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  1. I tend to like the "Seasoned Warrior" types of characters in Fire Emblem games, like the Jagens and characters like Tauroneo. They're neat and add flavor to the cast. It also helps that they are often absolute units ingame. I gotta say I don't like the Camus archetype much. It's a little silly for a game about warfare to have, like, 1 token good guy opposing the heroes, and even more contrived how on-the-nose the "likability" of characters most of these characters are.
  2. I don't really think that Dragons are really that important in FE. Their inclusion in many games seems incredibly vestigial at times, having no place in a the narrative. An animalistic beast or demon has no real place in a game where the conflict is mostly between humans and their respective causes. Take the Fire Dragon, for example. FE7 doesn't exactly have masterclass villains, but the Four Fangs at the very least feel like people with their own values and lives to live. The Fire Dragon really only exists as a random obstacle for the player to fight because "The final boss has to be big!". It has very little presence in the story and doesn't have a character by nature of being a crazy beastie. Not only that, but the times that FE does have a good Dragon character, they're basically cheating because they are mostly portrayed similar to humans who can simply transform into dragons to fight. I love characters like Dheginsea and Tiki, but they're really just guys who can turn into Dragon in terms of the narrative. So Dragons are kinda dumb, I guess.
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