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  1. I might've mentioned that I wanted to give a 3H SI a shot before, but haven't really gotten around to the fine nitty, gritty details yet. But I have a basic outline. For context, I arrive in Fodlan, but not as me, because I'm a slightly overweight 22 year old man who probably shouldn't be a student, no I end up bodyjacking a nameless Black Eagles commoner. Because Byleth chooses Blue Lions, I have to find a way to either stop the war before it begins (a fool's errand in every sense of the phrase), or just find a way to hop onto the BL train to not die horribly. But over time, I'd get to know Edel, actually sort of become more open to her ideas and basically end up on my own Crimson Flower path. For now, I have a little snippet of what I have planned! Hopefully you enjoy what you see, and can help guide me to make this a decent fic idea. And boom, that's basically one idea I had for how Chapter 11 would be handled. It's very rough, but I figured I'd drop it, see what people think, continue if ya'll liked the idea or bin it if it's horrible and I should go hide in my room forever again-
  2. For my first Blue Lion run...things kinda took a turn for the bad when the second to last chapter started. I already lost Sylvain and then Seteth died, followed by Flayn, Ashe and Catherine- So the endings I got were as followed -Byleth/Bernadetta. The instant I saw this little cutie, I knew she was gonna be my first S-Support. Was not disappointed, she's a legit sweetheart. -Dimitri/Dedue. One of the unexpected ones I got, but going through the trouble to make sure Dedue survives makes this worth it. Dedue for best retainer character in the series. -Mercedes/Annette. Really didn't wanna get this one, I wanted Annette to get an ending with Ashe, and then the final chapter of Blue Lions happened. It's kinda wholesome tho. -Felix/Ingrid. I really wanted Ingrid to be with Sylvain and I stand by in saying they have great chemistry in their supports, but I do like the ending between Felix and Ingrid. Man loses his sword arm for this girl, one of the things Felix always takes pride in, and he says he'd do it again just for her. Tugged at my heartstrings. The survivors ended up with solo endings.
  3. It's hard to choose between Apex of the World and Between Heaven and Earth. They're just that good
  4. Crimson Wyverns. Generally my house would be be focused on mounted/flying units. After all, mounted classes are so good in this game so you might as well own that shit. Pegasus Knights. Bow Knights, Wyvern Lords, even Dark Knights all are welcome here. We'd also have students focused on sneaking recon missions to take out the archers before they can spot our flying units. Our students themselves aren't limited by birthplace or even status, so you can have Empire nobles mixing in with Alliance commoners and the like. That'd be our weakness, aside from little to no magic, we have the talent to get to these amazing end game flying units of death, but students would need to overcome their own personal gripes and issues to actually cooperate. This makes it even more complicated when the time skip comes around and lines in the sand are drawn.
  5. Among the playable units in 3H, who did you end up loving that you didn't expect to love? It can be for gameplay reasons, story reasons or both. For me, it's Raphael. Having completed his and Ignatz's paralogue in Part 1 for my GD run, Raphael should have every right to be mad at Lorenz's father for the suspect involvement in his parents' deaths, but amazingly the guy does not let it get to him. I think Raphael's come to the conclusion that while what happened to his folks was a tragedy, it was also years and years ago. He's got other things, namely his little sister, to worry about and needs to keep moving on despite what happened. Frankly I think he and Claude are among the best of the GD's characters personality wise.
  6. That might actually be a good idea. My idea is to have the SI basically be aware of the fact that time is frozen and reversing. Think of Jojo Part 5, where Diavolo can see the blood going back from Giorno's eyes back into his own body. Here it'd work like this. Let's say I land a crit on Felix with a sword or something. As soon as Byleth reacts, I'd be able to see the Divine Pulse effect, and see time frozen around me and begin to rewind. I'm very much aware that time just reset to before Felix's death, but can't stop it. I can only force Byleth to exhaust her power. Of course this also runs the risk of Byleth realizing what I'm doing and especially post timeskip...she might not be very happy with me. One other detail is how to handle the timeskip. The plan is to basically merge Crimson Flower with Azure Moon, but I haven't gotten to Crimson Flower yet. I was going to, but then Claude seduced me with that goddamn smile of his.
  7. Well....kinda? Despite having the emotional resonance of a snail, that is kinda the point of them, given the weird circumstances of Byleth's birth. They're still technically a character at the end o the day, but it's like Tales of Xillia 2 with Ludger, or Persona 5 with Joker. They do have characters, sort of.
  8. Okay, so I kinda already posted a a thread like this but now I have a better idea of where to take this story idea. Self Insert. How you ask? Timey wimey BS sends me into the body of an unnamed Black Eagles commoner. I know the BEs are mainly nobles, but I think we can get away with at least one commoner. So while I'm stuck in the Black Eagles, Byleth goes and chooses the Blue Lions. So while they do their own thing, I'm off doing other monthly missions with the Eagles. It'd basically be a kind of mix of Crimson Flower from my end and Azure Moon from Byleth's end. Only issue I see so far is how do you fight a girl that basically has a limited use Killer Queen Bites the Dust?
  9. A fair point in this regard! For context, I was trying to set up Sylvain and Ingrid and Ashe with Annette. I liked how their supports went. But then things happened, like Sylvain getting touched by Lysithea's Dark Spike and Ashe getting a healthy dose of "Fuck You" from Edelgard. Back up was to have Dimitri marry Ingrid, but then I beat the game and Dimitri and Dedue just have a wholesome bro ending. Made me kinda tear up. Felt nice despite half my army dying. And upon further reflection, I remember Fates doing this exact same thing when changing all but two of Soliel's S-Supports. Then again Gilbert and Alois have more personality in their right arm than Soliel herself does so--
  10. Can someone explain to me why Gilbert and Alois are even S-Rank options? Like...for context, Alois and Gilbert are..married men. Yet when playing as Male Byleth, seeing an S-Rank there indicts that you'd be able to romance them, yeah? Then you do them and it's just kind of a platonic thing, giving me some Nam flashbacks to the horror that is all but two of Soliel's S-Supports. I like the option to support them, I really liked Gilbert in my Blue Lions playthrough...but I don't see the point in giving them S-Supports , I really don't. Am I missing something here?
  11. My idea thus far is this. My SI has knowledge of the Blue Lions route...and that's it. One idea I have is for Byleth to go Blue Lions, but the SI is thrown into the Black Eagles. So it's basically a case of seeing what'd happen if El had a morality pet to help her not go SMT final boss like she does in the BL route.
  12. Basically it'd be me ending up in the actual story, though most definitely NOT as a teacher.
  13. Now before I start, I know what you're all probably thinking. "Why Osrio? Isn't Byleth technically a SI?" To that I answer, "You are correct sir/madam!" But I shall not lie to you dear readers, for I feel...just a bit self-indulgent I suppose. I'm a 22 year old man, I can still write a self indulgent fanfic if I wanna, just like that one time I tried to cross over To Love Ru with Death Note back in middle school! DON'T ASK. Plus it's not like I'd actually use my real name! I'm not that shameless, (shameless enough to write a SI tho, but shhhh). I got the idea after reading some of MetalLover's Awakening SI and a Fates SI called Earthborne and thought to myself "Huh, these are actually pretty good. Even Earthborne's a good read, despite my dislike of Fates!" So that's where I am at. Before I even try this little little venture, what kind of tips would you give me to write a good Three Houses SI? I genuinely wanna try and make this a decent story.
  14. "Um, Professor, mind if I ask why you placed this target over my head." "Modern problems require modern solutions Manuela."
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