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  1. Hi there, So I am currently working my way through my second play through of the game. I am surprised how much I love it; as an old school Fire Emblem fan, I didn't like the mechanics at first and nearly quit. Everything was also very confusing during the first play (killed half the school that I didn't recruit because I didn't fully understand it), but now I have a much better grasp on things. My first play was the Blue Lions, and my current play is with the Golden Deer. I plan to finish the Golden Deer and continue the New Game + Route for one of the two Black Eagle routes, but I also want to make a separate play for Maddening Mode/the title screen quest. So- a few questions: For plot purposes, which should I do first? The Church Route or Edelgard's? I have managed to remain relatively spoiler-free in terms of the larger plot, and am still confused on who I am and who Rhea is/the rest of the folks in the church. I got an A support with her on this Golden Deer route so I am hoping by the end of the route I will understand everything and Byleth's relation to Nemesis, etc. Which of the two remaining routes would be good to do for Maddening mode? This would also impact point 1. I;m excited for the challenge but if one of the two routes is significantly easier or ridiculously difficult to the point where it should be avoided, I want that taken into consideration. My first play was just a cluster in terms of recruitment, and in this Golden Deer route I recruited everyone. I was thinking of doing one of the two remaining routes with just the Black Eagle house (and maybe recruiting Lysithea if in the Maddening Route because Dark Spikes for the Death Knight). Knowing the last two points, which route should I stick just to the BE recruits and which should I pick up Lysithea/maybe Mercedes for Maddening? Hope this all makes sense. Thank you to all in advance! (Side note..it's been nearly 10 years since I posted on this forum..any old heads still lurking? ⛺ )
  2. It's only a matter of time if Salamence is removed from OU. Trust me, look at what just happend. Latias was banned not even a week ago? and they want to jump in and remove something else. People will grow tired of Scizor's ability to sweep, the same for Tyranitar.
  3. I was pushing more towards the idea that they assume Spikes are up(I understand rocks) and that Salamence is going to get x amount of Dragon Dance's in. Bzzzt. I just don't believe that Salamence is as strong as some people proclaim him to be, and this is the fault in letting such a small amount of people decide for the entire community how things are run. All we do in competitive battling is assume and predict. I assume that my opponent will set up Stealth Rocks. I assume they will have x Pokemon on their team. http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45565 This is what Pokemon has become.
  4. What I am reading is that a number of people on Smogon are upset that a Pokemon is powerful. Obviously there will always be something with a large amount of power in the top spot of OU. Salamence is currently the big dog, so once he gets banned, something else will come take his place. Then everyone at Smogon will be butthurt and will want to ban that. It's a never ending cycle; we will never find a true balance in OU. They should leave it be and just wait for Gen 5 at this point. EDIT: I also dislike how Smogon uses perfect scenarios to assume that Rocks, spikes, etc, is all up. It's understandable for some things, but let's be real; we're playing a game. You should build your team up for threats, and not assume that everyone is going to have Spikes along with Strealth rock and this and that. It's a game.
  5. Ubers is ment to be a banned tier, not one where any amount of power is measured. By that logic, Garchomp should be removed since everything in Ubers kills him. I think the reason they are looking at Salamence is absurd. Yes, Salamence can do a large sum of damage to your Pokemon, it's Powerful. I understand banning Pokemon who require a specific counter to kill, and who you can't kill with out losing someone(Garchomp, i'm looking at you). But now they are plotting because he can do a decent amount of damage to a Pokemon? Stupid.
  6. Lord Glenn.. Best wishes :( We'll be in contact. Worlds Collide chat shut down since Hooky vanished too though, how will I ever get ahold of you two now? :( (Especially because I am going to school across the bridge from Hooky..;:E)
  7. Dew x Eden isn't horrible, but Jamka would be a better father because he can pass down bows. Dew also can't pass down one of his nice skills, Solar Sword, to Lester. This event has happend to me several times before, specifically with Sylvia(that skank). Levin and Tiltyu are "in love" but then he falls for Sylvia. It's part of the jealousy system I believe, and you may have kept Eden too close to Dew in Chapter 1.
  8. None of you here know the real Twilkitri like me and Jeffer do. That's why we're his friends on SF ^_______^
  9. ur avi is qute stevia ^_^

  10. I do not see how that is at all possible, unless Finn doesn't age. He was much older then Oifaye in Generation 1; He, unlike Oifaye, was capable of fighting. They couldn't be around the same age.
  11. I like this topic. hi dad edit. I am Twilkitris son. Under the holy blood of Togieduo and Twilkitri, at that. And he will finish the patch. I promise that. >:o
  12. Very interesting find. Thank you, Vincent and TheEnd. Was it known that Lachesis was with Finn during his departure from Lenster? Or is this new? I believe the latter, but..
  13. So, I've been thinking about doing this for awhile, and am going to do it after my substitute playthrough. Now, in order to obtain an AAAA Rank, you need: -To beat the game in less then 399 turns. -Less then 3 Battle Losses(Death) -No dead characters -1000+ Levelups. Now, I will evaluate each one..enemy castles -399 Turns in a 12 Chapter game rounds to about 32 turns per chapter. Granted, this is just an average figure; The prologue will not take me 32 turns, nor will some of the easier chapters. However, there are a few I fear may need more turns. Specifically Chapter 5(The deserts hinderance will slow everyone down), Chapter 1s last stand(The forest is a hinderance on movement..) and perhaps Chapter 10(Due to the situation with Julius and Ishtar, and how to preferred way to get them to leave is to Berserk an enemy unit near them). The prologue is easy kickin, Chapter 2 is a big rush chapter(Though, the whole castle with Lachesis personally bothers me because I always take my time to slowly kill everything), Chapter 3 and 4 are easy, Chapter 6 on is easy too. Overall if I keep at a well rounded pace I should be fine, but any comments would be appreciated. -Less then 3 Battle Losses. I don't see this being a problem..I usually use savestates, but would this be considered cheating? The only rare time that i've left someone dead is when Sylvia whores herself out to Levin and I am forced to kill her to get Levin x Tiltyu, and then am too lazy to revive her. This won't happen this play, though. -No death. Easy. As stated above, the only time I have ever left someone dead is Sylvia(Because her subs are better, and she ends up falling in love with Levin). -1000 Levelsups. Oh joy. There are a possible 1052 levelups in the game, assuming you pair everyone. This will fluctuate slightly, because I will choose Laylea and Sharlow over Leen and Corple. Now this is where it gets annoying. The 1052 figure is assuming every unit leveled up to level 30 from their base level. Clearly, this isn't going to happen. Diadora most certainly most cap, and I usually have Cuan and Ethlin only level 20 upon their leave. By endgame, I also have my first gen units around level 25~, so it's going to be a tough break. I can easily get everyone from second gen to cap, no issues at all. Maybe Julia won't hit 30(She usually promotes upon being kidnapped, however), but everyone else is set. I know to pass the Elite ring around like mad, however I usually let my thieves have it(Dew especially, because he has a hard time keeping up at the start), and Patty makes well use with it, because she does hit pretty hard with Briggid x Holyn. Now, for pairings: Azel x Lachesis Beowolf x Eden Sylvia unpaired Levin x Tiltyu* Fury x Claude* Aira x Jamuka Holyn x Briggid The two stars are representative of what I see can be a problem. Usually Levin x Tiltyu requires a large amount of time together in Chapters 4 and 5, because it's impossible for them to get too much time together in 3. Sylvia also typically will fall in love with Levin if not careful. The thing is, if I am rushing in this upcoming playthrough, how will I make the two fall in love? I believe having Holsety at my disposal in Chapter 6 will make this speed run much easier, and make Tinny a much better unit. However, I fear that time will run out and they will not fall in love. I can have Claude x Fury by endgame, because I always fly Fury out to help Claude, Tiltyu and Briggid with the Brigand situation, and they spend some minor time together. However, if Levin x Tiltyu is too pressed, I may have to pair Fury and Levin together. :/ Everything else is easy. Briggid x Holyn results in a fighter Patty, and Faval with his highest HP growth. Beowolf x Eden results in a powerful Lester and Rana who can hold her own. Aira x Jamuka grants the kids more powerful skills, which fit their class, like Charge and Continue. Azel x Lachesis makes Beowolf capable of using the Wind sword well in the second generation, and Nanna with her highest magic growth. There are a few questions I have: Let's say in Chapter 6 for example, I recruit Johan and Johaveliers castle remains enemy, because I am now moving south to re-claim Johans castle. Do I have to reclaim Johaveliers castle, or will it affect my rank if I don't? This also applies to Chapter 7 when Lenster falls. In short, does leaving an un-needed castle as an enemy castle affect rank? I know when you let a player controlled castle fall, you rank drops severely. (Also, random note: I am aware of the Battle Glitch issue in Final. Narga will probably kill Julius) I had a few other question, but they slipped my mind. Will post them when I remember them.
  14. The enemies are not hard enough that Beowolf!Lester with a Strength ring cannot destroy. >Armors >Earth Sword >2 Range Money isn't that hard to get in this game. Aira kids are born to rape. There is no rush. I don't think there is a single unit in the first few chapters, minus the Holy weapon users, that Lakche or Skasacher couldn't kill. Okay, they are miniscule, but they still count for something. Also, why is there a tier list for FE4? You can use everyone. I don't understand why you wouldn't, either..
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