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  1. I’m quite certain they are done, probably gearing up to work on the next remake. I imagine it’ll be out early next year at best.
  2. ^ This. I guess people are still used the one note archetypes that FE largely consists of.
  3. I shipped Flayn with Claude so I share a similar sentiment with a lot of her ships being underrepresented. I wouldn’t throw her in the “loli” demographic either imo. Nowi’s appearance set the bar way too low for me. Even if Flayn’s rather inexperienced at all things social, at best she reminds me of a young woman.
  4. Is none a valid answer? Jeralt was DOA since IS doesn’t feel like switching things up in regards to parents. With Edelgard I definitely couldn’t due to the company she kept (don’t get me started). Kronya made me lol due to the absurdity of how short of a stint she had within the game itself, doesn’t help she killed pops either so asking me for help definitely was a flop. EDIT: I take it back, they did Dimitri dirty in Golden Deer. 🤨
  5. That's assuming Black Eagles have Byleth's favor aka Crimson Flower or Silver Snow route. On topic: I was Golden Deer and Petra represented us against Ashe and Dorothea (fitting all things considered). Manuela chose... one of the other two houses while Alois and Shamir chose Petra. Shamir: "The way you carried yourself was striking." Petra: "Everywhere dancing is dancing, this is the proof." Idk why but I love that line from Petra when she won.☺️
  6. Golden Deer. My way of thinking is extremely in line with Claude’s as it turns out. I value free thinking and acceptance to a tee so I was pleasantly surprised come the timeskip. My enjoyment of the Golden Deer class rendered me unwilling to play the other routes. I merely watch other people play Blue Lions (Dimitri’s story is so good)... Black Eagles not so much because Edelgard’s logic drives me up a wall, but that’s a whole different topic. Needless to say Verdant Wind was a real breath of fresh air compared what I usually get out of Fire Emblem games.
  7. I’ve played GD and seen playthroughs of BE and BL so I know what Claude was getting at. As for Edelgard... I didn’t want someone I consider a good villain held back by a crush on the MC so it’s good that it’s at least up for interpretation.
  8. Is it true that because to me it only makes any remote sense if it’s during a Black Eagles or Church route playthrough. Some people say her parting words were a “confession” but to players who didn’t do her route... we are way less inclined to care/notice.
  9. Byleth/Shamir, Ignatz/Marianne, Raphael/Hilda, Claude/Flayn, Seteth/Catherine, Leonie/Lorenz, Petra/Cyril, Lindhart/Lysithea, Manuela/Hanneman, Annette/Mercedes All planned. I was amazed at how confused people were with the closest allies functionality. It was implicit to me that this was what determines the paired endings.
  10. A great villain/antagonist. She’s easy to hate when you don’t play her route first, which is why I get nervous when I hear people pick her route first and just assume she’s a sweetheart that’s justified in her actions and can do no wrong. As for her as a protagonist (listening to her after the fact) it feels so disingenuous hearing her speak about justice and righteousness given what she chooses to do... vs the other options she had that would’ve produced less bloody results. (Vague on purpose just for spoilers sake)
  11. She’s my teacher’s pet in the most purest of senses. I saw her weakness/talent for swords and committed to making her a mortal savant (a play on words given her backstory and intellect). She’s my most reliable nuke to enemies that would otherwise decimate my crew (Death knight and GD final boss I’m looking at you both). Since I didn’t want to date students, getting her scene at the ball (by accident) was the most comfortable for me. Her attempts at being mature in that moment made it easy for me to paint the scene as platonic. She’s just so precious!! I caught wind of her “family situation” before the game released so I recruited Lindhart for the sole purpose of a pairing that would spare her in the future. Gotta thank the voice actor and writers for making her an easy sell as a character, as her Professor it was a treat to teach her! 😄
  12. Judith. Without getting pervy about it... for an older woman she’s aged quite well. Based on her interactions with Claude I wonder if she’s that comical with everyone else.
  13. Shamir, I didn’t want to date students; plus, I enjoyed her interactions with Catherine (whom I formerly wanted but disliked the warrior woman shtick), Cyril, and the Golden Deer students. Shamir’s A support put me off admittedly, but she apologizes for it during tea time and the S support where she tells the actual truth.
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