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  1. I just started a Path of Radiance Iron Man, my second one (after Birthright Hard, which was a joke, and Three Houses, which I'm excluding). I just got the game, so I'm playing it totally blind. I just got a game over on chapter 13 because I forgot to protect the apostle from the ravens, but I'll probably just continue, since I'm having a pretty good time playing it. Boyd and Kieran are my best units, along with Titania, who is a god.
  2. Avatar: Renault Class: Mage Fighter --------- Lord: Sigurd Mercenary: Gerik Myrmidon: Fir Thief: Gaius Fighter: Orsin Brigand/Pirate: Marty Cavalier: Franz Armor Knight: Gillam Soldier/Spear Fighter: Aran Archer: Klein Bow Knight: Python Pegasus Knight: Tana Wyvern Rider: Claude Anima Mage: Ced Light Mage: Lucius Dark Mage: Lysithea Cleric/Priest: Moulder Troubadour: Cecilia Dancer: Ninian Trainee: Ross Manakete: Nagi Beast: Lethe
  3. Shadow Dragon - Linde/Hardin Shadows of Valentia - Tobin New Mystery of the Emblem - Sirius Genealogy of the Holy War - Ayra/Larcei Thracia 776(only up to ch 7 so far) - Fin Binding Blade - Lilina Blazing Blade - Florina Sacred Stones - Ross Radiant Dawn(only up to 13) - Jill Awakening - F!Morgan Fates - Shiro
  4. Wiping out all the dragon knights in Ch.5, Genealogy of the Holy War with Forseti. In the same chapter, taking out all the bow knights with Jamke.
  5. Favorite - Sigurd: Probably the best Gen 1 unit, gets Silver Sword in Prologue then can pass it down to Seliph, mounted, Major Holy Blood, and Tyrfing. Not much else to say. Least Favorite - Roy: Not really too strong (until Binding Blade), late promotion, sword-locked.
  6. Hello. I really like strategy games like Risk, so that traveled into me discovering Fire Emblem with Awakening and now. I'm playing through Radiant Dawn for the first time, and also Thracia 776 thanks to the new patch. I haven't played Shadow Dragon and its remakes, Mystery of the Emblem and its Remake, Gaiden, or Path of Radiance.
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