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  1. Lol you guys rock! I'll have to see what's out there. I've loved Divinity 1 and 2 as one of those other franchise games. So sick! Play it if you haven't!
  2. Has anyone else here played Radiant Dawn so many times that they're left asking themselves, "what now"? Just looking for general advice on where to go from here. I've played every fire emblem game, played some hacks, but can never get that satisfaction in an FE game that I got from playing Radiant Dawn for the first few playthroughs. Where have you found the most enjoyment as a long time Fire Emblem fan?
  3. Has anyone here used Meg and Fiona together before? I'd rank them a little higher just due to their support bonus (+30 avoid), additional skills, and decent growths. If you're abusing your BEXP and natural level ups (from trashing your weapons on bosses) then Fiona and Meg end up being pretty solid. I used them in endgame and I had to be careful not to give Meg anymore kills cause she capped on like everything and had *a really strong sword*. I feel like I missed something here. Are we limiting the rankings to just Part 1 playthrough? No right? By endgame I only really find Nolan and Meg to be worth the trouble since they max out with decent strength and can take a few hits, but Meg is better with Fiona tagging along so its good to bring her along if you've got the room. If you're set on having an extra healer then Ive seen Laura max her stats out better than the other SS staff users. Other than that I trash everyone else. You can use Nailah in endgame too of course. Micaiah and Sothe manage in Endgame. They just aren't very beefy in term of defense.
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