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  1. I’m a man of simple tastes. RPGs so if not Fire emblem then Final Fantasy, a Breath of Fire. Ive clocked more hours playing Chrono Trigger than any other game so... there is that.
  2. Lol both brilliant choices. Yugo Moto appears and fanboys go! “oH SHNAP It’s happening?” Yugi Simmons a Kuriboh and walks away. A NEW CHAMPiON HAS BEEN SUMMONED!
  3. @Shoblongoo I have met several televangelists and have ties with people who know them pretty intimately. They legitimately believe in their prosperity gospel and I can appreciate the qualms and skepticism people have with them but they, regardless of the veracity of their message, believe it genuinely they certainly do and charlatans at the very least they are not. It is not their intent to scam people As for the Lion’s Club, sounds pretty awesome and was a very educational read! Thank you very much! Its not my intention to insinuate that working for a charity gives you a moral superiority complex. Groupthink is the concept I am trying to describe. It’s a general psychological behavior pattern humans display. I don’t think I am a better person. As a human I am also susceptible to this. We all make mistakes and here is why is what I’m trying to say. @Dragoncat Read the article you linked. Im going to be honest, the article was a bit hard to follow because of the format but yeah clearly the SA is in the wrong here. As long as imperfect people are running organizations, imperfections will emerge. I’ve also seen the good they can do. That doesn’t excuse this by no means but it’s worth mentioning that not everyone with this organization is like that. It’d be ideal if every charity did everything right all the time but all we can do is our best. At the end of the day, my main concern is the maximum spread of holiday cheer!
  4. First of all, awareness walks are ABSOLUTELY charity so good for you for doing it. I would highly recommend Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 if you’re diabetic because Bret Michaels gets a lot of spotlights woth respect to diabetes awareness. Second of all I had no idea Amazon did that. So it’s pretty cool! Thanks for the info! My political science professor coined the term “noble cause syndrome”. People who run charities run the risk of developing a moral superiority complex believing they can do no wrong because the cause they strive towards is good. Many employees of charities have complained about the expectations of being treated well for working in non profit have experienced the opposite. This is largely because large charities can become hardened to criticism because “but we can do no wrong! We are the good guys!” So yeah, donating to local charities definitely has its pros but it depends on your personal goals and scope as well. Local small charities don’t have the man power to go international for example but the downside to manpower is more employees that need to be paid. I think it’s important to remember and consider this when you make your donations that it’s not so much one being more effective than the other but being effective in different ways. At the end of the day, people are going to make mistakes and I do feel like cutting a bit of slack is needed to save the forest for a few ugly trees. I will say to clarify context however, I haven’t read the article you posted just yet so I will have more to say on that matter specifically when I get to it but Wednesday nights are terrible for me to get any kind of reading done. I think charities working in solidarity is absolutely the best case scenario but mistrust abounds and makes the ideal very difficult. People’s individual values often get in the way of collective goals in the most tragic ways possible but I do agree with you that working together is the best solution.
  5. Mia has the most horrendous strength cap I’ve ever seen on 22... when you think about the sheer number of bulky Laguz units at the end of the game that that won’t ORKO it is painful. I’m also prone to disliking Mia to spite my psycho ex girlfriend but that’s tangential to this thread lol. As for the looks category, I think it might be a matter of outfits versus faces. Calill’s outfit is IMO fantastic but Mia has the prettier face but is dressed rather plainly.
  6. It’s all about the charity at the end of the day! Lovely to hear you chime in!
  7. In the past decade, I’ve seen a very disturbing rise in campaigns to boycott religious charities like Operation Christmas Child, the Salvation Army, etc. because of how they handle LGBT issues. My bias being a Christian aside, I am LGBT and I will say, oh yeah the church has a lot to answer for and if you don’t want to give them your money to stand in solidarity with me, it’s an appreciated gesture but it’s not going to impact the church nearly as much as it will negatively impact the impoverished and the less fortunate. I don’t want such an unnecessary casualty in the campaign for my human rights. Charity boycott campaigns hurt the ones the charity is for moreso than the charity itself. That’s the part that disturbs me moreso than “Hey you’re attacking my faith!” Campaigning against good causes is, in my opinion, a destructive behavior for so many reasons on this front. Also, it spreads hate and bad will during a season of peace on Eartha Nd good will towards men [and women]. So now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is so to speak. At this point, flip the script and let’s make a negative into a positive. Instead of indulging anger and bitterness and indirectly hating on the poor, let’s talk giving rather than boycotting. Instead of campaigning against a charity, let’s campaign for a plethora of charities. Share your favorite secular charity and if you feel so inclined, do some fundraising by posting a screen cap of your own donations. Theres a lot of people that aren’t going to have a good holiday season. Let’s focus on making their lives better. The charity I wish to share with you is The Partners for Workplace Inclusion. They help people with disabilities and mental health disorders find employment and career options . The more money they are given, the more job shadow placements where you get to work at a place unpaid for a few weeks To see what it is like, job hunting workshops and so much more. Yeah it’s not really a “Christmas charity” but as someone with bipolar and high functioning autism, I cannot deny the difference this organization has made in my life and if you’re going to give a total stranger a Christmas present, the gift of employment and opportunity is a pretty sweet gig.
  8. As a tea lover, I feel the depths of your pain. The perfect mug is a special and sacred commodity. Godspeed in finding another. if given the opportunity, I will take a photo of my mug and post it in solidarity but... I just moved so...
  9. I like Peri. Ive heard her denounced for being a killer doll, a monster, amoral and maybe if we are being serious there are very negative implications about Xander’s character that he would hire a psycho killer for a retainer. While I will acknowledge and concede all these flaws to her detractors, at the end of the day... I find her personality so fricking hilarious. Just the image of a child going on a killing spree appeals to my macabre sense of humor.
  10. Where can I find that patch? When I click the trilogy link, I get a different patch.
  11. So Basically I had a manic episode, changed my password, my phone number got changed without my being consulted on it. The end result is I am locked out of my Facebook account. I start a new account with my new account and now it’s disabled because apparently since I last used Facebook, it’s now against community guidelines to make too many friend requests at once. So now I’ve been locked out of my Facebook AGAIN and I have no idea what I’ve done wrong and I’m beyond upset. i can’t find any information on how to reinstate my account or how long my account will be disabled for. Many attempts to make new accounts ask for a mobile number and won’t let me skip it so what am i supposed to do? Am I supposed to go the rest of my life without my friends now? I’ve been told Serena’s forest isn’t social media and I should re open my Facebook. Well now that I’ve screwed up this step, where am I supposed to go from here?
  12. My favorite archetype would be the Hardin or whatever archetype you would call Jill. The changing of alignments is the key theme here. Whether it’s a noble person falling into evil or someone from an enemy nation having a crisis of conscious and defecting sides, I’ve held a fascination since a child with these kind of behaviors with characters in pop culture like Catwoman who grey the lines between good and evil. My favorite of these archetypes would be Zephiel and Jill respectively. Blazing Sword does a good job of actually makin you adore Zephiel... then he rips your heart out when you seek out an English patched binding blade. Jill’s enlightened racist storyline is just compelling and easily makes her one of the best characters in her game. My least favorite is the Bord and Cord Archetype. In most titles neither of the fighter duo boast much utility long term even though they join early. Worst offender is Bartre who is a unit I adore as a character butbpull my hair out trying to raise. It’s ironic that a character I love makes me hate his archetype but why is it the first game I played where both of the duo were viable was Radiant Dawn?
  13. In the wake of the release of the final batch of Viz brand Sailor Moon dub episodes being released, I felt that it would be appropriate to address what i call the revisionist pop.culture history of Sailor Moon where LGBTQ representation is concerned. Such narratives will ignore that parents played a large role in the censorship efforts of networks at the time and while I don’t condone homophobia by no means, I can at least appreciate parents having the utmost concern for the emotional and psychological well-being of their children since the modern variant involves letting the tablet do the parenting. Second of all whether it’s the infamous genderbending, (Or the infamous rebranding of lesbian lovers as cousins with unintended incestuous overtones) we have to keep in mind the context of the internet becoming more prolific and the cognitive dissonance created by such a popular show being censored in this way. The argument I put forward is that, lesser (in popularity) anime dubs would have continued the trend of these overt censorships but the popularity of Sailor Moon made it such that LGBTQ issues were forced out into the open. Children and parents alike had to wrestle with the cognitive dissonance of seeing their favorite anime butchered to such an extent that unintended implications (such as pro incest) forced people to beg the question is presenting a same sex couple In a manner of mundane existence was such a bad thing? In short, I propose that LGBTQ rights would not have advanced nearly as much in society without the prominence of the debacle of Sailor Moon’s censorship. The butchering of a beloved childhood show served as a martyr to advance the cause. Consider the opposite vein of reasoning. It’s a much more politically conservative time and we get our way with no censorship. Suddenly such overt sexual depictions cause reactionary sexually conservative notions in our generation from the shock of it and we find ourselves in a very different landscape than presently. Sailor Moon is a compelling case study that sometimes the best play to advance socially progressive ideals is to let the opposition throw eggs on their faces. Yeah it would have been nice to have a dub that was truer to the source material but I think the inconvenience of waiting this long is largely outweighed by the cultural impact of the censorship of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Looking forward to a fun discussion in this significant chunk of pop culture history!
  14. So I guess the Sacred Stones thread was the wrong place to post apparently... I’ve been looking into a Sacred Stones Average Stats patch but no such patch seems to exist but the Average Stats patch for Blazing Sword has made me be able to sit back and breathe and enjoy the game more. What I have to ask is... 1. Does an Average Stats patch exist. 2. If I have to make it myself, how long will it take. 3. Is it doable for someone with next to no experience with Nightmare and other hacking software?
  15. Yeah Michiah could have afforded to make her just a touch more durable. I understand she’s a mage but 2Hko at least please?
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