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  1. Mine was Edelgard, all her dialogue with Byleth made me feel so goddamn happy and it makes sense if you do her side of the branching BE route. For BE church route i’ll probably do Dorothea, although i’m still mad she loses her hat in most of her classes. For BL i’m going with the obvious choice of Mercedes but the way everyone pronounces her name kinda freaks me out. For GD i’m going Rhea because there is no resident bi girl in that house and that would round out all of F!Byleth’s S support options with girls (excluding the one with Sothis). Growing up I never experienced any media with gay characters and seeing the F!Byleth options makes me feel so happy and represented so I just had to do them.
  2. In light of all the annoyance over M!Byleth not (currently) seeming to be able to S support Claude, I wondered what other couples you guys wished existed. My personal wish would be that Lyn and Florina had S supports with each other and i’m still mad Florina doesn’t have S supports with any girls (I mean, come on).
  3. So far I've only played the GBA Fire Emblem games and I was wondering what order you guys think I should play the 3DS games in. I'm a bit concerned about the fact that apparently Awakening has spoilers for previous titles? I'm not really looking to go back and play the older games in that series anytime soon but will it ruin the whole plot of those games?
  4. Been playing through Skyrim in my spare time, and I'm loving it. I've always been a big fan of the Fallout series but I never managed to get myself to play an Elder Scrolls game. Due to the teaser for TES:6 I was more motivated than ever but it wasn't really a priority until I saw a copy of it for £1 for the Xbox 360. I decided to take the plunge with it and god damn. The music is fantastic and really manages to build tension, the environment is large and filled to the brim, the mechanics have just enough depth to get you invested, etc. Its been so good so far and I haven't experienced a single bug. I can already tell I'm going to pour hours upon hours into it and I'm very hyped for TES:6. Although my trust in Bethesda has faltered over the years, I truly think this is the best time to get invested in the series and I highly recommend it.
  5. What an amazing collection, something I'd love to have one day. So far I only have physical copies of 3 titles but this definitely has helped inspire me to get there. Are the amiibos good quality?I've heard varying opinions on them.
  6. I have all the GBA titles in my collection and I was wondering which game you guys thought had the most content. While Sacred Stones has difficulty settings and some attempt at a post game, I think Blazing Sword wins because of the Hector remixed stages.
  7. Hi everyone, not really sure how to introduce myself. I usually like to just lurk around on forums and don't interact much but I don't have any real life friends interested in FE so I thought I'd finally get involved. I've always been a big fan of RPGs and playing the game Pokemon Conquest back when it came out got me really interested in what else I could find like that. This eventually landed me on FE and I've been in love since. I'm personally a big fan of the more difficult games in the series as I've never found a game series that could quite match up to the kind of intensity that FE does. I'm hugely into art and game design so I hope to create some projects related to FE that you guys would like. Anyway, I'm really excited to get to know you all and I hope you enjoy my contributions!
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