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  1. Hey everyone, although Aethin just released a new patch with more chapters to play, for my 3rd playthrough I would still like to change weapon growth values of certain characters. Has anyone done it/Does anyone have info or resources where I can find out how to do it myself? I only found eatrawmeat391's thread on this, which is very expansive, but I didn't find any info on changing growths, just character inventory and stats. I want to try and use Adel + Leon in my 3rd playthrough, but Elbert was kinda hard to promote in my 2nd with the spear requirement and Adel seems to have an even harder time with the same growth, but a higher requirement... I want to improve Adel's spear growth to about 60/70 and maybe Leon's as well I guess that this is the case where if I want to get this done, I'll have to do the work myself. Still, I would appreciate any input on this topic!
  2. Are you kidding me? I was about to start my third playthrough 😄 You're the man !!
  3. Hey Aethin, wanted to thank you again for the new translation, great stuff! Just a quick question about your remaining workload: For the last three chapters, you need to to translation AND implementation, right? You don't have the the translation already done and just need to implement it, right? In that case, I would have loved to get the script just to keep on playing instead of waiting. Anyway, much success to you and happy new year!
  4. Yeah alright, thought as much. The chapter still does not seem worth it to me.. but that's okay
  5. Thanks for the advice, although I didn't really have a problem with the map itself, I was just curious about the hit rate issue. After reloading in a few other scenarios I now have the feeling that sometimes the game prerolls the outcome of the next battle and sometimes it doesn't.. now I'm confused. About Czene: I'm in my 2nd playthrough after spoiling some promotion requirements I couldn't get in my 1st and holy hell, does Czene get better with her promotion..
  6. I struggled through the chapter with various attempts and cannot figure out a way to manage the chapter without a) spending a lot of money on vanish/escapestones and rushing to Thor to kill him: This does not seem to be worth it, as you will need at least two units with vanish/escape stones and the Raze Etoile seems like such a crappy weapon? Hit is not all that great and durability is D b) taking my time trying to deal with all the dragons on the map and get all the hidden items: Dealing with the dragons seems like such a pain, when they're confused, 50% of the time they will just attack me again and they're hard to kill (I'm only using Olwen currently and trying to kill them with Sherlock/Chris with magic arrows they're weak to), but the hidden items don't seem to be too great. Am I missing something/does anyone have a good strategy for tackling this chapter? I thought of stuff like Dean with vengeful and Sherpa with Killing Edge, but they seem too risky and I've already continued with the story, I'm just curious to see whether anyone is playing this game/chapter 😄
  7. Thanks for non-aggressively answering my questions even though I could've researched even the tiniest bit and found it myself. I was just so hyped that I forgot myself 😄 Damn, that's too bad, I would've liked to donate to him, but I get his stance on the topic. Still, I never would've been able to play the game otherwise which would have been such a shame, because I'm already 40 hours into my second playthrough with a very different roster and I'm still loving my time with the game.
  8. BTW, are there other people playing your patch and discussing Berwick Saga right now? I'm trying to go as blind as possible but would like to discuss some stuff with other people... For example, in the chapter where you siege a castle in Bornia as a distraction for Vester to have the chance to talk with Alvina, I was wondering if other people had the experience that the ballista at the top of the castle is untouchable if you don't have 100% hit rate? I reloaded about 6 times and always missed with Sylvis having a hit rate of 99% and I know that reloading changes the calculations (which is genius by the way) Does anyone know if Aethin is german by the way? His post up top gives the impression, would be a nice coincidence, if so
  9. Had to make a topic, because I'm so hyped right now :D I was just playing chapter 12 of your older patch and was sad to see that it was untranslated only to discover that you posted an update just today!! It's like fate is telling me to continue playing Berwick Saga :))) Also wanted to generally thank you for the wonderful work on the patch, Aethin. Berwick Saga has been my jam after Three Houses kinda disappointed me.. I love the skill system, mercenaries, sidequests and generally everything Berwick Saga has done has been a major improvement to me. And big part of that is its story. Is there any way to donate to you for your great work on the patch or to give you motivation? Because I'm thrilled to continue playing.
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