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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I've added some "cosmetic" touches (trees, the path, more natural cliffs) and some modifications of my own (more breathing room at the start, a wider bridge, both an armory and a shop that aren't too off the beaten path, since the map is meant to be a light gauntlet). There's also some space between cliffs that could be used for secrets only certain units can access. Anyway, I think this map turned out better than the only other one I've made, which has more thought behind its concept but is a bit rough. i swear maps won't be the only thing i post
  2. Greetings! I'm currently working on the first hack I'll ever release. This is not my first rodeo when it comes to hacking (I've been making FE6 and FE7 hacks for my own enjoyment since early 2018, and I know my way around FEBuilder) but I'd say I'm still fairly inexperienced, as I still don't know some of the more technical stuff. So, what's this hack going to be? A comedic, jokey, slightly gimmicky one full of references to everything and a very thin plot (the basic premise for most of the hack is that the lord is sick of some guy's guts, so he sets out with his army on a crusade to kill him). There's a certain focus on humor, but I also want it to be a bit more than a joke stretched too thin by trying to give it fairly decent gameplay. So far, I have a good chunk of the 28 planned maps conceptualized, and about two maps that are more or less implemented. For the most part, the maps have a fairly clear design philosophy behind them, instead of being stuff slapped together. The hack will have 69 units, most of which have unique prfs and skills. I'm trying to avoid making an enemy-phase focused game by jacking up enemy offenses to respectable levels while nerfing their defense and resistance slightly. I'd rather keep some of the hack's more specific details (see: characters) until it's officially announced and I've made some progress.. As for the exact help I'd need? Well, it's mostly graphical (palettes, animations, making maps look good...), musical (I can insert midis and tracks from other games just fine, I just need to know how to loop them and learn how to use midi editors), related to events (cutscenes, map conditions/events...), gameplay-related (when it comes to units I think I can make them fun and varied even if they're not well balanced, but I don't trust my map design skills as much). I wouldn't mind having to commission someone for music or animations (because that's a thing), though it might be a bit impractical. If you have any questions or want to help, just ask me! For now, I'll leave you with this map layout I want some feedback on: (yes, the file name is named bitches. Let's not talk about that.)
  3. https://forms.gle/qLnMRvokxZRpcj6RA Gen 1. https://forms.gle/tdNdnKGn9D4zJ6987 Gen 2. https://forms.gle/HtiN992xFFnAR8tYA Substitute Characters. https://forms.gle/QfeqdnNUcHBWksv86 NPCs and Antagonists. This will be the last one for now. Would you be interested in spinoff surveys?
  4. https://forms.gle/EJ1ro5qkgmjFAVHz5 Playable Characters, Part 1. https://forms.gle/FMWu9p7ahZgeUwdj9 Playable Characters, Part 2. https://forms.gle/wqp96B6N3665qzxaA NPCs and Antagonists Here we go, it's Thracia!
  5. https://forms.gle/a2ZVNDPMU32mtdJZ9 Playable Characters, Part 1. https://forms.gle/KB8ujZvAuuH6Ahyf8 Playable Characters, Part 2. https://forms.gle/96gY8btwD8ZcmKhK7 NPCs and Antagonists
  6. https://forms.gle/kkuEvngWXoQY1rQXA Playable Characters, Part 1. https://forms.gle/Trc927EsGD3h6CjX9 Playable Characters, Part 2. https://forms.gle/J2TeVspMK2X2reVV9 NPCs and Antagonists
  7. The link to the Playable Characters Part 2 poll won't embed, but if you copy and paste it into your browser's search bar it should work just fine. Not sure what happened.
  8. In case the embed doesn't work for whatever reason, here's an important note: While the gap between surveys has been cut in half, voting still lasts 36 hours. If you're familiar with the Tellius games and weren't around when their survey was first posted, you still have time until tomorrow (8/3) at 5:15 AM GMT-4 to vote. Anyway, Playable Characters, Part 1: https://forms.gle/rHnGGXEzPHN3SRi68 Playable Characters, Part 2: https://forms.gle/Lq5UtUpoiZ5wiy526 NPCs, Antagonists: https://forms.gle/539YhC7fS5bfvczK6
  9. Sorry for not posting in a long time, but here is Tellius! I wasn't dead, I was just taking a break. https://forms.gle/7DrvqgpZoydWaTy56 Playable Characters, Part 1 (debuted in FE9) https://forms.gle/4YytvmkF7maWt5vFA Playable Characters, Part 2 (debuted in FE9) https://forms.gle/nDyvXyFaqiY6ZRJK9 Playable Characters, Part 3 (debuted in FE10) https://forms.gle/KhpavRzBKhctQicM8 (PoR NPCs that are playable in RD, bar some antagonists) https://forms.gle/LFSu1XayHVC6zhVr6 (NPCs and Antagonists.)
  10. The moment no one has been waiting for. https://forms.gle/L6WpAVJGunWaWpBw9 - Playable Cast, Part 1 (FE1) https://forms.gle/ZCVq8hQwyBRHQhq39 - Playable Cast, Part 2 (FE1) https://forms.gle/TTE7tb5qChPh9y9s5 - Playable Cast, Part 3 (FE3) https://forms.gle/eFD7eN2FDBTXvr6t9 - Playable Cast, Part 4 (BSFE and remake-exclusive characters) https://forms.gle/G24qmG1emsbMCvvM6 - NPCs, antagonists and misc
  11. The other moment you've been waiting for, if two hours late. https://forms.gle/sNEiXDVYwxeBKtC88 Playable Characters, part 1. https://forms.gle/TjuHFT4Qwj8psVYQ9 Playable Characters, part 2. https://forms.gle/9qzctyK2rT25J43P8 Second Generation. https://forms.gle/qJoypZSP5aaMKUyJ6 Antagonists and Misc. Characters
  12. Fates: the moment you've been waiting for. Characters that are available on Birthright and Conquest + Fuga: https://forms.gle/5HLSqnJswETTacsNA Birthright Poll: https://forms.gle/3t2BNAU4QhUNw1dQ7 Conquest Poll: https://forms.gle/prrcyUqMqE9S99AV9 Children Poll: https://forms.gle/E1mp9yydfF3LwZPc8 Antagonists and misc. characters: https://forms.gle/JzmPGV9wgJJmScMu5
  13. A day and two hours late, but here is the SoV poll. I won't hurry much in the making of this survey since this is a fairly casual thing. Alm's Path: https://forms.gle/cvNoNVpPhNW8TQ6f7 Celica's Path: https://forms.gle/erzGgg8a25ZwGbGz8 DLC characters, Antagonists and NPCs: https://forms.gle/QsZKa441YL9txaBe8
  14. Good question. It'll be edited out pronto. Either that or the next survey will be linked to directly. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Hey, just dropping here to say that from now on, all polls will be in this one post. Here's the Reddit link: That being said, I can't edit the title of this post to just say "Fire Emblem Character Survey". Captcha doesn't want me to right now. So, uh... Mooooooooooooooods!
  16. Also available on Reddit: What is this, you ask? Well, one day I just up and thought "what does the FE community think of FE's characters?" Then, I decided that over the course of a few days, I'd set up polls in which participants essentially rate each character from 1 to 5 in terms of how much they like them (1: Hate, 2: Dislike, 3: Neutral/Mixed Feelings, 4: Like, 5: Love.) It's a pretty straightforward thing - you've seen surveys far more intensive than this - but I plan on analysing the data and pointing out interesting facts after every poll, like overlaps or interesting votes. And why am I doing this? Because I'm curious, love doing these kinds of things and think some people might be interested, too. Some more info: - We'll cover one subseries/era per day starting with the most recent one, Fódlan/Three Houses. That said, instead of ordering eras by the year of their debut, I'll order them by the year of their most recent entry. As such, we'd get 3H, then Valentia, then Fates, then Awakening, then Archanea, then Tellius, then Sacred Stones, then Elibe, and finally, Jugdral. The results of every poll will be posted on the poll that comes after, ordered in the format of a tier list that will come in both image and text form. Once voting on all nine polls is over, I'll merge all the results to create a universal tier list of sorts. - The Avatar's different genders count as separate characters, simply because they tend to have fairly different fanbases, specially among casual fans. Of course, feel free to just give the same rating to both if you like them equally, or think that the differences between both don't matter. - Different identities of the same character count as one character. It goes without saying that you can expect many spoilers stemming from this. Even if they are out of context, I recommend playing the game or being familiar with its story before voting on its poll, as obvious as it may sound. The reason for this choice is that when a character goes by multiple identities in a story, people tend to judge all identities as one character. On a related note, some iterations of characters with multiple appearances are distanced enough from their other appearances/identities that they can be judged as separate characters. Which is to say, I'd separate FE6 Karel and FE7 Karel but treat Sirius and Camus as one character. If you didn't understand well and/or have some questions, don't worry, it's just fairly complicated and I'm bad at these kinds of explanations. - Characters that appear in more than one era will have each of their incarnations voted on separately. It's up to my discretion if I merge their votes at the end or not, however. - Bosses that only appear in one chapter and have no story relevance can't be voted for. Sorry, all five of you Guile fans. The bosses that managed to break out and garner a decent fanbase (see: Brigand Boss, Gheb), will probably be included, but I fear they'll get to S+ tier just because of memez. - Spinoffs will probably be covered, but they'll get their polls right at the end. I don't know if I should include the "I can't believe it's not Fire Emblem" Kaga games like TRS, however. I can't see popular hacks like The Last Promise getting their own polls. I think this is probably it. If you have any questions, I'll answer them to the best of my capability. In fact, the reason why I made a preliminary post instead of starting straight away is because I wanted to make sure the format was as flexible as possible. I also wanted feedback on some choices I thought were questionable. The polls will all be available on Google Forms. Well then, see you tomorrow!
  17. My name is NobodyKnowsTheJav. Breaking rules has ruined my life. I'm 17 years ooooooooold... Things about me no one cares about: I'm an amateur hacker and aspiring voice actor and translator. I have like a thousand mental disorders. I'm fluent in English, Spanish (my mother tongue) and French. I'm drunk on games and the Internet, though unlike some people I sometimes go outside to wind down a bit. I'm a perfectionist, but at the same time I'm not particularly skilled. I often switch between lazy and go-getting. Things about me some people might care about: I'm not going to frequent this site all that often, unfortunately. I made an account here to share one particular thing and more to come. My favorite FE game in terms of gameplay is FE12, but I also love the GBA series and know a couple things about Tellius. I also have a... somewhat nasty reputation on some other FE communities, but I'm actually really sorry for my past actions and I implore the mods to not take action against me in this site unless I have actually broken a rule. And although my username is TheJavKnowsNobody, I often call myself Jav or NobodyKnowsTheJav. I just decided to switch things up regarding my username. Anyhow, uh... crap, how do I finish this post? How about leaving it unfinished?
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