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  1. I’ve beaten the game successfully with 10 units! Not only that, but this is my first time beating conquest ever! I must say it’s been one heck of a ride. My personal thoughts? Hexing Rod should never be in another fire emblem title ever again! It is such an unfair staff for the player to have to deal with. Otherwise, several of the maps wre definitely challenging (Takumi’s map with 10 units is no joke) but it is certainly doable. I remember when I initially scoffed at the idea of doing this game with 10 units and no Camilla/Xander/Leo but I am pleasantly surprised to say that it is possible.
  2. Thanks for the pointers! I did manage to finally get past Chapter 27 but I got Corrin killed by mistake when she took a hexing rod and then a blow that was more than her new HP total. AT least I know I can do it now!
  3. I’ve been attempting this challenge for a couple of months now. Almost finished but I don’t see myself getting through Chapter 27 (Haven’t reached endgame yet) anytime soon. Overall, it has been a bit tougher than a regular play through but I feel s great sense of accomplishment for having gotten this far.
  4. Thank you for your patience and taking the time to explain this to me. Much appreciated.
  5. Losing one’s temper should not be confused with someone being a closet conservative. I hate the word alt right because it means nothing and produces no meaningful new school of political thought. It’s sole function is censorship by those who insist on using it. Theres far right like neo Nazi and there’s is libertarian but there is no “alt right” anymore than there is an alt left. I can appreciate your viewpoint on the point of terrorists as a Muslim American certainly but you don’t know what it’s like to wish the world was more accepting of diversity as a mixed kid and The diversity you got told to suck up and accept is a counterfeit of what you were promised. White privilege means nothing when educated white peoples set the standards of what is and isn’t racist. I grew up my whole life fighting to be acknowledged as white in a sea of ignorant comments about the shape of my eyes and the size of my penis and geographically ignorant questions of my being Chinese or Japanese and now that they FINALLY acknowledge that I’m white I have to be guilty of colonization and oppression now? Excuse me? my choices are “You’re not white and you’re not a minority except for when we want you to be white and shamed for it.” or “You’re a mutt whose bloodline taints the master race. You filthy abomination!” I am no fan of white supremacists but at least they have it figured out that I’m a damn minority! thats the state of affairs of identity politics today. The bad guys are more coherent (albeit far more hateful) than the supposed good guys (who also sound hateful but word it nicer) Identity politics and the left and right have become a royal headache.
  6. You know it’s funny you should bring up alt right because yes that label is very arbitrary. Its a way to discredit a dissenting opinion by arbitrarily labeling it alt right. I am a child of mixed racial heritage and yet if I were to make a joke about Koreans, people would label me a racist white boy rather than accepting that maybe I am laughing about cultural quirks that I ACTUALLY grew up with. You might claim that is an alt right opinion because I’m trying to justify racial humor and yet If I were fully Korean then no such racism would occur because I’d be the race in question. Now it would be unfair to label you a PC femin-Nazi with anti mixed race racist tendencies due to a lack of evidence. However, by your own admission, such a label would be okay as long as I had the arbitrary social standards to declare it. Labels should be descriptive. Once they are used to arbitrarily quell freedom of speech and dissenting views, all it does is create a group think tank of ideologues that all look sound and act the same and oppress those who think differently. The Soviets has labels they’d assign to dissenters to seize farmland, execute intellectual threats to political power, and ship off those who were “counter revolutionary” to the gulags. The alt right label is a similar exercise in intellectual control.
  7. Because unit slots per Chapter are limited and I don’t want to be stuck benching a unit I plan to use to kill off another one if I can avoid it.
  8. So I’m playing a Gaiden run of Hard 5 and I’m on the Chapter 9 map and I just came across Jeorge who has better bases than Jeigan but does not have Jeigan’s beastly A Rank in lances. So knowing that I was going to kill off Jeigan and Jeorge eventually, which would be the better longer term keep? Side note: Who should be in my final army. Currently my army consists of Marth, Cain, Abel, Ogma, Barst, Julian, Lena, Seedger, Wolf, Hardin Athena and of course Jeigan who is living on borrowed time.
  9. Fog of War and Rout the enemy is an evil combination not to mention juggling using Rafiel and keeping him alive when an enemy can leap from the dark and kill him! Anyone know of any information on where he enemies are positioned on this map and where reinforcements pop up? I really want to clear this map in 10 turns for max bonus experience but it feels like an impossible feat.
  10. So I’m at Chapter 3 on Hard 5. I’ve got 3 axe fighters approaching from the left and Lena’s entourage up top. Bord and Darros are dead. (I’m going for 6x at least so no big deal there.) How on earth do I get through this given the insane stats of these enemy units?
  11. Forgive my skepticism but having seen the unfair bs that Lunatic throws at you (Glares at Kitsune Chapter, Iggy and Siegbert paralogues with particular dishonorable mentions) I really don’t see how you could beat the game with no royals and no backpacks let alone with just 10 units! Seal skills on enemies wreck entire armies if you can’t ORKO them (Seal Speed being worst of them ALL) How on earth did you accomplish this and if you did accomplish it? Ive been on conquer lunatic for almost 2 years now! So basically, we are talking clear the map up to the high wall and then bum rush Yukinura and Sakura right?
  12. I really wanted Sakura’s Spirit Dust too! Im just getting tired of resetting Chapter 22 over and over again as nauseum. I have already attempted doing this with No DLC (Minus ghostly gold since I was taking so long to beat certain chapters I was slowly accumulating gold bars on a daily basis and turning months into minutes just didn’t seem like too much of a cheat to me) or My Castle stuff and failed (Siegbert’s paralogue just broke me...)
  13. How did you get through chapter 22? I almost beat it but the reinforcements that spawn when you get too close to Yukinura get me every time. Should I just say screw the experience and seize as quickly as possible?
  14. Well I meant in the context of this game but that is also interesting! The triangle attack is something where the wikis don’t cover everything so it’s just kind of cool to learn something new like that!
  15. So I’m playing good old cog of destiny and it just so happens that I fielded all 3 Pegasus Sisters and I’m approaching Linus. I decide to attack with Fiora and Florina for some decently accurate damage and then go in with Farina. Much to my surprise, the triangle attack is triggered on Linus! Keep in mind that Linus is equipped with the Iron Rune which nullifies all critical hits so I didn’t think the triangle attack would trigger at all because it should be nullified. I guess the in game mechanics treats the triangle attack as its own thing and not a critical hit. Who would have thought it?
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