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  1. Fog of War and Rout the enemy is an evil combination not to mention juggling using Rafiel and keeping him alive when an enemy can leap from the dark and kill him! Anyone know of any information on where he enemies are positioned on this map and where reinforcements pop up? I really want to clear this map in 10 turns for max bonus experience but it feels like an impossible feat.
  2. So I’m at Chapter 3 on Hard 5. I’ve got 3 axe fighters approaching from the left and Lena’s entourage up top. Bord and Darros are dead. (I’m going for 6x at least so no big deal there.) How on earth do I get through this given the insane stats of these enemy units?
  3. Forgive my skepticism but having seen the unfair bs that Lunatic throws at you (Glares at Kitsune Chapter, Iggy and Siegbert paralogues with particular dishonorable mentions) I really don’t see how you could beat the game with no royals and no backpacks let alone with just 10 units! Seal skills on enemies wreck entire armies if you can’t ORKO them (Seal Speed being worst of them ALL) How on earth did you accomplish this and if you did accomplish it? Ive been on conquer lunatic for almost 2 years now! So basically, we are talking clear the map up to the high wall and then bum rush Yukinura and Sakura right?
  4. I really wanted Sakura’s Spirit Dust too! Im just getting tired of resetting Chapter 22 over and over again as nauseum. I have already attempted doing this with No DLC (Minus ghostly gold since I was taking so long to beat certain chapters I was slowly accumulating gold bars on a daily basis and turning months into minutes just didn’t seem like too much of a cheat to me) or My Castle stuff and failed (Siegbert’s paralogue just broke me...)
  5. How did you get through chapter 22? I almost beat it but the reinforcements that spawn when you get too close to Yukinura get me every time. Should I just say screw the experience and seize as quickly as possible?
  6. Well I meant in the context of this game but that is also interesting! The triangle attack is something where the wikis don’t cover everything so it’s just kind of cool to learn something new like that!
  7. So I’m playing good old cog of destiny and it just so happens that I fielded all 3 Pegasus Sisters and I’m approaching Linus. I decide to attack with Fiora and Florina for some decently accurate damage and then go in with Farina. Much to my surprise, the triangle attack is triggered on Linus! Keep in mind that Linus is equipped with the Iron Rune which nullifies all critical hits so I didn’t think the triangle attack would trigger at all because it should be nullified. I guess the in game mechanics treats the triangle attack as its own thing and not a critical hit. Who would have thought it?
  8. PEMN but Oscar getting RNG screwed has happened to me a bunch of times. Personally I would dump a bunch of bonus experience on Marcia and transform her into a beast.
  9. I’m playing Sacred Stones with an average growth patch and I’m wondering how I should promote Vanessa and Tana? Vanessa has had some rather awkward run ins with axe users that make me wonder if the Falcon Knight promotion might be a better fit and seeing how with this patch there’s no chance of her capping strength anyways, that it might be a good option for her rather than pierce which, while nifty, is luck based. Falcon Knight also leaves room for triangle attack shenanigans. (Worth noting I have A Moulder and B Lute stacked on her as well) Tana on the other hand, will cap strength and speed so it’s a question of whether swords or pierce and +1 Strength and Speed would be better for her long term?
  10. I’m a man of simple tastes. RPGs so if not Fire emblem then Final Fantasy, a Breath of Fire. Ive clocked more hours playing Chrono Trigger than any other game so... there is that.
  11. Lol both brilliant choices. Yugo Moto appears and fanboys go! “oH SHNAP It’s happening?” Yugi Simmons a Kuriboh and walks away. A NEW CHAMPiON HAS BEEN SUMMONED!
  12. @Shoblongoo I have met several televangelists and have ties with people who know them pretty intimately. They legitimately believe in their prosperity gospel and I can appreciate the qualms and skepticism people have with them but they, regardless of the veracity of their message, believe it genuinely they certainly do and charlatans at the very least they are not. It is not their intent to scam people As for the Lion’s Club, sounds pretty awesome and was a very educational read! Thank you very much! Its not my intention to insinuate that working for a charity gives you a moral superiority complex. Groupthink is the concept I am trying to describe. It’s a general psychological behavior pattern humans display. I don’t think I am a better person. As a human I am also susceptible to this. We all make mistakes and here is why is what I’m trying to say. @Dragoncat Read the article you linked. Im going to be honest, the article was a bit hard to follow because of the format but yeah clearly the SA is in the wrong here. As long as imperfect people are running organizations, imperfections will emerge. I’ve also seen the good they can do. That doesn’t excuse this by no means but it’s worth mentioning that not everyone with this organization is like that. It’d be ideal if every charity did everything right all the time but all we can do is our best. At the end of the day, my main concern is the maximum spread of holiday cheer!
  13. First of all, awareness walks are ABSOLUTELY charity so good for you for doing it. I would highly recommend Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 if you’re diabetic because Bret Michaels gets a lot of spotlights woth respect to diabetes awareness. Second of all I had no idea Amazon did that. So it’s pretty cool! Thanks for the info! My political science professor coined the term “noble cause syndrome”. People who run charities run the risk of developing a moral superiority complex believing they can do no wrong because the cause they strive towards is good. Many employees of charities have complained about the expectations of being treated well for working in non profit have experienced the opposite. This is largely because large charities can become hardened to criticism because “but we can do no wrong! We are the good guys!” So yeah, donating to local charities definitely has its pros but it depends on your personal goals and scope as well. Local small charities don’t have the man power to go international for example but the downside to manpower is more employees that need to be paid. I think it’s important to remember and consider this when you make your donations that it’s not so much one being more effective than the other but being effective in different ways. At the end of the day, people are going to make mistakes and I do feel like cutting a bit of slack is needed to save the forest for a few ugly trees. I will say to clarify context however, I haven’t read the article you posted just yet so I will have more to say on that matter specifically when I get to it but Wednesday nights are terrible for me to get any kind of reading done. I think charities working in solidarity is absolutely the best case scenario but mistrust abounds and makes the ideal very difficult. People’s individual values often get in the way of collective goals in the most tragic ways possible but I do agree with you that working together is the best solution.
  14. Mia has the most horrendous strength cap I’ve ever seen on 22... when you think about the sheer number of bulky Laguz units at the end of the game that that won’t ORKO it is painful. I’m also prone to disliking Mia to spite my psycho ex girlfriend but that’s tangential to this thread lol. As for the looks category, I think it might be a matter of outfits versus faces. Calill’s outfit is IMO fantastic but Mia has the prettier face but is dressed rather plainly.
  15. It’s all about the charity at the end of the day! Lovely to hear you chime in!
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