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  1. Well, my biggest hope for this Abyss Mode is some interesting lore. The new folks look already solid for now. And thank Sothis they have a nice support list.
  2. And... they were not there until Chapter 14, before... So no proof. And it is actually an instance of 'tell not show' here. The narrative of the switch to the War Phase speaks of feigned neutrality for Claude and his faction of the Alliance, but some other elements would have been nice. Reports from spies saying that Claude looks like he is discussing opening his borders to a Church army to flank the Empire, for instance... Or say that the pro-Empire called on the Empire to topple Claude and his faction for a casus belli so they can pledge their full support behind Edelgard to break the stalemate with the Kingdom and the Church.
  3. I remember when I completed the part of the hack which had been done before the project's... Well, I think it can be called a reboot now. Wish you manage to make that kickstarter work. I know I'd like to get and play to a complete version of the story.
  4. Got to take a look at AoE 2 Definitive Edition. New factions are interesting if OP in some aspects, with Tatars as a personal favorite amongst the new faces, and the complete overhaul the old Forgotten campaigns and battles got is quite impressive. However, holy gygax is it taking its toll onmy computer when I play, worth it though.
  5. Except actually looking at medieval history beyond cliches or betrothal made before effective marriage shows that idea is an actual exageration. I suggest you search for the word 'regency' in a dictionnary. Plus another for 'coup' to see what sort of choices a 14 years old would have in an hostile court. Real Life usually waited to see the would-be ruler get close to 20 before they are declared apt to rule, with variations owing to the future ruler's ability, stability of the country, and how 'accomodating' whatever regency in place was. Heck, Dimitri is under a regency himself, and he is far older than 14, and can't get his own army to stop slaughtering people in Duscur in Dedue's paralogue. Why would Edelgard magically have more power than him at same age exactly?
  6. Thing is, Dimitri is the one pulling the trigger here. Mole People set up the situation, yes, but it would be him breaking down and going for revenge which would trigger that. The thing is that the Mole People/Rhea tango created a situation where everyone was approaching a situation where declaring war was becoming the only way forward because peaceful changes had been debunked by coups and assassinations, and uncompromising attitudes. Euh, the narrative is all going about 'feigned neutrality' for Claude, that kinda sorta looks like a potential reason. Dude, it is a medieval society. Church and Religion are at heart of how the State works, in terms of education, influence on society, and political power. You said it yourself, emperors get Archbishop as 'witness' for their crowning ceremony (and a 1000 years old tradition? Boy you can bet your very soul that sometihng that old carry a hell of a weight). That's pretty much textbook divine right to rule, and echoing RL HRE where the pope was the one crowning the emperor. It's hard to get closer relationships betweeen Church and State than that (and elsewhere... 'Holy' Kingdom, dedicated branchs of the Church... Seriously?) Well, given the sort of society she wants to build and her supports on the subject, basic logic makes it a quite safe bet. And that's when I'm sending back the headcanon argument back to your face. Renewed doesn't imply doing the exact same thing, and since the idea is education for all, the high tuition thing would be something rather self-defeating.
  7. Exactly. Faerghus was incredibly volatile and toxic. There was a lot of widespread issues across the entire continent that needed someone to actually do something. The biggest issue is that overall, Rhea and the widespread number of corrupt nobles needed to be dealt with. And when you think about it... Leicester isn't in that much of a better shape, even sans Almyran raids. Current heir Claude is a complete unknown appearing after an 'accidental' death of his uncle. Not the nice stable situation. And the Paralogues happenning here show that: Lorenz's? Petty warfare which looks like something of a constant, with treaties signed and broken one after another. What a peaceful situation. Raphael and Ignatz's? Welp, looks like it was what Daddy Gloucester's troops were busy doing while Acheron attacked. Banditism, for the most petty and stupid pretext (of ducking courses merchant caravans will go to the trade port, you moron). Alois and Shamir's? The Alliance capital and seat of power of House Riegan, Derdriu, is under attack by pirates, and is unable to mobilize troops to defend itself, or have allies from within the Alliance to do so. For its capital, its big city, reserve of manpower, and big moneymaker. Even when the raiders pretend to be more Almyran invaders. Look at history and ask CK2 players. When you can't defend your own capital, against bandits to boot... Your kingdom is pretty much up for grabs.
  8. Euuuuuh, his reaction to the Flame Emperor in AM, and his behavior in VW and AM before Rodrigue's death kinda sorta tells me than yes, he is totally going to do that sort of mad dash for 'justice', and to the eternal flames for everything not helping him get that revenge. 1) Amyr doesn't exist yet. Mole People created it for that war, likely after Garreg Mach since Edelgard only got it after that. 2) You assume the Mole People is letting their precious Nemesis 2.0 get away like that. The way MoniKronya was glued to her pretty much screams 'handler' to me, and before her, ThomaSolon was creeping around. Kinda doubt it was ever gonna be that easy, even once that little bitch and the human-sized the Brain were shanked. And before Garreg Mach, I guess she was watched over quite closely precisely to avoid that sort of move. 3) It would also mean ditching her personal goals of reforming the shit out of Fodlan's rotten structure, since it would mean The Church would remain the central moral authority, and it is probably not taking kindly to reforms which take an axe to the social order they support after the deed is done, and an Empire already gutted by a war won't be able to resist pressures to ditch these reforms. 4) Also, timing. Before Remire and the chapel, she can't exactly prove that Mole People thing. Rhea had to get the truth pulled out like a rotten teeth by Claude in VW, and by Seteth in SS actually, despite the fact other people already knowing part of the truth were telling her 'time to fix it all for good about the secrecy and the lies' after the humble pie of the emprisonment for five years. And it still took Shambhalla razed to get her to fess up for good. She is so not telling anything now. After? Look at Dimitri's reaction, and tell me it is good idea of doing that after the Mole People have burnt all bridges needed to jump ship. 5) Dialogue was tried, and no trust was reached between Edelgard and Claude in VW, chapter 4/5. Why would it succeed and trust be reached for something twith even higer stakes? And Dimitri explicitely tells in his Goddess Tower event that he is uniterested in renewing dialogue with Edelgard. 6) That would also mean leave the entire country in the Mole People's hands. Who would wish that to their own country?
  9. Ouch for all this stuff, I hope it will get better for you from now on. The job done with this translation has been awesome so far, hearing of progress is just nice.
  10. Well, That would be why I acknowleged it out loud, and I tried to make it a bare minimum, as in 'basic logic', where you do not let known enemies free reign in the shadows to destroy the society you're trying to build. Or that make Rhea so insanely incompetent and stupid it hurts. Also, from the way she talked about knowing the Mole People were the group proping up Nemesis for his slaughter of the Nabateans when she is freed in Verdant WInd/Silver Snow, and her elaboration after Shambhalla is razed in Verdant Wind, where she very much paints the Mole People as the descendants of these people who got the obliteration treatment when they rose against Sothis... Yup, she totally knew about their existence, and the fact that they survived Mama's anger to make Nemesis the threat he was. If they could survive the devastation she described, I do think it is rather elementary logic to assume that they would survive a mere military defeat of their cronies, and try to locate them to make sure they never try a stunt like that ever again.
  11. Okay, I'll admit that I'm going in headcanon territory here, but since Rhea does know the Mole People exist and fought them the first time, that she also knows that they proped up Nemesis, and likely survived his defeat when they survived the near-total devastation of Fodlan, she had two courses of action offered: 1) Ignore them, hope they die/become irrelevant. 2) Prepare herself form some shadow war to root them out for good, like Edelgard does in Crimson FLower. Given than 1) would be an idea so inasnely foolish and a display of the most epicly gross incompetence ever, I'll give Rhea some credit and consider she chose 2). For making the link with the situation you presented, I'm going to presume she lost that shadow war. The Mole People managed to play dead convincingly enough for long enough, or offered her a decoy Shambhalla to ruin to make her think she had won so she dropped her guard, and by the time she realized they had played her in the present, it was too late. Beause again, the idea that she did nothing during one thousand years against the true culprits of her mother and people's murder, and just assumed they would stop after Nemesis' fall to bring ruin to Fodlan, or were too dead to do it despite surviving a far more punishing defeat, is a way of thinking so grossly stupid that I refuse to consider she could have followed it.
  12. Well, what is she supposed to do exactly, leave the Mole People free to act as they desire? Oh wait, that happened, and it worked out so well too, when everything crumbled around her. She could also, you know, tell her that her Knights are searching for other threats to make sure the job was done right. I mean, if you find a band of Mole People, at what moment did they strike you as looking as law-abidding and peaceful citizens up to no arms while taking their Totally-No-Demonic Beasts on a walk through the countryside to totally not eat peasants or something? Or, I dunno plant covert agents inside a Knights party to do that secretly, and go for the 'Scout for bandits/threats' excuse if someone spotted, after all, scouts have to be discreet to not be spotted while investigating threats. Again, the Knights have assassins teams (Shamir/Hubert support), so what is one more covert ops team?
  13. One last time, slowly: Use. Hired Jobs. As. Excuses. For. Covert. Search. Of. Mole. People. Because. Hired. Jobs. Offer. Possibility. Of. Explaining. Action. All. Across. Fodlan.
  14. Again with moving the goalposts? The game already established that the Knights are pretty much deploying all across Fodlan. They didn't get the reputation they got for collecting bottle caps, you know? Besides, what is so unacceptable about doing things like searching for bandits camps, magic beasts, or whatever plausible cover excuse to do these searches? Well, not exactly. Her holy book does present the Crests as the Goddess' gifts, but is also talking about how greed made these heroes fall, and make the goddess turn her gaze away from Fodlan. That, and Nemesis is a pretty perfect ur-example of 'Bad Crest Bearer'. And in theory, there is a whole commandment for 'Don't abuse your power'. Lack of luck, when nobles build the argument for 'divine right to rule', they do what people with holy books: they cherry pick, keeping the Goddess' favor part, and likely 'forgetting' the other ones. Or at best doing thins like 'Abusing Crests, me? Look at Nemesis, the Bad Crest Bearer. The Church literaly took arms to remove him. They are not condamning me/taking arms against me. Clearly it means what I'm doing is acceptable, and henceforth blessed by the Goddess'. Circular thinking, fallacious, but there is that. Rhea didn't seem in any hurry to actualy apply the relevant parts of her holy book. And complicity by inaction is a thing. And the gaming to get the Crests, while despicable, is just one part of the problem. You have a social class which has been told for one thousand years 'Thanks to this tangible proof of the Goddess' favor, you have a divine right to rule', with Crestless nobles likely settling for the next best thing by arguing that they act under the rulership of blessed nobles, surely it counts for something. One thousand years of that mindset can breed some serious... Entitlement, to say the least. And with it comes the potential for abuse against the population, corruption... And actually, increasing desperation to get the dang Crests, because now they have the sold the idea that they are divine favor, if they disappear, then 'clearly' it is a sign they lost that divine favor for the wider population, and are not fit to rule... I smell revolts incoming. And yet the Church still sat without issuing even a condamnation for these things, putting that moral authority to actual use before the situation was too wide-spread to be dealt with. And well, I do think an interpretation of 'debasing the Goddess' gifts with crass politics and odious behavior' could have been pushed. It's not the things you mentioned, but the medieval Church did took a quite adamant stance against consanguinity within the nobility in the real world, and they tried their damnest to apply it during most of the Middle Ages. Surely Rhea could have at least tried something rather than watch it all go down the drain?
  15. ' I began pointing out that Rhea had an army to use as a tool for her own ruling, then had to point out that, yes, this army is able to go all across Fodlan for search and destroy against the Mole People, as long as she can back this up with requests from help to the Knights in the area they are sent to. ' See the bolded part of my precedent quote? She doesn't have to tell the Knights are hunting for Mole People, heck most of the Knights don't even need to know they're hunting Mole People. They just have to do their usual work of bandit/whatever threat-squashing, and if for some reason, she suspects the Mole People are around, not just their hideout, but that they are involved, she hides some agents inside the group with what they need to know, as 'scouts', and if/when they spot Mole People, they point the knights towards the strange spooky people with a skin as white as a corpse, clearly aggressive, and who keeps ranting about other humans being beasts while keeping these Demonic Beasts around them.
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