/10. The best that Star Wars movies ever got, has everything you could ever want. A few small oddities and pacing issues keep it from perfection.

    Return of the Jedi: 6/10. Anything with Luke is great, anything without him is dull and Han has lost almost all of his charm.

    The Force Awakens: 7/10. A really charming film that is better than most people give it credit for. It's better in a vacuum than in the context of the entire trilogy.

    The Last Jedi: 3/10. I get with what they were trying to go with, but unlike The Force Awakens, you can't look at this film in a vacuum, and since the sequel doesn't really work with it, it just leaves it in this awkward place. Also Canto Bite (or however you spell it) fucking sucks and single-handedly brings the movie down by multiple points.

    Rise of Skywalker: 4/10. I want to like RoS, because it has all the elements there to be a good Star Wars story, but it just doesn't work. The pacing is bugnuts, the writing is sloppy, and any moment that almost has impact is immediately deflated in some way.

    Rogue One: 5/10. I appreciate what Rogue One stands for and does, but it's just not a very interesting movie. It makes for a pretty good book (which there is a novelization of the movie, I'd recommend reading it), and that novel is why the score is what it is. Also Darth Vader brings this movie up just by being a badass with great puns

    Solo: 1/10. Again, I see what they were trying to go with here, but the execution fucks it all up. A Star Wars Heist movie is an amazing idea, and said idea has worked amazing before in The Clone Wars, but it just falls on its face with horrible handling of characters, a messy plot, and a disgraceful ending.

    Star Wars Clone Wars: 9/10. While yeah, it's just a bunch of fights without much narrative through-line, those fights are probably some of the best in all of Star Wars history. The clones assaulting the Separatist headquarters, that massive bounty hunter that turns into a disgusting monstrosity, the awesome fight with Ventris (or however you spell her name), Sha'gi being a real thing, basically the entire second movie. And to top all of that off, Grievous. General Grievous in this cartoon is a fucking badass. This dude is like a Ninja with the power of Hulk. Now I like the General in all Star Wars media, but his sheer presence here is something to behold and frankly it's amazing. If you haven't seen it before, here's the link. Please watch it.

    Star Wars The Clone Wars: 10/10. It's not perfect, but frankly it might as well be. This is the best Star Wars content we've ever gotten in my eyes. The handling and progression of characters, beautiful fight scenes, amazing plots, it has everything you could want in Star Wars media. I've watched through it more times than I can count.

    The novels of the movies: 6.5/10. I lump them all together because they're generally of similar quality. They improve on the movie's writing, but lose some fun value since it's a book.

    Battlefront 2: 6/10. I'm just really bad at this game, so I can't experience a lot of it. It's fun, but kinda clunky.

    Lego Star Wars: 10/10. Pure nostalgia here, but on top of being one of the best Star Wars games, this is the best Lego game that was ever made. All 6 movies made into awesome and generally fun levels. It made me give a shit about Episode 2, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

    Republic Commando: 8/10. A bit rushed towards the end, but generally a super fun shooter that incorporates squad mechanics super well. Also genuinely difficult without seeming unfair.

    Jedi Fallen Order: 7/10. This could've used more time in the oven. Graphics are a little shaky (The humans are just barely out of the uncanny valley), and the pacing is all over the place. But it's also a super fun gameplay experience all around, and it makes you feel like a Jedi apprentice, limited skill and all. 

  12. For FE as a whole, I'd watch efficiency playthroughs and try them out for yourself. If you can, find someone doing a live attempt and ask them about it. The thought and strategies they display are generally something that you want to follow to get better. Not saying you have to do a full 3H LTC or anything, but just try to low turn a chapter or two, figure out the necessary strats to pull it off with the team you've built. What I found when I did that is that it was really quite enjoyable, and I discovered many communities around doing that which were super helpful.

    The strategies you use aren't necessarily bad, if it works it works, that's just how it is with Fire Emblem. But being good entails knowing when and where to use strategies like putting a unit on the edge of an enemy's move range, or when to rescue drop them right in the middle of enemy lines. You aren't gonna learn this overnight, lord knows I didn't, but given time, and a few runs, you'll be a pretty good player.

    For 3H in specific, don't beat yourself up over not knowing how to fully utilize everything given to you. The game gives you a lot, most of which is best utilized in the early game, where you don't know how to use it. It's fine to not know what to do on a first playthrough. I spent mine just having fun with the game, figuring stuff out in a super optimal way.

    1 hour ago, TheLaserSonic said:

    The problem is that I'm not exactly the most creative sort...I tend to spend too long considering all the options in front of me (which is part of the reason FE takes me a while to finish). Having some more concrete strategies that other smarter players have come up with will help get the ball rolling.

    Like I said, just watch some Youtube videos of people doing runs. I'd recommend people like Dondon151 or Mekkah if you want to get into being better at some of the older games (Older meaning like, before Awakening). For 3H in specific, I don't know anyone in specific but a quick Google search pointed me towards plenty of good looking runs. 

  13. 12 minutes ago, The Roger The Paladin said:

    I would have went Hector and made him literally fly with the Hectorcopter. Because I'm insane.

    Insane? Nay, that is genius.

    Personally the answer would be Marth, Lucina, Roy, Ike, but from a pure representation standpoint.

    Marth - classic, technically the series mascot. A smash staple.

    Ike - Also classic, represents some of the best games in the series, not quite as cemented as Marth but still a staple

    Robin - Not classic, but is the only character that thoroughly represents the series mechanics and involves magic. I might despise him, but he's probably the best representation of the series, plus Awakening saved the franchise and all

    Byleth - Is the only character to incorporate all the physical weapons into their play-style. A bit gimmicky, but super unique and one of the most fun characters in the game imo. Represents more of the new series.

    If I had my dream roster, toss out Robin, give Ike either both the Ragnell and Alondite, or the Ragnell and Urvan. Yeah I know he doesn't actually do that, but it'd be super cool so totally do it. Maybe have it change based on alt, like a psuedo echo fighter. Actually maybe not, that sounds like a bad idea. Anyways, keep Marth the same, and then rework Byleth so that he acts more like Pokemon trainer. Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude will switch out with each other, either in pre or post skip attire depending on the alt. Claude is a combo based projectile character, like a heavier Young Link, who lacks killing power. Dimitri is a zoner, or "distance demon". He's about gimping other characters. Edelgard is just axe wielding Ganondorf. Change Byleth's Down B to her Neutral B and we're good. I can make actual full movesets for them later. The last character I think should be is Celica. I think her dynamic of using hp for magic instead of tome durability is a much more interesting idea. Sort of like Pichu mixed with Hero. This would fill the magic quota much better than Robin, while also representing (hopefully) the trend of remakes of past games.

  14. 1 hour ago, Fire Emblem Fan said:

    With Micaiah being their, not super surprised given his supports/little background in PoR. Definitely one of the weakest main characters in the series, though, if not THE weakest.

    One of the weakest, sure. The weakest? No, we still have the lemon twins and Itsuki for that. Even if you don't count spin-offs, combat wise Roy still beats him for worse (Sothe is a god early-game, where that strength is important to have, meanwhile Roy is a weakling who does nothing. Sure Roy becomes a late-late-game god, but at that point you're already set). Character-wise, I'd say he has better development and growth than someone like Eirika, and more personality than either of the NES lords, FE3 Marth, Roy, or Corrin. 

    As for my surprise, I wasn't. Since I went straight into RD without playing POR, I was clueless. I liked him quite a bit, even if he did leave a bit to be desired combat-wise. At least he has the beastkiller to keep up with that Laguz enemies, which is pretty useful.

  15. 1 minute ago, Anacybele said:

    1. I guess you haven't played Tellius? Fallen Ike is a what-if situation since he never actually went berserk in either of his games.

    Well I've played Tellius, but since Ike never actually went berserk I never thought of him doing that. Also since you literally state that Ike cannot go berserk if he touches it, that kinda makes the "what-if" scenario impossible. 

    3 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    It's based on how Tellius's Fire Emblem, Lehran's Medallion, makes anyone other than Mist and Ike and Mist's mom Elena go berserk if they touch it.

    I'm pretty sure they said that Ike couldn't touch it, or maybe he just has Mist keep onto it because it's distracting in battle.

    4 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    2. Well, the reason Greg Chun doesn't "emote" much as Ike until now is because Ike is stoic and blunt. He just doesn't have a lot of emotion.

    You can be stoic and blunt and not sound like Samus from Other M. Also, Ike may be stoic and blunt, but he still has fun. He can be a bit of a sarcastic git. If Greg just emoted a little more, like he does here, I'd have no complaints. But otherwise, it just sounds flat.

    4 minutes ago, Othin said:

    Her B skill is not inheritable, it's already on Legendary Julia and crazy powerful even for a personal skill.

    Ah, that sucks. Thanks for telling me.

  16. Pretty cool banner. I won't put many orbs into it, but still really cool.

    Fallen Corrin is meh, although their inclusion makes sense. Last year we had female, this year we have male. At least his art looks amazing, absolutely monstrous.

    Fallen Lyon looks awesome, and also kinda specific. He looks like he absolutely owns his niche, but I'm not sure about elsewhere. That battle animation slaps tho.

    Fallen Julia is equally as cool. Wonder if that B skill is inheritable.

    Fallen Ike I'm of two minds with. One hand, I don't understand where it comes from (sure it's a cipher thing but I still don't get it). On the other hand, he looks fucking badass and I actually like Greg Chun as him here. Finally sounds like he's emoting a bit.

    Ashnard is epic, glad he's the free unit since he's the one I want the most.

  17. 1 hour ago, Ottservia said:

    I wonder what the next prompt would after playing through P5R I’m in a writing mood as often is the case when you finish a well written narrative with a very heartfelt and relatable message. No I will not stop shilling Persona 5 Royal shut up

    Dude, you gotta shill harder. I don't see the link to go buy the game, that is a clear sign that you haven't shilled hard enough.

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