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  1. On my second CF run, on the final map, I used Edelgard as Dark Flier, and it went quite well. In fact she was the MVP of that map
  2. 1. Edelgard 2. Constance 3. Dorothea 4. Lysithea 5. Hilda 6. Balthus 7. Yuri 8. Petra 9. Byleth 10. Shamir
  3. Of the options you placed, the ones that I consider the best romantic option (evaluating their supports) would be Dorothea, Lysithea, Marianne and Petra (her support S is one of the most beautiful). And off the list, of course Edelgard and Constance.
  4. My least favorite characters (either by personality or development) would be Cyril, Lorenz, Flayn, Giberlt and Ignatz
  5. I quite like him / her, for the standards of an avatar character.
  6. In my case, because she is a character that is special and well built. I am used to this type of intense debate (defense or attack on a character). I remember many years ago I was on a Naruto forum, and the topic of the weekly chapter ended in a boxing ring between Pro-Narutos and Pro-Sasukes. It was crazy 😂
  7. I think some recruited characters I see out of place in the second part of the game, but that happens on all routes. I can see deserting (without the Byleth factor) Black Eagles: Dorothea, Bernadette, Linhart. Blue Lions: Felix, Sylvain, Ashe. Golden Deer: Lysithea, Leonie, Hilda. I would like to know if Hilda has personal problems with Edelgard. It can be recruited with the Blue Lions, but not with the black eagles (you have to wait until chapter 12).
  8. You have a good point. Lelouch today (like when the anime aired) was and is very popular as a character, it is difficult to find detractors of him. Which makes me wonder if Three Houses got an anime adaptation, like the Edelgard reception would. I believe that she would become someone iconic (more than she is now).
  9. Oh Code Geass. Many years ago I saw the series. I really liked the first season, but the second season is a disaster in my opinion. And yes, how I hate that "joke". I agree with @Etrurian emperor
  10. I think it is more honest to say "I don't like Edelgard because I don't like her methods" than to say "I don't like Edelgard because I think she had other alternatives to achieve her goals". Here several colleagues have masterfully explained the little margin that Edelgard had to fulfill her objectives. Either it was war, or she could go to a summer house to eat sweets and leave things as it were
  11. I have not seen him claim such a thing. In fact, he acknowledges Edelgard's flaws (perfect characters are boring). But if the point is the kidnappings and the death of Jeralt, Edelgard has nothing to do with it
  12. Well, Jeritza is the material author of the kidnapping. Thales is the mastermind. In the modern judicial system it would be so specified. And yes, Jeritza would receive a sentence, although not greater than Thales
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