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  1. I haven't played maniac mode personally but I have heard the long animations + a fuck ton of enemies = a big slog. If you didn't like genealogy for being slow to play you probably won't like it (at least that's what I assume.)
  2. yea I feel you. Stuff like needing to go into weapons and items separately instead of a just a singular trade button is hard to get used to if you aren't used to it. If you are talking about the speed of the cursor, animations, and stuff like that. I used to hate that too but then I found out you can speed up the cursor and animations in the options. It feels sooo much better and faster if you do that. sucks you didn't like it but you can't force people into liking things so I guess we just view it different and that's all that there is to say... I will continue to try to hard sell FE3 to people who haven't played it before though. It's the most uniquely fire emblemy fire emblem there is.
  3. ah dude you should replay it! I'm assuming it's been a while since you've played it right? they say people change every six months so if you replay it you might just love it this time! I was the same way with a lot of other games in the series. When I was younger I wouldn't like specific games, but coming back to them I would get really into them and end up loving them. I think your frame of mind going into things is a huge factor when you end up liking stuff.
  4. Yea honestly, not even going to front book 2 is way better than book 1. book 1 is probably meant as a tutorial for players who are new to the series to be fair though. And I do agree that star shards enforce bad habbits and are just straight up not fun, for that reason I try not to use them. Also because i'm curious, how do you feel about my arguments above about how star shards isn't a serious knock against the game because of how inconsequential it is and how you can get equal results without them?
  5. a bit more? That ltc aim is extremely lax and forgiving, you should be able to crush it if you really try. I've seen an ltc with no growths that does it in 102 turns. I'm sure with growths you can do some strats to do it under 100 But you're ignore that getting 20 in every stat is time consuming and non condusive to playing good. not going to lie 456 turns a suuuuper long time for a relatively short game. and for what? a merric that can't even enemy phase more then 3 units, truly a good use of all that time and effort. I really don't consider beating the game in a timely matter a "challenge run". It's just beating the game at a decent pace. I said you should try under 200 turns cause you specifically seem to have a problem with feeling the need to grind up your characters which is just overkill and not needed at all. Also I don't think challenge runs are uniquely enjoyable in mystery, I never said that at all so I have no idea why you think that. I do love doing them because they are fun and make you think of interesting strategies. Fair enough, I think it's on topic too. But as you said it is a little troubling that it's just the 2 of us talking.
  6. and yet he can still only survives 1h from dragons. You can get their stats up sure but doesn't change the fact that merric starts with 8 defense 22 hp. I get there is "no real way to grind" but you can take a fuck load of time using them, what's your turn count btw? did you even read my post, movement penalties exist, classes being weaponed locked exists, Indoor chapters exist, base stats exist, there is plenty to distinguish units. Something tells me you aren't even reading what i'm saying fully and are just picking out some things here and there that rubbed you the wrong way. I know, you don't need to optimize growths at all, thats why I said you shot yourself in the foot by optimizing them lol. Why put all that work in when you got tiki lol. In fact you don't need growths at all in that game. The funnest I've ever had playing mystery was doing a 0% growths run so maybe try that. also in case I failed in getting my message across, i'm not trying to argue for star shards, I think star shards are retarded and reinforce bad habits, just saying that star shards don't hurt the game at all cause they are kinda pointless and inconsequential. Those stats look good on your character, but they are ultimately less important than things like turn 1 strategies, picking the right units, and using your staves correctly. P.S to mods:for the mods, I feel bad for cluttering this thread with off topic arguing. Didn't mean to get so off topic there. I don't know if theres a way to move posts to another thread or something, but if not and you feel like this cluttered the thread then feel free deleting these posts. also to @Jotari if you want to keep discussing I think we can message each other on serenes forest? idk not used to forums.
  7. He comes at a higher level and is therefore closer to promotion, so throughout the game he will always be ahead assuming you use them equally. Being able to get everyone to max stats would take such an unbelievable amount of time that it's hard to say you would be even playing the game at that point. Is that what you did when you played? Just grinded until you got 20's in every stat? "good 1-2 range" lol, that doesn't exist in old mystery, javelins weight 20, hand axes are inaccurate, and mages can't frontline. In my original post, I recommend to people who didn't like the game to give it another shot with a challenge in mind. Try beating the game in under 200 turns next time you play it. I think you'll find that coming up with strategies that are fast and consistent without the use of save states is fun and rewarding. also I disagree with your analysis that your whole army with 20 in every stat would feel exactly the same(which is a very ridiculous premise). Different classes have different movement stats and movement penalties. The maps are designed in a way that takes this into account giving all your classes places where they are uniquely strong. Also in Mystery of the emblem classes are locked to one weapon, Lances and axes are extremely heavy so even your 20 speed paladin isn't doubling a hero without a slim lance. Dragons also ignore defense and are in the game very early so even if you somehow get 20 defense at that point, it doesn't really matter. This game is so much more then your characters stats. I'd say It's less rpg and more strategy game with light rpg elements. You lost me when you said "with little creativity". In old mystery 5 maps are reused from book 1, but each of them plays completely different than book 1. Chapter 17 is the best example of this. In that map there are 2 factions on the enemy side. Gra soilders who such ass. and archanean troops. Sparing the gra soilders get you 2 units at the end of the chapter, there's also a theif with a rare resire tomb at the bottom of the map for players that are fast enough to catch him every map reused adds something different to the table that keeps things interesting. chapter 16 has the main room closed off with you unable to see what's inside without the use of the watch staff. And since snipers with killer bows are there, if you are careless with your placement, when it does open you will be in for a nasty surprise. That whole map has way more stuff going on in it than in book 1. I think you should try replaying old mystery. It's a really good game, but it sounds like you shot yourself in the foot in trying to "optimize". I think playing smart and fast and not giving a damn about the growths is more conducive to a fun experiance imo. I think I said this earlier, but growths really aren't shit in that game. This game is more of a strategy game with light rpg elements then an rpg with strategy elements.
  8. it's either "i'm pretty sure you've been using a save states" tier or "you care way to much about the stats of swordlocked unit with awful bases" tier.
  9. I think hardin was a big meme in japan at the time, everyone who played fe1 when it came out loved him for being a godlike unit with good bases and good growths. So him being mind controlled to being evil was probably a big shock to everyone who loved using him in FE1 I think this criticism is valid, but ignores the fact that star shard grinding is in many cases suboptimal for the simple reason that it's just faster and equally effective to just not to do that. also in end-game even if you've somehow got your units to 52hp and 20 defense you still get 3hko by enemies, so people who haven't been using tactics and stratagy to clear the game and only have been using busted units to get themselves through the game will find themselves having a hard time there I think. Yea the lore info dumps are annoying if you care about story and stuff, but there is quite a bit of story hidden in the gameplay. In chapter 8 for example. Marth's army starts right where they left off at the end of last chapter, They need to cross this bridge otherwise their escape route will be cut off. Unfortunately for them they aren't fighting the scrubs of langs army anymore, they are up against the might of archanea's elite troups. to your south powerful hero's cut off your retreat, forcing you into a desperate due or die situation. Of course it's never said it's a due or die situation in game, but that's how I imagine the story going because that's what the gameplay suggested to me. Also another cool thing incase you're interested, In the same way genealogy has it's chapters accurately represent the the world they live in, FE3 chapters accurately correspond to the overworld map, giving the game a sense of scale and adventure. I agree the story, in the traditional sense is almost non existent, but games have their own way to express emotions and scale that is unique to the medium, and that's where I think FE3 is strong in that area. FE4 does this even better, but I think this game is where kaga was first really experimenting with that idea. I've never heard it described that way, but the more I think about it the more I think you're right. I'm going describe fe3 to my friends with that from now on lol.
  10. Probably the most "fire emblemy" fire emblem in the franchise. It may seem simple to some people, but it's the little things this game has other over entries that adds up to make it my favorite in the series. Super memorable maps that are large with multiple things going on in them. lots of deployment slots. rewards you for using a large portion of the cast because of the games level design and unique mechanics such as dismount(over the course of a run, I think I end up using about 25-35 characters). Literally no penalty to using pre promotes and promoting early. Exp management is super easy since the game literally tells you how much EXP an enemy gives you. The calculations are also piss easy to do at a glance. (skill straight up adds to your crit, 1 luck is 1 crit avoid) Enemies of the same level and class have the same stats, making it easier to get a feel for how strong the enemy army is. It's the introduction of modern trading. It's also nice that all enemies have no luck Lots of fun staves and items that gives you a ton of options on how to clear maps. I think the game scales the challenge up throughout the game at a good pace. the challenge overall is pretty good as long as you don't abuse star shards Mystery is such a godlike game. I can go on and on about the strengths of this game. Only thing I don't really love about it is how star shards makes people feel the need to grind with them to make their units overpowered, but some people like that so I can't really count that as a knock against the game. Even memes like b2ch3 aren't as bad if you just say fuck it and ignore going around and use the bridge key to go straight to julian and towards the throne. But yea, best game in the series imo, I seriously recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it yet. And if you've played it and didn't like it, I'd say give it another shot. Do something like an iron man or try to beat the game in under 200 turns, you might start to see the game in a different light if you play it different.
  11. With the devil axe, anything is possible
  12. That's fine, I don't mean any offence when I say that, It just came across that way to me. I guess this is just a difference in what we think a remake should entail... I guess all I can say is that I respect your opinion but I think different.
  13. yea I agree that using those classes aren't inherently pitfalls. It definitely depends on the games however.
  14. I completely disagree. The reason people want to see this game remade is so that new people who can't get into the older games can experience the game for the first time. If your going to change something so inherent to the core identity to the game like the map sizes then It wouldn't even be trying to recreate the same experience as the original. QoL changes are fine, since they would be trying to get new people into the game, but anything that changes something important to the gameplay, story, and worldbuilding (like what the mapsizes do for genealogy) that's when things go to far. If you want a new experience, you should be asking for a new game instead imo. Edit: Also what's with the "(tears?)" remark? It makes you come across as very dismissive and ignorant.
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