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  1. Ooh, like a Heart-to-Heart! I’m interested to see how S-Supports work in this game (assuming there are any). Public proposals?
  2. The artstyle (especially the boxart) is admittedly gonna take some getting used to, but I LOVE the colors!! I’m also pumped that we get a black main character!! Hopefully Claude and the Blue Lions guy aren’t the only ones with darker skin!! I’m hoping Byleth is customizable, but at the same time, I really love their default design! Especially M!Byleth’s outfit and hair, and F!Byleth’s face. The teal hair is oddly refreshing lol I don’t think I saw anyone mentioning the music. The two songs we have sound awesome! I cannot wait to hear more! I wonder what this game’s “Open for business!” theme will sound like (assuming it’s returning)
  3. Oooh, I didn’t notice this! I definitely prefer the darker hair, but she still looks good! Edelgard’s skin was slightly lightened. Dimitri was given thicker eyebrows and a cute little smile. Hilda’s head was widened a bit. I wonder what other characters got updated designs?
  4. I definitely want Anna to show up, but only Anna. I’d really like for 3H to be separate from the other games in terms of lore and junk.
  5. I really want water magic!!! I liked Leo’s tome because its animation involves trees. I would love to see more spells that aren’t just fire, lightning, or wind attacks. Ice and water based magic could have totally worked in Fates, with Azura and the Ice Tribe.
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