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  1. I used Drowzee and Snorlax in a previous Trainer EXP only playthrough. I HAVE to catch the Snorlax anyways since fainting them would net wild Pokémon experience. i want to try out different Pokémon in each playthrough. I ended up teachingThunderbolt to Nidoking as well as Ice Beam and Earthquake. I’m holding onto Horn Attack for now since it still seems to do decent damage. I did end up picking up Mr. Mime and Kangaskahn as my final two Pokémon. Kangaskahn will be interesting to use since I can’t really use him as the special sweeper I would normally want because I used so many good TMs on Nidoking. I’ve never used him before though so I’m looking forward to seeing how he plays. First time I did the playthrough I used Charmander as my starter. I opted for Squirttle because short term, Bubble is learned much sooner than Vine Whip for Brock. Incidentally Blastoise is the other speedrunning Classic. Pokémon to use. I’ve never done the pokedoll trick before though Is be crazy to skip out on the Rocket Casino dungeon because Rare Candy and all that sweet sweet EXP! Anyways , I took the advice and just evolved Nidorino
  2. I’m doing a trainer experience only run of Pokémon Blue and this is my second attempt so I learn from my mistakes and aim to establish a core team early on. Thus far my team consists of a Wartortle, Nidorino and a Dugtrio I caught in Diglett’s Cave to counter Serge. i also am sporting a Mew I got using the teleport/fly glitch for HM purposes only. So that leaves two more slots for my team and I’m trying to figure out what I should incorporate into my team to better round it out. And finally there’s the question of TMs and how to allocate them for the game. Nidorino is due for a new move since he still only has his base lead set which isn’t too hot. It’s a question of Bubble Beam vs Thunderbolt. Finally I need to ask if it’s better to evolve Nidorino sooner rather than later since Double Kick gives him Fighting Type access but level 50 is a long time to wait on Nidoking.
  3. I never really thought about that before. Furthermore, the sages cap at B so that really narrows your A/S Rank staff users. Fortify is a beautiful thing.
  4. Well if you wanted to classify it as gambling it’d be lottery but I see your point as well.
  5. Okay so Hector Hard Mode (Ranked) has proven to be quite the challenge but why do the Wyvern Riders have so much bulk that only Marcus and Hawkeye can reliably kill them? I had the exact same issue with the chapter you get Ninian in but at least that map didn’t have sand and hidden treasure that makes you required to field a thief and please it in the range of these beasts. They’re wielding steel lances and they don’t tickle when they hit. This is where I get stuck every single darn time!
  6. Yeah gambling in video games is fine if it’s done a la in game casino which is what I thought this topic was about but the loot box angle definitely raises some concerns.
  7. If I take it one chapter at a time and I post some help threads when I need it I think I can manage. Problem is that desert chapter (Thief needed to steal white gem and Guiding ring AND unearth desert treasure with a turn count requirement that seems a touch unrealistic... yikes!)
  8. I’ve never actually finished HHM before but the concept of S Ranking simply intrigued me. But to answer your question, I’ve done attempts where I’ve trained Lyn up as far as Level 9 and is RNG blessed (May have manipulated her to get strength on each level up so she has a whopping 12 strength going into HHM.) Ive done attempts skipping Lyn Mode and I’ve done attempts on roms with average stats patches. Furthest I’ve gotten on Hard Mode is the desert chapter (Getting all the treasure and Genesis is a headache I get frustrated with.)
  9. I’ve been making (And deleting) several Hector Hard Mode S Rank attempts and one thing I’ve noticed in my attempts is that the sum of my levels are nowhere near the sum of 50 by the time I reach the desert chapter. Lots of forums I’ve read on HHM S Rank swear by Geitz and say he’s a solid prepromote you should get but with how much less experience you get per kill and the like, combined with how difficult Eliwood and Lyn are to train as it is, I’m beginning to wonder if Lloyd’s map and Wallace would be so bad? So my question is, is Geitz worth the effort in a ranked run?
  10. Congratulations! Hands down my favorite game in the series for story and characters alone! Nice to see Rolf get some love too!
  11. How much might should I forge on the hammer? My Barst has 15 Strength
  12. I’m suffering from a bit of decision paralysis. Ive got 12 000 Gold I’m on Chapter 7 Should I forge or save my money? I’m looking at an Armorslayer or Hammer OR Extra might on an Iron Bow for Athena (Reclassed to archer) Extra Might on an iron Axe for Hero Wolf. Edit Im doing Hard 5 and have already forged the Rapier Wing Spear and Rider’s Bane to +5, +5, and +4 might respectively.
  13. If your brother is looking for a challenge, then the choice is pretty clear. Priscilla is my favorite unit and IMO easily one of the best. An 8 move nuclear missile with Staff utility. An RNG blessed Erk could potentially be better than Pent and that... is just scary. Raven, at the end of the day is a solid infantry unit but he’s no tank even with some RNG blessing and Lucius is frail frail frail so I would say that’s the more challenging pair to use hypothetically speaking.
  14. I’ve beaten the game successfully with 10 units! Not only that, but this is my first time beating conquest ever! I must say it’s been one heck of a ride. My personal thoughts? Hexing Rod should never be in another fire emblem title ever again! It is such an unfair staff for the player to have to deal with. Otherwise, several of the maps wre definitely challenging (Takumi’s map with 10 units is no joke) but it is certainly doable. I remember when I initially scoffed at the idea of doing this game with 10 units and no Camilla/Xander/Leo but I am pleasantly surprised to say that it is possible.
  15. Thanks for the pointers! I did manage to finally get past Chapter 27 but I got Corrin killed by mistake when she took a hexing rod and then a blow that was more than her new HP total. AT least I know I can do it now!
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