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  1. I grew up in coastal Mississippi, which has some strong French roots (among others). Between the town Gautier and the Gautier family, I'm just used to it being pronounced "Go-shay". I'm not at all surprised that the pronunciation has changed from it's original French though. Heck, I didn't even know it wasn't the French pronunciation until just a little bit earlier today. 😅 I was especially hoping he'd have more of a response to her plans with the crest system. Definitely wishful thinking, but I hope they add in some Sylvain/Edelgard supports to that effect. Yeah, some would probably be blocked till you go the BE route, but there are supports with Lysithea so... why not Sylvain?
  2. Dislike >> Like Sylvain: Admittedly the only reason I disliked him at first was because I can't stand they way they pronounce "Gautier". It still makes me cringe. I purely only recruited him because I thought it'd be funny to have him on the Miklan quest (I was wrong). After I started getting his support conversations I really grew to like the guy and I'm glad to have him around. Like >> Dislike >> Like Edelgard and Hubert: I liked them at first (I did chose BE after all) but after putting two and two together, one of the spoiler revelations was just too obvious and I was considering going with the Church. The literal only reason I sided with them in the end was because I missed my chance for a B support with Rhea. I'm glad I did because post time-skip I've started agreeing with Ede more, and it's nice to see Hubert is more than just the creepy edgelord he made himself out to be. Like >> Dislike Rhea: I feel like I'm justified in this one because plot. I'm curious how my opinion will change on future playthroughs.
  3. At first I hated him simply because of how they pronounce "Gautier" in the game (where I'm from it's "go-shay", and I cringe when I hear it mispronounced). I mainly recruited him to BE because I wanted him for the Miklan quest; I thought it would be funny to have him fight his brother. In retrospect, man was I wrong. After getting to know him better he's become one of my favorites because... I felt sorry for the guy, feeling like he was blessed with a curse. I'm glad I recruited him, even more-so since I've taken the BE route. Maybe, hopefully, once it's all over he'll realize he's more than just a crest. I think my only complaint now is I couldn't support him with Ferdinand. I just wanted them to be Cav bros. 😢
  4. She's definitely one of my favorites in this game. I built her up as a mortal savant after seeing her talent in swords and that one of her crests gave a bonus to combat arts. Between Soulblade and her spells there's not much she doesn't one-shot. Also, this gave me a good solid laugh, thanks.
  5. I was planning to get all I could on my first run, but apparently I missed out on getting B with Rhea, and I'm curious if there was anyone else I waited too long for. Little disappointed but I've still got the other routes to try again.
  6. As someone who's new to the series, what happened with Fates?
  7. I'm on chapter 10, first exploration day. Only just figured out that fish will nibble more than once, and it's usually a different fish each time. I feel like I would've done so much better during the fistful of fish event a couple chapters ago if I didn't just stick with the first fish. I think next time I'm just going to hoard all my bait and wait. Not that I think I need it, I'm almost A rank for the professor level anyway. I also only just realized that gifts and lost items can be used to increase motivation with your students, not just for recruiting from the other classes. Learned a lot from this thread. I've been ignoring authority almost completely (I think my highest rank is C on Byleth), and the only battalion/gambit I use regularly is stride unless I'm trying to break a monster's shields. Guess I'll have to work on that.
  8. Hey everyone! Not just new here but mostly new to the series as well. I played a little bit of Sacred Stones but never got too far into it; I had the game for maybe a week before some flood water took care of it. I'd been wanting to play another Tactical RPG recently (loved the Final Fantasy Tactics series, was looking for something like that) and I started seeing Three Houses was coming out. Hopped onto the hype train, went out and bought it and a Switch. Then, about two days ago, found out I had a digital copy of Awakening on my 3DS I somehow didn't know about. Guess I'll be playing that next, lol. I'm about 30 hours into Three Houses, though I feel like I haven't done much yet. I just started Chapter 7 with the Black Eagles. I'm going in mostly blind, I've accidentally spoiled one or two things for myself because I'm really bad about that when browsing TV Tropes. Found this place 'cause I was looking for growth charts to help plan out everyone better, so big thanks for that! Anyway, back to the monastery!
  9. I had recruited Sylvain specifically for the mission (I thought it would be funny to have him get the first and last hit, which I managed, it was actually pretty sad). When Rhea asked for me to return the lance I told her no (thinking if I kept it I could give it to Sylvain). Sylvain then stepped up and said he had been given permission to have it, at which point Rhea allowed him to keep it. I'm playing Black Eagles, by the way. I'm actually curious what would have happened if I had given the lance back. Would he have still stepped up to take it himself?
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