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  1. Yeah. It seems to be extremely random for me as well. 5 star fish giving me Smithing Stones and 2 star fish giving me Mythrils I haven't gotten a single Umbral Steel yet. Then again, I only fed cats for like 10 minutes. Still. 56 Fish used at least and no Umbral Steel. I don't have enough 5 star fish to make farming that data very easy. I never thought there'd be a reason I'd want to hold on to 99 Platinum fish... Maybe I need to try Bullheads... I don't think they'll eat the Goddess Messengers
  2. So, I just started painstakingly recording all of the rewards I get for feeding these animals: Spreadsheet here As you can see, this would take forever to fill out with enough info to be statistically significant. My progress alone will be incredibly slow. If you want to help, feel free to make your own copy of my "Template" sheet for your own records. Then, link it here so that I can copy it from time to time. I'd be grateful. If the way this system works is known, I would very much appreciate an explanation or a link to one. Even if it's just a theory.
  3. Chapter 4 was fun. I used Hapi, Linhardt, and Constance to kill the first golem by turn 2. And the second golem I just ran away from. The bandit reinforcements spent the whole battle fighting the second golem's troops. So, the whole battle I had plenty of time to do whatever I wanted. It felt super rewarding to defeat the scenario like that. Chapter 3 was way harder with the debuffs. Luckily Linhardt can easily tank those golems so it was not too hard to lure them into range of my units - or hold them off - 1 turn at a time
  4. I started recording my notes about the new elements of the game from the Wave 4 DLC. Not sure if they'll be of help to anyone, but if you want to contribute, feel free. All of them are incomplete I've recorded data on Offer Item, Offer Renown, Liked Gifts, and Lost Items. What else should I record? Here's the link If I'm wasting my time and there's a datamine out there that tells me all about this, please link it here.
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