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  1. Radiant Dawn's pretty long, adding Path of Radiance sounds crazy. I'm in.
  2. Posting this for record. Finishing this run I realized I definitely could have done better early game if I was more willing to reset. Overall happy with my picks, especially Hector and Pent (Florina should go without saying). Florina is what you'd expect from an early Pegasus knight - great utility and eventually a flying monster. Not too great early on for combat, but she more than makes up for it. Hector was a great boon early game and continued to stay relevant. Combo-ing him with Florina was great since she's the only person who can carry him. Pent is... Pent. What's more to say, this absolute unit comes with great bases and weapon ranks. He was the main staff user. Serra had much less utility than I hoped. I think when I drafted her I imagined being able to do some neat Rescue/Warp chains with her and Pent. Never happened. She ended the game with B Staves and not even close to level 10. Hawkeye helped with some routes, but by the time he showed up Florina was already in action. Honestly forgot I had him a couple of times. Jaffar was what you'd expect from a sword-locked unit with good kill power - great for clearing out hoards, but only if there's no 1-2 range enemies (shame FE7 loves 1-2 range). Nino was actually great for a unit that required 20 turns of optional babying. She really shined in Ch27 where every unit matters and the Final due to her kill power. I took some notes, but I did this all in two sittings so they're pretty short Chapters 11- 14 Chapters 15-19 Stats Check Name Lvl Pow Skl Spd Luk Def Res Eliwood 16 14 15 16 16 10 6 Hector 20 20 14 14 9 20 4 Florina 18 17 18 19 16 8 12 Serra 3 3 5 9 8 2 6 Chapters 20-24 Stats Check Name Lvl HP Pow Skl Spd Luk Def Res Eliwood 20 32 16 17 17 18 11 8 Hector 4 41 21 17 18 10 21 10 Florina 8 44 22 22 24 21 13 19 Serra 4 19 3 5 9 8 2 7 Hawkeye 5 51 19 14 11 13 15 11 Pent 6 33 18 21 17 14 11 16 Chapters 25-26x Stats Check Name Lvl HP Pow Skl Spd Luk Def Res Eliwood 20 32 16 17 17 18 11 8 Hector 8 44 25 21 20 11 23 11 Florina 17 49 23 25 28 25 18 22 Serra 4 19 3 5 9 8 2 7 Hawkeye 12 55 21 17 12 15 16 13 Pent 10 35 19 22 19 16 13 18 Nino 1 33 21 18 20 17 8 18 Jaffar 14 35 19 25 25 10 15 12 Chapters 27-Final Total Turns: 165. 20 Turns used in Night of Farewells. End screen shows 190 due to defend maps counting one extra turn.
  3. Sorry about the delay, got back home. Since I'm first guess I have Florina. Question are we doing this step by step or in one go like on Discord to prevent day by day picks?
  4. So, this is an experience I won't forget anytime soon. Never used Midir or Azel before this and I may end up liking them. (Heck I didn't even know Azel became a Mage Knight before I did some research to start this :P.) Just don't ask how many times I've reset from Prologue to Chapter 2. Edit: So I'm a complete and utter moran and ended up screwing up my saves so I had to replay from the start. I tried to follow the same strategies, but stats varied quite a bit. (Midir, Ethlyn and especially Azel took big hits. Arden became better and Sigurd's lower stats helped the run) I made sure to note any differences. Prologue: 11/11 [Old: 12/12] Jungby: 5/5 [Old: 5/5] Simple stuff, Sigurd moves toward the castle while Arden walks around attacking people Sigurd passes. Azel visited the northmost village and killed the folks up there. Ethlyn rushes ahead to catch up with Sigurd. Evans: 6/11 [Old: 7/12] Upon capture, Midir kills the bandit on the southern village and gets the speed ring. Ethlyn heals Sigurd who moved toward the bridge and got the silver sword. Azel and Midir kill any stragglers. An 11 turn was possible, but that would require Midir to bait and dodge ton to make a clear path for Sigurd, but he got a pretty good level (Hp, Str, Spd, Def) on this run. Edit: Midir, Azel, and Ethlyn's level ups weren't spectacular. I ended up using Midir as bait to get the 11-turn. End of Prologue Chapter 1: 22/33 [Old: 22/34] Standard arena action. Sigurd saved 2 for heals, just in case. Arden and Ethlyn cleared all but the last one. Midir and Azel finished all by the end of the chapter. Genoa: 4/15 [Old: 4/16] I got a 4-turn! Had Sigurd start with the javelin to weaken and head towards the castle with Midir. Azel and Arden were able to get some solid kills. Learned how the Charge skill works, so at this point, I'm going to try to keep Midir at decently high hp to activate it more. Midir chipped the boss while Sigurd captured. While this was happening I had Aideen go south, while Dew went the normal way east. Sounds weird, but I really wanted Aideen to recruit Mr. Killer Bow to let Midir kill things in the future. Marpha: 6/21 [Old: 7/23] Arena healed Sigurd and recruited Aya for the brave sword. Midir got healed to enable Charge proc. Arden focused on the village while Azel tried to keep up with the group. This was the point that made me want the Killer Bow. Could have 6 turned this, but Midir's chip was too low. Did the talks to get the staves and the love points for Midir. Edit: Midir had the chip to 6-turn this run. Verdane: 12/33 [Old: 11/34] Spent a turn to recruit Mr. Killer Bow for Midir. Finished arena for Midir, Azel, and Sigurd. Ethlyn and Aideen staved a bit for exp. Azel and Arden got a village each. Deirdre baited and cleared a path for Sigurd to capture the castle. Edit: Not entirely sure how this ended up slower. Stats End of Chapter 1: Chapter 2: 27/60 [Old: 30/64] This chapter went downhill real fast. Midir and Azel didn't do arena until they got Paragon. Herhein: 9/42 [Old: 9/43] Full speed ahead. Had Aideen Warp occasionally for exp. Praise the Killer Bow, Midir can kill the Heirhein General in one turn so Sigurd captured immediately. Everyone else continued forward. (Did a couple of attempts with Azel waiting near Mackily; however, there was no way he was going to survive everything.) Anphony: 5/47 [Old: 5/48] Welp, Midir's awesomeness can only last so long. Not being able to retaliate on enemy phase is a pain. Got the brave lance and gave it to Sigurd. Sigurd and co. went forward. Arden got pursuit ring. Sigurd left most guys at 8hp. Midir chipped and Sigurd captured. Sadly, Ethlyn got paragon, otherwise, it would have taken 1 more turn. Levin had his own forest journey. Edit: Midir got paragon this run. Mackily: 8/55 [Old: 10/58] Here's where everything goes downhill. Staved Sigurd and Midir over so that they can go to Mackily. Sold paragon so Midir could clear the arena with it. Levin got into position, attacking enemies over the ledge. Aideen and Azel kept going toward the villages. Got Aideen the Bargain ring and Azel visited most of the villages. The path got really cluttered for Sigurd. Not only did the enemies not go for Sigurd, but they also didn't go for Midir. Eventually got space for Sigurd to ORKO the bishop. While that was happening, Arden got staved over to the base to fend off the pigeons. Edit: Midir's lower stats made him better bait, and Sigurd's lower defense allowed enemies to target him. The path was cleared faster allowing for an 8-turn instead of a 10-turn. Agusty: 5/60 [Old: 6/64] Feeling Congested? Get Afrin. Really, not having another mounted unit who can kill on enemy phase isn't great, but I'm growing to love Midir's ability to auto kill anything. Levin and Azel finished the arena with paragon before the chapter ended. Edit: Huge difference here, Azel did not complete the arena. He stopped at the myrmidon because there was a really low chance (less than 1%) that he was going to win and I didn't feel like grinding that out. Left him with paragon for the next chapter. Stats End of Chapter 2: Chapter 3: 15/75 [Old: 16/80] Entire chapter can be summarized as "Sigurd and Midir kill things then get staved to kill more things while everyone else looks for exp". Midir got shiny new armor with his promotion. Everyone swapped paragon around to get lots of exp. Got the brave sword for Sigurd to use later. Levin got the Knight Ring and Azel got the Magic Ring. Edit: Azel didn't get the magic ring this run and Aideen did warp spam this chapter. Madino: 4/64 [Old: 5/69] Azel went left while everyone else went north, not including the Teleport Station (Aideen). Sigurd's defense is at the point where few things attack him. Levin and Midir kill things for Sigurd to reach the boss. Edit: Took the shield ring off Sigurd to make him targetable. This allowed for a clear path to the boss. Silvail: 5/69 [Old: 5/74] Staffed Sigurd and Midir back. Azel killed a few knights. Sigurd bought the brave sword and killed Chagall in four hits. Levin grabbed the northern villages and went over to where the bridge will be. Returned Azel to base to promote and warped him to Madino for the incoming pirates. Edit: Because Madino was captured in 4 turns, the initial knights didn't reach Azel. Azel took out a couple of guys from the Lion Troupe but retreated to be warped to Madino soon after. Arden also headed north to take other villages. Orgahil: 6/75 [Old: 6/80] Staffed Sigurd and Midir over, but left Midir to build up some love points with Aideen. Levin cleared the choke by either using Adept or Critical. Azel's everything I wanted, a mounted unit that can clear the way for Sigurd. Pawned the Return staff off Ethlyn before the chapter ended. There goes the best feeling chapter I've had. Things are taking a turn for the better and I hope the turn count slowly drops for me now that the hardest part (at least I think it's the hardest part) is over. Edit: Azel's everything I used to want. This run he's been shafted, but still did things occasionally. Levin picked-up the leg ring and Arden got the strength village. Definitely going to miss the old Azel. Stats End of Chapter 3: Chapter 4 26/101 Did the normal paragon swaps. Levin promoted and Aideen's three warps from the promotion. Gave Dew the leg ring and got ready for the escort mission. Thove: 14/89 Didn't have enough kill power to 13-turn this, and I really needed to have Aideen and Midir become a couple this chapter so he was MIA after killing some pegasus knights. Sigurd escorted Dew to the bridge where he proceeded to do his thing. Levin made in just in time to return Sigurd after he captured. Azel and Arden went around grabbing experience and villages. Zaxon: 12/101 Midir and Aideen finally got a relationship going on turn 20. You finally left the friendzone Midir! Betting on the Brave Bow to become the new Killer Bow for Lester. Other than that, nothing much during the wait. Sigurd has the leg ring now and both Azel and Arden are ready to promote. Thought about getting Forsetti, but didn't grab it since Levin can already kill stuff in one turn. Azel and Arden did a couple of rescues for free levels. Sigurd ran over and got the very much required critical. Stats End of Chapter 4: Chapter 5 19/120 After 5 Chapters of fighting, it's time for the Gen 1 squad to do what they were made for: Watching Sigurd do absolutely everything! Lubeck: 5/106 Midir and Azel compete for the best chip while Levin referees. Aideen waits home with the trophy while Arden takes a vacation showing off his new armor. Really nothing much on the way to Lubeck. Sigurd gets a few more kills on the brave sword and Midir goes for every brave bow kill he can get. Azel chipped the boss for Sigurd to get a silver sword crit. Levin got 1 heal off (can't really keep up). Phinora: 4/110 Upon the capture of Lubeck, the chip tournament ends and Sigurd goes solo on a trip to a desert. Midir grabs the two villages while waiting for his reward. Repaired the Tyrfing after buying stuff so Sigurd can be immune to sleep staves. Velthomer: 10/120 Midir got returned home to his family only to be kicked out to do actual work. Warped to Phinora to get extra kills on the brave bow from the dragon riders. Sigurd continued through the minefield and ORKOed Reptor. Stats End of Chapter 5: Equipment: Thoughts on Gen 1: I'm really thankful Sigurd's a great unit because he definitely carried this run. Ethlyn was useful and staff utility is something I'll never turn down. In hindsight, I should've manipulated her levels more to get more strength and have her build up kills on light bane. I'm not sure if Midir's actually decent, or my lack of any other mobile damage source clouded my mind. After getting the Killer Bow, anything he was in the range of was a guaranteed kill. That 1-turn of getting that bow was 100% worth it. Decided to make him and Aideen a pair instead of Azel because Lester would've become dead weight. He's the MVP of my heart. Azel could've been awesome, but I let him down. If I got him to promote by the end of Chapter 3, he would have made easy work of the goons in Chapter 4 (definitely could have saved 2 turns). Aideen saved a bunch of time this run. Not really much to say other than thanks for the ride. I really thought Levin was going to do more this run, but without the leg ring, he can't keep up. When he does see action, he's just about as lethal as Midir (comparing Levin to Midir... somethings not right here). He picked up the staff utility of Ethlyn just as she left, so that was nice.
  5. It was really just to have the funds for Dew to buy the leg ring.
  6. @Carmine Sword Probably a silly noob question, but: Can undrafted units enter the arena?
  7. You know, Terrador's choices looked weird up until that Shanan pick. Gen 1 and Gen 2 are going to be completely different games for me. Gen 1's pretty much staffing Sigurd to victory while Gen 2's a literal army.
  8. And now that I got Ares, Terrador's going to eventually get Sylvia or Ethlyn... Okay, did not expect Aideen. Here are Tiltyu and her boss killing son. @Carmine Sword
  9. It's looking like we can finish this tonight. Only 7 characters left. Btw when you said that the last unit on the list was Levin did you mean that was the one to pick for the round, or that there weren't any units left on the list? @Carmine Sword
  10. There is a god. Sigurd and Levin duo Gen 1. I guess... here's... Quan. That hurts to give away. @Carmine Sword
  11. That evil genius... This may sound crazy, but here's Oifey. @Carmine Sword
  12. XD I'm not taking Shanan, right? The last couple of chapters are starting to look like crazy for me. The only reason I could see him giving me Shanan is if he wants my Gen 1 to be hell. @Carmine Sword
  13. Welp, all that's left are good units. Here's Noish, the womanizer of the cavaliers. @Carmine Sword
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