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  1. -802,655 Oh boy here we go again, can't wait to get Ninja'd in another thread
  2. Hey everyone, I updated the OP with some info on the Setting and Story, so if you're interested, give it a read! Furthermore we now have a name for the game, It's gonna be called: "Tales of Iluma" Also I'm currently finishing up my little side project (Gameplay is in it's final stages, over half the dialogue is finished (with the rest being already planned) and for the purposes of speeding things up a bit you'll have some classic fire emblem music to accompany you). Also I learned a lot of things while on this little poject, which has actually made me do a lot of adjusting and clean up on the real game, so I'm happy about that. I don't wanna promise a release date or anything (seeing as how that went last time) but I'm very otimistic you won't have to wait much longer. Edit: Y'know what, with me talking the entire time, I might as well show you some of the things I'm working on:
  3. Banned for not playing FE Fates Conquest before playing Revelations
  4. Banned for not giving a reason to ban
  5. Hey so you might have checked this post in the past months and wondered: "What happened? Did he give up on his project?" Well no, I just took a break to do some other stuff that I wanted to do. But I am now back to continue working ^^ I would love to have like an awesome thing here where I tell you that I have finally completed the demo build and give you a download to play it, unfortunately the checklist up there still stands and I really don't want to present something that is still essentially just a mod of "The Lion Throne". That being said, in the story that I have in my head, there is an event in the past that gets referenced quite frequently throughout the game. So to get back into the whole fan game making thing, I'm currently making a separate little adventure that won't be in the final game. (This let's me get past my perfectionism on everything concerning the actual game, and let's me present something to you much sooner) Edit: Just to clarify: Yes, you will be able to play this as soon as I am done making it
  6. Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself here ^^
  7. 38,186 How wonderful, I'm gone from this forum for like 4 months and when I come back, the same people still play the same never ending game xd
  8. Banned for turning this thread into a friendly chat
  9. Swing is good But Electro Swing is better
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