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    Games, anime and manga. Pokémon, Final Fantasy, FE, Dragon Ball, Jojo,, the entire Type-Moon universe (Fate, Tsukihime, etc.). I'm always looking for a good story to pass the time.
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  1. I know, but its still extremely funny that Garon didn't change much even after becoming a goo monster.
  2. What if you wanted to kill a baron in FE4 but Kaga said Great Shield
  3. I hope it's the school castes ending. Regret fades with time. The happiness of one is the unhappiness of the other.
  4. Daily reminder that Pokemon Gen 5 was the greatest.
  5. Damn, I wish the touch screen of the 3DS version of Tales of the Abyss was more useful.
  6. Tales of Phantasia is a classic, and it along with Symphonia does racism better than Path of Radiance. Tales of the Abyss has the best story of the series imo, and the protagonist with the most development. I only finished 4 or 5 games, however.
  7. Nah, I got this. Come watch my suffering later.
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