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  1. You have made my dreams come true and my day. I am sold! ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Watching a video of the Mangs Ironman livestream on YouTube, Mangs did something funny during Chaoter 14:False Friends in thatbhebread the firstsbentence I’d ever cut scene as he pressed start. So ye first line of the map narration then the next scene and the next and he formed a coherent story with it which was hilarious So it made me wonder how would the story play out if we compiled a map by map dialogue using this same method? that includes, opening words for people addressing tactician so the rule for that will be you conpilenit, your tactician talk is the “canon” one do the story. i don’t have access to Blazing sword atm... but this is one of the most epic meme endeavors of all time!
  3. Have to throw in more love here. Meant a lot to me that you listened to my story heard it and are understanding of it. Im just going to say the cliff note version is psychotic pathological liar ex who was trans left me with some mental and emotional s scars. My rational mind can compartmentalize those two things and I will say that I do not hold a personal view of trans people that way. However, my emotional memory invokes bouts of anxiety when I meet a trans person IRL i.e. a literal diagnostic phobia involving transgender people. I hate this mental health issue because it puts me in a position where I don’t feel like I am a trans the trans rights supporter that I am supposed to be. Of course I do my best to not let this taint my behavior but I feel like the fact this tendency exists and I fight it makes me low hanging fruit for a vilification dogpile. When an abusive sociopath is the one educating you on trans issues, expect a bumpy ride. I appreciate the validation of someone trans telling me it’s okay to have a mental health issue and fight through it.
  4. I want this Pokémon now. I have to ask a bizarre request shut I feel given your displayed creative chops here, I’m curious what you might come up with, for... and I MUST STRESS BIZARRE!!! Caterpie I am a gen 1-er with a guilty pleasure, my favorite Pokémon is... the two most adorable bulbous eyes I have ever seen on any living creature with some of he worst stats of any Pokémon and only 2 moves they can learn. I won’t begrudge you if you “cheat” and go for butterfree but I’m kind of resigned to my favorite Pokémon never getting an alternate form lol.
  5. YES! YES! And a thousand times YES! I don’t have any negative sentiments towards atheism itself but I do have qualms with people playing games of “what? I’m not dogmatic! I have no religion!” using my sexuality as justification for religious intolerance. I don’t take any pleasure in citing incident after incident but I’m not going to just take people saying “What about THiS bad thing and THIS thing the church did” lying down. My ACTUAL position is I’ve met atheists that are cool and I’ve met Christians that are cool. It has no bearing on my thoughts and attitudes towards you but my attitude on the matter of religion being bad for society is aggressive neutrality. I’ve got a laundry list of things I would say to smack down any Christian who tries to misrepresent atheists as bad for society but such a position hasn’t been argued in this thread. My issue with LGBTQ advocacy is very simply I’m not interested in evangelical atheism figuratively speaking and I am definitely not interested in cancel culture cyberterrorism. You can’t make people accept you. Everyone’s prejudices and values evolve overtime and as long as I can be me without fear of violence or loss of opportunity then I am happy to let people evolve organically. I’m going to be honest. As a mixed kid, I see those so called reactionary right wing nationalists and I see their appeal. It has to do with the psychology of the perfect cult recruit. I don’t agree with their positions for self preservation reasons but even if they weren’t around I’ve grown up long enough being “not white enough” to deal with being called a minority in a mean way. I’m kind of used to it sad to say. With feminism, it’s much more complicated because I’ve read feminist literature and my own personal assessment is that I get more substantial and practical political and social critique from feminist papers that disavow patriarchy while the ones that double down are 30-50 pages longer and say nothing that would warrant the extra reading. If I were to identify as a feminist I would subscribe to the academic works of Allison Jaggar. Androgyny feminism is eloquent and CONCISE as written by her. But SJWs would tell me I am sexist or transphobic from the content reasonably presented. So with feminists I have what I call the PPI rule. You say Patriarchy, you’ve lost me. You say Privilege, it depends on your context but accuse me of straight or white privilege and we are done. You say Intersectionality and I say get the fuck away from me with your mixed race minority hate speech. Don’t even try to explain yourself I’ve literally read the book of the academic who proposed this lunacy and if her points suck at defending racism, I fail to see how yours will fare differently since she’s your source. I can keep an open mind to a point but once intersectionality comes up, my mind is closed for business.
  6. Okay enough spin doctoring! There is an irony in being told I lack compassion in generalizing the arguments of atheist by claiming I’m a 1000 steps ahead and yet here I am, stalemate again and debating the merits of religion... Look, we can go tit for tat here but I’ve endured enough people bragging about their superior critical thinking skills because of their LACK OF FAITH to know that you don’t need Jesus to be a pompous bigoted asshole. (I feel the need to stress that I am not insinuating anything about present company. I am speaking about past experiences here in context) I’m just going to say very curtly and bluntly that if I really wanted to, I could compile a case of why atheism is bad for society with a plethora of talking points but it would be a pointless and off topic exercise in spite. So let’s talk about the alarming survey findings of LGBTQ acceptance on the DECLINE among young people in 2019. The general consensus is the reaction is not “Ew your sexual orientation is gross”, it’s “Does this mean I have to believe feminism is gospel now or you’ll disown me?” I would happily trade away all my civil rights pertaining to my sexual orientation if it meant throwing these cyber terrorists behind bars locked away for 20 years where they belong. What the church did in the past was shitty but pointing at what was down in the past does jack for addressing the issues at present. The issue at present is my sexual orientation is being used as a WEAPON by secularist leftists and my own personal hot take is I would rather someone beat me up for being gay than someone else beat others up on my behalf.
  7. Well it’s not as simple as everyone clapping their hands and proclaiming I don’t believe in fairies either now is it? I am a firm believer that if you intend on committing an evil act that you’re not going to let an inconvenient thing as lacking a religious reason stop you. There is still a natural bias from ancient times that homosexuality was a threat to sustaining population. The fact that homophobia served as a survival mechanism is clear evidence that gay hating is a byproduct of our lower brain functional and gay acceptance a byproduct of appealing to our higher brain functions. When you look at differing attitudes towards homosexuality by sex it’s fairly evidence women are generally more accepting of homosexuality than men. Testosterone functionally gives men easier access to their lower brain function roles because men obviously in ancient times probably subjected themselves to greater dangers in hunting and gathering.. Preserving the human species is a long foregone issue but survival preservation instincts remain.
  8. Judges, conservative or no, are always considering the rights of one group versus another. Civil equality does not mean catering to every whim of a demographic. Feminine hygiene and athletic performance are constantly clashing with trans rights so to speak. Here religious bias is pretty cut and dry but when the claim that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder is transphobic is a talking point, among others make medical professionals and academic experts on the psychology of gender are actually afraid of publishing empirical research... Then you have the infamous Brazilian Wax incident and topless swim party predator Yaniv... A particularly contentious case because trans people got accused of transphobia for trying to call out a predator. Trans rights activists shouldn’t double down on people that damage the credibility of their cause. So I have to say if a conservative judge has a religious bias and is also reading a story about a psychology professor being fired for making a statement of fact in the paper (which has happened), then is their religious or reactionary bias to blame? Without knowing for sure, while I cannot and do not want to discount religious bias, I have to consider other factors at play. I’m not trans but even if I was, I have my own biases at play because I had to write an academic paper where the data forced me into an awkwardness position of having to word the phrase, “In conclusion, Obama was elected in 2008, because he was black” in the most politically correct way possible because the professor told me that given the bizarre incidents of greater than 99.99% statistical significance of race using the voting behavior data of a National US census from that era, the data warranted that conclusion. Keep in mind that my hypothesis and personal position are in fact the opposite but I am a student being graded on my ability to write up a statistical analysis paper and my grade depends on me making a racially charged claim to get a good grade. So personally, with that kind of background if I’m a judge in that person’s position, yeah I’m a Christian but every ruling is going to be with the reasoning of how much room am I giving for these same activists to professionally off me? The truth is, no matter how much I want to oppose that kind of discrimination I would have to consider the enablement of predatory tactics that arise from my ruling not just for religious leaning people but for academics as well. That doesn’t mean I don’t value trans rights but I’m going to value free speech over trans rights because the tree withers and dies once the roots are poisoned so I’m going to bank on an appeals court or societal attitudes drifting away from harmful behaviors overtime and re opening the issue at a later date rather than making hasty rulings detrimental to the here and now. I may be blowing these statistics out of proportion but my own personal experience and skeletons are going to lower my threshold considerably.
  9. So a couple of days ago, I had a guy trying to sell me his government fee phone for 10 bucks. Not knowing whether or not it was a good deal I call a friend who points out that someone that pushy to get 10 bucks is probably looking to get drugs and the thing that pushed it over the edge for me was government fraud risk as I am still a green card holder working on my dual and need to keep my record pristine until deportation risk is abated (And after that as citizenship is not a license for criminal activity but the stakes are certainly higher) So the same day there’s a woman holding up a cardboard sign that says “feed my family” on a median in the one of the most dangerous intersections in Southern California. As someone well versed in homeless outreach, I know that food is better than cash where such situations are concerned and try to get her to leave the median because endangering her life for her children isn’t worth it but she says she’s is 8 dollars short for a night at a motel and can’t leave until she’s knows her son hasn’t a roof over his head for the night. I gave her the 8 bucks and she cones down and she is crying thanking me for help and basically tells me she is starting a new job but has exhausted all her unemployment and is two days away from her first shift. She didn’t exactly fit the bill of homeless people I had met in the area so the lack of meth teeth and track marks certainly lent credibility to the claim she’s Ian just someone down on their luck who has a child’s to consider. I told my friend this afterwards and got quite the earful over being taken advantage of. In the end the exchange ended with “You do you” but the sentiment was that I probably gave someone dope money. Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski has put homeless outreach near and dear to my heart so I wanted to ask... Did I exercise good judgment or no?
  10. I never said that religious people didn’t do discriminatory things. But having distrust and fighting dirty are two entirely different things. But beliefs against trans people are not beliefs in a higher power. You can contest the former without showing contempt for he latter. I mean the fact I call homophobia blaspheme in my opening post would be contradictory if my stance was don’t upset religious people. That being said, I don’t like discussing trans rights because I had a manipulative psychotic pathological liar of an ex who was my introductions to trans rights. The intellectual side of my brain tells me that such a person is a terrible example of the community but once you’ve been driven to the point of literally wanting to jump out the window over pronouns and accusations of transphobia over repeatedly screwing up pronouns and gaslighting, the amount of times the emotional side of my brain causes me put my foot in my mouth regarding such issues is just not worth it.I I hate the words homophobe and transphobe for this very reason. I have a phobia(irrational fear or anxiety) from a traumatic event but not necessarily a hatred. I will say that while I can admit my personal experiences do not override a need for civil rights, I will say that they don’t exactly put me in the direction of believing such court rulings can be used to justify sociopathic behavior to achieve them. I am not going to insinuate that that is what you are saying or twist your intentions here. I am speaking generally when I say that. What I find unsettling is that the behaviors that resulted in a friend having to literally talk me off the edge are now acceptable tools in the arsenal of a civil rights battle.
  11. Scaling her strengths and weaknesses is fair. I don’t get the impression you are bashing Isadora by no means. I just feel you are undervaluing her. regarding the point of Isadora’s speed, yes it’s true you did not address Isadora’s speed at all. I simply was bringing up a new point to bolster my position. It was not my intent to put words in your mouth. “Not crazy slow” is my words not yours and I’m sorry for the confusion there as it was not my intention to make you feel misrepresented. Regarding what you are saying about Isadora vs unpromoted cavaliers. It is true that earning more experience does give Kent, Sain, and Lowen. considerable edge in ranked runs but you might want to rotate out your cavaliers for infantry units because you can afford to in which case Isadora’s utility comes in handy where you don’t intend on feeding acavaliers kills.
  12. Dr. C

    Rezzy's Art Gallery

    Edit: This is a nice picture! Even without color I guessed Calilll before reading above posts so that should tell you something.!
  13. Oh yeah warrior promotion gains do him no favors It's more you can't look at his growths and say any of them are terrible. Like I said, it's very luck and chance. The thing that makes him better than Will and Rebecca is simply having an enemy phase and 1-2 Attack Range option. Here is the thing, 8 move and rescue/drop utility gives her the ability to get units that you want to get experience or to key positions to those positions. Yeah you could use a promoted flier or cavalier but Isadora gives you 8 move with GBA Canto FREE. Isadora is a very flexible unit with many different roles that she can potentially play as a transport who can also fight competently. Half of 16 is still not crazy slow.
  14. It should be illegal for a business.to go full digital with its job applications. Between people with disabilities aggravated by computer screens and those who do not have access to a computer/internet, there is a sizable enough of a minority that killing paper is so blatantly discriminatory. i mean heck take it one step further and I would say that a person should not have to fill out an application until after their resume has been read by the employer. Expecting job seekers to spend hours filling out different job applications with no hope of even getting an interview defeats the purpose of a resume and takes away from time they could be looking for other job. You shouldn’t have to fill out an application with more specifics until AT LEAST you have an interview scheduled indicating a higher probability of employment.
  15. That’s why you rotate your unprompted units to max miss experience gain.
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