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  1. seeing as i only today saw this post, has there been any new tools of Fire Emblem Path of Radinace such as Kirb's FE9Editor? otherwise i tried the method and though it succeeded in changing his model to Lord Ike, is there a different file or set of files i have edit to make Lord able to use axes? When Decompressed none of the files are labeled JID_LORD for example
  2. Seeing as im the newest person here and ive only recently discovered Path of Radiance Modding, my first question is How is the progress on the FE9Editor that Kirb or someone else was working on? Second is, I have the LZ77 Decompression down pat, however Compressing it back to the original format seems to elude me. The main hack ive been seeking out is a hack of FE9 that allows Ike to be Hero Class like Greil wherein his Lord class can use Axes (or his class defaults to Hero instead of Soldier for example). Also i seem to have the problem of crashing whenever i give ike the skill to use axes (most likely due to not having any axe animations) however if anyone has tips or full on tools that can do this kind of hacking then feel free to inform, criticize, or provide.
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