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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. The game wasn't released here in the west so you'll have to buy from Japanese retailers and then patch it. There are 'other' ways to getting it but such discusion is not allowed here.
  3. Mind giving me a link so I can see? About a possible release date that is.
  4. Currently watching Durarara right now (Izaya's antics make the show for me) as well as Kill La Kill when new episodes come out.
  5. I remember reading an article saying that if Nintendo did stop making consoles they would withdraw the video game industry entirely. Considering the sorry state that Sega has become who can blame them?
  6. Well I just found out that it has officially been more than a year since the game was initially announced. Anyone else have an experience where a game was initially announced but no info was released a year later? Apart from this game...
  7. Considering it hasn't been debunked right away It may be true. The idea of her being an AT has been Jossed however.
  8. I feel like the Tellius games are the ones IS "didn't give two shits about" especially since RD doesn't even have a support system.
  9. By region lock do you mean "has a lot languages you're able to select when starting regardless if it's Japanese, North American, or European?" Because I doubt Nintendo would not make a 3DS game region free even if it is their own game.
  10. Ouch that sucks, first SMT 4 isn't out there yet and now this gets canned. A shame too, considering the game is pretty fun. So who will European fans blame, The developers for going bankrupt, Marvellous via misblaming or Nintendo because… Nintendo?
  11. So SB let me ask you. Is this so bad, it's good or so bad, it's horrible? Also you didn't make this reference... I'm sad.
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