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  1. Quite the informative post. Lots of helpful advice to be found here. Admittedly I hadn't even really delved into the killer weapons at all, but I may give them more of a shot. I was a bit disappointed about Javelins and Hand axes being so horrid, but their higher-level counterparts are at least somewhat respectable.
  2. This seems like a pretty good strategy to me. Forged iron for the fodder, and carrying around some extra power for when you need it. Do you ever find yourself using Steel weapons at all?
  3. So now that the game has been out for a spell and people have gotten to have a couple of play-throughs, I'd like to see some opinions on something: weapons. In general, what has been your mainstay weapons for your units in each weapon category, do you forge at all, if so, which weapons are worth forging? Did you make conservative usage of hero relics (due to the pain required to repair them), or did you spam them out of the gate? For my own play-throughs so far, I've mostly used forged iron weapons as my units main attacking weapon simply due to the low weight, decent durability, and decent might. I've also sprinkled in some of the brave weapons too. Notably, I haven't really used the hero's relics at all (minus the sword of the creator, and accessories that you can equip, like the Aegis Shield.)
  4. While I certainly knew about Authority and its benefits, I didn't really know how high the tiers of battalions could get. By the end of the game only Byleth and Edelgard were able to equip A-ranked battalions. Everyone else was at C or lower since I neglected to instruct Authority (didn't really seem important at the time).
  5. Wow, I didn't know this so I ended up killing them both.
  6. Agreed! I thought it was a powerful scene, I'm a bit disappointed I missed it since I killed Dedue while he was still human. I guess it matters since when Dedue transforms and subsequently dies, he's no longer capable of having that conversation? Both are pretty nice in their own ways.
  7. Oh, well yes that was what I meant. I didn't finish Dimitri off with Amyr either (I used the sword of the creator) But, I did attack Dimitri with Edelgard. I can post the video of where I saw the scene, I think it's still in my history. Honestly I think it depends on if Dedue transformed or not.
  8. Nah it's the dialogue after the battle is over. In the video I saw Edelgard and Dimitri had a conversation before she axes him, however in my playthrough, Dedue and Dimitri spoke before the latter kicked the bucket. There was a Graphic involved with the former, of Edelgard holding Aymr above a kneeling Dimitri.
  9. Happy to report that I successfully completed this mission. Odd though, when I saw a let's player complete this they had some other dialogue than what I got. Wonder if that means if certain events are done in it, that it changes things?
  10. Sylvain and Mercedes are enemies if you didn't recruit them. Without defeating Mercedes Peg knights will infinitely spawn in the top left corner. I cleared it up a lot better after getting the initial blind side run of it done, only one Managed to transform, and I made sure to kill Dedue w/ Dorothea using Meteor, wasn't dealing with that nonsense.
  11. Speaking of those mages.. they kept healing the damage I had done to the beasts already, it was quite the irritating set up.
  12. I had just played that paralogue before the mission battle, so I was already frustrated by that particular occurrence, I somehow managed to get through that with no casualties at all, despite having my more squishy characters right in the line of fire. But this? This was just sooo much more to overcome. I'm a bit terrified of the curveballs that may come in chapter 18 when I finally get past this.
  13. I'll agree, this map was a huge pain. I was not at all prepared for the sudden uptick in difficulty, going in blind made it even worse. I usually like to turtle which was how I dealt with the bolting mage the first time around, I set Hubert in range and just tanked the hits until the mage ran out. That was a HUGE mistake, because I didn't know the soldiers were gonna turn into beasts, and by the time the mage ran outta uses, all of them had turned. The funny part is Dedue wouldn't have been an issue at all if it weren't for his transformation, he would be a sitting duck for any decent mage. But he ends up being the worst out of all of them, if you can bring down his 2 HP bars, he has 151 HP in the last skirmish, insane. Sadly I didn't get to recruit Ingrid on this file (Petra is mostly my flier), but I do have Felix. But I didn't train him in authority so I dunno if it's worth even sticking a battalion on him at this point.
  14. Does anyone have any advice for this particular mission battle? I had been having an easy enough time on Hard Classic thus far, and this map shows up and completely slaps me in the face. The soldiers turning one by one into beasts was bad enough, because I couldn't get to them in enough time to prevent the change, but Dedue turning, and getting flanked by Rhea completely destroyed me, I had to use all my pulses and it still wasn't enough to overcome. Anyone have a solid strat for dealing with this? I really don't want to turn the difficulty down if I can help it.
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