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  1. Rayne


    Do you like to play this game? How well are your skills in it?
  2. Rayne

    Weight loss thread

    Have you ever been overweighted? How hard was for you to lose weight? Which methods were the most helpful for you?
  3. How difficult is it? And how much time can it take for developing my skills for this?
  4. Rayne


    Does it belong to your hobbies? Which one and why?
  5. Rayne

    Do you gamble?

    Which games do you like the most of all? Have you ever won money?
  6. I mean in case of gadgets? Which methods were the most effective in your case?
  7. What do you think about them, are they really so bad as it's often said? Would you apply for the one?
  8. I think everyone needs to take a step back and recognize going into this that the vast majority of people on both sides of the political spectrum don't want kids to get murdered in school. If we use that as a starting point and just ask whoever we are talking to what they think would make things better we would be at each other's throats a bit less.
  9. I just started watching Pandora Hearts yesterday. Only saw one episode, but it seemed interesting enough to keep watching. Also about halfway through Death Note. I've also had GitS and Eva on my to-watch list for way too long.
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