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  1. Hey, might do this alongside you as well I wanted to try this out for a while and now that three houses is out and turned out to be a total piece of cake, (also as enjoyable as cake) I needed a real challenge, and playing every game in the series in max difficulty seems like an awesome one at that. Debating the quality of each one will be pretty fun as well. I only really dread reverse lunatic and worse of all Revelations « gimmicks » aside from that it could be a lot of fun.
  2. She is somewhat machiuvelical in the literal sense, this doesn’t mean she is evil but it rights her off as at least grey never good. To achieve her ends she employs the help of TWSITD and tolerates and supports to some extent their actions she also starts a war five years long that will claim the life of many, she is in complete contradiction with Claud in her philosophy although their “end” is similar; a United Fódland. Claud’s path also shows us the good way to unite Fódland, on without bloodshed and one at peace with the rest of the world. Once you have played GD you can’t agree with her actions because you have seen the same goals achieved peacefully. She feels somewhat like Arvis. Actually quite a lot, from the treason, to allying with questionable individuals all in the goal to impose her world view onto the continent, also “flame emperor”, dual holy blood, one of which belonging to the biggest evil in history, don’t tell me that’s coincidental, but at the same time neither is completely evil, both are nuanced individuals with bloody ambitions. (My this is really the Genealogy remake /s). Also I hate that you only end Nemesis with the GD that means that in both Edelgard’s and Dimitri’s path Nemesis could awaken (Thales clearly was done with the preparations for is revival so what stops it) at any time and wreck havoc with his ten generals, compromising Fódland’s future. I probably feel more enclined to side with her if she truly went through with making sure peace would last, which again only Claud does.
  3. This will require beating a final map 43 times (20 S support male byleth 23 female) but I am down for it in a very long session on what i’ll find the fastest map.
  4. One star per for times training that stat, so three sessions wholly focused on that stat is perfectly enough.
  5. Merci beaucoup! C’est bien de rencontrer d’autres francophones ici!
  6. It's pretty simple the first 3 letters of my family name and the first 3 of my name
  7. I am from the wonderful, slightly montainous region of Québec called the Laurentides. I am a huge fan of hiking and this poorly know little corner of the second largest country on earth is definitely worth visiting if anyone shares this passion. (that it is if you enjoy the time worn, smaller mountains typical to Canada)
  8. I already have interacted a bit on this site, but hadn't bothered to make an introduction, so might as well. I am a very new fan of the series, coming from Smash ultimate, actually. So basically, I already knew basically all the franchises represented in that game with the exception of FE and I was wondering why so many character from that game were represented. This lead me to look it up, and man did it not dissapoint. I emediatly wanted to try it out. I chose to start with the beginnig and played the highly unbalanced FE3 book 1, since I did not know at that time about the DS remakes. I went trough the game until the last chapter, but due to poor management on my part I was not able to complete the endgame. Since then (it was about 5 months ago) I have experienced every FE though I have not beaten most of them. I definitely think that the jugdral and tellius games are the best from what I have experienced from them (I am nearly finished with PoR and have seen the narrative from the jugdral games, although I haven't fully went trough them) and hope we'll see remakes soon. After the first Three Houses direct I was very disapointed, but the Tanibomb leaks and the subsequent E3 trailer renewed my hype and that game cannot come out soon enough. Anyway glad to be on this forum!
  9. Yeah! Hard mode bonuses are especially good to her aswell.
  10. Most definitely Minerva and Michalis the OG wyvern riders from Macedon.
  11. definetly Hidari's style in FE echoes I just love that rather simple but lively way of shading.
  12. Armored low move units
  13. fliers in all of their forms
  14. I think the DS games are amazing FE15's map design wasn't as bad as people made it out to be
  15. If we follow on with Echoes I would say a song for bygone days is the best Sacred stones also has many of the best like And New mystery next with awesome songs like now for fe11 there are two amazing songs, but one of them has a better remaster from POR so I’ll put that one instead continuing with POR here’s possibly my favorite from the franchise (I am a sucker for harpsichord) other great ones from that game THE BEST recruitment theme IMO Fe6 up next Fe7 (As well as it’s to remixes from the same game but i won’t had them because I still have a lot more to add) All right Fe4 now with probably the richest soundtrack in the franchise Literally all of the map themes are great but these are the best https://youtu.be/owfIUVY20f0 Ok now the site won’t let me embed links but that won’t stop me the non-map themes https://youtu.be/pj1J29RrYm4 https://youtu.be/Iq-Vw5lC1Gc https://youtu.be/LiKnlT-XZRs https://youtu.be/NCv69W-EGIs https://youtu.be/S8AcVhRhGO8 https://youtu.be/8bugR0IK1hM https://youtu.be/ZhI410LOP5Y https://youtu.be/uD4wIVDnhIY Lastly we have thracia 776 https://youtu.be/YajJZHw7g60 https://youtu.be/l9y5GAWyL0Q https://youtu.be/TjSW0NCR8x4 https://youtu.be/iMbqaN10hfs https://youtu.be/tLjfJhZggZE The best remix of crisis. https://youtu.be/cUFmMvG0nVE https://youtu.be/F11NPFk4y54 https://youtu.be/ehKCkJq--ac https://youtu.be/nUidTOeOU1c https://youtu.be/HVKC3RNt4I4 https://youtu.be/DG3G0A_FXNg (This one is a remix of the theme of love from FE3 which is also amazing) https://youtu.be/VX_rMwM2qZM Alright that’s about all of my favorite songs throughout the series with a few exceptions. sorry for such a long post btw. I just couldn't help it, I had to post every track.
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