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  1. OR 3. use an actual healer like everyone else? You've got Mercedes, Linhardt and Marianne, plus Flayn, why the hell would you ever need to heal with Byleth. And no, heal+10 is NOT the reason Bishop is relevant, the reason Bishop is relevant is having ten uses of Physic. Heal amount doesn't really matter, just heal more often. Even less with Bishop, it'll never use a healing spell that isn't called Physic after turn 1. I just don't get why I should put my best physical unit (aside from Edelgard and Dimitri) through white magic training to put them in some twisted avoid-healing frontline, when I can just put them on a Wyvern to literally annihilate anything or give them a bow and a horse and have them shoot stuff at 5 range and counter-attack everything thrown at them. Also, "have endgame powerhouse mages heal you" (which you don't need to since you have dedicated healers and a dancer) is still better than using your most powerful unit to do so. As a side note, stop hyping up the sword of the creator pls, it's useful for the occasional kill at best, but you're better off stacking forged brave and silver and call it a day. Especially if you've got bows.
  2. Eh, I'd say Jeritza is pretty much revealed in chapter 6 already, come on it's basically explicit. Anna has some lines if you go to the market in battle-prep, but then again they never needed any good reason to put Anna in, I'm okay with it even if it doesn't make sense (I also think that this one might be the best Anna design we've ever had).
  3. Opportunity cost is tied to value. 1 point spent for useless faith costs more than 64 spent on the most broken weapon type in the game, talking about bows btw. (+ lances, which are a lot better than swords, SoC doesn't matter considering how hard it is to repair) As I said, healing with Byleth is always a mistake, and his spell list is literally useless, so instead of throwing away your time with dumb white magic you can invest in axe/flying or lance/bow/riding. The only argument here is what you choose between WL or BK (FK is alao there for F). WL is the better endgame class, but going cav>pally>bk has a stronger early/midgame. That's the choice, every other option is subpar. It's sad really, but it's what happens with a shit class system.
  4. 1. I think we're arguing over two different points here, I understand that she needs to kill the bishop, that's not my problem. Why doesn't she ask first?? That's my problem. It's in her interest to know the truth! If you go into a room and there's someone with a gun and a corpse, then they're probably the killer. Assuming they're not in a position to harm you (and the western church guys are not when they're in front of her) you can either kill them on the spot or ask them why they did it (since maybe they'll try to kill you as well!) and THEN kill them. First you get the information out of the bad guy, then you dispose of the bad guy, that's how it works. Her willingness of putting that whole deal away as fast as possible just goes to make her look as dodgy and fanatic as she can be (even if maybe she isn't). 2. As for the "crest disappearence" thing, I wasn't really talking about her control over the crest or anything, it's more of a thing that I wanted to clarify, since there's a lot of misunderstanding over that ending scene in CF (which affects only Byleth, while people seem to think it represents the disappearence of all crests on the spot). Still, it's not explained why the heart disappears, I interpreted it as Sothis leaving Byleth live as a regular human, since he doesn't end up as arcbishop like in the other routes, thus he doesn't need her guidance anymore.
  5. Paladin only wants B/B, has one more Mov, comes 10 levels earlier, has Lancefaire, and you don't have to lose your time with WORTHLESS faith (we're talking heal and restore! Honestly?). And you can use that time to get bows and go into Bow Knight, which is just behind Wyvern Lord for the "most broken" award. Bows are conveniently the best weapon in general, and using a lance early on means Tempest Lance and Knightkneeler, a lot more relevant than tanking with a 1mt-8wt spell if you ask me. Wyvern Lord is certainly a high opportunity cost in term of proficiencies, but it's broken so who cares, it makes it worth it and you go by Brigand which is even better. And for F!Byleth it's probably the best path since you're going Pegasus anyway (I hope). The point is, you don't want to invest anything into White Magic for Byleth (it takes 12 activity points just to unlock his talent!), he doesn't get Physic, no Fortify, no Rescue, no Warp, no Abraxas, no Seraphim, it's complete and utter TRASH. If you go Holy Knight you have to lose your time for worthless spells, at that point you might as well go Dark Knight, at least you have something to do with your magic. Or just go WL/BK which are straight up better. And to add to this, Byleth is going to be one of your powerhouses (and in Maddening you're not getting a lot of those) so you need to have him always in the front lines grinding meat, healing with him means losing a very precious turn.
  6. There are important things you're not considering though (apart from the Nosferatu weakness). 1. you have to be in a magic class. Enlightened one is not that good and is footlocked, DarkKnight is not Byleth's cup of cake (no matching proficiency), HK is just useless. Gremory is not a thing you should consider. 2. 12 uses. You have twelve uses. If you're trying to lure in enemies it means you're playing quite slow, if you're playing quite slow 12 uses are not enough. 3. opportunity cost, you're using up a skill slot for a thing that'll matter 12 times in a battle at most (15 with aura). Absurd. You also need to do Faith faculty training, which is basically useless considering Byleth has a garbage white spell list and you never want to heal with your powerhouse anyways. Sure, you can pull it off quite easily, or you can instead spend your points pulling off axes for deathblow or riding for cavalier or flying for pegasus or hell, even just straight up boring swords.
  7. It's not a matter of historical context, it's a matter of logic. If someone is trying to assassinate you or trying to pull a coup you should be concerned with understanding their reasons and, more importantly, the true size of your enemy. She doesn't give a damn, she's blinded by her zealotry. Her crests disappear in other endings as well, probably due to research or magic or god knows what (with Linhardt' I'm pretty sure it's confirmed to be research, but she loses the crests even in some endings with Byleth and it's not exactly explained why). Still, it's nothing different in Crimson Flower, it's never even remotely hinted that Rhea's death has ANY significance for crests, aside from Byleth's.
  8. The thing that makes the execution wrong on all levels is how she takes the decision. "Hey Rhea so these are the baddies" "Cool, kill every last one of them" "Shouldn't we ask or invest-" "I said kill them shut up" Are you trying to look as dodgy as possible or what? And why wouldn't you at least try to understand? They're literally trying to tell that they've been tricked before she shuts them up. To me that's an incredibly irrational decision, especially for a head of state, that shows just how bad of a ruler she is. Also on CF, the disappearence of crests makes sense, I think you may be misinterpreting here. They don't go away with Rhea's death, they go away because people don't care anymore and over time the bloodline weakens. In other routes they keep existing because of Hanneman's ministrations, otherwise they'd still disappear (it's a biological process more than a political one). What is actually true and never explained is why Byleth loses his crest with Rhea's death. That's almost as random as having Nemesis be the GD boss. I guess it just goes into the big pile of incomplete CF stuff, let's hope the DLC can finish it (eg add twsitd confrontation after ch17, like it's supposed to be).
  9. That's probably the case, but they still never explain why she can wield the combat art, you'd need matching crest for that.
  10. What am I missing, how is that different from just soft reset?
  11. Mostly interested in the new classes (Halberdier and master magefor males please). Also Anna and Jeritza of course, I really like Anna's design this time around (maybe one of the classes will be the trickster/adventurer?), and Jeritza as a hopefully CF addition to let us know more about his motives. And I hope we can have him playable as his DK version, because the OG design is actual trash (I doubt it though). I'm surprised by straight up new characters though, I was sure it would've been Rhea and Sothis (and Jeralt with some weird shenaningans). Interacting with cats is obviously a great addition, not so much interacting with dogs...
  12. Does the greenhouse event affect the harvest of that day or the planting?
  13. Scythes use Axe animation, that has been so even before the patch. Not sure about other weapons though, I think the mace might act like a sword? It's been a while since I've used one though. Also @Flying Shogi nope, probably DLC.
  14. Man, that's such an important thing that people seem to magically forget whenever CF in general is brought up (and especially for recruitments). It's not just a matter of following Edelgard or Byleth just because crests are bad, the people you recruited have literally seen Rhea flip into an insane giant lizard, what more do you need to choose your side? I still can see the point (that I make myself too) of people like Ingrid or Annette struggling to find a place in CF, but there's still a reason, and that's what they've seen (and knowing that their Kingdom is supporting THAT).
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