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  1. So, I want to start by saying, yes, I know, only I can make that decision, BUT…I am dad, I am working and finishing up a masters degree so just don’t have a ton of time to game. So, I am still on my very first play through. The Xenologues dropped and I have started them, but they seem like such a slog. I am wondering if I should just finish the story and do the Xenologues on a second playthrough or if I should endure and get the new characters? I don’t remember what chapter I am on, but I just did the battle on the ships outside of Solm where you get the new mage.
  2. Thanks! I think this combo might be great for how I use Diamant and Boucheron. and if you get the DLC, just FYI, they don’t go away.
  3. Hey everyone. I have a question about skill inheritance and the emblems. In general, I just don’t even know where to start, but I have two very specific questions - Who the heck should Veronica be paired with? I am guessing a tome user, but then I wondered if it should be a stave user. but I also have one more question, below
  4. I just wanted to send out a shout and thanks for helping me think creatively. I used our iPad to load my original FEH game to get the DLC. Thanks!!
  5. I have a question I want to ask, but want to know if I need to say “spoilers” first. Could someone let me know and I will come back this afternoon and post my question, because it involves the timeline of the game and a question based on that.
  6. I may have missed this, but I was surprised the new batch of characters wasn’t Engage. As someone who hasn’t played Tana’s game, we’re they filling out the rest from her game? Also, and let me preface by saying I completely get why devs did what they did, but the first Engage drop to me should have had Boucheron over Céline. If you have played it I think you would get my reasoning. I totally get - royalty over chronology, I just found it funny. Also, do we think the next drop will be Brodia or Lythos when they drop?
  7. I am working on Claude right now in the Hall of Forms. Here is what I have so far: Any tips would be great: Wind Parthia (was thinking of getting another since this will be free) Rally Spd/Def+ Deadeye Swift Sparrow 3 A/S Far Trace 3 Atk/Spd Menace Atk/Res Solo 3 sorry for the weird spacing
  8. It’s almost humorous how “over powered” some of the newer units are. Was doing a TT run this morning and had a finger slip and in Round 1 lost LeAnne (healing and dancer all in one…who can fly!) and New Effie. So had to do 6.5 rounds with just Alfred and new Dorothea…and no problem. Alfred does some work and Dorothea took care of the green dragon we ran into. I know that dragon flowers are the solution to even things out but at times it feels like some units need to be plus 15 or something because they can just be so far behind.
  9. I posted this on the Heroes forums and didn’t get any traction. First things first, none of you may have answers, and I have already contacted Nintendo too. Apparently my My Nintendo account is hooked up to an old FEH account. I want to connect my new one so I don’t lose my roster and can get the FEh DLC. Do any of you know a way to disconnect my old account so I can reconnect my new one? Or do you think I am going to have to start over? I really want the Askr rings more than the weapons after I found out about how SP works.
  10. Not sure if any of you have any easy answer, but, I apparently have an old FEH playthrough linked to my MyNintendo account. I would really like the Askr Trip rings in Engage and feel stuck. Every answer seems to pointing to restarting the game, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but dang it, I really like my current roster. my question is - Is there any other way to link my new account or unlink my old account?
  11. I just finished the double chapter (10-11 or 11-12). I did a lot of extra battles and am wondering if I did my master seals wrong, but here is where I am at: Best: The Brodia Brothers. Here’s the thing, I never use archers, I didn’t mean for Alcryst to be good, he was just hitting harder than anything Lythos or Firene brought to the table. Middle - I think because I wanted to make it work, Boucheron is great. Chloe without an emblem is fine and is my go to sniper. Jean is my highest leveled player and beats the snot out of people. Disappointing - Every. Dang. Steward. Worst - This will be a bit off compared to what y’all are saying, but Celine just did nothing for me beyond blowing up tanks and every magic user can do that so she (and Vander) were my first two on the bench. Followed by the twins, then Etie, then Louis because I wanted Diamant to have his best friend Amber.
  12. Anyone else finish Chapter 11 and then realized you maybe should have done your master seals a little differently? I didn’t realize how few there would be in the beginning chapters. That said, I know that every character can work, but I wonder if there are just characters that already appear to not be worth the effort. Is every character actually viable?
  13. So your response is making me realize I don’t completely understand scoring. I want a good scoring team more that high BST. Also, thanks for feedback on all of the other units.
  14. So, I definitely want high BST. I just mentioned not having power because at least at this point Balthus and Ignatz just don’t hit terribly hard. I wish I had the money to just go all in on DuoChrom. That would be amazing. I was thinking of a grail unit. I also have a lot of copies of the new reds - Guy, YenFay, Holst, Scatach, Kamui. I also have Geen and Colorless Celicas at +2, plus ninja Claude and Reginn, Yuri and tank Fjorm.
  15. Hey everyone! As some of you know (and some of you do) I am on and off again with FEH and the forums. Since I last replied I have my arena core 2/3 of the way done. Balthus and Ignatz are both plus ten, full on dragon flowers and have some better skills. I could give them even better skills but don’t know that I want to sacrifice characters like Fallen Morgan and Melady to do so since I only have one copy. I am currently running Duo Chrome as my third since he is my highest scoring unit (I also have Thorr). Any advice on who to build up next would be great; this team has pretty good BST but lacks power.
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