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  1. + really ? I used - "Self-randomized" of Circleiseverywhere - GBA FE Randomizer (which have florina icon) - yune randomizer +but none of them do MAG/STR split
  2. u .... really can do that... wow your skills very awesome, 1. I really hope U make Str/Mag split for fe8 . I think trades LCK for MAG ?... 2. I really want skill patch for FE7 ...I have magic/strength split for this FE7 P/s: please forgive me eclipse. I forgot multi quotes this time.
  3. are those completed hack to final chapter ?
  4. Yah. I did it before with a tool call " Event... Assember " ? It is easy . That is for FE 7. I see midnight sun FE( a hack of FE8 ) have Str/Mag split and skill patch in that game too. So I wonder where can I dow mag/str split patch for fe8. But I cant find a Str/Mag split patch for FE8... I search it for a long time, but sadly still cant find it.
  5. Callie

    FE4 and FE5 hacks

    Hope u enjoy your new gameplay
  6. i know . my Favorite FE: Awakening . but i never get near to your number : 1580 battles and 888 wins
  7. Callie

    FE4 and FE5 hacks

    I find this is interesting. You can randomize their classes, recruitments, weapon stats, items v,v,v,,,,, This is the first thing I would like to hack in FE 4
  8. thank you. I understand
  9. where is ""Mark solved" button ?? I cant find it
  10. in my case, I use some hack to make knight can use spear and staff, cleric can dance , .... or something like that. And I would do the same to other classes, charaters. I found it is interesting So magic strength split is matter here. where can I download the Magic/Strength split ? I really cant find it. I search it for a very very long time
  11. I have FE 7 magic ,strength split. You mean I need to dow skill patch(for FE8) , FEBuilderGBA , open FE7 , then add skill to that game. sound easy enough, but I never use FEBuilderGBA before. I think i should learn it a bit
  12. Bioshock infinite game. What a master piece game. Some best moment I still remember from that game : - when the player chose paths. all the path is diffrent , but still lead to an end that he will sell his daughter to pay debt. - A man and a woman hold a board that show 2 path the player become. 1: still Booker DeWitt and try to save his daughter back, 2 Comstock.
  13. thank two of you that I know more about edit and calculate hex now.
  14. i like sue from fire emblem 6, cause she remind me of lyn( the first fireemblem I played)
  15. can u add "magic-strength split" and skills to all class to this game ?
  16. Callie

    Hey all!

    funny avatar though ^^
  17. Where have u been.,, @@, please take a look at my caculate above....
  18. thank you.. omg .... poor them, especially taguel.... cause beast killer item can replace taguel anytime... that is very detail. i think Im understand about Wyrmsbane, Beastbane and their own class now. thank you very much
  19. Hi . Hope u guys recommend me a fire emblem 6,7 or 8 patch or hack (binding blaze, blazing sword, scared stones) with add skills, magic-strength split. and can be randomized with randomizer
  20. So we change taguel, manakete to others class to learn skill, then we should turn them back to their tanguel,manakete form , right ?
  21. thank you.. and about taguel and manakete .. it is really sad @@ So... You mean Tiki as Sage still count her as a manakete. The Wyrmsbane skill will still activated ?
  22. ... Pls take a look. this time I will test with Sumia. I will make all her stat growth become 45%. so Encryted enemy growth + 91 (45%) . really need u confirm it correct or not... so I will be confident more to change other charater growrates Encryted player growth 48 43 9E 11 DC FA 73 D1 Encryted enemy growth 77 06 C1 80 4B 0A D5 94 New Encryted player growth 08 97 52 11 DC 9B 66 25
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