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  1. Dude I get that infantry is underused and have some cool abilities, but Dark Knight gets more Damage and more Movement, the two most important stats in this game. There is no reason to go Gremory, since the base spell uses are more than enough. Talking growths when your characters won't get much more levels past 30 is just nitpicking. Bishop MIGHT be better than Holy Knight in certain situations if you are using a character with low magic like Ignatz. Mounted units were just poorly balanced in this game. If you want to play suboptimally, go for it, but pretending infantry is better is just fanciful thinking.
  2. Cavalary and it's not even comparable. All that happens if you make a character a Gremory is that they just fall behind the rest of your mounted units with their garbage movement. You frankly do not need the extra magic uses.
  3. She is really bad as a Peg Knight. Lack of a magic lance on the Golden Deer Route really hurts.
  4. Claude : Barbarossa Raphael: Wyvern Lord Hilda: Wyvern Lord Lorenz: Dark Knight Ignatz: Dancer / Bow Knight Lysithea: Dark Knight Marianne: Holy Knight / Bishop / Dancer Byleth: Falcon Knight Leonie: Bow Knight These are their best classes, and I don't think there is much debate on it. Ignatz is likely the best dancer, but his low charm can make him lose the White Heron Cup, so make sure to drink tea with him to raise his charm. If it's too late make him a Bow Knight and make Marianne a dancer.
  5. Everyone becomes broken when you give them Blow and Quick Riposte. Those two skills allow every male character to avoid getting doubled on Enemy Phase, and have a strong Player Phase. Raphael probably benefits the most from this, but anyone better than him benefits too. Going through a grinding playthrough where you give every one those skills would not be a bad idea to prepare for Infernal Mode.
  6. I hope not. Alot of the characters have messed up perspective in their time skip portraits. Lots of the expressions just look weird if you actually pay attention, especially Rhea, Ingrid, and more. Don't even get me started on how trash a lot of the S support pictures look. It's not bad, but after Echoes and how good that looked, this is definitely a step down.
  7. Bye My question was how YOU would rebalance, not how IS will.
  8. You can't mount, move and dismount again in one turn, so that sort of renders your point obsolete. If you bum rush into a field of Beastslayers, you really cannot mount again until they are all dead or you retreat.
  9. So far it seems the general consensus is to add more Horse/Beastslayers to enemy units, give enemies more accurate, arrow based gambits, and make mounting/dismounting cost an action. I do agree that stats likely wouldn't be touched. Another idea would be to remove keys from the item shop, and most keys from enemy units. This would make it so anyone who wants to pick up treasure or take short cuts require an assassin to unlock the doors. Any keys that are required to move forward in a level should be on an enemy that is in a very inconvenient location. If you also have enemies have more stealable equipment then this would be a sizable buff to assassin. Stride could also have it's requirements increased to A and carry a heavy heal/damage penality, similar to the Dance Gambit. This would prevent everyone being able to use it, and also make anyone who has it equipped to hit/heal like a weak noodle. Right now it gives decent stats, ranked E, and is by far the best with no drawbacks.
  10. The way the game seems right now, your either a Wyvern Lord, Falco Knight, Bow Knight, or Dark Knight. Every other unit is subpar. If you were to design Lunatic mode that rewarded using the other units like Great/Fortress Knights, Paladins, Assassins, War Master, etc, how would you do it? My original thought was to make enemy archers more of a threat. Give them close combat to force fliers to dismount to engage with them, instead of allowing them to pick archers off and fly to safety. Any other ideas?
  11. I agree Lysithea's combat is over-rated, its the memes that make people think she is way better than she really is. When you play the other routes and other mages its pretty clear every mage can accomplish what she does combat wise. Annette, Hubert, Dorothea, Hanneman and Lorenz all are very strong and serve the same purpose as her. And using Thyrsus on her is such a waste, since the other half of its effect (Aegis and Pavise) won't save her most of the time. Lorenz, an already tanky and strong mage, uses that extra defence from Thyrsus much more efficiently, and actually becomes a tank Dark Knight. Warp is still very useful utility wise, so that still make her one of the better utility units.
  12. Gambits and any Lance user with Knightkneeler if you don't have a character with Dark Spikes. No boss in this game is really that hard, especially since you can experiment with Divine Pulse.
  13. Yeah if they tried the Fates thing with this game, it would be far less forgivable. The routes are really not that different in map design. Sometimes different routes will place you in different starting positions, but that's about it.
  14. TWISTD honestly should not have been included in the story. They ruin the dynamic of the Three Houses, and introduce more questions than answers. Every single plot hole or out of character action is due to their involvement. Its almost as if they had the script for the story, then some higher up said "I don't get it where is Gharnef 17.0?" Their actions being performed by Edelgard's father / uncle / past emperors would have made a cleaner story. Her (reluctant) siding with TWISTD for 99.9% of the story despite the horrible things they did to her still does not make any sense when you put any level of critical thought into it. If it was her uncle / father / corrupt nobles of the empire who did these acts, it would make far more sense for her to still side with the Empire, fix the "corrupt" church system, then fix her corrupt country.
  15. Enemies don't really take advantage of bows that often, it's not that big a deal. If you are really paranoid about it, dismounting is so broken in this game it's not an issue
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