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  1. Speaking as a massive FE6 fan, I don't think it needs a retranslation anytime soon. The 2013 patch by gringe is pretty good: I recommend reading through the supports in this thread to get a sense of the writing again. It's overall kinda simple, but I'm okay with that. I've certainly extrapolated a ton of meaning from the text in the past. If we retranslate anything (and that's a big, unlikely if), I'd wanna do FE3, since the most recent patch for that is rather low-quality, with some conversations like recruiting Bantu in book 1 or recruiting Abel with Est in book 2 being flat out broken. But that's up to the rest of the team to decide if they wanna do that. Of course, if somebody else wants to form a team to retranslate FE3 and needs a playtester, that'd be cool, too.
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