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  1. Day four on the Journey of Hector Hard Mode! Today, we begin Hector Hard Mode with the first few chapters. Let's go! 11) Another Journey We start off with two characters. Firstly, our primary lord; Hector! We also get Matthew but we can't use him. This map is a pain in the ass to solo as Hector, especially on Hard Mode with those stat bonuses. So things will be tricky to overcome. The strategy I opt to go with is to break the left wall. For some reason, the Solder moves first then the Archer, so we're left with this: The Archer is pretty much useless here, so we kill him and obtain his Vulnerary. The Thief that spawns on this map takes the Red Gem from the chest, and opens the door near us. This unfortunately means that all the mobile enemies at the bottom of the map will now start to come for us. We have to set up a choke of some kind to give Hector the EXP. This is where I break my rule for the time being. I used Matthew to unlock the door next to the Pillar. The Pillar will be essential for Hector, the bonus defense and Avoidance will help against the mob that's after us. We got Hector onto the Pillar and he's holding his own. I can't say the same though for Matthew... Matthew had no where to run that was safe. I made the mistake of putting him within reach of two Archers, and they both killed him. A couple turns later and Hector is surviving, only just, against the enemies of the Chapter. However the Thief from earlier has now let loose the other Archer that helped to kill Matthew. A turn later, and the Thief decided to attack Hector, so we got the Red Gem after all. However we have no Vulnerary left. We will have to engage the Knight at the bottom right of the map to get his Vulnerary, but ensuring we have the protection of the two Pillars. We killed the Knight, and obtained his Vulnerary. Marching upwards towards Wire now and hopefully take him out. Wire has been killed! Unfortunately Matthew perished in the process of completing the Chapter. We get a heart-felt moment with Hector, determined not to let his death be in vein. Onward to Eliwood! 12) Birds of a Feather This map is a bit tricky initially, but luckily we do get reunited with two of our prior Cast Members: Dorcas and Serra! We also get a new member of our cast: Oswin! I heavily utilized the Mountain to the right a few squares away from Hector's position in order to tank the Pegasus Knights and the Brigand. Dorcas in the meanwhile dealt with everybody at the bottom right all on his own. What a good boy. I sent Rebecca up to the Village to obtain the Secret Book which I sold to buy Vulneraries. After a long amount of turns, we successfully completed the Chapter. Victory! 13) In Search of Truth This Chapter is pretty straight forward. Rush through the enemies and seize the gate by killing the boss on top of it. We get to see Guy here but as we had lost Matthew at the beginning of Hector's story, we unfortunately cannot recruit him. I split the team up into two. Dorcas moves left to secure the Village and gain access to a bonus Chapter while Hector, Oswin and Serra proceed down the normal route. The Village below our starting position was destroyed but all that was there was a mine which wasn't too important. After a while, Guy decided to come over and introduce himself by landing Critical's against Oswin. Thank goodness for his high defense. On my turn, I eliminated him. Holding out was a bit difficult but we've got a good strategy going with Oswin. Bonus Chapter has now been secured: After a long fight towards the Castle, we defeated the boss and captured the Gate. Victory! We also unlocked access to the Bonus Chapter from saving the top left village! 13x) The Peddler Merlinus Seven turns to defend Merlinus from attacking Mercenaries. We could potentially get some extra money here if we wished, which we will attempt. Here's the first turn's formation: After two turns, arriving on turn 3, this is our current predicament which does not bode well for us: Turn five and things were looking very dicey. Time to retreat: Turn six and we have two casualties; Lowen and Bartre had fallen guarding the Snag: Hector on the other hand has A LOT of enemies to defend against on that lonely Forest Tile. Pray for his safety. Final Turn has now arrived, and Dorcas had a close encounter with the boss of the Chapter, and Hector is holding his own very well against the encroaching enemies: After a long fought battle, we have successfully saved Merlinus. Unfortunately, we have suffered casualties of Lowen and Bartre, but our main cast remains strong. That concludes the journey for the moment. Tune in tomorrow for more Chapters! Here's our accomplishments thus far: We had officially started Hector Hard Mode and obtained a new cast member: Oswin. Here are everyone's stats: Until Tomorrow:
  2. I got pretty lucky with his level ups. I can assure you I have not augmented my game in any way to make it easier. Pure Vanilla.
  3. Day three on the journey in Hector Hard Mode PMU! Today, we take on the final Chapter of Lyn's story. Let's go! 10) The Distant Plains The final Chapter in Lyn's story. Defeating Lundgren and restoring Caelin back to glory with Lady Lyndis at the helm! Here is our final Battle Preparations for now: Our objectives are clear; defeat Lundgren and squeeze as much EXP and Levels out of our characters before the ending. Unfortunately we'll probably only get Wallace up by one level but that'll make him pretty tough when we meet him again. Rain... A Britain's reality: This is going to make moving around the map a nightmare... Luckily, the enemy also suffers this penalty so it's both a boon and a curse. A few turns later and we made it to a Village! This village had an Energy Ring inside of it which I had decided to give to Will to give him a bit of a boost when we obtain him later. After a while of grinding, Lundgren finally goes down, Victory! And that marks the end of Lyn's story! Here are the final stats: It is now time to venture into Hector Hard Mode! Tune in tomorrow!
  4. Day two on the journey in Hector Hard Mode PMU! Today, we complete six more chapters to prepare for the final confrontation of Chapter 10. Here we go: 5) Beyond the Borders We are introduced to another character in our cast list: Serra! Will's bow was getting weak in terms of durability, luckily there was a armory in the top right corner so we sold any unusable gear and bought a new bow for when the old one breaks. Bug has been squashed, and the Chapter concluded! 6) Blood of Pride We get introduced to another member of our cast: Rath! Now we are united with four out of our cast of twelve, things should be easier going forward. This Chapter is a little complex due to the Switches mechanic introduced here, so I had to utilize Matthew to open the first door. This was the only time I plan on using him. After fighting off the enemy combatants and killing the boss, we activated the final trigger and finished the Chapter. We also have Rath pay us 5000 gold which is really helpful! Thank you, Rath! 7) Siblings Abroad Battle Preparations! Thank goodness we have access to this now! This is our current team (Excluding Lyn who is forced to come with us): We meet two new characters in this one; Lucius and Nills. Unfortunately, we cannot use them. Due to our rule and limited cast choice, this immediately denies me access to a Bonus Chapter much later on in the game. Shamans... Lots and lots of Shamans. Our characters do not have much resistance aside from Serra, and they can attack in close range unlike Will and Rath, so we have to be careful not to make any rash decisions. Soon: After defeating the Shamans and the leader of said Shamans, victory is ours! But wait. We got a prompt. Embark on Side Quest? Yes please! Our first bonus chapter! 7x) The Black Shadow This one's tricky, because Dorcas does not have much durability left on his Iron Axe and is the only one capable of attacking in close range. We have to utilize extreme caution. Dorcas leveled a point of speed on this map, which allowed him to finally double Brigands! Also Dorcas has been blessed by the gods and goddesses of RNG, he hasn't missed a single attack yet. Later on in the Chapter, a Thief took the Hammer out of the chest. I sent Rath up to kill him. This resulted in the Mage and the Shaman to come after me in which the Mage attacked in close quarters and the Shaman attacked at Range and died. Sent Dorcas to the right to deal with the Mercenaries while I had Rath weaken the boss but he killed him in one shot with a Critical Hit. But that left us with a complication; that was his last Shortbow usage, now he's weaponless. Defeated the last Mercenary and completed the Chapter. Victory! 8 ) Vortex of Strategy Matthew tells us that due to some "minor business" to tend to, he cannot join us. That's fine, because we can't use him regardless. Anyway, this Chapter is an issue and a benefit to our campaign. First off, we have an armory right next door to us, so we can get Dorcas a new Axe and get Rath equipped again! We sent Will to the right to deal with the mages, thanks to the Pure Water we got from the village in Chapter 7, and sent Dorcas with his new axes to the forest tile to choke the point. The Ballista proved to be more of an annoyance than an actual threat. The troops in the area weren't much of a threat either to the power of Dorcas. A few turns later and we marched over to where Yogi and his band of Reavers presided, and beat them. Victory! 9) A Grim Reunion Objective seems simple enough; defeat Eagler and seize his gate. Shouldn't be too hard for a group of four--- WAAAAALLLLAAAACCCE! The Wall of Ace has arrived! Our group has now expanded by one member! And a pretty damn good one too, he'll be carrying our stable alongside Dorcas. He started off with a Knights Crest. But, I'm not going to promote him straight away. We're going to try to squeeze a few levels into him before we promote him at the end of the final Chapter of Lyn's story. The Fog of War has arrived: This'll make things difficult. But! Luckily the Village next to us had a Torch inside it, so I gave it to Lyn and had her use it. We choked both of the points; the forest blockade to the right, and the plains to the north. Wallace tanked everything, even the axes who had an advantage against him, and everyone else held their own. After turtling for a while, we marched up to Eagler and kicked his ass, securing a victory for the Chapter. That marks the six chapters we had played today. Here are our accomplishments: Three more of our cast have joined us on our journey; Serra, Rath and Wallace. Here are their stats alongside Dorcas's and Will's: Tomorrow, we shall finish Lyn's story by beating the final Chapter. Stay tuned! Cast Checklist: Nino Isadora Serra <Recruited> Dorcas <Present> Will <Present> Heath Farina Karel Rath <Recruited> Canas Wallace <Recruited Oswin
  5. Alrighty! Let's start off on my journey. I shall be posting some screenshots and quick summaries of the Chapters, and each post will detail five Chapters at most. Here we go: 0) A Girl from the Plains. Nothing really happens here that's within our run, defeated the Brigand with Lyn then defeated Batta with Lyn and seized the tent. Mission Accomplished! 1) - Footsteps of Fate We meet Kent and Sain! But we can't use them in our run, so I just cleared the Chapter in my usual fashion. 2) - Sword of Spirits Again, you get the reoccurring theme here, cleared the Chapter by defeating Glass and seizing the throne. We also get the Mana Katti sword! ...Which we can't use. Great. 3) - Band of Mercenaries We meet our first member of the team: Will, in the red house just a few spaces away from our starting position. Now Will can't engage in close-quarters combat because... He's an archer, so I had to improvise. After I recruited him, I had him take out the archer opposite us. Then to deal with the incoming units, I de-equipped Sain and Kent, and used them as a Wall to protect Will while he picked off the enemies. He then marched up to the boss and sniped him, securing a slow victory for the Chapter. 4) - In Occupation's Shadow Now this Chapter was difficult. Firstly, we got introduced to Dorcas, who we can actually use! There was just one problem; He starts off as an Enemy. And to make it harder, I have to wall off the beginning part while recruiting Dorcas as well as keeping Will alive as well as ensuring no one reaches Natasha. We have now successfully recruited Dorcas! See? He's blue now. Now he can kill that Brigand not too far from him to get that precious Iron Axe. After that, our objective is to have Kent and Sain retreat to Natasha, and have Dorcas wall off the chokepoint. Thankfully, Dorcas shouldn't be able to double just yet so we can give Will some of the scraps. A few turns later and the choke has been established: After two more turns of survival, we had successfully protected Natasha and the bandits retreat like the cowards they are. That marks the first five chapters. Here are our accomplishments thus far: We have been introduced to two members of our cast of 12: Will and Dorcas. These are their stats: The next post on our journey will cover the next set of five Chapters. Until then..: Cast Checklist: Nino Isadora Serra Dorcas <Recruited> Will <Recruited> Heath Farina Karel Rath Canas Wallace Oswin
  6. I believe that's all said and done! I have all 12 unit positions filled! Whew. You guys really made this list diverse. Nino's going to be a pain in the ass to level up 😛 But at least my early to mid-game is somewhat nice and stable.
  7. So word around the Forest and from someone telling me in my introduction thread, that there's such a challenge as a "Pick My Units" run. I really want to try this! I mentioned that I had completed challenges before such as Lords Only, Girls only and Mounted Only, but this PMU sounds like a proper challenge! So I guess I have to lay down my terms huh? This'll be done in Hector Hard Mode, starting off from Lyn's mode just so the character's from her story that get selected don't join up low levelled. I'll be "attempting" to get every Bonus Chapter on the way, but if I fail then I won't restart to get them. 12 units are my maximum excluding Hector (In case I don't get Matthew as a unit, I need to use someone to clear the first Chapter of HHM.) I'm not quite sure if I need to mention anything else but this'll be my first ever PMU so... be gentle haha. Or not, I don't mind if you want me to suffer 🙂 My Cast List: Nino Isadora Serra Dorcas Will Heath Farina Karel Rath Canas Wallace Oswin
  8. Serve as a Commentator. Would you rather experience a Zombie Apocalypse or an alien invasion?
  9. Of course. I ensured to do that before posting, and even if I didn't, I know my boundaries on what to do and what not to do. Thank you for the welcome!
  10. Frosties, because as we all know, they're... grrrrrreat! Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
  11. Did you guys know that a bolt of lightning has enough energy to toast 100,000 slices of bread?
  12. Thank you very much for the information, Elitosian! As far as I'm aware, I'm restricted to two posts per day which makes it incredibly hard to interact with people outside of my introduction post.
  13. Thank you! I'm sure I will!
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