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  1. Alright lads, I'm going to be leaving in about an hour. I'll see you all in two weeks when I finally begin playing Xenoblade.
  2. He appeared yet again right at the end before he was eaten alive! T-Posing all the way till death. Keep in mind by the way that I haven't beaten Blazing Blade or Echoes so the placement on those two are bound to change, I just thought since I'd played a chunk of them that I'd put where I thought they should be. I mostly liked it because of how different it was from the other games I've played so far. I can see why people think the gimmicks are annoying but for me it was a really nice change of pace from what I was used to. I'm a casual and I'm proud. While I may admit to Conquest being the better game, I can't deny that I had significantly more fun breaking Awakening than I did making strategies in Conquest.
  3. As someone who's had a small hand in development, I'll tell you that this is definitely a game to keep your eye on.
  4. I didn't even know feneciĆ³ was a word. Well I hope the English translation is Ye Olde Anglish. I enjoyed playing through the first Dragon Quest on phone mostly because of how silly the dialogue was.
  5. No I'm with Ruben on this one, Rev is awesome. It's also the funniest, story wise. I wonder if I could emulate FE 1 on my phone, feels like the perfect game to play while I'm waiting in line at the coffee shop.
  6. I like how non-linear the levels are, as there are lot of different ways to tackle the same chapter, it helps as well that there's little chests and goodies scattered across the map, encouraging you to branch out and take unorthodox paths. I have four chapters left to beat, and since I'm going camping tomorrow, I plan on beating the rest of the game today.
  7. I've reached the final four chapters of Revelations. So far, I've been really enjoying this game, it has the interesting maps of Conquest with the customization of Birthright which is all I really wanted from Fates.
  8. Oh for sure, but I imagine it'd still help me figure out what things I should be thinking about. I'd also be playing at a higher difficulty for once since even in casual normal mode I do a decent job at keeping everyone alive. Basically I want to play these older games without feeling the need to restart because my literal least favorite thing to do in any video game ever is do the same thing over and over again just to fix one mistake.
  9. Something I've wanted to do before really going into the older games is play the ones I've already played but as an Ironman. Feel that'd be a nice way to ease into it.
  10. Jesus Christ. I'm never going to trust a hit rate ever again, this is the only time something like this has ever happened in my four years of playing this game, but I'm going to think of it every time I encounter in enemy that has a low hit-chance in every Fire Emblem.
  11. That honestly is interesting. I do like how Fates compared to Awakening encourages a lot more risk taking with it's RNG, since most of it feels more unclear than in Awakening, but at the same time...Felicia should've totally dodged at least one of those attacks. Good to know.
  12. What does 1 RN mean again? I remember in both of my playthroughs of Birthright, Hana was a god solely because she dodged literally everything that was thrown at her, but now not even low hit chances will save me. I don't remember those units in Awakening.
  13. I've had bad luck before but this is the first time something that I thought was impossible happened in Fates.
  14. You know at first I thought it'd be fun to make Felicia fight on the front lines but instead she just got hit by two attacks that were in the 10-17 range of hit chance back to back and was finished off by some random sky knight. I'm not mad as much as I am bewildered.
  15. I'm curious...are there such things as Fire Emblem romhacks that completely randomize the growth rates?
  16. It's a tale as old as time, I learned of the series through Smash Brothers and eventually picked up a game for myself. It's quite interesting as before I even knew what a Fire Emblem was I always preferred playing as the Fire Emblem characters. Ike was my main in Brawl and I enjoyed playing all of the FE cast in Smash 4. It was only until Corrin was added that I began to main them and decided that I wanted to play whatever game they were from. I purchased Fates Conquest as well as Awakening and the rest in history.
  17. Really! Well I'm glad they can get the taste of flight finally as well! See the thing about Sakura is that every once in a while her voice actress will out of nowhere speak a lot deeper and softer and it sends chills down your spine, It's almost like asmr.
  18. That is indeed golden. Also I'm not perfectly sure on the history of male Pegasus knights but Subaki is the first one in a while, ain't he? Pretty much, though I do unironically like Takumi and Ryoma even if they don't fully land in all situations, and I like the idea of Camilla. Sakura is also pretty good but it's exclusively because of her English voice actress. ...What, were you looking for it this entire time?
  19. There's something to be said about Awakening doing a pretty good job at having male and female equality in a series that had a long history of sexism only for Fates to go back on all of that with it's primary female characters. That's not to say Fates doesn't have really good female characters, in fact I'd say they outnumber the good male characters, but none of them are main characters. Hmm...Okay, I'll let it slide just this once.
  20. Poor sisters, they don't get anything. Also how dare you use the fandom wiki.
  21. With all this Three Houses talk I decided to finally buy the game. It wont arrive while I'm here but when I do get back it'll be one of the games to play along with Xenoblade. I trust them on that matter. I mean they're not Mario Sports team.
  22. Oh. Is it ever explained by the way how the royals got their special weapons?
  23. ...Wait, who? I mean who knows! Fates was certainly something new and ambitious and it came directly after the huge success of one the most vanilla Fire Emblems there is! I feel the team already pretty much satisfied the Three Houses fans with Three Hopes, I'm willing to believe the next game will be different. Let the record show, I've never played Three Houses.
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