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  1. @eclipse I'm not saying that no one did. What I was trying to say was that the developers introduced Turnwheel because they noticed everyone resetting and wanted to speed it up. That's just my opinion.
  2. I think Turnwheel/Pulse changes the game objective by encouraging you not to lose units, whereas in the past, you were expected to suck up and deal with any unit losses you incurred. The past games, especially the very early ones, are clearly designed around the player losing members of their army as the game progresses. 3H eschews this philosophy in favour of encouraging the player to keep the cast intact, and Pulse is used to make it easy for the player to do that. Personally, I don't think this changes difficulty as long as the game is balanced around it. My personal theory is that doing no-death runs became more popular as the series's RPG aspects blossomed, when people had real reasons to want to keep the entire cast alive other than "hey, it kind of ups the difficulty a bit." The introduction of Turnwheel/Pulse is a reflection of that shift in the way people played Fire Emblem.
  3. Gonna have to agree with the others that he is really a douchebag; having a depressing, messed-up past doesn't excuse constantly cheating on people and threatening to kill your professor. Similarly, the "I hate seeing women cry" thing sounded pretty insincere when he doesn't make any effort, to, you know, not make women cry. It would have been nicer if we at least saw him trying to stop his bad behaviours... I will say, though, that his character is a nice reflection of Fodlan's society. And yes, he's pretty attractive.
  4. Probably Dimitri. I considered Sylvain as well, but didn't like him as much as I thought I would.
  5. Yeah. To be honest, I felt this way about Bernadetta too. I was even considering making a thread about it. Like others have already said, it's a pretty bad portrayal of social anxiety. If someone laughed at their behaviour, which happens a lot to Bernadetta, a socially anxious person would most likely close off and isolate themselves even more, like Marianne does. Bernadetta doesn't do that; we see her with the rest of her house a lot, so she mostly acts, at least how I see it, like someone who is just nervous/jumpy and slow to warm up to people. What really irritated me about Bernadetta, though, was that her past is used to make her cute and waifu-able. For example, her confession CG shows her clinging to Byleth as if she's a vulnerable ~kawaii~ thing that needs to be protected by someone big and strong because she's been abused. Abuse isn't cute... The CG becomes even more disconcerting if you think of the reasoning behind her parent's treatment of her.
  6. In FE3H, one of the available sidequests involves returning lost items to their owners. What would yours be? Mine - face cream. I'm pretty into skincare.
  7. Nice! I'm considering making this a general language learning thread since languages other than Japanese exist ;P
  8. We were studying anti-realism in my Philosophy class, and it's suitably edgy for a forum username.
  9. @Von Ithipathachai Oh, was I? Whoops. ^^; Maybe I can defect from the army to the enemy (boss) side, if that's possible. Otherwise, I'll stay in the army.
  10. Many of the posts are long, so I thought it would be nice to summarise them. Gonna get down to doing it on the weekend! By the way, do you know any good, around $25 Japanese-English electronic dictionaries? I know most people would use an online one like Jisho but an electronic dictionary really suits my circumstances.
  11. Ok then! Name: Glacia Gender: Female Class: Sage Wields: Ice Magic Stats: High Magic + Skill, but slow speed. The idea is that I can hit reliably even with low-accuracy tomes. Backstory: Joined the dark side cause... why not? Live a little! You've really gotta chill. Being evil isn't so bad, you know.
  12. This looks pretty cool. I'm interested in joining (although I don't have Discord, not sure if that's an issue) - do I just post details for the character I want to put into the game on here?
  13. Wow, that looks great! I'll need to set up a Discord account, but thanks for telling me about it, Flying Shogi. It's especially interesting because it's run by a translator, and I'd like to be a translator as I said somewhere in some other post. I'm not sure if my Japanese is daily conversation level, but that bridge can be crossed when I join the group. === By the way, do you think I should update the opening post of this thread with things that have been discussed here? Some of them, such as "How should I start learning", seem pretty well suited to being collated in one place because of how commonly they're be asked.
  14. I don't think gender locked classes are a problem, but I think most of the time it's less of a lock and more of "well, most Pegasus Knights we had were female, so I suppose the ones in the next game will be too." Keep in mind that this series had archetypes based on characters from the first game, which probably played into certain classes staying or becoming gender-locked. === ...I like Lysithea.
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