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  1. You know I always wanted to use Iago as a unit.
  2. Alright, here we are. Chapter 25 of Conquest, the chapter that I stopped my original playthrough at all those years ago playing a Fire Emblem game for the first time.
  3. I imagine it would've taken a lot to redo every single cutscene in the game, especially since the request for mumbles came in long after development likely started. I'm excited though. I remember me and my brother used to play the original Lego StarWars before I even watched the movies.
  4. Interesting. I'm one of those weirdos who really enjoys grinding so I'm excited for that. I'm perfectly fine with gimmicks. I'll be my own judge if I find them annoying or not. With story and aesthetics I'm aiming to remain completely blind till I see it for myself. I don't expect it to be any good but it shall at the very least be interesting.
  5. I'm curious, does Revelations have challenge maps like Birthright or limited resources like Conquest?
  6. I'll keep that in mind. What are some pre-battle tips? What should I be spending my money on between chapters? Conquest is proving to be quite the ordeal. I'm both excited and scared for Revelations.
  7. Good morning! I feel nice and refreshed and ready to take on more of Conquest's bullshit. I took a short break yesterday and returned to the chapter with a much calmer mindset. I managed to complete it with relative ease with only the loss of a single unit. ...Sorry, Camilla. I completely forgot how much ballistae hurt you. But yeah, I managed to get through it all in good fun, I guess I was dealing with the exhaustion from all the previous chapters that I just needed a breather before continuing. ...Well I did abuse battle saves whenever I made a mistake but hey, as long as it works. Hey! I managed to figure out some of this on my own! Good job, me.
  8. Hey, I didn't want to add Peri to the team either but the game forced my hand when she outperformed all the other units. While I definitely think it's possible, I'm just not sure if I have the patience for it. Feels to me like most of the team lacks killing capability while also being easy to kill themselves. ...Or maybe I'm just used to Birthright and Awakening where there wasn't nearly as much challenge. Either way, the game has gotten a lot more frustrating than fun to me so I'm likely to take a break from it. Or I'm just still salty from the abundance of times that my units had a high chance to hit and still missed.
  9. This is the team I've settled on for the last few chapters. https://imgur.com/a/ybgchaw In part thanks to poor unit management from me for the first half of the game and also thanks to a lot of unlucky stat growths.
  10. I'm playing authentically on a 3DS so images will be pretty poor if that's cool with you. Currently I'm on chapter 23.
  11. I might have to restart my Conquest playthrough, my units seem to be far too unequipped to deal with these late chapters efficiently since I was late in training them. It's gotten quite frustrating.
  12. Here I am, on the homestretch of Conquest, just a few chapters left! Oh and happy MLK day everyone.
  13. Curious. I'll need to remind myself of those when I play those games Well what else are you supposed to talk about in a Fire Emblem forum?
  14. Hah! That's incredible, and I love that Square Enix got involved. Are they any good or is it like the Fire Emblem anime?
  15. I didn't know FE7 had a novelization. Is it like a fanfiction or is it official? Either way, I'm all for new ships.
  16. Aye, that's the same conclusion I came with. It really clicked for me when Byleth was revealed and people still hated them, despite being completely different from the other FE characters, both in gameplay, and in appearance.
  17. Press B again mid hop. ...I think. It's like second nature to me I this point, I don't even remember how you actually do it.
  18. They actually remain as one of my best characters to play in Smash. Playing Conquest for the first time, it was really cool to see these moves I recognized from Smash. Corrin may be a largely empty avatar but it was Corrin that ultimately pushed me to try out Fire Emblem, so for that I love 'em. In fairness, Chrom and Lucina are both echo fighters, and so they're more like bonuses to the roster rather than a waste of a slot. From what I've heard, Roy's Smash iteration is quite different from his original since he was added in Melee before his game was released. I wonder if we'll ever get a more old FE character in Smash like the characters you mentioned, because the Smash team seems to just follow the new games when it comes to fighters.
  19. I personally never understood the hate for sword characters in Smash, the fist fighters in the game outnumber all the sword fighters 10 to 1. The main issue I see is that they mostly go for the main characters from each game, when it's the main characters who often have the most bland and basic fighting style. But hey, I was probably one of the four people who was excited for Corrin in Smash despite never having even played a Fire Emblem game at the time.
  20. The weird localization is responsible for at least 20% of the story problems of Fates Yeah...that was my other guess. Xander means "To defend" which is a little ironic since he's part of the route that's about conquering the other kingdom. The writers were real proud of that one. They had the line fully voiced and everything.
  21. Oh my god... Welp, there goes my evening.
  22. So I'm assuming the localization team tried to change the names to make them more "comprehensible" to overseas players while still keeping the Japanese flare. There are some I don't understand at all though. I'm no expert on Japanese names.
  23. If you really wanted to take a stretch, you could say that King Arthur was like the superhero of the dark ages. The name Harold might've fit that role and more however since it is a Norse name which is a culture largely associated with vikings, which was an occupation mythologized like action heroes in Norse countries at the time, and they most likely wielded axes, like Arthur does in his base class. I'm guessing they changed the name from Marx to Xander because traditionally, Marx is more of a last name. Now I'm curious. Did any of the Birthright characters suffer a name change during localization? Aye, I might need some tips for that one.
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