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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. If using every character means deploying them and using them in at least one battle, then yes, I have used all the available characters. Barely. I used Meg as bait in a few battles early on, but I only ever used Fiona for ferrying in the later levels until my most recent (3rd) playthrough. I wanted to try her out just to see how "good" she was...she could have done a lot worse, but she was definitely overshadowed by the other members...BENCH! I just used Oliver to weaken an enemy in his mansion and never used him again (I just like his battle music). Giffca and Caineghis were "tough" for me to use(only because I had trained a bunch of units for endgame and didn't want them to go to waste) but I finally found room for them(and Gareth) in my second playthrough on HM. Also, I did actually use Lehran to fight some spirits using the Balberith tome(because he's really the only unit who can handle dark tomes, not Pelleas). If this game had Extra Maps (which I heard it did at one point. The music for them still exist within the game's data) and Extra Characters for them(Ashera would probably be the equivalent of Ashnard in Path of Radiance), I'd play the heck out of this game, just as I did with Path of Radiance, and even if it didn't have them(which it doesn't), I'd play it a lot more than I currently do now...which is 0 hours because I'm at college, away from my Wii(I actually decided the summer before I left for college that I would beat Radiant Dawn twice before I left)...
  4. I generally baby anyone whom I'm bringing to endgame. Usually, they're Nephenee, Micaiah, Sothe, Ike, Haar/Jill, Rolf, Mist, Oscar, Boyd, Mia, Sanaki, and Marcia. I also baby the Dawn Brigade members (excluding Meg and Fiona) to at least 2nd tier so that they can hold their own in Chapter 3 (plus Crossbow Nolan + Beastfoe = massive killing spree).
  5. Like I said, I haven't played much of CC. My review/votes were based on what I knew of the Extra Units in-game and what their stats are as listed on this site. I was pretty much satisfied in beating the main game and moved on to other FE games soon after, so I don't know too much about the Extra characters nor did I know that Hammerne was not repairable. Good to know though. Also, looking at Lyon's maximum stats, seeing how he's the only Necromancer in the game, he has some of the best maximum stats in game, better than most magic users for that matter. It's a shame that you don't get to use him a la Lehran or his tome in the main game against the Demon King, but he's kind of dead at that point :p
  6. Right, I'll keep that in mind next time there's another one of these votes.
  7. What to say about Glen...you get him half way through your first full run on CC. Wow, his stats are pretty good! Everything you want from a Wyvern Lord. His only downsides are shared with most Wyvern Lords: Speed, RES, and Luck. Otherwise, he'll probably max out his strength and skill. His starting items aren't much to talk about though: A silver lance, a silver sword, and more money. Still, it helps that he's an A/A in his weapon ranks. Plus he can ferry people around, which especially helps on the 7th floor of the Ruins (or whatever one has the water and disappearing bridges, I forget). I'll give him a 6/10. Hayden, king of Frelia...is a Ranger of all units...I mean I knew he used bows according to the support conversations, but still...well, he's better than Snipers in that he can at least defend himself at close range. He's like Riev in that you have to kill 200 enemies to get him. Is he worth it? YES. Coming in at level 10 with well rounded stats, an A/A weapon ranking, and the ability to ferry people around, this king has plenty of room to grow (not like Fado, but I'll get to him in a bit). It's easier to get him than Riev, actually, since the Ruins likes to give out reinforcements. His weapons however...are just like Glen's: Silver Bow, Silver Sword, and money, but I'm willing to overlook that since he's the first well balanced extra unit: an 8/10 for me. 1 point is lost the ruins aren't horse friendly sometimes and the other point is lost due to this question: WHERE THE HECK WAS THIS GUY DURING THE MAIN STORY?! Just because he's a king doesn't mean that he has to watch over his country the whole friggin time! Look at Ephraim! He left his country without a ruler and Renais was doing just fine after Orson died! *grumbles about how much better Hayden is compared to Innes* Ah Valter, the pervert...his infatuation over Eirika is just...ew...Is it just me, or do most of the CC units start with abysmal luck? He comes in with the second Felia shield in the game, which is just what any flier needs! And he has a spear too, always nice. Eh, silver lances are OK at this point. His stats are similar to Glen...only both superior and inferior at the same time. On the one hand, he has great resistance and speed for a Wyvern unit at his level and he has an S in lances. On the other hand, his strength is lacking compared to most Wyvern units. My guess is that he was a very unlucky Pegasus Knight at some point, which is just...odd to say the least. However, he starts at level 13, so he has some room to get his stats up without using items. You get him by clearing the 7th floor, which isn't too bad, but I think he should be switched with Fado(details on that later). As a Wyvern Knight, he has pierce, which can be helpful (unless your game freezes), especially against the 10 Draco Zombies at the end. Plus, being a flying unit means instant ferry. With all six Flying Units out, you can terrorize the skies! While I'm not particularly fond of the guy, I'll give him a 7.5 out of 10. I would have given him an 8 out of 10 but he loses half a point for just being plain creepy. Fado, former king of Felia, and father of the blue-haired twins...with stats like those, no wonder he got killed so easily. Is this guy really your reward for taking on 10 Draco Zombies with no place to run? Unfortunately, yes...He comes in with Silver weapons, nothing terribly spectacular about that, and a Master Seal/more money. His stats...are meh at best for a General at his level. Let's put it this way: without stat boosters, the only stat he could possibly max out is his strength, and average stats say even that's unlikely. Plus he's a General, and their mobility is horid, and they can't be rescued by most units. Not worth going through the ruins once. Switch him with Hayden or Valter. 2.5/10, with his only redeeming factor being Great Shield. Now go sit down with Selena over there...old fart... Lyon can be described in one word: epic. I can see why the Demon King decided to keep his body instead of moving to another body! Definitely worth going through the ruins 3 times, unlike a certain Mage Knight. He's the only unit who can get an S/S rank, he has the only weapon with unlimited uses, and his stats besides his luck, speed, and skill are really good. He also comes in with a Physic, which is always handy, and the only other Hammerne in the game, which means, if you have both of them, you can keep repairing your weapons FOREVER! Really do like his starting weapons...He doesn't have much room to grow, and he won't max any of his stats, but his starting stats and weapons make up for it. I'd ask where him the same question I asked King Hayden, but he has the excuse of being possessed by an evil being and dying in the end. If only we could have gotten that tome in the main game...an 8.5/10, losing a point and a half because he's such an epic unit...but he can't be used for anything outside of CC sadly. =( Edit: I completely forgot that, being a Necromancer, he gets to summon Phantoms a.k.a. Cannon fodder! So he's basically a better Summoner! For that, I'll give him half a point back: 9/10. And that's my two cents on almost all the FE8 units. Thanks to Integrity for allowing us to voice our opinions and thoughts via these Ratings. Edit: ...I went overboard with my explanations again, didn't I?
  8. Yeah, ain't I a stinker? I've just been a bit skeptical of how much detail I put into my explanations after the Syrene vote :\ But, yeah, I went overboard with my explanation this time. I'll try to limit it in the Ruins vote.
  9. Never really used the Extra Units too much, so this review shouldn't be terribly biased. Caellech: No Criticals on you! Negating criticals would be helpful...if there were more enemies in CC who could actually critical you pretty often. Otherwise, he's a Hero specializing in Axes. You simply get him by clearing the 3rd floor. Not difficult to get, and the extra Tomahawk is always appreciated. His starting stats are OK(except for his God awful speed), but they don't leave too much room for improvement since he's level 12. Thankfully though, you have Ruin grinding and infinite statboosters to fix that up in CC. So he gets a 5/10 from me for having sucky speed (which can still be fixed) and having a wasted item on him. Orson: EFFing traitor...let's look at the loon(so much for being unbiased...)! So what does he give you? He gives you money! But we can already get plenty of that from the ruins...He gets you Runeswords! Which have terrible durability and can easily be found in the Tower and Ruins...Ooh, a Silver Lance! They become available after Chapter 17...Orson, what are you good at? Well, like Caellech, you do start out with an A/A weapon ranking. You've got high mobility, always nice to have. Let's look at your stats...excuse me while I go puke...OK much better. DEAR GOD, his stats are AWFUL! He's coming in as a Level 13 Promote, his luck is dismal, and he has little to no room for improvement. The only thing he really has going for him is his RES and STR, which are OK for a Paladin, but not at his level! And yes, there are infinite statboosters but...COME ON! Orson, spending all the time in the world with your undead rotting wife is not a good excuse for being so terrible, you loony! You do get him on your first run though on the 6th floor...I guess that's a good thing? Final verdict: 4/10 with his only redeeming qualities being mobility and how soon you get him. Riev: Ah yes, the old...fart...or something...So, how do you get him? Kill 200 enemies in the tower. Easy enough considering you have to kill every enemy in your way to proceed. What does he come with? An Aura, very nice...a Purge, great for killing the Draco Zombies in the Ruins...and...more money....yep...money aside, I like what he came in with! Plus, he's a Bishop, so he gets all the anti-monster abilities that come with being a Bishop, perfect for CC! Wow, he's pretty skilled and fast for a walking pile of wrinkles! But his luck is sucky, and he comes in at level 16, having the LEAST room for improvement out of any of the Extra Units in the game. Plus, he can't really improve his weapon ranks since he's already got an S rank in light...but, infinite statboosters and you should already have at least one healer with an S rank in staves. So, how do I rate him? 7/10. Comes in with great items, works great with the mode he's put in, but his stats do leave some things to be desired... Ismaire: Hello, unit-I-may-not-have-ever-seen-in-my-life-depending-on-what-route-I-took! Ah, a Swordmistress...this is who you get for clearing the tower once...anyways, she comes in with the lowest level out of all the extra units, giving her the MOST room for improvement. Her luck is pretty good too, but I kind of like my Swordmasters to be lucky. Somewhat strong, quick, very skilled, high RES, and fragile...she's just like a Falcoknight who's swordlocked and stuck on the ground, which isn't so bad. What does she come with? A Shamshir, criticals are always welcome...a master seal, in case I need to promote someone...and, what's this? A Wind Sword?! Yes, the only Wind Sword you get in the game is in Queen Ismaire's hands...I'll cherish that thing forever...Rating time! A 6/10. While she comes in with good weapons, the fact that she's what you get for having gone through the entire tower is a bit much. I'd rather her trade places with Riev since Riev is worth going through the tower once (and even then, I'd exchange Riev and Selena since I think Riev is worth going through the tower THREE times, but we'll get to Selena in a bit). Still, she's a swordmistress who comes in with decent stats. Selena: Ah, Selena, the unit we all didn't really want to kill but had to. But is she really worth going through the tower thrice? I say no, but I'll explain that later. What does she have? A Bolting, very nice, but not as nice as a Purge on a Bishop...an Elfire, eh I could buy one easily...and a Recover staff, always welcome in my book. What, no money Selena? So her weapons are pretty good with the exception of Elfire, but now for her stats...excuse me while I go puke again...OK, seriously IS? She's one of Grado's finest, and you give her stats like that?! The old windbag is better than she is! I mean, look at her stats! While 7 movement is nice, the rest of her stats are not! She comes in at an OK level of 11, meaning she can improve, but she has a long way to go. Her magic is terrible. Her skill, terrible. Her speed...is OK. Really, speed and RES are all that are going for her. Now that I think about it, keep Ismaire as the prize for beating the tower once. Switch Selena and Riev, because those stats and items are NOT worth going through the tower thrice (though I'll probably end up getting her anyways). I'm sorry Selena, I really am, but I'm going to give you a cushioned score of 2.5/10. If you weren't so likeable, I'd drop you down to a 2/10, but a 2.5/10 it is.
  10. *sigh* If you REALLY want me to revise my vote then, I'll do it. I was in a rush when I was posting my first post, so you can disregard it. No need to get all riled up. OK, Syrene...Syrene...leaving the other two pegasus knights out of this what do we have? She comes in with decent bases, a javelin, and a Silver Lance. OK. Let me split this review up into three sections: one part talking about the chapter you get her on, one on pros, and one on cons. In Chapter 17, she's not terribly difficult to recruit, though you do need to recruit her quickly because the NPC AI is terrible at defending themselves. She does a pretty good job of fighting off the Druids that keep on spawning(as well as the Heroes and Warriors if you can provide her with a sword) so long as you have a healer near her. She's also helpful for getting the citizens for safety. While she's not ready to tackle on Lyon alone, regardless of whom she supports with or even has a support, she does a pretty good job of cleaning up the mess of units on Chapter 17. So what's good about her? Well, she's one of the three components essential for an insta-critical, which is always handy if the attacker has a sacred twin and high attack stats. Again, her base stats aren't horrible, and her growths are fairly decent. Her stats are what you want out of a Falcoknight: fast, somewhat strong, and high RES. Coming in with an A and a C in lances and swords respectively help her get to an S rank faster. Her high movement helps her ferry people around as well as traverse the larger maps that are the 3 chapters before Endgame, especially helpful on Chapter 18 since you're rushing from Gorgon Egg to Gorgon Egg making sure they don't hatch so you can gain your 50 EXP. So what are her downfalls? The biggest one that everyone's hit on: availability. She comes in 4 chapters before endgame, so you don't get to use her as much. That, and she's your stereotypical Falcoknight: extremely fragile, so you'll have to use some stat boosters if you want to fix that. Having given some thought over my last vote, if it wasn't for her availability, I'd give her an 7.5/10, but because of availability issues, I'll have to give her a final rating of 6.5/10. I do hope this is more satisfying than my initial post to you, Integrity.
  11. While Myrrh has the excuse of being a powerhouse for coming in late in the game, Syrene does not. By this point, you already have two Pegasi, and they should be much better if you've been using them. If not, why would you even bother with Syrene? Only thing she's really good for is the Triangle Attack. Her stats are OK, but being put this late in the game really hurts her score. 3.5/10.
  12. Welp, then you better get Neimi leveling up, otherwise you're going to have a mediocre Sniper/Ranger on your hands!
  13. I always loved how Eirika and Ephraim all of a sudden get horses when they became Great Lords. It's like they were kept down there, starving, until they decided to promote. Can't wait til you get to Chapters 17 and 19. There'll be curses aplenty, I'll guarantee you that, especially towards the NPC units(namely the ever-so-loyal Knights of Rausten who like to commit suicide and prevent you from getting your Light Brand).
  14. Holy shoot is she overpowered! And it certainly helps that the map she comes in on has a bunch of promoted units waiting to get burned too! Makes raising her up that much easier. She automatically has anti-monster benefits plus decreased damage from range thanks to her transforming when attacked from a distance (thankfully not using up the Dragonstone in doing so). Even as a flying unit, her defenses are high enough that arrows do little to nothing against her. Plus, there aren't too many enemy units with anti-Dragon weapons (and if there were, why would you send her against them unless you knew she was going to win?). She gets a 9/10 from me, her only limits being that she can be used, at most, 50 times without using the Mine Trick thanks to that Dragonstone of hers, and, depending on how well RNG treats her, her speed.
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