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  1. according to OP new memus don't support altered launchers so probably not in the way you'd expect
  2. Finally figured out how to import .ovas without memu injecting a bunch of adware in. 1) Download memu 6.2.5 from https://memu.en.uptodown.com/windows/download/2034998 2) Import the 7.1 .ova from the first page into Multi-Memu (http://bit.ly/2s3DZbh). Memu will then prompt you to download their adware laden Android 7.1 version. Download it. After it's downloaded, delete the memu instance. 3) Go to C:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmu\image\71. Delete everything except the hash.txt 4) Again using the 7.1.ova, rename a copy of it to .7z and unzip it. Paste all the contents of it into C:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmu\image\71. 5) Now you may again import the 7.1 .ova into memu.
  3. Getting a system version error on the 3.7.0 update. Updating normally within google play fixed it
  4. I don't care about anything other than the feathers/orbs/sacred coins which I can use to upgrade my actual favourite characters. Characters win based upon whoever gets the last multiplier and exist on banners only to try and bait orbs from people who are saving for characters that they actually want (no thanks, I will not suddenly like any of these 8 characters just because they suddenly appeared on an event). Thankfully, lots of these banners are skips, the mode itself is an autobattle, characters don't even get any dialogue which just makes it even more disappointing as the whole point of Heroes is supposed to be to see the characters interact but apparently not, I'm also not interested in seasonal units (a lot of which are repeats of existing characters) and having a bonus unit is not very beneficial at all.
  5. In the past I have used nox a few times with fiddler open and it shows the emu transmitting things such as my MAC address to suspicious chinese website addresses. I suggest blocking all the addresses listed in this post <https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerspirits/comments/74flks/configuring_nox_app_player_to_remove_adware/> I suggest swapping the nox loader (as the default one, I believe, logs all the apps you have opened and some other things besides) and that you should avoid using a real email with this emulator if you choose to use it.
  6. It sounds to me like an anti emulator update but I used the microg 7.1 instructions and mine is fine. Although I am on a i7 6500U which is a pretty beefy CPU good for emulation which can run memu and citra perfectly fine, so if newer memu needs more specs I haven't noticed it. Also the update doesn't seem to have killed FEH on my jailbroken phone, either, which has libertylite installed to prevent FEH's jailbreak detection.
  7. You can play from both devices, just not at exactly the same time.
  8. No. Just emulate android and load your iOS account on it.
  9. Am I supposed to allow this to happen? owo okay I did the blank microg, hopefully it works.
  10. actually I converted it exactly by the book and it doesn't work. The only thing that still hasn't been tested is the code maker's claim that if you get an SS rank in everything it makes every weapon type usable (really?) which can be done by class changing into classes with SS ranked weapon types. (this is doable with infinite bexp) the no caps should be this because the slider code (beginning with 08) skips every second line but adds 80 to the address on the 08 line (excluding the 08) but it doesn't work 08B54114 78646464 20A1011C 00000000 08B54118 64646464 20A1011C 00000000 08B540E0 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540E4 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540E8 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540EC 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540F0 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540F4 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000
  11. I wonder if what they say about SSing all the weaponranks resulting in being able to use any weapon is true though
  12. Try it in the original RDCC and with 4.02 goat velocity didn't describe any class offset in 4.02 I promoted geoffrey from dark to arch sage and he gained s rank dark magic this no caps code for 1.01 RD ntsc may or may not work actually I don't think that works I think that the can use dark magic skill doesn't work
  13. there's a no caps code and maybe you can try raising it by switching class to dark sage or whatever, armscrolling, saving the game then adding a code that switches the char back to their normal class and having that hidden skill equipped
  14. hmm It will only show the weapon ranks of what the unit you change has normally, unless you increase the ranks of all types to SS - that way you can have an SS rank in any type to change to. it's possible to make units with only an A rank of a weapon type to SS due to changing to classes with an SS rank in that type Maybe you have to class change it to a specific class that can equip it, raise the rank and then switch back
  15. did you try this code? With the 04s iirc you don't add+80 on the right 04886E54 8070F290 04886E6C 8070F290 04886E74 8070F290 04886E7C 8070F290 04886E84 8070F290 04886E8C 8070F290
  16. There are so many warning numbers in the gecko codetype documents- if you see something like To use po instead of ba, change the codetype from 02 to 12 you have to be aware that the second one can be a flag too (but I haven't had a chance to fix my code up for that yet) so maybe you have to ctrl f for all the first two numbers (and then there's some codes where the description for what the code does only comes on the first line of a sequence of lines ). And also the pointer documentation appears to have the address on the right If I'm reading this doc correctly you have a 5A010 which means that po = po+XXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXX is the address so you'd probably be adding 80 to the right hand side and not the left one. I'm gonna rewrite my converty thingy now. EDIT actually now I'm confusing myself
  17. I'm having breakfast at the moment so I haven't had the chance to look over how codes work again iirc there is no complicated math but the two digits at the start: if it begins with '02', '00', '04', '06', '08', '20', '22', '24', '26', '28', '2A', '2C' or '2E' it tells the cheat manager what to do but that isn't actually part of the address per se (and there are other begins with things you have to watch out to like '12' for example but I haven't had the chance to write that into my silly little python code converter). Therefore on the left hand side I ignore those first two digits if they exist and take all the digits except that on the left hand side to be the hex value, then I add +80 to that in hex terms so for example from your micaiah ss light code here's your original code. On the right hand side, if I remember right you don't touch that, it only tells you how many consecutive addresses you add from the starting point. And it tells you what to write to them. So the only offset you'd be dealing with is on the left hand side. 04886F74 0000014B and here's the modified one my code converter spat out (idk I haven't really gotten to test anything yet) 04886FF4 0000014B
  18. Aren't weapon types tied to the classes? I'm not sure. I haven't really tried that much to be honest.
  19. chapter warp seems to work also (RD 1.01 NTSC dolphin 4.02) 043CAB48 XX000001 You can activate this code during the screen that asks you to save your game once a chapter has finished, it'll directly send you to your chosen chapter once you pass this screen! 01 at the end of this code is what turn it will be,(you can change it to 02 for turn 2, etc.) keeping the code on will keep it on player phase. Below is the list of chapters, place the digits in place of XX: 00 = Test Map 01 = Part 1 - Prologue, Under Gray Skies 02 = Part 1 - Ch.1, Maiden of Miracles 03 = Part 1 - Ch.2, The Dispossessed 04 = Part 1 - Ch.3, A Faint Light 05 = Part 1 - Ch.4, A Distant Voice 06 = Part 1 - Ch.5, The Lost Heir 07 = Part 1 - Ch.6, Raise the Standard 08 = Part 1 - Ch.7, A Gathering Hope 09 = Part 1 - Ch.8, Glory Unwanted 0A = Part 1 - Ch.9, One Survives 0B = Part 1 - Endgame, Daein, Arise! 0C = Part 2 - Prologue, On Drifting Clouds 0D = Part 2 - Ch.1, Winds of Rebellion 0E = Part 2 - Ch.2, Tides of Intrigue 0F = Part 2 - Ch.3, Geoffrey's Charge 10 = Part 2 - Endgame, Elincia's Gambit 11 = Part 3 - Prologue, The Great Advance 12 = Part 3 - Ch.1, Laguz and Beorc 13 = Part 3 - Ch.2, Stormclouds 14 = Part 3 - Ch.3, River Crossing 15 = Part 3 - Ch.4, The General's Hand 16 = Part 3 - Ch.5, Retreat! 17 = Part 3 - Ch.6, A Reason to Fight 18 = Part 3 - Ch.7, Rivals Collide 19 = Part 3 - Ch.8, Incandescent Glow 1A = Part 3 - Ch.9, Marauders 1B = Part 3 - Ch.10, The Heart of Crimea 1C = Part 3 - Ch.11, Just Cause 1D = Part 3 - Ch.12, The Price 1E = Part 3 - Ch.13, Blood Contract 1F = Part 3 - Endgame, From Pain, Awakening 20 = Part 4 - Prologue, Chaos Named 21 = dummy 22 = dummy 23 = Part 4 - Ch.1, Road to Empire 24 = dummy 25 = dummy 26 = Part 4 - Ch.2, Silent World 27 = dummy 28 = dummy 29 = Part 4 - Ch.3, Distortions 2A = dummy 2B = dummy 2C = Part 4 - Ch.4, Revelations 2D = dummy 2E = dummy 2F = Part 4 - Ch.5, Unforgivable Sin 30 = dummy 31 = dummy 32 = Part 4 - Endgame, Rebirth (1) 33 = Part 4 - Endgame, Rebirth (2) 34 = Part 4 - Endgame, Rebirth (3) 35 = Part 4 - Endgame, Rebirth (4) 36 = Part 4 - Endgame, Rebirth (5) 37 = Epilogue 38-4F = freezes 50-53 = The levels shown in the Guide, no way to clear them. 54-60 = freezes
  20. jesus god I actually managed to port a code with your offset (well at least in dolphin 4.02 with the wide screen hack enabled in dolphin!) Code to be ported: 003CAB57 000000xx (Number of times Game had been CLEARED) xx = 2 = Cleared once, xx = 3 = Cleared twice from http://geckocodes.org/index.php?arsenal=1 We see that 8 bits Write & Fill 00______ YYYY00XX Writes the value XX to YYYY+1 consecutive byte-sized addresses, starting with the address ba+______ ------------- Therefore the address we need is ______. Looking at the code to be ported the code block on the left is 003CAB57 so we're adding +80 to 3CAB57. Therefore we +80 https://www.calculator.net/hex-calculator.html?number1=3CAB57&c2op=%2B&number2=80&calctype=op&x=50&y=19 giving us the final result of 003CABD7 00000003 (since I want to clear it twice) yay finally https://i.imgur.com/Uqgcljl.png ----------- Things I converted for dolphin 4.02 rd 1.01 ntsc that may or may not screw up your game to be quite honest convoy 300 024CB75A 0000012C 024CB762 0000012C 024CB766 00009220 024CB76A 0000012C 024CB76E 00009220 024CB772 0000012C 024CB776 00009220
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