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  1. Heya all, I recently tinkered with CirclesEverwhere randomizer, generally making it harder, and encountered a Fomortis with 128+ HP who, of course, died instantly due to having negative HP. (Which was a rather anticlimactic end to that run considering Lyon Nosfertanked the shit out of me with his capped defenses and 90+ hp lol) Anyway, I was wondering wether or not it is possible to increase the HP cap to 255, which, of course, would entail to cut the negative numbers off of them. Are those negatives used by the system to decrease HP? Does the game store negative HP and just check wether or not it is below zero? And if it is possible to increase the cap, an offset would be highly appreciated. Any Answers are appreciated.
  2. What FE? Usually by just giving them a higher level Weapon, they will auto level their Weapon rank to be able to equip it, at least in the GBA FEs as long as they are on auto leveling in the Chapter unit editor. For Bosses and Player units, you have to check the Respective Character Editor.
  3. I had the blackscreen error several times as well, but only if I sped up the game before or during the chapter transition. Otherwise it always worked fine for me.
  4. Okay, started Another Run today... And Skirmishes don't work at all in V 1.1 They instead replay the original chapter. I assume this is a debug feature you forgot to take out? Also, you cannot run from Valni Tower Battles, but I assume this is tied to the bug mentioned above. And on another note, it maybe the seed (Celica), but my Valni 1 battle looked, besides the swordmaster replacing the Entombed, eerily similar to the standard Valni 1. Though, due to the lack of further Data, I don't know if it is thanks to the seed or another bug.
  5. Bugs or weirdness I have encountered thus far in V 1.0 that weren't adressed in the recent Patch: Despoil says it creates Red Gems on proc; Instead creates any given Item in the Game. Might be intended, so disregard if it is. Revenants, Baels and Mauthedoogs, as well as their Promotions, can use the Divine Dragonstone, making them INCREDIBLY Powerful. Aura Seems to have a ridiculous spawn Rate on any Light magic user, yet I have to see one enemy with Divine. I get the feeling that you use in your randomisation two Auras and not a single divine. Player units use wrong palettes; they seem to only use their base Class Palette instead of all that are applied to them. (Easily observable with unrandomized Colm, as his Rogue Promotion, at least, has a messy Palette) Might be Colm only Glitch with unrandomized thieves, by the way. V 1.1: Press Start on the title screen is messed up for me. Not sure if intended or not: Neither Purge nor Eclipse appears on Enemy Units. Bolting only appears on the Pupil Line. No Enemy uses any Status Staves. Dancers that spawn with Shadowshot and drop an Item have two copies of that particular item. Rightful God is a Personal Skill for Player units (Colm With it is amazing, though.) For some Reason Pegasus Knights learn Rally Speed on LVL 20 instead of LVL 10 as all other classes do. Ephraim, upon spawning on Eirika CH 15, comes with an extra steel lance instead of a completely Random item. This happens in Vanilla FE 8 as well. I believe something similiar happens to Eirika on Ephraim CH 15. A non Boss enemy on Valni 1 has Zero Movement. Balancing All Monster Classes desperately need a second Skill in their Classes. They have all, besides Mauthedoogs, terrible stats to begin with, which need buffing, in my opinion, and some, especially Revenants, are borderline useless without a divine dragonstone. Soldiers need a serious buff as well. Some possible ideas, on the usual levels (01/00, 10/00, 20/5, 20/15), Warning, uses Fan translation names for skills, might need some balancing as well: Revenant: Camaraderie, Renewal, Competetive, bane (Bane is still kinda useless because they have low skill anyway. The highest skill I have seen on enemy entombed is like 4 at level 13. Playing normal currently, but probably doesn't reach 15 on hard either way.) (Idea of the set is having constantly recovering units. 40% HP every turn is nothing to scoff at with their HP. Might need a slight def buff.) Mogall: Focus, Celerity, Dunno the Promoted Skills so I lack knowledge here what your plan with them is. (My Idea would be units that fight most of the time alone, as flying units do anyway. Celerity for enemies to get more use out of focus) Mauthe Doog: Flowing strike, Swallow strike, dunno the promoted Skill. (Quick and offensively geared set that has a strong player phase and a decent enemy phase) Bael: Dunno the promoted Skill, otherwise I suggest a Seal set (SKL, STR, DEF, SPD, in that order) (Speed Seal last because Speed is the most important stat in GBA FEs.) Direct Bonewalker: Patient Assurance, Pursuit, Vantage ,Lance Breaker (Defensive unit that hurts during enemy phase but has little presence on player Phase) Archer Bonewalker: Prescient Victory, Savage Blow (the 20+ Crit on attack one), Bowfaire, Acrobat (Dunno with the promoted Skills. Buffing GBA FE Archers with skills is kinda difficult since they suck. The Idea here is giving the Bonewalker archers some bonus during attack. Giving Snipers galeforce, BTW, is a decision I approve of.) Gargoyle: No Idea for a good set, gotta admit. Tantivity, Focus, Relief, Lancefaire, perhaps? Tarvos: Again, I haven't seen the promoted Skill. Intimidate is supportive, so maybe more Skills like that? Dunno where you are going with them. Cyclops: Dark breath, Pavise (If you give them only two skills. Otherwise I would add Open Fighter and Sword Breaker as the first and final skill respectively.) Gorgon: I have yet to see the Skill, so I have no Idea what you planned for them. Would go for Raven Strike as a good synergy with stone (LVL 15, though. 60+% hit with stone is pretty freaking good, imo) I second the notion to switch Paragon and Dazzle for all the recruit classes. I would remove Speedseal from Mercenaries which make them, imo, op. Being able to reduce enemy speed that early in the game is extremely good and befitting of a promoted Skill. I'd replace it with defense seal, personally, which is a slight nerf but still very strong. (+ 6 Damage vs almost guaranteed *2 Damage) Enemies in Skirmishes are weirdly leveled due to the Class they are assigned in the battles by default (If you fixed this already, don't bother reading further). Which makes Hamill Canyon and the equivalent Map on Ephraims site the best Grinding maps in the game, as it is guaranteed to Spawn like 10 LVL 8-15 Promoted Enemies as well as the 3 intended LVL ca. 4 promoted Enemies. For Reference: The Vanilla Game intends to have the first three maps on every Route to only have unpromoted Enemies (Except for the odd Entombed boss), the next two three promoted enemies, the boss and two other enemies near the boss, Gorgon Map is fine, and Melkaen Coast and Ruins all promoted. Tower of Valni has only promoted Enemies as bosses for the first 5 Floors, Floor five with two bosses, Floor 6 Has a bunch of promoted, non Random enemies that don't have the random bit set. (I want to say they are the first Enemies of the map, scrolling through the enemies starting with the boss.) Floor 7 has on every plattform one promoted enemy. Floor 8 is all promoted. Canto+ is, imo, useless for most intents and purposes. I understand the Idea of having them on Rangers as a kiting unit, but since you are most likely approaching anyway, You get barely anything out of it and Enemies can't make use of it. Some Feature Requests/ Suggestions: An Option to increase enemy growths would be nice. An Option to reduce Demon kings Caps to the old USA (?) caps. (A Demon King with 40+10 Defense, 32 Speed and 40 Strength as well as full 120 HP is... not realistic to kill. Any unit that can use Luna, usually, is too slow to not get doubled, and can, I am pretty sure, never double that Demon King ordinarily unless massive Personal Skill shenanigans. And Will likely not have the stats to Live a single attack since squishy Mages. Perhaps only a team of Pupil 3 with Dazzle? ) Would be 30 for all stat caps. Which is still strong. Having Mummy Bosses (Skirmish, Ruins and Tower Bosses) Having for each appearance a different personal skill. An Option for Completely random Skill Handout during Levelup. So, and after everything I wrote, Thank you for creating this. It has been really fun to replay FE8 in an interesting way. I have had a blast the last couple days with it and will be checking out your new version ^^ Finally being able to use Adlas plains for grinding purposes is really nice and finishing Valni for once will be fun as well. (As the Manaketes there were really difficult to deal with.) And I hope I didn't sound rude at any point through this. @Metakirby: Are you sure you didn't get it during the last prologue cutscene where Seth gives you a random item?
  6. Awesome! Can't wait for the new release! And thank you for your continued work on the translation this gem of a game deserves. You are doing amazing work!
  7. Actually, chapter 10A fails because of Pirates/brigands (including Gonzales) using an AI that somehow fails after randomization. If you change their AI via Nightmare Editor to no AI or Generic AI, they will no longer lock up the game. Makes saving the village a cakewalk, unfortunately.
  8. The way your CFW will work is, that you will have your downgraded normal Firmware and your secondary "Custom firmware" (CFW). You have to keep your main Firmware at 9.8, but you can do everything online as long as your CFW is updated to the newest version and you use your CFW for that. NEVER upgrade your main Firmware (that, after downgrading, should be 9.8) to anything higher. Use your CFW thereafter for everything. Also, just as a tip, before updating your CFW to a version after 11.0 (which it will ask you to eventually when a new update is created by nintendo), make sure that it is safe to update by searching online first. Also, before you Downgrade, do you have a new 3ds or an old 3ds? A new 3ds has a small random chance to hard brick on you. (As in, Your firmware is entirely corrupted and I don't know right now if a hardmod could even save it anymore) Downgrading a new 3ds is quite risky and I would not recommend it.
  9. Hey, What program do you guys use to open the 7z with everything from team if? My mac is doing bad stuff. It creates 336 files of zero KB size which is most likely incorrect. Do you just use windows 7zip?
  10. Well, I don't know japanese, so I don't know wether I can be of all that great help, but I'd be willing to proofread and playtest the translation (Currently only for White night Kingdom though) Also, where do I report mistakes / Typos / Textskips / untranslated Lines /other Weird Stuff? And Of course, because I didn't express my gratitude yet, thank you very much for your continued work and the effort to give this game the translation it deserves. I hope I can be of use.
  11. My bad Kirokan, I meant a translation of the tweet, not the story of the Fates. I am trying to spoil myself as little as possible about the story. VincentASM did make the meaning of the tweet clear enough though. Thanks to both of you!
  12. yeah :/ I get the feeling as well. Could somebody be so kind to translate it for all of us?
  13. Is it actually a better translation and not just made up? The Original post suggest that this is not in FE if...
  14. Well, I tried to compare them to German ratings, which are USK 0, 6, 12, 16, 18. In Germany, you are considered a Teenager at the age of 12. I wasn't far off, though...
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