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  1. I love Part 4 in Radiant Dawn. I think Joker has more depth than people credit him. I like Est a lot. I like Shadow Dragon Tiki more than Awakening Tiki. I like Seliph more than the other Jugdral lords. I love Julius.
  2. I didn't like Camilla at first because I really didn't like her fanservicey design but after seeing what an awesome unit she is and reading her supports, I ended up liking her. Just wish she wasn't so obsessed with Kamui. XD I didn't have much of an opinion on Suzukaze at first but after reading his supports and My Room lines, he ended up becoming my favorite Fates character. Also being voiced by Ono Daisuke is pretty nice since I loved his voice for Sebastian from Black Butler. I just hate what the Conquest plot did to Suzukaze.
  3. Mystletainn (as you can guess from my signature), it has the coolest design and I love how even though it's a holy weapon, it's considered a demon sword that craves blood. The resistance and crit boost is pretty nice too.
  4. I think Kaze might harbor some doubt over his role as a Hoshidan ninja despite caring for Hoshido and its people and this could have played into his defection. In Kaze's support with Peri, it implies that ninjas go through harsh training from an early age. Kaze was impressed by Peri's cooking skill so he asked her if she had been through harsh training from an early age to obtain it. Saizo's supports with Beruka and Ryoma show that life as a ninja deals with horrible situations and stealthy assassinations and when Saizo sneak attacked Corrin in Conquest, Kaze found it cowardly. I wonder if all this implies that Kaze holds resentment towards how he was raised as a ninja. Saizo was able to tolerate all this because he choosed and served a master that he respected and that is a ninja's greatest calling in life but Kaze was never able to do that and that fact always worried him. Along with this, Kaze shows new resolve from fighting for his friends instead of just working stealthily for the sake of Hoshido in his support with Xander. He's the kind of person who enjoys connecting with others so the stealthy, more private life of a ninja might not really suit him. Unfortunately, Kaze's feelings towards his life as a ninja are never clearly explained or expanded on so this is really just speculation but I think it is a pretty reasonable assumption to make that he holds resentment and doubt over being a ninja. I also found a really good post on tumblr that explains how ninja life and its strict code of honor affected the ninja twins if you want to take a look at that: http://agoddamn.tumblr.com/post/142901364760/oh-i-read-the-ashura-thing-you-wrote-about-his-age Kaze's supports with Selena show that he is very perceptive and can pick up details about a person by reading their expressions and fighting style. Even though at first he thought Corrin had betrayed Hoshido, I think he was able to detect that they really wanted peace and weren't truly against Hoshido by reading their expressions and seeing how they spared the lives of the Hoshidan soldiers. It definitely was a foolish action for him to join Corrin for the reasons you said but I think he was pretty desperate at that point because of the all the guilt he's been carrying for so long and rationalized it in his head by thinking that he wasn't truly turning against Hoshido by joining Corrin. The way I see it, his motivation works but wasn't really written well because he never really shows guilt over Sumeragi's death, he doesn't actually see Corrin reforming Nohr, and we don't get a clear explanation of his feelings towards life as a Hoshidan ninja. Also we don't really get an explanation for why Sumeragi would even bring him and Corrin to Cheve in the first place. The funny thing is that Kaze is actually grateful to Xander for helping Corrin let him escape. I think he would understand why Xander would obey his father and be prepared to kill them and he was grateful to any kind of help at that point even coming from him. Sorry it took me a while to respond, I'm pretty new to these kinds of discussions and I'm not too good at this kind of thing. I hope my points are clear. Please don't tear me apart. XD
  5. Kaze x Nyx and Kaze x Azura are the only ones I really love but there are a lot of pairings I like
  6. Kris, solely because Kris can have an afro and a monocle. Robin and Corrin ain't got nothing on that.
  7. I've only played Conquest but the worst for me is probably that ridiculous Endgame.
  8. Do you think the main problem is that the story is supposed to be about revolutionizing Nohr from within and Kaze's reason to join was supposed to help them with that goal (along with his guilt complex and obsession with repaying debts brought up in supports) but the story doesn't really show Corrin trying to make Nohr a better place? Or do you think the main problem is that Kaze doesn't explain his real reason for joining unless you A support him? I don't there's much to really discuss about Kaze not raising any objections to invading Hoshido, that's just dumb and OOC for him.
  9. Even though he was a kid, he was trained since an early age to be a ninja so he should have been able to realize the threat. I don't think he believed Kamui truly wanted to harm Hoshido since he spared Hinoka and the others but yeah, it really makes no sense for him to continue staying with Kamui when they invade Hoshido and stuff. Oh well, it's not like he's the only character who is messed up by Conquest's plot.
  10. Yeah, he doesn't even tell Saizo his motivations for joining Corrin. I think he must have hidden his guilt from his brother and it's probably one of those things they mutually don't speak to each other about so he realized it would have been pointless in trying to explain it to him.
  11. Normal: Finale in Fear Important: Clash of Two Virtues with Poweful Foe a close second Villain: The Prince's Despair Final: Shaman in the Dark, hands down
  12. I've seen different opinions on this so I was curious on what y'all thought about this. IMO, it makes sense considering his massive guilt but it really could have been developed and executed.
  13. I'm just going to explain my reasons on my favorite characters. Corrin (F) Kana (M) Jakob I love his rude and passionate attitude and his backstory is pretty neat. He has a lot of great supports that show different sides to him (my favorites are all the platonic ones, Corrin, Azura, Nyx, Sakura, Charlotte, Oboro, and Mozu) and he's actually quite logical and self-aware. His looks and voice are quite nice too. Xander I tend to love Camus type characters and Xander is no exception! Unfortunately his character in the plot is a mess (I actually read through those discussion threads) but I love how his supports show his love for his family, his struggle with his father, his hidden shy side, and other aspects to him. He's such a great character with so much potential. Shigure Takumi Niles Elise Sakura Kaze I really love Kaze. At first I didn't really have much of an opinion on him but after reading through his supports and my room lines, I find him a fascinating and personally relatable character. I love his supports and my favorites are with Xander, Azura, Nyx, Saizo, and Corrin. He's such a friendly and kind person but he struggles with so much guilt over what he did in the past to the point that he didn't find meaning in his life until joining Corrin as atonement. He was a ninja without a master, overshadowed by his twin, raised in a system that focused on loyalty to the country instead of attachments to others (he's the kind of person who's devoted to comrades instead of a nation), and most of all, failed as a ninja in the worst way possible, so despite being happy in peaceful Hoshido, he must have felt pretty empty on the inside. I relate to that a lot (the emptiness part) and I love how he finds new determination and resolve through supporting Corrin and his comrades and helping others. It's inspiring in a way. I also love how there's two sides to his personality. At first he's all formal and polite but when he opens to other characters more, he has this playful teasing attitude and is dang seductive when it comes to romance. My only real problem with him is that while I can understand why he would join Corrin in Conquest, I don't get why he helps them invade Hoshido without even questioning them about it. I guess he just suffers the same problem as Xander and Azura. XD Azura I still remember when I saw her for the first time in an early trailer for Fates. She was so mysterious and beautiful and I couldn't help but be a little awed. Her design and voice (I much prefer Japanese but English is good too) are gorgeous and she has great supports. One of my favorites is her one with Keaton because he's trying to get her to show emotions on her face but it's not easy for him and I know how it feels to have difficulty showing emotion. Ryoma Orochi Nyx Arthur Camilla Oboro Effie Laslow Keaton Lucina
  14. Archanea: Archanea the country Valencia: Sofia Jugdral: Agustria Elibe: Etruria Magvel: Grado Tellius: Crimea
  15. I don't think Soren got his tactical intelligence from his dragon blood because the black dragons don't really seem to be that smart....
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