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  1. So having fiddled around a bit, I can say that NG Maddening is quite dumb, it just doesn't give much fun, most of the time you're not really thinking harder than on hard, you're just taking it a lot slower and grinding through a lot more resources for every enemy, that's it. There are some things done right (like the poison), but fighting against inflated stuff is not exactly an interesting challenge. NG+ Maddening (maxed out, so max statues and 50'000 renown) is actually quite a fun gamemode, it's still a bit excessive, but since playing NG+ Hard is a joke I'll take this. But yeah, all in all it's not a well made difficulty, it's just higher numbers. And if they're doing it like that there should be at least a step between Hard and Maddening, because the jump is actually stupid.
  2. Did it 2 times changing around the answers I'm not sure about (eg. the HP question, Ravenclaw is a cooler name, that's all I can say lol). Got Hubert, then Lysithea/Edelgard (even) I guess I ain't living long am I?
  3. Are you sure though? They carry over if you play the NG+ with the bonuses, I'm not sure you get the stuff if you choose to do a playthrough without them.
  4. Reminder that the developer explictily said no added route. That said I'd really like it, not a golden ending, but one where you have Edelgard and Dimitri in your roster (which doesn't automatically make it a golden ending, but have those 2 work together as it would be cool to explore their backstory). The least likely (which I'd love) is an expansion for CF to finish it like it deserves. The most likely (which is okay) is prequel stuff, they can't release "house dependant" DLC, it doesn't make sense and it'd generate unhappiness among the fans, so they have to stick to something that can work for everyone. That could be either far events (Seiros/Nemesis war) or just recent past (maybe the events surrounding Byleth's mother/birth, the monastery fire and Jeralt/Rhea relationship/conflict).
  5. Seteth obviously Wyvern Lord. Never used much the other two, outside of a meme run with Holy Knight Catherine just to play into her zealot personality, but I can safely say switch to Assassin if you want swords. It's just an upgrade on Swordmaster really.
  6. I have to say they did well in italian, they're just "shadow snakes", which is not a mouthful like twtwstids
  7. IIRC there are albinean seeds, I usually use those. And Morfis+West for Noa's fruit which is another painful one (since you need it for a lot of meals which a lot of people like). Also keep in mind you can soft reset yeld (not the stat uppers though).
  8. It's just bullshit like the one Gamefreak is throwing around about how "new players want fast mobile game with little content". Developers trying to justify their convenience based choices (in pokemon's case is a development problem, here is a "fear of scandal" problem). A shame really, I hope no one buys those explanations though, it's truly ridiculous how he's trying to justify removing content for "letting you concentrate on the main story".
  9. It's annoying that you can't divine pulse after map end but still, L+R+ "+" + "-" is soft reset, that still exists even in the era of divine pulse. And that paralogue is a joke if you know where the enemies are, so it's just a nuisance to repeat, but not that bad really. Just saying, if you mess up in any way, you can always rollback, you don't have to steamroll through it and save everytime over your file.
  10. They don't. Pretty sure they disappear completely from existence post timeskip (same for Cyril or Catherine).
  11. Eh, Knights are definitely at their best in the history of Fire Emblem, they actually look like armored soldiers and not moving mops of iron. I liked it so much I had a run with Knight Byleth (with a short sword he's basically a legionnaire). Obviously everything goes to shit when you promote to Fortress, but that's another story... That said I do agree that some armors are just idiotic, in particular the damn SHOULDER PADS on everything are so out of place (thinking especially about Hero and GreatKnight). Wyvern Lord is ridiculous with that ass thing sticking out, but I do like the simpler Wyvern Rider look actually. On the other hand there's quite a few I really like, Dark Mage is my favourite by far, I have a weakness for plague doctors in every fantasy setting. But also War Master with the roman inspiration is amazing, and I do like the templar-ish look on Paladins and Holy Knights (though males only, the females have a WAY overdone thigh armor). The worst ones are (imo) Assassin (what is that "helm"??) and Brawler/Grappler (though the roman helm is nice). And I still have to understand what they were going for with generic Dark Knight's headgear, but the outfit is amazing so I'll accept it. On the generic topic, I do like that they didn't always go with default weapons for Battallions, I don't know why it's nice, but it is (again, Indech's swords are basically a legion, slap them on a War Master and you've got the whole package).
  12. To be fair the short spear is also just a chunk of wood (who the hell designed that thing?).
  13. I actually found it quite out of place, it's like a half assed support conversation in the middle of nothing. The conversations should've been more relevant to the situation imo.
  14. IIRC it was speculated that in maddening DK could move. Does he move in chap.4-6? I assume 4 no since it would actually be stupid, but maybe in 6?
  15. What? Source? I thought they only confirmed additional characters and story (no 5th route). Do we have confirmation of new classes too?
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